You Should Never Conflate Liberalism And Socialism

Hey everyone I'm Scott Cunningham aka
@scottcbusiness today we're talking about why liberalism is not socialism
and that's obvious but conflating the two is a dangerous concept and a
dangerous it's dangerous rhetoric to be putting out there politically and the
reason that I bring this up is because not long ago I was talking to someone
about why they think Canada is a democratic socialist country or a
socialist democratic country but regardless you can't add those kinds of
qualifiers to democracy because freedom isn't something that you can just
casually throw around adding socialism into the mix and interestingly enough
the reason why he said this is because we have very liberal policy but when you
have more liberal policy more left-leaning political policy that
doesn't necessarily mean you're going closer to socialism if you have more
capitalistic policy that doesn't mean you're necessarily getting closer to you
know like alt-right fascism nationalism just because you're getting closer one
way or the other on the spectrum doesn't necessarily mean you're going closer to
the extremes of the spectrum and I think that's a really big differentiator that
people are ignoring and you know you know the fact that people think that
Canada is heading towards socialism and they're okay with that is a very very
dangerous idea indeed so conflating liberalism with socialism is it's just a
really dangerous idea because then you've got all these you know youngsters
growing up believing that that's the case and then you know come an election
someday where there is some sort of socialist party people are going to be
normalized as to that's being that's a normal thing it's like socialism is just
an extreme of liberalism but it's much much worse than just an extreme of
liberalism it is a radical authoritative ideology that historically has always
caused terrible terrible things so conflating just left-leaning policy
with socialism is it is a big mistake because
it is just they are just words but when you're conflating them you're taking the
meaning out of how dangerous and how terrible socialism is and you're
conflating that with something that a lot of people like like a socialized
healthcare I mean there's a lot of people who don't like it but the
benefits for society at large from socialized services and that is not
necessarily socialism or it's not even close
ironically the person that I argued with works in a small business that can't
exist under socialism so they don't even understand the rhetoric that they put
out into the world and why that would affect them negatively as well because
they don't actually know what socialism is because they've conflated it with
liberalism and that's why it's so dangerous to to have that type of
political rhetoric and how it will affect the society around you now this
might be more the case in Canada but you know in the United States it's only like
seven or eight percent actually think socialism is a good thing which is
actually a dangerously high number but it is a very small portion of the
population they're just very loud on social media so the reason that I'm
making this video is really just to bring awareness to that and and ask that
people don't conflate these things because it's it's just it's not good for
for people who are growing up in in these environments there's too many
people that I know even in the university that is really close by me
where they're pushing the ideals of socialism they're teaching it in the
political science and saying capitalism causes crime capitalism is bad and
socialism is a good solution and it's going to fix everything and they're
forcing students to write papers on why that's the case so they're pushing a lot
of these socialistic ideals and people are are buying it up and the fact that
people think Canada could be social like a socialistic democracy or democratic
socialism or whatever whatever qualifier you want to put it before after
regardless it is a dangerous idea and it is definitely wrong
by the definitions and all historical meanings of what socialism is don't
conflate these two because you're taking away the power and the meaning behind
socialism and how dangerous it really is let me know what you guys think in the
comments below I'm Scott Cunningham aka
@scottcbusinesssigning off. Cheers

  1. Liberalism is the belief that people should be treated equal. This is ridiculous. People aren't equal. They never will be. Canda and the US are close to socialism. Canada more so. The idea that governments doesn't already have control of "the means of production" is niave at best. What do you think occupational licenses are or just general industry regulation? This is a form of control over production. This is socialism….this is the end result of every liberal government ever… they aren't the same but they are tied together.

  2. Modern liberalism still leans towards socialism, even if its vision is for legislatively imposing a third-way economy through recycled Keynesian economic policies. The ideology sees no weariness nor concern for and justifying the existence of an eventual leviathan state, because in it there remains a grounded belief in sole government authority as a moral necessity. The rhetoric is nicer perhaps, but there’s altogether underlying similarities where the initiation of legal force and mob rule is seen as self-justifying.

    Modern liberalism stresses that justification by a matter of a political voting, whereas the most avid socialists advocate for theft and violence instead of say peaceful secession.

  3. There is a meme going around that tries to promote socialism and it give Sweden, Denmark, and Canada as examples of countries where socialism works. One of my Facebook friends posted that on her timeline. I told her that whoever created that image needs to lookup the definition of socialism because none of those countries are examples of it. I said that all the countries listed as examples of socialist countries are actually capitalist countries with social programmes. They really do think that social programmes are the same as socialism. They both contain the word social, right? I think our healthcare system could be improved. It's definitely not perfect, but I much prefer what we have to what they have in the U.S.

  4. You just straight up conflated "freedom" and "democracy." You interchanged the 2 words as if they referred to the same thing. These two things are actually opposed. It's why the US was originally NOT a democracy but a Republic meant to disperse power among opposing groups in the hope they would keep themselves in check.

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