YouTube Community Tab

This video will give you
an overview of the Community tab a feature that lets you interact
with viewers beyond video. Creators with 1,000 subscribers or more
can use the Community tab to post polls images animated GIFs, and more. It gives you an easier, lightweight way
to engage with your audience more often and in between uploads,
right here on YouTube. To create a Community post,
go to the tab called Community from your channel homepage
on desktop or mobile.>From here, you can
promote a collaboration video poll your audience on
the type of video they want to see next you can also show them
a special behind-the-scenes photo tease an upcoming announcement share a GIF or shout out a fan
or fellow creator using @mention. Community posts can be recommended
to your most active viewers on Home feed and they may
get notifications when you post. Subscribers will also be able to see them
in the Subscriptions feed on their phones. If you’re a creator with channel memberships,
you can also create a members-only post. This allows you to show
channel members exclusive content and thank them for supporting your channel. Try out the Community tab
to engage with your audience and subscribe to the YouTube Creators channel
for more creator tips and tricks.

  1. We will enjoy YouTube once again when YOU take YOUR responsibility for not informing us about COPPA in the first place.

    We just followed the rules YOU put in your platform, it's not our fault that YOU didn't make those rules fair to everyone.

  2. Yea only of you have 1 k or membership. Thus helps how? Small content creators sib for a sub if my page still alive after yt purge?

  3. Thank you YouTube Creator for the knowledge.
    This vision really helped us in our study to make our careers better on YouTube.

    I am a YouTuber from Indonesia.
    I thank YouTube for all this time to be able to receive the content that I have made so far for the education of audiences around the world.

    for my other friends, please visit my channel for us to share with each other and share new experiences, especially in the youtube world.


  4. Hola esa pestaña me serviría de mucho ahorita para poder llegar a más personas y tener los primeros mil subs saludos

  5. Yes. We love the community tab 👏👏👏👏 Thank you great Minds of the YouTube platform. I have seen a lot of improvements recently.
    YouTube, Guide us Creators and inspire us. I have seen a lot of sadness and depression recently from the YouTubers about the Coppa Issue…hmmmm… It's not easy to create new topic every time and I really understand their frustrations. We hope for the better and God bless your, our hard work. You are guys doing the History here.
    But… Why we can only post 1 video a week in the "story" section ☹️?

  6. Are you going to enable notifications for the community tab? It's really hard to follow and answer without notifications, specially if someone answers an old post.

  7. Thanks, this is really helpful. I’ll definitely be using community posts more to engage with my amazing show fans!

  8. Awesome, though I use the community tab frequently, but got few more brilliant to make it more useful useful. Thanks for creating the video

  9. I enjoy using the community tab, but, the problem lies with there being no notifications of any kind when a viewer responds. So if they ask me a question, I have to manually search through to find it. And if I respond, they can't even respond to my response. They have to start a whole new comment, since it doesn't allow threading. And overall it doesn't really seem to reach many viewers. If I post a poll, I might get 1% of my entire subscriber base to respond. If I post a picture, gif, question or anything else, it's closer to 0.001% of people actually engage in the post. I wish it was better.

  10. مرحيا يوتيوب اريد ان اسأل سؤالا مهما هل فعلا سوف تغلق قنوات قاشا لايف لأن المحتوى الخاص بنا للكبار و الصغار فهل يمكنكم الرد على سؤالي؟

  11. Mrahia YouTube I want to ask a question no matter how you actually will close Kasha Live channels because our content for adults and young people Can you answer my question?

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