Your Personal Data, Our Responsibility Ep 2

oh no okay sto I receive your email we can last week's charity event yeah the evening was organized by our company yes the photos are taken by us we on film in traces resonator sorry well hello mister hello nothing we in trouble what happened okay Chloe take a deep breath calm down and tell us exactly what happened okay Oh mullet and elastic spirituality when email complete his money I just call her which was very angry and kept Shorty and me should even let me explain apologize what was her complain about she was unhappy there to her photos during a closed-door event and posted on company's website she claimed that she didn't know they were taking photos and they were using them for publicity she was a falcon via Gonzalez hmm this sounds serious did she tell any of our staff volunteers that she doesn't want her photos to particular the day what I know of but we did have photographers taking photos at the event if she was concerned she could have stayed away from the photographers or contact any one of us what's up you our little production orbital what didn't would you do I think we have to take the offer photos from our website right away until we find a solution to the problem and he'll be very answer we need to prevent these type of complaints we need to improve our SOPs on collecting using or disclosing personal data we should also look at how we can better opt-in consent and notify our customers and even participant on the purposes of collecting using or even disclosing it their personal data yes force outlook on it good are we for your update hmm I think it's time I look at how the other organizations are doing it let's go staff use the new data protection policies require too much work boss says I need to work harder that I need to set up policies that suit our operations to find a way to get customers to allow us to collect and use their data ah what should I do how early childhood education provider model Montessori International has several good personal data protection policies that we can learn from snap are also involved in the development of filter protection measures and have a training program that enables staff to relate the measures to their areas of work I'll be meeting with them to find out more good morning dr. Chandra good morning I'm bonza nice meeting you flash your your time was welcome implementing personal data protection measures it's not an easy task just when I thought I had everything under control there will always be new problems so how did mm I do it can you share with me some of the measures in place sure I'll be happy to do that but before that just a quick introduction modern Montessori we are international group our presence is in 15 countries now in Singapore we have about 30 sometimes more than 3000 children turbulence because we are a relatively a large preschool we are very familiar system information though indeed Data Protection Act came into force immediately we set up a committee because we are access to a lot of information in terms of parents personal informations child pers information including medical records of child first a data protection officer was assigned to develop a personal data protection system they lost nine obligations were mapped out it gains our operations we noted where we collect personal data from Aaron and read when the information will be used most importantly we project a potential situations where the data use can go wrong we misused or even lead and we target those areas with measures enrollment was one key process that was enhanced MMI seeks the parents consent to use and disclose their data to support the provision of services and also to use pictures and videos taken of students during activities for mmm eyes online and offline publications MMI consolidates what parents have consented to in a list that is distributed to parents along with it sir standard enrollment handle from day one stop a brief our poll our instructor that none of this information so we are very very and in fact most of the information are in love and they are only access to the important person you've got more than 3000 students how do you safeguard the photos and videos taken during their classes or outdoors activities we are very particular but you know uploading photographs as well as a complete policies our concern we prohibit stars from taking photographs uploading into their personal Facebook or any other social media and this is communicated very strictly true our Android handbook however accepts in all its open social media well we still need to communicate with parents so having got consent from parents you know the permission to use photographs and videos but we do we upload them to our company's face but just triplet companies for the rubs my colleagues still have this sir resistance so I'm not sure if MMI has the same problems and you guys are pushing out all these new measures it is it is very natural for staff to resist in particular where do you want to implement new policies whichever that does not make them feel comfortable of course they will always resist but because from day one they are very very particular about data protection and if as I mentioned earlier even before the Act came into force so this is something that we briefed our staff and they undergo training and they in the trading there it strictly told that this information are confidential and we owe an obligation to our parents in having to make sure that the information our captain in the organization during trading we shared specific situations where staff need to take action all precautionary measures in this way starts to a more keen about the measures as they could relate to the situation what are some of the benefits of implementing all this data protection policies well as Sir as what MMI we already have our data production policies in place even before the Act came into force this helped us to implement a more comprehensive policies and a deeper understanding of the entire app and it also helped us to put across to our staff maybe be the greater importance of protecting so in that sense that you know since now it is legalized there is a need for staff to be more careful you know observe things more carefully and make sure that this policy is strictly impede then in that sense that we we have transformed ourselves to a more professional way of you know a delivery of services what's the cost of implementing all these measures provoked it the cost is about twenty thousand dollars by too many girls pants we needed to have a legal consultant we needed to upgrade our IT system but at the end of them that they know how it's money well-spent the customers are happy you know parents are are confident you know they feel that the information is well protected so it's money worth spending indeed not that thank you longer charger thanks thank you what's up dice canoes like us we just go with me still over the phone which is a lot friendlier after I apologize for the inconvenience cost we have also told her that I was taken down with photos actually she just wanted us to have a future if you needed the use of photos glad that this is a sample but we still need to communicate our horses better to participants of future plans don't worry I'm working on us or piece of event I couldn't agree more this brings me to my next announcement due to a good response in the recent events that we are organized it was thinking of introducing a membership program that Awards regular event participants we rewards all articles 30 points you mean we can use the loyalty points we discounted special gifts something like that such a program would involve the collecting of participants personal data so I think we should implement personal data protection measures for the membership program and since we are new to these programs so oh okay I'll work on that right away my company is blameless that a membership program for all a lawyer customers that's why I'm here at shine brothers look from this Janet Chan Senior Business Development Manager and my fellow data protection officer thank you for meeting with me miss Chan I see I've got a really huge crop today yesterday in fact you sell travel fare and your customers think they come along not just with cash some of them with credit cards and your passport so you handle so much personal information on a daily basis what measures do you have it plays a protector before they process the informations to us such as giving as possible as credit cash we already notify what is the purpose we will proceed with the cooking process such as hotels and price details and bookings that means you have to share such information with third parties hotels airlines even tour guides exactly so how do you safeguard them when we pass the customer information stone fair parties we have to make sure our partners is handling properly the information given only for the purpose defined it and is after all the terms and conditions this estimate the contract for party must understand and comply with one of the well known TV programs is by Chan Brothers when your customers they appear on TV how do you let them know that your images are going to be used not just on TV but may be on social media as well and when the customer join our celebrity tours they sure want to get in touch or take photos of our deputies but they tested me that they want to appear on the public media's or social medias for the customer when they join the package we will give them a terms and conditions to terms and contentions clearly listed in the show is when they join the tools they have chance to be videos should we let them know that the images that they in videos or pictures to be used for marketing purpose in case they don't want the personal data to be used then we will inform the crews try not to take the videos or photo with them in the show and furthermore when they have joined the pre-departure briefings then they can inform our two leaders and to a guy as well and we try to avoid the face and personal data appear in the show from our IT side they have implements the security locking automated local as well as firewalls and regular update and on the server security so to make sure that our data is securely stated in our servers do you have to train your staff regularly yes we do have training two hours new stuff I serve as the staff who want to refresh the memory on the PDP policy on a quarterly basis we will have the internal trainings to update a somewhat insta policy we might is to be given to them so what is the things they should do and should not do regarding the PTAs policy yeah so it works like a constant reminder yes definitely and then in fact our information is saved in the intranet so the stuff whenever they want to take a look of the view policy as well as they want to further update the infos they can anytime check out our internet as well I say the customer website we have the terms and condition listed in the website so that they can have a easier reference so what happens to all this information after the tour the information will be cube for reasonable timeframes afterwards the Sacopee will all be in person and how could we will be destroyed as well everything gone yes Wow you've got some measures put in place for the trevor club loyalty program can you share this more yes the travel cup in fact is our loyalty programs to the customer whenever they want to join they can sign up online offline and they can have the options to choose the communication channels it definitely increase our efficiency in terms of the communications because customer they can choose what come vacations they would like to have the weather is in SMS formats or in PDF in terms of customer service how do you think all these policies have helped you with the implementations of the PDP and so as of in our policies the way we communicate with the customer is more efficient and targeted customer can choose the communications they like and the information they like to receive in terms of the marketing positioning it definitely increased on the other hand the customer will be more confidence in passing accident data because we have comprehensive personal data policies to sync up the informations they have given to us so it's like a win-win situation not just for you but also for your customers exactly what happens if you need to make some amendments who can be authorized that only authorized staff can assess to the personal dangers and they have to log into the home computer in the first 10 seconds they also need to log into the system by their home password not everybody can access our data you can always track who made those amendments exactly because with their login all the amendments will be listed and tracked it in the system thanks a lot Janet you're welcome nice meeting you nice meeting you too I'm sure you know the importance of consent when handling the personal data of our customers so I don't explain some of the new measures that we put in place in terms of data protections as or piece now for our customers and our event participants I feel that they will be more confident with how we use their data if we know why we're collecting the data we should also share with them who where when what and how we're going to use them and most importantly we have to get the consent for future events we should put up signs prominently you know perhaps at the registration desk or the entrance to the event the sign should really run participants that photos of the attendees will be taken at the function for publicity purposes the signs should also indicate that participants can contact us if they are concerned with the photography good point I think we should clearly display the signs so everyone can see it and if they feel uncomfortable with having their photos taken they can just tell us as an additional measure our registration form should also highlight that photography or videography will be conducted at the event and these images may be posted on our website the forms will allow participants to give us their consent or let us know if they have any issues with it in addition I think we should handle all complaints probably and we should let the customers know what the solutions are this way they will trust us great I'm happy to see the team working together to improve our company's personal data protection policies we must also remember the follow-through operationally and as for the data that we've collected we should only use them for whatever people for hard cilenti's remember not to worry here we go this is a handbook one for each of us you know I understand it's not easy to remember so much stuff such a short period of time it's important that everyone is aware of their role and be empowered to protect the personal data under their care so that's this handbook you can refer to it and inside a handbook you're see specific areas of operations that's relevant to us all of us you know if after reading it you still have got queries please feel free to ask me out for lunch and we can have a discussion or we can set up a meeting meantime you've got an idea of how to improve any of the measures in here let me know and we can add more policies as we go along no it may have been difficult handling this complaint but it is great that our whole company has learned from this incident hey guys I figured and it was about this agreement as well as the contact list of donors for things – charity gala dinner don't forget about me things that I said I hope okay okay wash it off – send it up now Joyce have you sent out the advice yet one of the VMI's has called about it we sent em up quickly yes boss hmm let me make sure that you email was set up oh my goodness whatever my accidentally fed the wrong cloud the VIPs of our coming coming we also have to make sure that Officer secure mr. C be only as strong as our weakest link you know at a point when you start to accept an order to packing to delivery there's so many processes involved and so many people involved so how to share all the information did you send the documents to the correct email addresses yes I use password secret open that document and send the password separately Valerie Simmons oh thanks FLV handbook by you

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