Yuri Maltsev: Socialism, Fascism, and Trumpism

our guest this weekend is our old friend dr. Yuri Maltsev a senior fellow here at the Mises Institute and a professor of economics at Carthage College in Kenosha Wisconsin of course Yuri is famous for having been a Soviet economist during the Gorbachev era and defecting to the United States Yuri is here to talk to us about trumpism about the Bernie Sanders phenomenon and Western progressive silly and enduring love affair with socialism and what those often misuse terms themselves socialism and fascism really mean stay tuned for a great interview with Yuri Maltsev well dr. Yuri Moulton welcome back it's great to talk to you once again on Mises weekends it's very nice to be back the last time we spoke which is about a year and a half ago now we talked about this silly sort of enduring romance that Westerners and Americans in particular continue to have with socialism now since then we've seen the rise of the Bernie Sanders phenomenon so I'd love to get your thoughts on Bernie and and the crowds he's he's having and the impact he's making yes it's very sad to see that right now the United States is kind of facing a choice between I would say socialism and national socialism so it's all we have canons of both parties who are attracting the most active part of population either Marxist Leninist like Bernie Sanders not many people realize that 15 years ago he published an article in which he demanded comic percent tax on incomes above 100 million dollars so he is in that case he is very close to to the ideas of mr. Obama's father Barack Obama's senior who also suggested in 1965 that the state should should impose a 100% of tax on everybody however providing people with everything they need Mr Sanders he looks kind of benevolent but from another hand with ideas that he has definitely this ideas can only result in destruction of our economy and in the future in mass-murder the Christmas Eve day is the anniversary will be an anniversary of that of the dissolution of the Soviet Union and Soviet Union was a very good example of the country which was glued together only by fear because ideas of Bernie Sanders we're exactly the same ideas which ruined the Soviet Union if you will impose socialism on any country you completely destroying any incentives to work any incentives to do anything so then you need to apply violence and once murder to make people to do what you want them to do and no matter whether you are looking nice like Mr Sanders or like looking pretty bright like our president does then the logic of that system would turn you into the mass murderer first Soviet government was the government of intellectuals they have people like Trotsky who would write 14 French Lanyon could speak seven languages and could play piano very well all others were also very prominent prominent scholars and philosophers in their field but then the logic of that system which does not have any insane is turned them all into mass murderers and serial political killers well it's interesting you know as libertarians we look at socialism and communism as force we look at them as systems that inevitably lead to death and destruction and violence but our progressive friends don't see it that way right they would say well look at Norway dr. Maltz have look at Sweden you know these are not necessarily violent authoritarian regimes and gee-whiz in those contexts socialism could work yes well I think that the mises are he put it really right he said socialism is not an economic system it is a revolt against economics social was a simple system of commands simple system of management if you will look over at Norway and Sweden you would not find that there socialist countries I would say Sweden today is probably economically more free than United States because what is socialism socialism use government government ownership any government is a socialist institution so from that perspective they're smaller the government the better it is the less social will help and if you will look at say swimming then government ownership is very small regulatory mechanism is much smaller than we have in the United States so that's in besides that this I this I I mean Sweden and Norway these are countries probably the size of a little bit more than Wisconsin maybe Wisconsin and I were combined and whatnot this I and and they were until recently they were kind of ethnically and religiously homogeneous communities and and so these are not examples that it would work if you will look in Denmark for example Bernie Sanders all the time with referred to Denmark as a socialist paradise and the prime minister of Denmark recently she yeah he blasted she lost its founders saying that just don't badmouth us we are non socialist we're a free-market economy it's interesting you bring up the regulatory burden in the u.s. we tend to think of socialism only in terms of mass redistribution of wealth right people in the US especially people on the Left don't see the regulatory state as at least socialist if not completely socialist regulatory mechanism is is the same socialism is the nationalization of property and then if you will look at at the National Socialism regime and masa regime in Germany that was that was a regulatory state which still was kind of acknowledged property rights but this property rights were phony this property rights would be the same as you have property rights a on wetlands in the United States so the government would tell you when to open when to close whom to hire whom to fire everything was in place laying himself playing in was I would say kind of pleasantly surprised that his revolution was so quick and he achieved everything in one fell swoop because before that he thought that it will be a long process and at first he said wish we should impose regulations so capitalists would do what we want them to do for us well having having lived in the former Soviet Union and come to America give me your thoughts on the current state of the american right wing and in particular what do you think of trumpism trumpism yes stamp is I think that this is the same kind of phenomenon that we've had in European 1920s and 1930s it is a it is a reaction and I would say predictable reaction against against the wildly radically socialist agenda of Obama administration and there's some people are just scared and when people are scared then then anyone who is promising them everything I think is doing very well I would say that Trump definitely he's I mean I don't see him having any chances except putting Hillary in place in the White House but from an elephant it's very troubling from another hand phenomenon because Trump is not a friend of Liberty he is not he is not a constitutionalist here so his major ideas are unknown to not talk to me he is just playing one on people's fears but people do that they do have this pretty legitimate fears especially if you will look at immigration I am in emigrant myself I am all for for free immigration however immigration today is completely different that it was before now immigration is a huge welfare program which is run by the federal government with a bill of several billion dollars a year so it's not that this her mass is wretched masses from overseas who were prosecuted I trying to get into the United States know their people are being picked up according to the standards of social ethnic political engineer for the federal government and brought here at your expense and for example sir my brothers who bombed Boston Marathon these people they consumed about 120 thousand US dollars in all kind of welfare schemes to kill people who take for them did this is this tragic event in Boston so if you will remember history of the United States many many many people from Britain came to the United States as endangered slaves even endangered servants so they were yes so they incurred a lot of costs themselves that was their choice today if we're going there and picking up whom we want and bringing them here just to dilute people that mr. Obama doesn't like I think that this is a travesty and mr. Trump he is making this point and that's why people do support him well turning back for a moment to Sanders it's not just young people and Millennials or Occupy Wall Street types at his rallies we see older you know baby boomers with ponytails too is America just so rich that even people who ought to know better people who are in their 50s and 60s with their they've just never experienced with socialism or what or what hardship or what a planned economy is like and this they don't get what they're really advocating Jeff I hate to say that but I think that even the the demise of the Soviet Union contributed to that Soviet Union was kind of like a village drunk or village idiot and people would look at that and see no socialism does not work it's impossible that in the country which is spreading to 11 time zones people cannot find bread or water or other things that we enjoy in the United States today it's gone today nobody can point anywhere and then this old social and the old socialist ideas they are coming back and Bernie Sanders if not many people at least not our mass media is telling us that Bernie Sanders not only he is a socialist he is also national socialist today except he shall be very well compared to mr. Trump because because Bernie Sanders if you remember he was thrush and Koch brothers and everybody else on the right for the three borders concept his point was at this these are these greedy capitalists who want to bring people to exploit them in the United States and on another like that and so he is he is also he's he's very bad news but I'm also maybe I am wrong hopefully I am wrong but I think that he has only one role in this in this campaign is to provide a good background for mrs. Clinton do people ever truly change their minds in other words if I went to the former Soviet Union today let's say I went to Moscow and I found some people who were 80 or 90 years old wouldn't wouldn't some of them say despite all the evidence the contrary that the collectivism works and and that the old system was better and that they don't believe in free markets and capitalism even today Jeff you wouldn't believe it I when I was last time in Cuba I met some professors from University of Montana who would be looking at all this man-made disaster which is Cuba and they would say isn't it beautiful there are so many intellectuals who would go to Soviet Union today to Russia today and they would visit these memorials of disk instead concentration camps where people were exterminated by millions and they would say no this is not true or they would just would not say anything but returned back and we pray socials making sure there's a lot of people older people who would it's kind of human nature I remember I spent one month in the Soviet Army and I wasn't thinking that I was for one that month it was the most horrible month in my life at that time is every memory through through my perspective today it was it was kind of fun it was interesting experience which is over me and many older people in the Soviet Union because the youth was was I would say wasted by the socialist regime but that's the only thing they knew that time they some of them they remember it fondly and that's why they embrace people who are promising them something for nothing the same way as people to embrace this kind of promises in the United States unfortunately well if you look at today's government in Russia you know it's no longer communist how would you describe it would you say it's oligarchy how would you describe Putin's government to gain von Mises he provided us with a great insight he said that two patterns of socialism one is German pattern in which in which all the interpreters all the owners become just managers for the government and there is a Soviet pattern or the whole country is round like a post office general run by postmaster so then everything is owned by the state so they got rid of the Soviet pattern but I think that today's government embraced this German pattern because there's no free market it's a huge regulatory state it's a huge kind of place some people called crony capitalism I think crony capitalism is an oxymoron there's no such thing it's the corona socialism and this is a crony associate when when when the people around the throne around mr. Putin people who are his his friends his buddies and loyal to him they're enjoying unbelievable standard of living unheard of in Russia unheard even and it's ours so this is the this is very far from being free market having said that however I believe that even German pattern is much better than Soviet pattern because even ordinary Russians enjoyed a much higher standard of living than the Agena under communism so still an improvement in a sense it is it is yeah because they I would say on the Gorbachev they reached absolute bottom there is no way to go lower when you worked as an economist in Russia and Gorbachev was president by the you know before you had left correct you spoke in our last interview about having read the road to serve did anyone in Russia at the highest levels in politics I mean we're people reading Mises and Hayek were they aware of them I mean did they did they have some understanding of what we would call Austrian economics well I'd say that the the people like me and people I would say some somewhere like in the middle of this pyramid we're very interested intellectuals very interesting in exploring what means as an exporting high in exploiting game around in exploiting all ideas of freedom of George Orwell Solzhenitsyn whomever you could find from another hand people on the very top like mr. Gorbachev I don't think that he here we read he ever read a rule to serve him or was even interested in doing that and that was the funniest thing I heard from him that we heard them the chief economic adviser they advised it took what about you was a bill a gun began and Bela Ganga the biggest economist in the world we called him because he was maybe 500 pounds and he he used them he used to say all the time that what we need now is to build swedish swedish model of socialism and go to my sure when he heard that the second time he said a bill where would you get all the swedes and that that was exactly right so these people didn't know i mean most people thought that fuel socialism is good it's just style in this bad that the gulag is bad that murdering people in the middle of the night is bad but but there is this wonderful wonderful image of of socialism which i think mister obama is sharing mister i think that mr. Sandin says way to the left of lemon mr. Obama thank you thank you if mr. Obama we can qualify as kind of a Marxist then Mr Sanders is a 2-lane eNOS we only have time for one last question let me ask you this you've lived in a former Soviet Union you've taught in America you've been all around the world do you think once inclination to be collectivist in Outlook or libertarian and outlook do you think that's nature or nurture do you think there's potentially a genetic component leads us to be more libertarian or more status I would say that it is social rather than biological in a sense that that I think that educational system that we have in the United States there the culture elites they're promoting collectivism if you will look what public schools what universities are doing if you will look at whatever Pradhan encroaching the culture is that we are responsible for all the bad things in the world people a lot of my students they feel guilty for no reason and this is this is very sad because collectivist are exploiting this and very sad for me too to see that because I am on to old original to defect again now we'll have to keep you right here where you are you're a doctor you're a matzo thank you so much for your time and a great interview ladies and gentlemen have a great weekend

  1. of course he knows about socialism cause from Russia but capitalism is enigma for him and Trump ? well . too bad . :))) maybe he should do another video soon .

  2. Well, despite being very correct regarding the evils of socialism you turned out to be completely wrong about Trump. Trump not only won, but he is very much conservative in the policies he is pushing for than even Reagan. He certainly was in his choice for the supreme court, and as he himself said," Trade is free if it is so for everybody".

  3. 켘 ˁ ̊̅ ل͢ ̊̅ ˀ 🇺🇸 ♠ = ♠
    Boy he really got Trump wrong. Perhaps he should have lead off with 'I don't know much about Trump or his ideas but…' ?

  4. People ONLY like socialism–when they don't really understand it. People ONLY hate capitalism–when they don't really understand it.

  5. It's crazy that these professors and intellectuals who are so-called conservatives and Defenders of Freedom couldn't see what the rest of us all with Trump and how wrong that professor and intellectuals are and to this day have yet to admit they are wrong

  6. "Too old to defect again…" and where would you go? Is there any country that has not been infected with marxism?

  7. Marxism is radical Judaism for the naive and disarmed Goyim. Almost all the Marxist theorists and intellectuals were Jewish. Putin said it himself and none one in the Jewish community in America dared deny it that 80% of the leaders of the communist party during its infancy were Jewish.

  8. re: 100% tax on private property. "These ideas can only result in the destruction of the economy, culture and, in the future, mass murder."

  9. Mussolini's fascist model was that the private firm would be absorbed by the state.
    Lenin's Communist model was that the private firm was abolished entirely. What makes the fascist model more deceiving to westerners is that they are fooled by the illusion of "capitalism" that it masquerades as. You can still read plenty of leftist literature that attempts to draw the conclusion that economic fascism is the end result of "unregulated" capitalism, which is very ironic. This, of course makes it easier to pin the blame on private ownership of production for the same inevitable outcome fascism has with communism. More poverty and more scarcity of goods.

  10. Radio host, please study the economic situation of my country Norway better. You would find "socialism" works here because we are capitalist, the stuff that doesnt work is our collective institutions such as hospitals, directorate of unemployment and senior care.

  11. November 21st, 2015 Fascists Running America Endorse Nazism by Stephen Lendman

    America didn’t eliminate the scourge of fascism in WW II. It shifted its headquarters from Berlin and Tokyo to Washington.


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