1. Kriminel enver hoxha sa gjysma titos te ishe ti nuk do ishin shqiptaret te mbaruar pa buke pa fe e pa te ardhme.

  2. At that time, Albania was one of the most powerful countries in the world, though with a small population

  3. Yugoslavia population 27 million
    Albania population 3 million
    Yugoslavia 1500 tanks
    Albania 1200 tanks
    Communist Albania was a big military base. Also the 8 submarines we kept from the Soviet Union when we kicked them out of the pashaliman soviet submarine base. Can you imagine kicking out a superpower than keeping their base and 8 submarines?

  4. If we keeped such a big army today no one would dare to invade us. Xhaxhi Enver do ti ketë shkaktuar Serbia dhe Greqia në një muajin.

  5. Te baheshin bashke Jugosllavia me gjithe Grecine edhe prap nuk kishin takat me pushtu Shqiprine , per lufte mbrojtese kena qen teper t’forte , te fortifikum ne maksimum , s’kishte pidh nane te hynte n’Shqipri i gjalle

  6. Kosovo is the heart of Albania 🇦🇱
    Kosovo je srce Albanije 🇦🇱
    Kosova eshte zemra e Shqiperise 🇦🇱
    Serbia is the heart of Croatia 🇭🇷
    Srbija je srce Hrvatske 🇭🇷
    Serbia eshte zemra Kroacise 🇭🇷
    Serbia does not exist.
    Srbija ne postoji.
    Serbia nuk ekziston.

  7. Yugoslavia was powerful and spoiled by the plans of the Americans. It was then impossible for Russia to intervene and the Westerners found a chance to break Yugoslavia into small pieces, and the reason they made this independent Kosovo was. But today Russia is awesome Putin, and Serbia has Allies Russia and China Superpower. The next mistake Americans will make will be their last.

  8. Yugoslavia was stronger but still winning a war against Albania was impossible.
    Her defence capabilities were incredible and with a small border to cover +mountainous terrain an invasion of Albania was impossible .

  9. If you put it in proportion, Albania was packing some real heat.. one seventh (1/7) of the Yugoslav federation in size but better equipped with more assets per man.. with the ridiculous number of fortified war bunkers, 10 of which could survive a nuclear detonation, I have to give Albania the win because they were a formidable opponent in war.

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