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one of two daily prizes. (loud whoosh) (dramatic orchestral music) – I need my story, all the things that I’ve been
telling myself in my mind about myself and other
people and my parents and my relatives and my coworkers and my ex-wife and my ex-husband, and what people did to me or what I did and shouldn’t
have done, failed to do. Who am I without that? I can’t let go of that. I need to think about this more. (audience laughs) So it becomes habitual place, the habitual place of mental noise where you feel, “That’s me.” And so every therapist knows that you always reach a
point with your clients, patients, whatever, depending
on the school of therapy, it depends whatever your
clients, your patients, whatever, there comes a point when
you hit that resistance. They don’t want to be free
of their problems. (laughs) And the big challenge is there. Is this person going to
overcome that barrier? Because that barrier is not just becoming free of my problems, but also becoming free of a very limited and ultimately fictitious
sense of identity, me. So that is, what I’ve described, is the next step, one would say, in the evolution of human consciousness is stepping out of self talk, which is the conditioned mind, and realizing there is
much more to who I am than this conditioned content of my mind. And that is the beginning of awakening. It’s not those words, not
that you need to believe that there is much more to who I am
than the self talk in my head because that is still
self talk in the head. I believe there’s more to who I am. (audience laughs) And you better believe it, too. Analytical thinking itself,
or processing information, is not creative. So even to find a creative or new solution to a problem in your life
requires some creative insight. So whether it’s a problem in your work situation
or your personal life or something that you need to build or do that you have come to a dead end or you want to create something, whatever it is, a work of art or a new system for the computer, I don’t know the expression for that, you need to go to the place
where creativity arises. And every human who is creative has some access to that even if they don’t know it. It seems to me there’s a
general pattern at work that it is inherent in the nature of physical existence of life forms that challenges are an
essential ingredient of their life span here and part of the way
through which they evolve. And when they say, “They evolve,” what it means is the one
consciousness evolves, awakens into this dimension through the different life
forms in different ways. And it awakens only because
we are being challenged. And that is quite a relief to realize to be challenged doesn’t mean there’s something wrong. (laughs) There’s something wrong with
my life that shouldn’t be. If you believe or act as if
this shouldn’t be happening, then you get really unhappy. Then the challenges become transformed into unhappiness inside you. If it’s not unhappiness, it’s resentment. If it’s not resentment, it’s anger. It’s self pity. It’s complaining. It’s despondency. (laughs) The simple reason that
you’re misunderstanding the very purpose of life and expecting something that
your mind has come up with should be different. Some people are afraid of not succeeding in whatever they do because they have a self, their self image, which is derived from
thinking, would suffer. If I fail at something, then my self image will be injured, and therefore I’m not even
going to try. (laughs) And again, that’s to do with deriving your identity from thinking. And even the thought, “I
have failed,” is a lie. “I am a failure,” is an even greater lie. You have not failed. You can simply reinterpret and say, “I have learned something here. “This is not for me,” for example. But why believe the lies
that your mind produces? As you know, many people live
with a very hostile mind. But those people are, their motivation, their motivation would
probably be very great, I would hope, to get out of their minds. But first they need to realize that their problems are self
generated, mind generated. May be surprised to know that there are millions, billions of people on the planet who have that same thought pattern, “There’s something wrong with me.” It’s part of the human ego. So you bring in the awareness, and that will change everything. That’s the only true key. If you fail, next time the anger arises, what happens, you will
become aware immediately after the anger has subsided. And then, “Oh, there it
was, and I wasn’t present.” And then the moment will come when you are there in the first, if you can catch the anger
the first moment it comes, or if you might even see that it could be the result of a
thought that creates the anger, and if you can be there
in the first moment before it becomes fully blown anger, then you can stay there and it might not even
become fully blown anger if you catch it the first moment. You can feel the first stirrings of anger. You may only have three seconds,
it may come very quickly. Anger is like an explosive energy. You may only have two,
three, four, five seconds to stay there with your
awareness and feel it, “Oh, it’s coming, there it is.” That’s the pain body, the
angry pain body, coming. And if you catch it in the
early stage, don’t suppress it. By catch it I mean feel it, be there as a witness. Then you can stay, even as it grows, the witness grows with it. It may not even grow. We’ll have to see whether it still grows into
full blown anger or not, but that doesn’t matter. And so you be thankful for your anger, because the anger can become a very important spiritual
practice for you, because through it, awareness can grow. So it’s sometimes
strange for people to see you can be thankful for
things that you think are the most difficult obstacles in your life, but they can become your
greatest opportunity for spiritual awakening. Use it as part of your practice. There is a source of power in you that transcends the person. And it’s not egoic power over somebody. And it’s one with the power that is the power of life in the
universe where all life arises. And people sometimes have a problem with self confidence or valuing yourself. And sometimes, you try to convince yourself by
changing your thinking that you are actually good enough, that you should be self confident. But there is a better way to find the source of self confidence. On the egoic level,
self confidence is there because you see you can tell yourself, “I’m actually more intelligent
than most of these people.” (audience laughs) Or, “I’m better looking than most. “I have to remind myself that
I’m better looking than most.” And then you, “Okay, yeah, I
feel a bit more confident now.” (audience laughs) Or you say, “I actually have
more money than these people, “so I have more self confidence.” Whatever it is, some way
of convincing yourself, and then you compare yourself with others, and then you focus on those areas where you feel superior to others and try not to think about other areas where inevitably you
are inferior to others because you cannot be
superior in all areas. It’s a complicated game when you start, (audience laughs) start comparing yourself to other people. And if you want to bolster
your self confidence, then you only have to focus on where you feel I’m
actually better than most. But that doesn’t really work that well. So there is a better
way of self confidence that has nothing to do with
comparing yourself with others or with feeling you’re better
than or not as good as. And that is direct access to inner power. You don’t need any comparison. You can have it right
now at this very moment if you’re not stuck in your thinking mind. But take your attention a little bit beyond the thinking mind and then realize that you are the presence behind the thinking mind without which there could be no thinking. You’re the aware presence
behind it all that is deeper. You’ve gone deeper than the thinking mind. And that aware presence
is where power resides. And it’s not yours because it connects you
with universal power. Therefore, you don’t need to compare yourself to anybody anymore or feel, as the ego always does, that you’re either superior
or inferior to somebody else. That’s not a comfortable way to live, where you have to classify
yourself when you meet people. (audience laughs) And so if the fear is always,
“I might be inferior,” (audience laughs) or behind that fear is
a desire to be superior. (audience laughs) What happens when you pay attention to the way in which you
interact with objects? Okay, every minute of the day, you pick something up,
you put something down. You unbutton your shirt. You take off your shoes. You lift this, put this there. Open your zipper bag. (imitates zipper) You looking inside. Take something out. Can you feel it as you take it out? Can you feel the texture of that? And then you put it on the table. It makes a sound as you
put it on the table. And then you have a glass of water and the light is reflected in it. And it moves. Perhaps you drink, and it tastes. And you put it down again. And then you look at a familiar object, and instead of using it
always as a means to an end, here you have the luxury of occasionally just taking an ordinary object
that you handle every day and just for a few
seconds give it attention and acknowledge its being
just as that object. Just feel it, see it. Hear as it makes a noise
as you put it down. And again, you bring in sense perceptions. Getting dressed in the
morning, putting your pants on. They make a noise as you
put them on a little bit. Listen. Do things. You pick up the toothpaste. You hold it for a moment. Open. Put the cap on the sink. And then turn on the tap.
(imitates water running) And then while you brush your teeth, you turn off the tap, because
you don’t want to waste water. (audience laughs) But that’s not part of the exercise, but it’s a natural thing
(audience laughs) And you can actually
begin to like and to enjoy the tiniest things around you that would normally be
completely overlooked. So the way in which you interact
with the world of objects, that brings a richness into your life that doesn’t depend on
how many objects you own. You don’t need to own them
to interact with them. So, you acknowledge their beingness. And sometimes you might
just put your hand, as I’m doing now, here’s the table. It’s wood. And I’m putting my hand on it. And for a moment, I feel the smooth texture
surface of this table, and it feels very pleasant. But I don’t need the mind to tell me that. I can sense that. And the strange thing is, even so called inanimate objects, in a strange way, have
a life of their own. – You know, I’m experiencing anger. Of course, you wouldn’t say
that, “I’m experiencing anger,” but to say, “I am upset,” or, “I am sick,” is really sort of embedding
that into yourself. Where you say, “I’m having an upset,” well, if you have something,
you can give it away. (laughs) – That’s right. So it’s already progress if from saying, “I am angry,” or, “I am upset,” you say, “There is anger in
me,” or, “There is upset in me.” You have already separated
your essential identity from the emotional state. So you’re no longer
reinforcing the emotional state through your identification. So that’s already–
– Exactly. – That’s the beginning
of inner transformation, is that separation from the passing mental or emotional state. True self esteem comes from
not identifying with form. Now, whether we even want to call that self esteem, I don’t know. The true sense of worthiness
and of power, true power, comes when you realize
the formless in yourself, that dimension, and that
all power comes from that. But it goes far beyond
the person that you are. And then you’re rooted in
the formless, so to speak, or you are it. There’s enormous sense
of worthiness in there, but it’s not comparative. It’s not more than. You see the same worthiness in everybody, even if they don’t know
it for themselves yet. So there’s power, but not more than. There’s just the power of life itself. And you know everybody
is an expression of that, although they may not know it yet. Everybody. So this is, you transcend
conventional self esteem. And it doesn’t mean you
lose your sense of worth. It shifts into something much deeper. If you think the world
is full of evil people, you will meet many evil people. In other words, unconscious people. And even people who are on the brink or who are halfway between
conscious and unconscious, when you come together with them, your belief will pull them
into unconsciousness. (laughs) And that’s karma. So karma is the complete
absence of conscious presence. And so it’s automatic. It plays itself out. And time does not free you of karma. That is a misperception, that
if you only spare enough time eventually you can become free of karma. Karma renews itself and repeats itself. It’s a wheel. And so the only thing
that can free you of karma is the arising of presence. And how is it that some person presence? I cannot tell you why. I only know that at any
point in the wheel of karma, presence can come in. It can happen to a criminal
in prison, condemned to death. It can happen to somebody who’s never heard of anything spiritual. It can happen to somebody who has been meditating for 30 years or not happen to the same person who has been meditating
for 30 years. (laughs) So, in your own life, I can
see from what you’re saying that presence has
already, I can sense that, presence has already come into your life. And presence frees you from karma. Not all at once. Karma has an enormous momentum, meaning the patterns in yourself, the thought patterns,
the emotional patterns, the reactive patterns. There’s enormous momentum behind that. But as presence arises, gradually, karma diminishes in its, the energy behind it diminishes. And gradually, you experience a fading out of those patterns. They become weaker. You’re no longer completely
in the grip of those patterns. So as presence arises, there’s a gradual fading out of karma. Not that it matters that much anymore, because once you are present, you can, as the previous question I said, when we were talking about
certain thoughts still arising, certain negative thoughts,
that’s still part of the karma, the old patterns, the unconscious
habit patterns inherited. They still arise. But it’s no longer problematic, and they no longer cause the suffering that they
would have caused before, because they are seen in
the light of awareness. So the light of awareness arises, and in the light of awareness, the patterns no longer dominate your life. They no longer run your life. And if occasionally it happens that the patterns do take over, then after a little while, your presence returns and you say, “Oh, well, there it was again.” Pain body is part of karma. (mumbles may be strong in some people, not so strong in others. And so as presence arises,
you are freed from karma. And then you have another
completely different factor coming into your life. And so, for example, for a person to become
free of collective karma, you need a considerable amount of presence for that to come in to remove, and it then will remove
you, in one way or another, either internally you find
yourself completely free, you might still live in a violent society, but internally you will be free. There is a possibility you
can have a holy man or woman living surrounded by violence. It’s possible. It’s rare, but possible. Or very often it happens that
life removes you out of there and you find yourself somewhere else. So, let’s say vast,
collective karma, for example, in the case of, let’s say,
you have the Taliban there, you have all kinds of
unconscious movements. You had Soviet communism. You had national socialism in Germany. And for a person being born into that and not being drawn into that unconscious requires considerable presence. So not that many people, for example, in Germany
when Hitler came to power, not many people were able
to remove themselves. Some were. Some artists, some writers, they left. They could see what was happening and they were strong enough not to be identified with the collective when there had been a tradition of obedience to authority
for hundreds of years, a tradition of following
your leader, and so on. To take yourself out of
that collective karma requires considerable presence,
but some people had it. So it is our destiny, then, to go beyond karma by being
the receptacles for presence. All you can do to be helpful
in this world and help others is those people that you
come into contact with, you may, everybody in
this who is awakening will find that sooner or later they become a kind of teacher to others. And what a spiritual teacher does, the teacher points out the
possibility of awakening out of identification
with unconscious patterns, which means the spiritual
teacher teaches you to go beyond karma. (whoosh) – Thank you guys so much for watching. I made this video because
LiveNow06 asked me to. If there’s someone
you’d like me to profile in a future Top 10, please check out the link
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on who we should do next. I also want to give a quick shoutout to Linh Podetti from Outsourcing Angel. Thank you so much, Linh, for picking up a copy of my book, Your One Word, and going through it and
finding your one word of love, and then sharing it with
your newsletter, as well. I really, really, really
appreciate the support, and I’m so glad that you’re
applying the wisdom from it. Thank you guys again for watching. I believe in you. I hope you continue to believe in yourself and whatever your own word is. Much love. I’ll see you soon. (loud whoosh) To meditate successfully, the idea that you’re doing a meditation can be quite an obstacle. (audience laughs) So maybe that’s the first thing
we can get rid of tonight, the preconceptions and the expectations that come with that term. So why did we call it guided meditation? Well, we had to use some word to get you here. (audience laughs) Meditation is usually
something that you do, among many other things. Doing implies all kinds of things. It implies time, even future to some extent. And yet, true meditation, if
you even want to call it that, and it’s better not to call it anything, is not to do with doing. It’s not a doing. It’s the realization that you are, of being, which underlies all doing. It’s prior to all doing. Thoughts, emotions, it’s prior to that. The simple realization, not the realization who you are, because there can be so
many perspectives on that, not the realization how you fit into the totality of the cosmos, how that seemingly little
life, fleeting existence fits into the totality somewhere, not realizing how I fit into the whole. It’s impossible to comprehend. But an alignment with the totality without the need to mentally
understand anything, a realization, a simple realization that you are, which is expressed in the sublime words I am. And if you’ve missed
elementary grammar at school, you might not realize that I am is the first person
singular of the verb to be. (audience laughs) You think it’s two completely
different words. (laughs) (audience laughs) The realization that you are, not as a concept but as a deeper sensing of the life that you are, the aliveness, the life. And something helpful to realize that is to pretend for one moment that there is no past and no future. (audience laughs) I’m saying pretend so that
everybody is still with me. If I said– (audience laughs) If I said, “There is no past and future,” some of you might suddenly start thinking, “Just a second, aren’t you
going to sign books in an hour?” (audience laughs) No, hmm. (audience laughs) And the moment you go into thinking, you’re off into the realm of mind, the realm of things, objects in consciousness. Every thought is an
object in consciousness. And every thought has a pulling power. So it arises, and it pulls your attention in, and you start thinking, “Okay, but I came here half an hour ago. “There must be a past.” (audience laughs) Not realizing, of course, when you came here it
was the present moment, and when the books are going to be signed, it’ll be the present moment,
because there is nothing else. But no need to believe that. Let’s pretend– (audience laughs) Let’s pretend for a moment that
there is no past and future. Or let’s just say past and
future become peripheral (mumbles) who you are. There’s only this. Oh. That is the entry point
into the realization I am. (whoosh)

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