You are already an anarchist - with Larken Rose

all right everybody I'm Justin Longo I'm with Amanda mill we are cofounders of Liberty on the rocks and we are with Larkin Rhodes as you can tell and we are in a park in Denver Colorado and we were going to have a conversation with Larkin that I hope everyone finds interesting and so the topic today is you are an anarchist whether you know it or not and so strangely enough Amanda myself and Larkin all know that we are but you at home may not know that you are so Larkin is going to explain how you are already an anarchist we're just going to bring it out of you today so Larkin what is the basis behind you thinking that everyone we interact with on a daily basis is already an anarchist just like us weirdos well if you if you look at the way people think and act and talk and interact in their daily lives with the exception of politics the vast majority of people already understand that you don't attack me that's not okay you know rob people it's not okay you can do almost anything you want if it's consensual involuntary you go to the supermarket you don't say I am I'm entitled to food handed over I'll shoot you you say here's the money I'll trade it for that food and then you trade it that's a voluntary is that people don't think of it that way because they don't need to because it's just that's just life that's just how they see it and so when when most people ask well can you point to an example of anarchy and actions you have most of your life most of the time most of the way most people interact is anarchists the problem is that they've been taught to believe that in this certain realm with certain rituals and certain documents called politics those real sin applause there's suddenly an exemption for morality and for example where hardly anybody would feel okay about going to rob his neighbor at gunpoint to pay for his kids education most people feel perfectly fine about voting for a school board that will tax his neighbor to pay school first kids education doing the exact same thing but in a way that they think is ok because they're taught it's an exception but it shows that in their real lives they don't think like it like status they don't think we can I rob the pavements everyone who can I force to behave the way I kind of wish they would they think like amethyst which is all these people alone if they leave me live and let live is a completely anarchist concept and different cultures have their own versions but almost every culture has a version of the do unto others you know this is you would have done unto you unless you like to be attacked and robbed that means don't be a state excuse so yeah this that's how people naturally act except in this weird realm called politics where they're taught that there's an exception well I can just see Martin men are kissed saying hey you know I'm I'm a nice guy I'm a decent guy I am very peaceful I buy my food and beverage from the supermarket without a gun I don't ask I don't do that but that's me and I trust me but I don't necessarily trust people I don't know or people that I haven't met yet so don't we need to be not anarchists in the in the realm of the people that we don't know we might not trust the funny thing is I people assume that you must want Stefan government which isn't it all true I don't trust anybody who's the statist because they imagine that politics gives him a right to steal my money now I was engaged for a year because I didn't pay tribute to the u.s. ruling class almost everybody I know voted for that ruling class now some voted Democrat and somebody's Republican they all knew that if their guy won he was going to demand money for me and do nasty things if I didn't pay so they did that to me these people who think that they're peaceful and compassionate stuff and they are in their daily lives but they imagine that well we need this because I don't trust people and the ultimate irony is if you believe in government you're the one who can't be trusted because you're the one advocating violence against your fellow man and to say well somebody might rob me so I'm going to vote for this guy to rob everybody so that he can make a police force to protect me well that makes you the guy who can't be trusted that makes you the problem in society and luckily it isn't because they're evil it's not because they run around doing that on their own because they don't it's just because they've been tricked into believing that well if you do it this way through these rituals and these documents and and in this particular way called politics and law and government authority then it's okay but I don't particularly care what your excuses for robbing me the threat to society is the people who think it's okay to rob others and that includes absolutely everybody who believes in government I think I don't think Martin in Arcis would think that it's okay to rob I think what Martin men arcus would say is that there are certain functions that only a government can provide and in order to fund those functions very essential functions like police or fire courts or something like that we need for you to pay your share in order to get these things that everybody wants everybody wants education everybody wants police these are things these are essential things for a functioning first world society and so I Martin min artist doesn't want to rob you and he doesn't really he doesn't see it as theft like taxation is theft is a weird concept to to the men are kissed and so if if you're having this conversation with Martin men are kiss and you're trying to show him that he is just like you how do you how do you get him to see that a you know you don't need robbery to get essential functions and be that taxation is in fact robbery and because I don't think he's going to see that yeah and it's a it's a great example to use to show the contradiction and hypocrisy that every Stevens does and that I did for years and years and years would not was the status if someone came up to Martin monarchists and said I think it's really important that kids get a good education and I'm not really sure that people would do that voluntarily give me your money I'm going to make sure they do it voluntarily and even if they get it nicely said first I'll send you a letter asking you polite and then I'll do a few other things and then eventually men will come to your house with guns and kick your out of your house I'm going to take your house because that's what happens if you don't pay property taxes sheriff pulls you up and steal your house they all show but gods marecus wouldn't do that and would recognize that is wrong which means their moral code is perfectly fine their moral code is not quite knowing how something will work is not a good enough excuse to commit armed robbery right but they've been taught to believe if you do it by way of Elections then it's okay because that's somehow different well the Constitution says Congress can tax so like they're allowed to because some piece of parchment said they can for some reason and so that doesn't count and it's really just a matter of getting them to recognize that they've been tricked by mythology into betraying their own values right Martin Vinick is who wouldn't rob you by himself it will vote for somebody else to do it and won't even see it as robbery like you said you won't recognize it as theft because it's covered in all this mythology in these rituals and we have these elections and appointments in this legislation and and all these things to make it and all the terminology we don't call it robbery call it taxation and law and yada yada yada to hide what it really is and if you take away the euphemisms and the garbage that train people to Nazi reality it's kind of hard to miss the glaring contradiction between being a decent person and believing in government because they just don't match and when people realize when people have to choose between them most people will choose I would rather not have innocent people be robbed and the moment you would rather not have innocent people be robbed you're an anarchist yeah okay I would say that Stasi the status would argue that you other's a MOLLE than they are just good they see the status so she might argue that of course it's wrong to be robbed but if you're not robbed by the government to pay for education and police and necessary functions you will then therefore instead be by your average Joe mafia man do you pay for whatever it is that he wants because without government and leads it would be understood before yeah and again these these are excuses that come up there basically excuses that people fabricate to try to justify the contradictions in their own head because Stacy statist would not use that argument in any context other than politics she wouldn't go up to somebody and say I'm sorry to have to rob you but if I don't steal your money in order to hire this guy to protect you somebody might rob you nobody is insane enough to think that in any context other than politics and government so all of that kind of argument and I've heard tons of Stages say exactly that and use that as their argument but it doesn't because they'd never use it in any other context it shows that they're fishing for for an attempted rationalization of a belief system that doesn't make any sense and actually contradicts their you know if somebody actually said yeah I'd robbed you at gunpoint to pay for something they would at least be consistent when they vote for government to do it but the reason there's hope is because it's inconsistent because station status and Martin monarchist wouldn't do it on their own because they'd recognize that is wrong it's only when they're tricked into thinking it's okay when you do it by these magic rituals that's what what pits us against each other it makes you know perpetual war among us because then everybody's running to see who can be first to get the government to do what they want like they're not running around saying behave the way I want give your money but they are running the government saying make her behave be where it is gonna be her month it is kind of ironic that people say I need to rob you so that other people don't rob you yeah like I need to do bad things because other people might do bad things it doesn't make any sense I think Stacy the Saints would agree to that point but she might also ask are you saying that people are just good and will never try to rob you and so we can just have no police and everybody would just be living at peace and if I'm feeling nasty I'd say you Stacy statist I believe you are good if you will give up government and stop robbing me the other other people out there who would actually rob me on their own but there are a small minority the number of people who will rob me by way of government is almost 100 percent and so yeah thank you for saying that the weirdest thing is to say you need to be robbed in order to protect be protected from robbers it's the most obvious contradiction there is it's also the most common just attempted justification for government is because there are bad people out there and it's not because I think everybody's trustworthy it's not because I don't think nasty people are out there but it's funny because Wednesday to say that they are acknowledging that theft is bad we need to be protected from the people who would steal our money and to start your solution with so let's start by robbing people no one would ever come up with that idea on their own nobody would start with that solution unless they weren't trained to imagine that a certain kind of that is okay well if Stasi believes that she's gonna be robbed either way whichever world that we live in government or no government she might think it's a more peaceful robbery with the government and a more violent robbery with just the thieves on the streets so is there anything you can say to Stasi the status to convince her that despite there being some bad people that want to rob her without the government that she will still be protected another way a couple things first I asked Stasi to please not rob me if she's concerned about people being robbed or please don't advocate somebody else robs me the other one is when people talk about you know I I mostly want freedom but there's a few things government just has to do you know you want somebody to protect you you want some organization you want some you know tough guys with guns to make sure you're not robbed do you think will give you a better service hey you go to them and they say here's what we do here's the price whether it's you or your town or however many people who want to hire us to do the service and you can decide if you want to purchase this service and you can decide if you like it you can quit and go ask somebody else you know that's option one option two is we're going to decide what to do for you if anything we decide to price you don't have a choice the latter being government now why on earth would Stacey think that having no choice who to spend her money on to protect herself will work out better for her than protection and Erica Society where she's allowed to hire people we love to cooperate you're allowed to organize you don't become government you know acquire our right to rob your neighbor but the idea that government will ever serve the people better than freedom is saying you know you being able to spend your own money that's that's going to work out really badly for you but me stealing your money and deciding how to spend it on your behalf that'll be great and that's the excuse for governor and if you just I mean that's not exactly advanced economics to know you'll get a better product if you get to decide whether to buy it and who to buy it from but people are sort of taught that no you can't you can't be allowed we have to have one big giant thing that we don't have a choice about one big giant good guy to save the day are there any final thoughts you have to Martin Minorca store Stacy status that will show them that deep down that they are just like us and there's really not much separating us I mean in terms of our private daily lives I think we all agree that we are the same as Martin monarchist for sure I mean he's not as far as I know he's not going into a supermarket with a gun demanding tomatoes so final thoughts on everyone as an anarchist they just don't know yet I was Americus for many years so I was what lots of people still are and it wasn't cuz it was evil and it wasn't because I wanted evil robbed and it was just because and now I can look back and say it was because I was tricked into betraying my own values in my own moral code and I would say to Martin Minorca Stacy statist and anybody else who advocates government of any kind of any flavor of any size get consistent inside your own head and you will end up in anarchist and I got there by accident by removing the inconsistencies in noticing whoops I turned into an anarchist and it doesn't mean I throw bombs of people in break windows it means I don't advocate violence against my a man I only advocate for some self-defense when you get to that point you suddenly realize government can't be legitimate and so I went through that process I know a whole lot of other people who went through that process and it wasn't because we change he hated society it's because we figured out peaceful coexistence is better than violent domination how tough is it figure that out when you figure that out you're a voluntary any final thoughts stacy is that I'm not Stacy I would never say this thing I'm never I mean I just I think I want to be yeah I want to write I want to wrap it up by saying that the I see the only difference between us and your Martin men artists is that Martin men artist believes that the market works 95% of the time whereas we here at this table believe that the market works 100% of the time and so by market we just mean voluntary interactions between peaceful human beings and so markets produce bread and they produce televisions than they produce a lots of wonderful things that we count on iPhones and all that and so it if you think that it works 95 95 percent of the time ask yourself why all the sudden fails miserably that last 5% and I think you'll realize that you're a lot like we are at this table and you'll become Larkin the anarchist and not Martin the monarchist so just think about that and we livery on the rocks greatly appreciates Clark and Rose coming out to Denver for his last trip thank you for being here lark and we appreciate it from for Amanda Mel and just the long go we're livery on the rocks of signing off check back to Liberty on the rocks at work to see the latest of what we're doing and to find a chapter near your house coming near you see you next time

  1. Before the creation of the Federal Reserve there was no income tax in the US. Discussing any kind of social construct without addressing the concept of money is just stupid. In a democratic full money System ninety-nine percent of us wouldn't have to pay taxes at all. if you don't have any mechanisms to prevent the accumulation of wealth the winner will take it all. With or without government. So how do you prevent the accumulation of wealth in a stateless society?

  2. Founding Fathers Of American Constitution Were Pretending To Fight For Freedom, Meaning Both the American Side And British Side OF American Revolutionary War Was Rigged By Spies And Key important People Of Influence Working FOR ROTHSCHILD Family Rigged Entire American Revolutionary War, Was Simply Three Dimensional Chess Played By ROTHSCHILD Family, Whose First ROTHSCHILD Was Born One Entire Century Before American Revolutionary War.And, 83% Or [5/6] Of American Founding Fathers Were Masons that Secretly Worked For ROTHSCHILD Family. And, There @ Were Secret Agents On British Side Of American Revolutionary War [including Also Next Civil War Century Later] Were Working Secretly For ROTHSCHILD Family, Meaning Both American Revolutionary War And War of 1812 And Civil War Was Planned And Rigged By ROTHSCHILD Family (was and is Obvious To Anyone With Basic Logic & Common Sense), But Most Americans Are Brain-Washed To ignore Logic & Common Sense & Brain Washed To ignore Obvious Answer, including So Called Social Contract Was Another (Bait And Switch) To Brain Wash Public To Obey To imaginary And Fictional Government Controlled BY ROTHSCHILD Family, Similar To Analogy Of Most Parts Of Most Past Religions Are False And imaginary, but Countless People Are Brain-Washed To Believe IN False Reality And to Accept False Authority. And, ROTHSCHILD Family Needed (Right To Vote For Women) To Secretly influence Western And Eastern Countries into Global War & Wars And World Wars And other Wars During 20th Century, is Also Play On Words (20th Century), similar To Novel 1984 By George Orwell, Meaning So Called 20th Century (Years Between 1900 And 1999) is Actually the 19th Century, But 99% Of People Think 19th Century is 20th Century, is How Powerful influence of Brain-Washing Technique is By influence Of Government Called 19th Century as 20th Century And People Simply Accepted As Truth, Similar To @ Novel Book (1984) By George Orwell, Where Government Uses Deception And False Words To Deceive Public, Assume Whatever Government Says is True, is Often NOT True, Was Point of Book (1984), But Readers NOT Understand Actual Plot, mistaken For imaginary Plot, but Origin Of this Evil Plot Began Centuries Ago : Omen For it Was Salem Witch Trials Was Omen, But even Those Locals did NOT Understand What happened NOR its importance Until its TV Series to teach And Educate, But Most Of Public That Watched Tv Series [Salem] Will Probably NOT understand Plot & its importance..

  3. LOL at all the commies in here that are crying because their ideology is a 150 year old failure

  4. The concept of the state as a sovereign is a clue as to the nature of the fiction.


  5. Anything the Government can do the private sector can do, the difference is that it gives you a voluntary choice what you would like to purchase. The government protection, police,etc, is applied after the offense has occurred. Kinda late isn't it?? Should I pay school taxes when I have no children? Should I pay for farmer Jone's to feed his cows, when I still have to pay to purchase the milk? I should have the final say in how I spend my labor earnings and not be told by anyone with a label what I must do! I wouldn't allow them to do it to me without a label and I never agreed to give them authority over me with a label. A position of authority, be it a department, badge, etc draws people into those positions that seek control over others! My opinion.

  6. You aren't an anarchist because you believe in no or limited government. Capitalism itself is a hierarchical structure which is antithetical to the idea of anarchism. Just say you're a libertarian (which was actually originally a term used by socialist). Or get become an actual anarchist like anarco-syndaclist or communist.

  7. I am 100% an anarchist. Totally on board with volunteerism and non-aggression and all of that. HOWEVER … I'm also a realist. As much as I'd love to flip a switch and be living in Anarchy tomorrow, I know that's NEVER going to happen. Why? Because 99% of people are terrified of the idea of not having a superstructure of politicians (who they KNOW are corrupt) telling them how to run their lives. We can't defeat that fear. So, what can we do?

    We have to roll things back in the same way as they got rolled forward. Remember, the entirety of the U.S. government used to be small enough to fit within a single manilla envelope. It expanded little by little for more than 200 years. We can't expect the country to go cold-turkey without government … but we can ween them off. We need to, department by department, law by law, regulation by regulation, peel this thing back until there's almost nothing left … and once there's almost nothing left, show how a private market can do that job BETTER and at a lower cost … then let what remains of the government wink out of existence. It will take decades to get there … but that's the only way this is going to happen.

    This is why I, as an anarchist, favor the UBI (Universal Basic Income) and the Fair Tax. Why would I advocate those things? Because, though they are bad, they aren't as bad as what we already have. The current welfare state is dozens of agencies with hundreds of billions in overhead and tens of thousands of government employees. The UBI is ONE government program that takes a handful of IRS agents to implement because there are no exceptions. It goes to EVERYONE. They basically just have to hit the authorize button for payments. The overall cost would be a fraction of our current cost and when the time comes, being a SINGLE agency with very little to do, it will be easier by an order of magnitude to abolish than the dozens of agencies we currently have. This is the long game.

    I support the Fair Tax for the same reason. It's a single retail sales tax that pays for EVERYTHING and requires the abolition of ALL other taxes. It's completely transparent. Taxpayers know EXACTLY how much they're paying and can see if what they're getting in return is worth that price (which of course it's not). Right now people don't mind paying taxes because they don't realize exactly how much they're actually paying. When you add up all Federal, State, and Local taxes, the AVERAGE person in the U.S. pays about HALF of his total gross income to the government. Those sneaky bastards in government are really good at hiding it, though, so you never see all the little taxes you're constantly paying that you don't even know about. Having a single point of taxation makes the people aware, and when the time comes, will make it much easier to abolish. Again … long game.

    It's all about positioning the government to shut it down without freaking out the statists. The long game is the only way we're going to win.

  8. When did "Anarchists" get so stuck on labels such as Anarcho this and Anarcho that? When did the same supposed "Anarchists" (see the toxic comment section below for context) become so incapable of civil dialogue that they sound more like elitist collegiate communists? Is it just human nature to complicate something that's quite simple at it's root?
    1) I have no desire to rule or to be ruled.
    2) I have no interest in labeling or being labeled.
    3) I have no desire to be a part of any group but would rather interact freely with whom I chose as long as they are equally willing.
    4) What anyone does is no one else's business as long as it does not harm to anyone else and doesn't infringe on anyone else's ability to do the same.
    Past that..sure there are finer points as related to property, utilities, etc but is the list above not the main point?

  9. whats up with everyone getting hung up on terminology. capitalists, anarchists, voluntarists are all the same. they all advocate voluntary interactions. i dont know if these people just dont understand what capitalism means or they have a weird view of what anarchy is.

  10. I don't trust the "ruling class" and the masses consider me a bad guy for thinking that way. How perverted is this?!

  11. Tell "Stacy Statist"…The Supreme Court has already ruled that police have no Constitutional <lawful> duty to protect anyone.

  12. Ancaps can't see that states exist as an outgrowth of the capitalist market system. A state is just a conglomerate of monopolies which are mathematically and empirically inevitable in a market system. If you somehow got rid of the state and set up an ancap society the first people who could accumulate enough wealth would become the new states.

  13. Rose is an amusing fellow, but he never answers the question, for those among us with less money, how would they pay for schooling, police protection, fire protection, health care and so on? Or perhaps they just have to be left behind to their own devices?

  14. Hmmm, sounds alot like the "Categorical I mperative" than "Anarchism " . But who cares the squirrels the star on this show ! Woohooo

  15. 1 Minute 20 sec mark the girl gave the camera a complete view of her panties…


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