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This video was made in response to the challenge
set by the Film Prompt Society. Denmark does not exist. ..Is definitely a phrase that some people
have used at one point or another. Most likely before the eighth century when
Denmark was supposedly formed. How they knew what Denmark was is outside
the scope of this video. What I am here to discuss is: What? Welp. The idea that Denmark doesn’t exist is born
from the idea that Because there are about 5.7 million Danes. i.e. 0.0912% of the planet. And that most government census’ have at least
1% margin of error. Citation clucking needed! There is a chance, according to statistics,
that Denmark does not exist. Now. I’m not here to debate the existence of Denmark. We all know it isn’t real. It’s just continental Greenland. I’m here to discuss the nonexistence [snap] of other countries. If we use the same loose understanding of
statistics And gather a list of each countries populations We can calculate the percentage of the global
population that each country’s population takes up. Boom! Easy. To see if a country exists, we just have to
see if it is in the list of countries with at least 1% in this global population percentage
value. Oh. Er. Only 19 countries exist. Now, something tells me that’s not right. I know! Rather than compare it with 1% This arbitrary value that seems plucked out
from the aether. Let’s actually calculate the standard error. Now let’s say, for a country to exist, it’s
population has to be larger than this standard error value. Let’s plug this information in and see what
we get this time. How many countries don’t exist? Well let’s.. Eerrrr.. That’s st.. That’s still less than 50%.. That’s forty one, about, percent. Wait. All those countries.. They can’t have all been a lie.. Ireland? Barbados? Even my sweet babe, Tonga? Was nearly 60% of the world consumed in some
Infinity War related snappening? How long has it been like this? Have those countries ever existed? Does the UK.. Oh no, the UK exists. Well, what can we learn from this? I guess that a loose understanding of statistics Maybe isn’t the best to base ideas off. And maybe I was being harsh on old South Greenland. You know Maybe it’s not the size of the country. But the heart of that country The soul of the country, you know? The people power of a country. Is there a country that doesn’t have a soul? Stay tuned for my next video: Does the United States exist? GOT ‘EM.


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