1. I don’t believe if Hillary is a socialist; she is a money grubbing thief. If she had won America would have been up for sale to the highest bidder.

  2. Free helicopter rides are the only solution.

    Don't trust Mises they're LOLbertarian, pacifist hypocrites that seem to believe a meme book cover making fun of Islamists, violent ANTI-FA, radical feminists that wish to kill all men and postmodernist atheists that believe murder being wrong is subjective isn't acceptible.

  3. Even in the light of Capitalisms flaws, and some are even flaws introduced that are Socialist in nature (like bailout of banks that should have been left to die the Capitalist death that renews the system after their atrocious idiocies failed), how can Socialism be seen as the better alternative, the answer? Only by ignorance of what Socialism is and what it truly entails. It beguiles the people, especially the young and uneducated with obfuscation just like a snakeoil-salesman.

  4. Let's hope you are correct on Trump, Yuri.  Certainly,  it is possible.  Trump creates value and Hillary was trying to create wars.  We are blessed with a clear possibility.  They loved Castro and they hate Puten…  have they listened to him?  I doubt it.  Puten is not a socialist.  But the US is currently not a capitalist state today either.  Maybe Trump will bring it back.  It is possible for sure.

  5. Socialism endures because you will never go broke promising people stuff. Free market capitalism is the reason America solved its "hunger problem"–by generating one in the first place. We produce 10X the food and shelter required by the population, so socialists have little choice but to make "rights" out of all kinds of things people should be going out and getting for themselves once food and shelter have been seen to. Give away all the college educations you want, but once EVERYONE has a college degree then having a college degree simply becomes "something everyone has." Like hair on the top your head. Try distinguishing yourself at your next job interview by telling the interviewer you have hair on the top of your head and see what that gets you.

    The other part of it is, the socialists are genuine. The BELIEVE to their very souls that what they offer is in the peoples' interests. You think no one could ignore the weight of evidence in opposition to the insistence that socialist "experiments" (i.e., nightmares) have served the people? Ever hear of the Dark Ages?! You think the priests–all the way up to the Pope himself–did not honestly believe they were doing god's work, submitting people to the rack and/or thumbscrews? Don't be ridiculous. They believed like hell! Or today's Jihadist? They don't "hate freedom" the way GWB had it. They hate the rest of us not following what THEY think is Muhammad's word to the fundamentalist letter because they believe. Human history has been a never-ending war among true believers, not between the sincere and the insincere. That explanation's just an idiot's idea of a rhetorical strategy for combating the lefty morons but one that can only lose among anyone but the authentically dumb. They sincerely believe they can take from the rich (at gunpoint) to give to the poor and that not only does this constitute "morality" but also comes without consequences. Even WITH Ivy League degrees they're a lot dumber than the two-toothed goobers they invariably maintain make up the Republican base.

  6. I was born in USSR and i live in ex-USSR country.
    Any westerner with warm feeling towards any form of collectivism is totally baffling to me.
    They could either be :
    1)Delusional. Don't know shit.
    2)Evil. They know exactly what they are defending and what it will lead to.

  7. it's funny that some on the left feel TRUMP's rise proves the end of the American dream. But in reality this may just be an end (or at least an inflection point) in the socialist experiment infecting the American experiment… for now at least, stupid ideas never die.

  8. He's wrong that its bad for liberal elite's cause by associating with Castro.. It's great for their cause, which is to create as much confusion as possible

  9. Yuri is one of my favorites because he knows from first hand experience what a horror show socialism is. I grew up in NYC where I met a number of Soviet bloc refugees and I grew to appreciate their attitudes and stories. Anyone who knows what socialism is really like will go to war to prevent it from being pushed upon them.

  10. Yuri Maltsev? Gimme a sec, I have to prepare my sides… Oh my sides! Ok, I'm listening now, bring on the jokes!

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