Zeldin shares takeaways from ex-Trump adviser’s testimony

  1. They didn't find a steady hand in Schiff, they already knew he was a professional liar, leaker and completely dishonest individual.

  2. Adam Schiff has a bad case of BPH… leak, leak, leak…
    Needs a good dose of FLOMAX! Or a TUR, may be?
    And that failing, "DEPENDS" and/or a supply of "Wee-Wee Pads"! 🤣

  3. Imagine the Cesspool this country would be in, if the Dem/Socialists had complete control over the House, Senate, and White House! It's time to vote these crooks out of office! ⭐⭐⭐⭐ TRUMP 2020 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  4. You all are just mad because Trumps lies are unraveling. "Alternative facts" have a way of doing that and exposing the b.s!

  5. The republicans know that the public will find out in the senate hearing. That is what trump and the republicans are afraid of.

  6. I can't wait till they get Trump Out Of Office…..This President is Corrupt!! Even the Republicans know it they just hate to admit it!!

  7. America is waking up! Thanks to the FAKE NEWS mainstream media! The deep state is panicking! Trump is about to expose them! Thank God we have Trump!

  8. if we done stop this ridiculous staged scam we literally do not have a country anymore. The dems need to be arrested alone with the corrupt news mafia

  9. Fox is culpable of the deeds of this madman…..Trump is the creation of the fake news that came from Fox news, it is time to stop this corrupt presidency

  10. GOP should change their logo into a cry-baby. If they want to determine the rules, they should have won the elections. No leave and let the party in power do their work. makeamericaimpeachagain

  11. Time marker 2:34 If the dumbacrats want to keep their man shifty schiff in power they must have a new whistle blower because the lying shifty schiff did not tell anyone he and his team had met with this whistle blower prior to his claim and as a result of this fact getting out is that the lier shifty schiff must now recuse himself from the currant impeachment process!

  12. Democrats speak disingenuously about "having checks and balances on power" via oversight… where TF are the checks and balances on the House? I have not seen the Democrat majority House's power checked once since the midterms, nor have I seen any legitimate legislation being produced by the legislative branch of gov't. IMO we just have an executive branch constantly impeded upon and obstructed by one of two judiciary branches… the one of which is supposed to be the legislative branch!

    Adam Schiff… should be rotting away in a cell as the last few hairs on his balding head do what truth does when it is in close quarters w Adam Schiff… Die!

  13. "First the sentence, and then the evidence" ~ Queen of Hearts in Wonderland
    and Shifty in Kangaroo House, with amplification by Mockingbird MCM

  14. It's time 2 gather – ALL Real Americans – and march towards** their ** – White House – and DEMAND the removal and ARREST of – pelosi -schummer and it's pencil neck Liar – Adam Schits!

  15. What the pathological liar shifty Schiff and his cohorts are doing in this country is a disgrace, bringing down this constitutional republic into a banana
    republic conducting a "kangaroo court" (found only in third world dictatorships) that prohibits conservative members of the House Intelligence Committee
    to issue subpoenas and interview witnesses. These Democrats have gone so LOW they don't deserve to stay in the US Congress.

  16. This is Unconstitutional! And all these Anti American left wing Nut Job Politicians, should be removed, and Imprisoned under the Treason Laws of trying to Overthrow our President who has done Nothing wrong!

  17. Schiff's California has it's largest utility bankrupt with this costly blackout and you don't hear anything in Washington about a remedy for this problem. I guess their own state, Pelosi's and Schiff's, doesn't matter as much as "The Great Witch Hunt". People in the west coast state need someone in Washington to help solve their problems.

  18. America owes you the Republicans nothing. And you all have 1st knowledge of what's really going on …. And You all should have been checking your President. You all pretending he has done/ doing nothing wrong. A blind man can see all this BS. Go on back to your cowardly huddle and wait. All you Republican Senators need to GO!

  19. He said "every American, every person should know everything"… so why doesn't the WH release everything regarding this matter? None of it is privileged, none of it is classified, so just release it, save everyone a lot of time and let the people decide with full information what's going on. If there's nothing to see here, then there's nothing to hide.

  20. It amazes me how Fox is the only network that lies for this guy…. how do you deny facts that are in front of your face? His employees are jumping ship, leaking info, and still lying in the media. Why is fox still sticking up for him? Didn’t he call them stupid the other day and say he’s never had a fox poll that favored him?

  21. That is what happens when you align yourself with the orange self admitted rapist Antichrist, I suppose.

    Wouldn't it be nice to become an American again?

    The Billionaires WITHOUT Borders funding these racist Fox News bobbleheads have owned your Spammed head meats ever since they spent TEN YEARS trying to do anything in their power to make sure that a black man couldn't succeed, especially as US President.

    That left you tools to be an easy mark once Paul Manafort sold your personal and contact information straight from the Trump Campaign directly to Putin's pesky Russian Bots on Facebook.


    Wouldn't it be nice to be an American again?

    If not…

    Simply release OUR flag from your greasy and greedy grip.

    END IT NOW 🤯

  22. Trump willn't let peoples speech and testimony in his cabinet and staff and lawyers to congress or senator and now the table is turning around on him his b*tch A$$ is crying loudred i want my mama you racism far-right-wing nationalists pick a real winner here a sorry A$$ crying b*tch Trump.

  23. Dems haven't called a vote because they don't have to. The rules of impeachment don't require a formal resolution to conduct an investigation. Trump thinks he should be treated like he would in a criminal case. This isn't a criminal case.

  24. Democratic are using MSNBC and CNN to leak lies to sway the American people. Hopefully people are not that stupid.

    Democrats take a vote yet???????? Nope all BS. If I was Trump I wouldn’t give them anything until they took a vote.

    Their stonewalling bec they don’t have anything

    Shifty shifter is already admitted to lying about speaking with the fake spy CIA whistle blower when he in fact did.

    Now he doesn’t want the whistle blower to testify!!!!!!!

  25. This IS a COOP pure and simple and what is hilarious is just how ignorant the democrats are about the process. They clearly have this we are above the law and can make any rule or any law we want and no one can stop us mentality! Its just about time for the civilian militias to form and to take down this completely corrupt government!

  26. Schiff and Russians did NOT affect my vote in 2016 election, but Schiff HAS influenced my vote for 2020.
    Former JFK Democrat FOR Trump 2020.

  27. The GOP, Trump and Hannity are dead to me. I was fooled by Nixon, whom I voted for, and now betrayed again not only by a Republican POTUS, but by the entire GOP. I've voted a straight GOP ticket for 40 years now… never again. Answer me this question: "Why has Russia, after over 2 years, not yet paid for their crimes against the USA in the 2016 election?". The lies of FOX actors such as Hannity is treasonous. Trump must go, but more importantly Russia MUST pay!

  28. Did the Democrats forget who pay their salaries??? The American Citizens. We have the right to know what these lying corrupt swamp are doing behind closed doors.

  29. Adam Schiff is running scared that all his truly egregious transgressions (e,g., connected to The Standard Hotel in his district) will be exposed, as indeed they will be when all is said and done.

  30. The whistleblowers are CIA agents with direct links to the Dems. Sounds like Spying to me…not genuine whistleblowing.!!!

  31. First of all, the Constitution allows Congress to impeach trump. They are following the Constitution!!!! Matt Gaetz was there to get info for trump. STOP THE INSANITY! GET TRUMP OUT NOW

  32. Hey Zeldin, the hammer is falling on Trump and some of his people, what side you want to be on? This was ALL Trump's fault, stop giving him cover.

  33. This is clearly insubordination by the Democratic Party and the Congress and house should give in to what is trying to be brought forward in our people’s government!!

  34. I guess the whistleblower isn’t telling the Demonic left what they want to hear, so now those crooked bastards don’t want the whistleblower to testify. Another witch hunt because they think is their golden ticket to a 2020 win. Not going to happen. 🇺🇸 TRUMP LANDSLIDE 2020 🇺🇸

  35. Zeldin should just claim to be a whistleblower and tell us everything. It's that easy. The Democrats already proved it. He can release it in memo form and never give his identity.

  36. As a member of the government (The People), they must do everything transparent and follow proper procedure. This is a bunch of secret BS.

  37. Just wondering, how many more advisers and criminal lawyers will trump need before the end of term? Is it something going wrong the whole time. I've never seen it before!

  38. How in the hell is schiff seriously still allowed to chair this committee? He’s a witness. Completely unfair and unethical. I’m beyond fed up with the dems bs. Anyone else?

  39. I’ve been sitting in Canada for three years watching this garbage and can’t believe the American people are putting up with this have you Americans lost your back bone

  40. Lee, I think you left quite a bit out. I wonder why? Republicans are really in a corner now. That's what happens when you back a criminal.

  41. Apparently you don't understand how an investigation is handled! This is similar to a grand jury hearing the public is not included. Yes, Trump has to be impeached that is what the constitution says!

  42. Pitiful if the Republicans tried to do this to Hillary Dems would be lying in front of the doors going into the room protesting this FAKE IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY!! A farce scam just like the Russian collusion and more $$$$$$$$ spent for NOTHING NOTHING BURGER 🍔

  43. I would love to see these meetings televised. The people should see how corrupt Trump really is.. Careful what you wish for.

  44. Grazy Graetz, was making a show. 45 minutes of derailing. Mr Sorry Zeldin: read the consitution that you are supposed to defend, than you know how things are being arranged. You do mot need avote. There is no cross examining, MORONS. The discomfort is that all that we see is a crowing MOB scheme in y=the WH, And than No Mulle delution. 10 people are in jail. If Risky Rudy sy=till was on teh line ven Manafort would be free. LOCK THEM ALL UP.

  45. This is an impeachment INVESTIGATION. Not a TRIAL. The House conducts the investigation and the Senate takes the evidence the House has has found and conducts the trial. Once again FAUX news taking advantage of the viewers ignorance.


  47. I put myself on the other side of the aisle in my head and realized that if it were the other way around WE would most likely be looking at impeaching the Demecratic president, in similar circumstances. I think we should all look at that. We are all Americans not Repubs and Dems. The dialogue needs to be more civil and respectful. No one wins when there is such distrust and intolerance of the other side.

  48. Decent Americans don’t believe any word that the biggest Liar Schiff will say.Foreign Allies are Also laughing whatever he is saying.

  49. Any American with a brain knows this is all the obama hilliary administrations work. I mean really who was working the regime changes in the middle east. Didnt ukrain have regime change also.

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