YouTube Community – Get Viewers And Subscribers With YouTube Community

Hi, if you’d like to know how YouTube Communities
can help you get more viewers, more subscribers and help you interact with those subscribers,
stay tuned and watch this video and I’ll show you exactly how.
Hi, there. David Walsh here, again, from and in this video I’m going to show you how
to use YouTube Community to get more subscribers, more views and help you interact more with
your subscribers, once they become your subscriber. Now, the YouTube’s communities area was added
to YouTube in the past couple of months and it allows you to get more insights into your
subscribers and see what they like so you can actually give more of that to them.
Now, the main functionality that is available is the ability to preapprove comments on your
YouTube channel, to ban people as well and, also, to set up blacklisted words on your
comments, so that they’re not going through and causing spam or problems for what you
want on your YouTube channel. But, there is a lot of other functionality
on the YouTube communities’ area that you can use, once you hit a certain amount of
subscribers on your YouTube channel. Now, YouTube do want you to interact more
with your subscribers and, obviously, them to interact more with you, and this is why
they have set up communities on YouTube. This is, also, the reason why they’ve set
a minimum amount of about 5,000 subscribers on your channel, before you have the full
functionality available to you. Now, this may fall over time, it may go down
to 2,000 or 1,000 or something like that, but at the moment it’s about the 4-5 thousand
mark that you need to get YouTube communities available fully on your YouTube channel.
So, if you’re not quite at that mark, there’s a little bit of an incentive there, for you,
to get those extra couple of hundred or couple of thousand on your channel, so you get the
full functionality on your YouTube channel. Now, whether you have that functionality on
your channel or not, I’m going to show you exactly what it does, so you can see how you
can use it for your self, once it becomes available on your own YouTube channel.
So, let’s head on over to the old trusty computer, once again, and I’ll show you exactly how
to use it. So, here we are in the community area in our
channel, and you can get there by going up to the top, clicking on ‘Dashboard’ or ‘Video
Manager’ or ‘Analytics’ and then clicking on ‘Community’ on the top.
Now, this comments section, here, is brand new. Now, this is only been added and it allows
you to see all the comments that you have published across your site.
You can, also, go in and see the pending comments that need to be approved, if you’re approving
comments and you can, also, see the comments that have been marked for spam, that are on
your channel, as well. Now, the good thing about this is that this
is if there are comments in here that have been marked as ‘Spam’, you can go in and approve
them as proper comments. And we can see, as well, that we have a notice,
up here, saying ‘Comment Moderation and other features are coming soon’. So, we know that
YouTube are adding extra features to this area, in the next coming weeks.
In the comments setting area, this allows you to set Approved Users, Spam Users and,
as well, Blacklist. And I’ve covered this in previous videos, the links to which are
in the description or at the end of this video. The area I want to cover here is the Fans
and Insights Area. The Fans Area allows you to see the people who are subscribed to your
channel, i.e. your fans on your channel. It allows you to see how many subscribers
they have, their engagement, their last comment etc. etc., and also when they subscribed.
You can sort this by Engagement, Subscribers, Subscribed Since, Subscribers Newest.
Now, if we look at Subscribers, we can see a list of people subscribed to my channel,
in order of how many subscribers they have. So, I can see that Disturbed the Rock Band,
have 337,000 subscribers on their channel. So, I’ve got some heavy hitters on my channel.
I’ve got Hectanooga1, who’s got 118,000 people subscribed to her channel, which is fantastic.
So, I can see the heavy hitters who are subscribed to my channel and that, then, gives me the
opportunity to contact them and do some videos together.
The other good area, here, is that it allows you to add your fans into a circle on Google+.
So, if I go over here, to ‘View’ and then click on people not in circle ‘Subscribe’.
So, I set up a circle called ‘Subscribed’. So, these are fans who have subscribed to
my channel, and then, I just need to add them to a circle.
So, I can scroll down and I can see who they are, and click on ‘Add to Circle’, then it
ask me if I want them to add them to the ‘Subscribe’ circle and I just click on ‘OK’. And now,
all those fans have been added to my ‘Subscribed’ circle.
Then, it brings me into the Insights area, which is underneath ‘Fans’, on the left hand
side. So, I can see the recent activity on my channel, who the people are that are commenting,
etc. So, I can scroll down and see what comments are coming through from my fans and see what
is trending across my channel. If I scroll down, I can, also, see what my
fans are, also, looking at, as well. So, if I see there are common things coming through,
I can then create similar videos from my own channel and have them come back, again and
again. I also have statistics about my fans as well,
I can see where my fans are from, what country they’re in, also, what gender they are, which
is very important and, also, most importantly, their age.
So, if I know if they’re male and their biggest portion is 18 — 34, then I know to keep my
content specific to those ages, so that I can keep most of my fans very happy.
Scrolling up to the top, we can see here that we can post on the circle to Google+, so we
can send them a message, which only they will see. The other thing we can do is upload privately
to the circle, so we can add a video that only the fans and your subscribers can see.
Now, this is a great strategy to keep your subscribers and also, get more subscribers
which I’ll be using going forward on my channel. So, I’ll be adding content that’s only for
my subscribers, so the only way they can get to see it is to actually subscribe to the
channel and add me on Google+. So, that’s a great way for you to use this
to get more and more subscribers to your channel. And then when you have them in, then you can
add Hangouts, which will help you get even more subscribers to your channel.
So, you can see the new community area on Google+ gives you a lot of functionality for
you to interact with your fan and your subscribers, and gives you tools that’ll get you even more
subscribers to your channel. So, get working on getting your subscribers
and get those couple of thousand subscribers that you do need to get your Fans and Insights,
and you’ll be able to use these tools on your own YouTube channel.
So, there you go. That’s how you can use YouTube communities; to not only keep your channel
safe, but also, to be able to interact with your subscribers. And you can, also, see who
they are and maybe even collaborate with them, on some videos, for both your YouTube channels.
And, as I mentioned, you do need a couple of thousand people to get this ability on
your channel, so keep at it, keep uploading those videos, keep interacting with your viewers
to get them as subscribers, so they get you to that 5,000 or so limit, so that you can
have full communities available on your YouTube channel.
Now, if you do have the full functionality of YouTube communities on your channel, I’d
love to know how you’re using it on your channel to help interact with your subscribers and
even, get more subscribers on to your channel. Feel free to just share it in the comments
below and you’ll help other people as well, when they get that ability on their channel.
And even if you don’t have the full functionality of YouTube communities, I’d still love to
know how you’re using the functionality to keep your channel safe from those pesky spammers
and also, how you’re interacting with your current subscribers, as well.
And, as always, if you have a question about this or anything to do with YouTube, feel
free to just stick it in the comments below and I will do what I can to help you get that
question answered. Make sure to give a thumps up and like and
share this video, as well, and click on the old red subscribe button, right there, if
you are not one of the many people who’ve already subscribed to this channel.
And as a viewer of my video, I want to thank you for watching this video all the way to
the end. I really, really appreciate it. So, til next time, stay safe and happy community
building on YouTube.

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