Hey guys, your old pal SIS here. And I want to make a video about why, to this day, after the time in history when it was founded, we still need communism. -Joseph Stalin *burping* Now for, any of you who don’t know, communism is the idea of a nation “sharing the wealth”. Why some people call-call-call-call-call. *bleep* While some call it distributing, some people may call it killing. If I were to ever start a country with a comm…unist government, *WINK WINK* Hi everyone, it’s Joey’s Super-cool food reviews, I’M BAAACK! *bleep* Um, I’d probably make it, like, have these company- like these buildings which you can put in money, for Sceneable (himself) to have. You know… Now, I know all communist states are like this, but still. Distributing is NOT sharing. Because, hey! A terrorist could make their child share a toy or something. Anyway, now to why we actually need communism. Like actually… Ugh, it’s cold out here! Um… One… *awkward silence* YOU CAN GO LEAVE, because you are just an absolute ass! Just look up the definishit, of that! Anyway, yeah, that’s why we still need communism, bye. *EPIC EXPLOSION*

  1. This kid must have a really f-ed family. Probably doesn't have a dad and his mom is probably a demasculating freak lol

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