You Won't Believe What We Saw In Socialist Venezuela

this is a good-ass Kiev we are change that are here in the barrios of Caracas Venezuela one of the top murder capitals of the world what am I doing here I'm crazy as a journalist I try to give you stories that all the other journalists are afraid to show you I want to show you the raw fruits of exactly what's happening in this world but I think I did too much coming here to Venezuela I'm joined by another crazy man the one and only Jeff Berwick of the dollar vigilante and the things that we have experienced the things that we have seen here in Venezuela are absolutely insane Jeff just go off some of the things we saw here well I think just coming out of the airport and being told by we actually were met by some people that we knew and then telling us that this is the most dangerous area is just walking out of the airport and then we found out after we left that just a few hours earlier a man was killed he was they attempted to robber kidnap him and then he was killed that was just our initial of course we had to change money inside the airport because to get a the amount of hyperinflation here is actually just unbelievable you need a backpack full of money to buy a dinner and then once we got into town it was just a crazy story after crazy story of and we're just seeing the lineups this is a true country in collapse this is a hyperinflation and socialism reaching its ultimate end this is a true economic Armageddon Venezuela is in a state of emergency right now its currency has been devalued 92 percent since the last two years alone and the things we have been experiencing here I mean I grew up in Brooklyn in the 90s I saw people shot I saw people stabbed my friends got killed I I went through all that but what I've experienced here is far more than I thought I would ever see anywhere in the world and it's like the criminality is brought on by the government as a way to control the people like we were driving by and our fixer showed us this huge huge building and he was like yeah this is a building a skyscraper that's being run by a criminal organization there's people squatting in there and this is where all the kidnapping happens but you walk around town there's government-mandated sign saying gun-free zones everywhere you go and no smoking signs while there's massive incredible crime our fixer lost two of his best friends who were murdered on two separate incidences just six months ago alone I mean we were out just walking around last night I just tell us like what was like that that experience RIA it's the first time I've really seen anything like this it's truly reaching the end of the socialism here that reaching its ultimate end that socialism always ends in it's also reaching just the end of the currency the hyperinflation and it's I've heard it's a hundreds of percent a month right now and we went to the some of the restaurants and all the prices on the menu are in paper and they like taped onto the menu because they have to change it every week and sometimes even more than that it's changing that fast is it's really like it's interesting and you brought up the gun-free zones that's the most interesting part to me is no one is allowed to have a gun and this is the murder capital of the world so we walk into the hotel at night because we're a little crazy we're told by everyone don't go out and we went out there was no one anywhere it was like a ghost town and when we get back the security guard is hiding behind a door because he doesn't have a gun and the other they're bad people all have guns yes security guards are not allowed to have guns here there's gun free zones everywhere and criminality and murder and kidnapping is at a level that is extremely extremely shocking our fixer has a huge medical kit with him in case me and Jeff get stabbed or shot here we have tinted out windows so no one sees who we are we always got to lock the door last night we were walking with a mutual tinder match that we had and we were walking just you know from a car to another secure kind of Castle Club area behind and as we're walking there she just sees a regular guy and she's like huh and she's running and we're like whoa what the hell like I'm just like mentally getting prepared to for anything to happen and it's just another guy walking down the street we're driving around and it's totally completely locked down I mean you're gonna see some more footage on YouTube channel as well as Jeff's YouTube channel but like just ice no one out on the streets at all I saw this one crazy six-foot-five 350-pound dude who had his hands taped and he was just clenches knuckle just one dude and it was just like a scene out of the purge anarchy and it was literally like we're being like Trant you know transported around like okay let's go quickly here here here you know security guards everywhere but of course as you said we're walking in the hotel room the people working in the hotel are like in the past three doors right through like a little door are you looking when we came in and they barricaded the doors with the luggage carriers because they're even like that would stop anyway and so those luggage carriers that the valets have they just put them all in front of the doors like that should do it we walked in and they're like just just shockingly looked at us and then like quickly went back to their business but they were behind like three other doors that they could easily lock and protect themselves in which which kind of gives me the idea that the government here kind of uses this criminality uses this violence as a way to control the people so people think we need more police we need more government and the criminals here are running around just doing whatever they want kidnapping wherever they want murdering whoever they want with pure impunity meanwhile the government sends in their agents to every business to every private place to every public park to make sure that everyone has mandated signs that say no smoking no guns and you can't be racist with 50 permits that a restaurant has to have and they are spending their resources here in Venezuela to making sure that everything is socially acceptable that people are not violating the gun-free zones which are insane I mean talk about more about this kind of state that the people here in Venezuela because we've seen everything here yeah well you talk about the state of the people it's just you could just really see it how it permeates in the whole culture no one looks each other in the eye it's no one's friendly even the waiter at a restaurant that I don't know if that's cultural or not but they're just not friendly at all everyone is really in a bad mood here you brought the movie the purge anarchy I hate that title because true anarchy is is just without a government and we would have a much more peaceful and prosperous world really what it should because the the purge statism at its worst turned off at the worst moment and that's sort of what we're seeing here and in actuality for all those people who like Bernie Sanders as a guy as a one example this is the this is what he talks about he talks about this is this is his country this is what this would be like the perfect place to show what he wants because he wants extreme socialism that's what they have here and has caused so much poverty we're sitting here in the barrios right now he wants guns to be taken away they've done that how did that work out he can even just look at Chicago with their gun free zones we'll see how that works out and he wants to actually take control the money supply and probably print a lot more money and that will turn into hyperinflation which they have here so this really is not that much different than he's talking about and I'm a anarchist so I don't want I'm not saying Donald Trump's gonna be a heck of a lot better but for those people who do like Bernie Sanders come to Venezuela check it out it's it's great yeah so there's social planning at its best with lines down the block for just basic necessities lying down the blocks for public transportation that is insufficient you know and then a lot of people talk about the toilet paper with the government setting up a set price so poor people could afford a toilet paper there's no toilet paper in different stores we were you know obviously we didn't face that same amount of suffering as the average people here do but we're trying to experience it as best as we can by giving you a full raw uncensored picture of everything that we are experiencing here and it's really it's also fair to mention that you know Venezuela is a Petro State the United States and Saudi Arabia over producing oil are now also destroying this economy it's also fair to say that the United States sanctions here have not helped it's also fair to say that with everything that has been happening with the US aid also funding the gloops here has not helped in any way shape or form but overall from my experiences here at this government here is run by criminals this is a criminal state run by a few people total mafia and I mean what else could we say one other topic I wanted to bring up with Jeff is specifically he has a new video out that's getting a lot of hits on the internet specifically dealing with the economic forecasts of the United States we could only pray that it doesn't get as bad as it is here in the United States but what just tell us about your new video what are your predictions and how has this kind of experience kind of added to the wealth of information that you do provide well you brought up a great point that the problems here aren't solely just caused by things here in the country a lot of them are I'd say a good 80% are but a lot of it is the world controllers the financial elites and we were at Bilderberg last year they are planning a massive collapse of the entire global economy I just put out a video on it's going a really vile rate now everyone should check it out you'll have a link to it down below in your notes but I'm expecting completes chaos collapse in crisis this year to happen this year by October of this year a lot of people might say I'm crazy but you know Luke and we've been to the Bilderberg and all these things there are people controlling these things they do want certain things to happen and I say in the video that it's likely that they want to cause complete economic collapse a lot like here in Venezuela this might even be a test case and then to bring in a new bring in essentially what they have here in Venezuela all over the world more gun laws more rules more regulations military martial law all those sort of things capital controls travel controls and then bring in a new one world government one world currency by 2018 is my best guess Jeff thank you so much for your wealth of information we're seeing everything happened here on the front lines with the suitcases of money that you need just to buy basic necessities as we know after the 2008 financial crisis it was never fixed it was just paid over with more lies and more bullcrap it's only a matter of time the United States keeps printing and inflating the currency as well it's only a matter of time for the truth to come out and you need to be very and you need to be smart we've taken a lot of precautions to make sure we were safe nothing has yet happened to us but for all the sponsors who are sponsoring we are change and keeping this independent free news organization for you and by you we're gonna have a special behind-the-scenes video showing you just all the tips and tricks on how to not get murdered and kidnapped in Venezuela which luckily thank God we have not yet stay tuned here on the frontlines reporting from Venezuela where the United States has just deemed just a year ago a terrorist state here on the front lines this is Jeff Berwick and Luke Radomski subscribe we're going to have a lot more information coming here your way on forward slash we are change Oh yo is at a record-low it is actually now cheaper than the actual barrel that it comes in economic experts in the United States are saying that soon there may be a bailout of the US oil industry as prices are going down tens of thousands of Americans are losing their jobs companies are going into bankruptcies the global financial market is being scooped and oil companies are just surviving off investments and loans now

  1. My friend lives there and his grocer is FULL OF FOOD, they just dont have certain Items like toliet Paper, Diapers, some Milk, Venezuela has the seond least homelessness in the world. The reason they dont have certain items is the 1% of Venezuela Corporate olagards are hording The US sanctions are stopping flw of things. Yes, there is super inflation because of this and yes its very expensive for this food now and robberies and violence have sky rocketed because of this, which is what the USA's plan has been , even CIA assets are there trying to assasinate and falied a few times.

  2. This is BS, the situation isn’t down to socialism , it’s corruption, & the good old US OF A interfering, & your main argument is that there are no guns, you fucking morons.

  3. Guys if you can leave this dead country.Sell it all to even your house for a ticket and come to Europe.Its not a paradise here and you will find it hard if you don't know at least English but you ll get your chance to live.

  4. Sounds more like the bad enemy's are the one's that are controlling the GOVERNMENT.. Bad enemy's are the ones that are in charge.. What a life to live in that situation everyday of your life.. All this is NOT HEALTHY FOR NO ONE TO LIVE THERE LIFE.. Thanks for the update..

  5. I was in the Iraq war. And Venezuela looks just like it. Without the bombedout buildings. Send in special forces to murder the heads of state

  6. The judgement of God is coming soon. They will be no rest for the wicked. Jesus is coming soon. Trust no man trust God.

  7. So what do you muricans expect when you have sanction after sanction! You ignorant monkeys, you destroy every nation that stands up to you. Libya, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and many Latin American countries……

  8. Get real people! Venuzuela is at (economic) war with the Zionist controlled countries (USA, UK, Israel, France, Canada, Holland and Germany). The reason? The Zionist central banking system was rejected by Hugo Chavez. They failed to kill him and failed to depose him. Maduro is a much easier mark. The recently "recognised" prodigy puppet President was groomed in the USA by the Zionists. Dig deeper and check the facts.

  9. Why does the video show a picture of a empty supermarket. But you didn't show us an empty supermarket. That's because the supermarket's not empty. The food just cost too much damn money.

  10. And just think,we have people in our own government that want to live like this. Yea… I think we will fight back.

  11. If Venezuela is so poor, why does the US regime want its soul? It is under Sanctions from America. Guaido is a lowlife, who wants War upon or among there own people? With Oil to fill the needs of the Worlds Countries for 30years and the second largest Gold reserve in the world. Yes its all down to Socialism. Such a weak excuse. D. C. CABAL is the aggressor again trying to do another Syria. 5 billion of taxpayers cash to overthrow the Country

  12. Socialism works, but sadly the upper class will not play along and rather ruin the country than to lose their privilege. So it wont work due to the greedy few.

  13. So far it looks like you might have gotten shown around by the opposition and they only have to present fake situations. Those people don't look panicked by day at all for a reason. Hopefully you have another video where you actually talk to people on the ground or showed what you said that happened. I love you and tim pool and i appreciate your position about israel, but you didn't entirely get the entire picture. US sanctions and intentionally making saudi arabia pump more oil to drive down prices ruined venezuela in the most part. It could be some corruption, but maduro kept the theme of the bolivarian revolution. It most certainly way better now though more US sanctions and the theft of venezuela gold when trump told the bank of england to keep it from venezuela. Gold that could have made the country stable in time cause venezuela has gold mines.

  14. Look how great socialism is working out there in Venezuela let's elect Bernie Sanders and implement socialism in the United States

  15. Its much better now just ask Bernie or AOC and friends ! Socialism is so Great ! Just ask any of the Communist Democratic Party !

  16. Socialism is not an economic system.
    Britain developed under socialism with a mix economic system.
    Socialist mix economic system worked until 1948.
    "Democracy" is failing in the whole of Central America; just look at the migration problem at the American south border. If it was not for the failure of democracy those migrant would stay home.

  17. In no way, shape or form is Venezuela remotely close to what Bernie Sanders would want for any country, especially the U.S.

    If that’s one of your talking points, you’ve totally lost all credibility

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