Yaron Brook Lectures: Individualism VS Collectivism - Individual Responsibility

thank you thank you for inviting me thank you for having me be here I apologize to everybody for not being able to give the talk in Portuguese but I only know like three words so it wouldn't be a very interesting speech the Brazil I make I create is a great theme because at the end of the day what is Brazil what is any group what is any country what is any society if not just a bunch of individuals it's a bunch of yous there is no group there is no Brasil it's just you and you and you and you happen to be in a particular geographic area that we define as Brazil but at the end of the day the only unit in society that exists is the individual it's the individual throughout history we be taught that that's not true that the individual doesn't matter though what matters is the group though matters is the collective what matters is the state what matters is the tribe what matters is fill in the blank right but the individual is nothing throughout history we be taught the what matters is where how you choose to sacrifice yourself for this group for the tribe for the leader for the collective for the state for Brazil and where's that led us throughout history societies that place the group the collective the state the tribe above the individual have stayed poor have stayed oppressed have stayed primitive collective's when the collectivist place as the primary the consequence is poverty and deprivation how many people were poor I mean I mean really poor like two dollars a day or less two dollars a day or less imagine living on $2 a day or less how many people with that poor 300 years ago what percentage of the population was that poor 300 years ago anybody what everybody almost everybody there were a few kings and aristocrats up here but 95% of humanity 95% of humanity lived on $2 a day or less 300 years ago how many people today in the West live on $2 a day or less in Europe Western Europe in the u.s. maybe even Japan how many live that poor zero nobody how many in all the world in the entire world how many people today live on $2 a day or less globally in the entire world today anybody want to guess ten percent that's pretty good less than ten percent about eight percent eight percent so the three hundred years ago almost everybody was poor really poor today only eight percent what happened what happened to change that because if you look at history this $2 a day number has been pretty consistent throughout human history if you start thousand years ago way over here and you plot income per capita it's been about $2 day forever it went up a little bit during Rome and then went down during the dark ages and then went up a little bit in certain parts and then went down but it's been at $2 a day forever and then suddenly BAM it went way up there what happened what happened it's the first time in human history with the exception maybe of Greece ancient Greece for the first time in human history people started a value the individual not the group John Locke the Great Scott I was gonna say English philosopher but then the English would get upset Scottish philosopher I think I think that's right talks about individual whites individual freedoms he talks about the fact that your life is good as your life belong to who does your life belong to anybody have any doubts it minds to you but that was a new idea because before that you like belonged to the king to the tribe to the council to the state to God to anybody except you and suddenly for the first time in history the understanding that oh no my life is mine it belongs to me I get to decide how to live my life I get to decide what to do I mean think about life 300 years ago did you decide what profession you would go into what job you would do now was dictated by your family by the guild by the king by the tribe by the group by the collective you didn't get to decide did you get to decide who to marry no it was decided by your family or by the king or by whoever you didn't get to make choices about your life because your life didn't matter and suddenly this new idea came into the West and this idea that the individual matters the sanctity of the individual's life that what really matters is the individual and it groups collectives States are just collections of individuals but that the starting point is the individual and that the only role of the state is to protect you it's to make it possible for you till to make the choices you want to make about your life free of what what's the one thing that prevents you from making choices in your life coercion free of coercion that's it the vision of the founding fathers of the United States of John Locke of much of the Enlightenment thinker was a state that did one thing and one thing only protected you protected your right to life liberty property and the pursuit of happiness the pursuit of your happiness not the state's not somebody else's your own happiness unfortunately we've come a long way from that idea today in Brazil in the United States in Europe both on the left and on the right of our political spectrum what we have a collectivists everywhere who tell you you must sacrifice for the greater good any time I meet somebody who tells me I should sacrifice for the greater good I won because guess who's gonna decide what the greater good is he is now me and guess who's gonna be sacrificed first you are because your successful businessman because you successful in something in life so you have something to sacrifice so they're coming for you whether it's on the left on the right it doesn't matter the left wants you to sacrifice for the Polat Aryan and the poor and whoever and the right wants you to sacrifice for Brazil and for fill-in-the-blank in California in America now it's for American jobs whatever that means I thought they were just jobs they didn't know there were American jobs and bazillion jobs nationalism collectivism in all its different forms is on the rise and the question I think the important question is why and I think it's because well in the in this period in the 18th century we discovered this idea that the individual matters the individual is sacred that what's important is the individual it conflicted it clashed with our moral teaching how any code because what is that ethics teach us our ethics teaches us that we should live for whom what makes a mole person what makes a good person Noble just who do we build statues for people who take care of others people who sacrifice for others people who lay down their life for the group because Mali will be taught that the standard of morality is the war being of other people you're a good person if you sacrifice for other people and we be taught also that if you think about yourself that if you think about your own happiness if you think about your own success if you place your interests first and then what do we call that selfish and selfish is a bad word we're told right because what does it mean they teach us what does it mean to take care of yourself it means to lie and to cheat and to steal and to be really a master human being so a taught by our preachers and now philosophers and our teachers and our mothers don't be selfish don't think of yourself think of others first sacrifice now our mothers don't really mean it because they want you to be successful but that's not what they teach you that's not what they say when we build statues we build it to the sacrifices we build it to the people who don't think of themselves we even say oh that was wonderful he was so selfless he placed the interest of the group above his own interests we say yes that's wonderful so uh politically we might think yeah would for the individual Molly we don't want people to be about themselves we want people by Mellie to take care of other people we want to stand a reality to be the other one of Iran's great genius and I don't know how many of you read Atlas Shrugged or The Fountainhead but those who you have not you should and I'm jealous because you get to read those books for the first time I wish I could have that experience all over again one of the great things about Iran is she asked great questions a big part of life is asking great questions asking the right questions and Iran asks a very simple question why why should I sacrifice my life to you why is the group more important than me why is anybody more important than me why should I love my neighbor like I love myself I can tell you now I don't I let myself much more than my neighbor and so does every one of you but I don't feel guilty about it some of you might if your kids are drowning and the neighbors kids are drowning whose kids do you say first your own good you should be proud of that it means you love what is yours more than what is theirs and that's right because it's yours so she asks you have one life one life right here on earth one chance to live why should you focus be on other people and what is their focus supposed to be on other people and what is their focused opposed to be on other people and it just goes round and round and round and round and round in circles a new benefits and do we really produce the most do we create the best when we're focused on others so she asked why why shouldn't we be focused on our own life why shouldn't morality and licks be the science the science that teaches us how to be a good individual how to live the best life you can live for yourself how to pursue happiness politically we get it in the Declaration of Independence of the United States America says you have a right to pursue happiness but how do you do it how do you get happiness it's hard [Applause] so morality ethics should be about how to do that it should be about how to live the best life you can live on this earth and that's new the only other philosopher who really puts it that way as Aristotle going back to the Greeks he says the purpose of ethics is to teach us how to achieve eudaimonia and the Greeks hate it when I say that because I'm mispronouncing it flourishing happiness the most of a human life that's what morality should teach you not sacrifice not Duty not helping others there's nothing wrong with helping others but not making that your moral focus I'll give you a quick example of how this plays in our minds because what's interesting is that the people who advocate for this morality of other ism of taking care of others don't care whether you actually take care of others what they really care about is that you don't take care of yourself what they don't want you to do is be self-interested they don't care about other people other people don't matter to them and give you a great example and then you can extrapolate this example a million times everybody know who Bill Gates is I was in a music festival in Belo Horizonte Brazilian music and these two Brazilians came up to me said you look like Bill Gates yo are you Bill Gates I said sure why not I'm Bill Gates so Bill Gates he makes builds Microsoft right he makes he makes about 70 billion dollars for himself how do you make seventy billion dollars how do you make seventy billion dollars this is good good lesson for entrepreneurs you want to be billionaires take notes right how do you do it how do you make 70 billion dollars you create a product but almost everybody in the world wants why do they want it because it's gonna make their life better in some way right and how much are they willing to pay for it more than it costs you to produce so you make a profit is their lives better because they bought the product they spend $100 on Word or Excel or ms-dos in the old days for those of you remember ms-dos that awful operating system they paid $100 is there like better or worse did they sacrifice if I pay a thousand dollars not yet but when I buy the new iPhone up here thousand dollars for an iPhone why am i paying it why am i paying a thousand dollars an iPhone because I think it's worth more than a thousand dollars to me it's gonna make my life better by more than a thousand dollars I'm willing to give up a thousand dollars because I'm gonna be better off by doing it because this is worth more than a thousand dollars to me when people bought Microsoft products they did it because they thought and I think it's a reality that their lives would be better but buying those products who loses when I buy our iPhone I'm better off you know how much this is worth to me but you want to put a number and how much this is worth to me well how much your phone is worth to you really think about what you do with it think about all the time you spend on it think about all the stuff you do with it how much is it worth to you I promise I won't tell Apple I won't tell Samsung they won't raise the price but how much is it worth I mean this is what tens of thousands of dollars to me my ability to FaceTime with my kids when I'm half the way around the world my ability to do business from anywhere all the time whenever my ability to communicate you know to have a question and to answer it and Google instantaneously this is worth tens of thousands of dollars to me and I only paid a few hundred what a deal my life is so much better for this and when people buy microsoft their life is so much better for having Microsoft so Bill Gates made seventy billion dollars by making the world a better place to live by enhancing the lives of hundreds of millions of people actually he changed the lives of billions of people billions of people are better off because Bill Gates did Microsoft how much more credit does he get for helping all those billions of people because he helped him he made their lives better more credit I'm not talking about economic you know financial we admire him as an entrepreneur but are we building statues for the great noble virtuous Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft no until until because recently now he's a good guy right recently he's a good guy what happened how did Bill Gates become a good guy he left Microsoft god forbid you make money helping people and now he gives it away so making money creating wealth making the world a better place that's a giving your money away that's good now where do you think Bill Gates helped more people at Microsoft or in his foundation it's not even close Microsoft Michael's FDA helped billions of people information help you know it's nice it's good fine he's gonna help a few tens of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands in Africa whatever right is it gonna change the world no he changed the world in Microsoft but in Microsoft we don't like him we like him in the foundation because he's not making money because he's not thinking about himself notice we don't care how many people they help well we care about whether they help themselves or not if you make a profit it's bad if you're giving it away it's good why I help more people by making a profit I notice and not to be critical or anything I noticed in the presentation about valve are they not a word about how much money they make but how much money they make is the best indication of how much value they provide all of us businessman should be proud of how much money they make because it's the sign of the value you've created it's a sign of how much you've contributed to the lives of the people who buy your product but we're not allowed to do that anymore we're not allowed in this world to talk about how much money we make no why because that's self-interested and when I'll allowed to be self-interested you're supposed to take care of others so Bill Gates gets no more credit because he made money changing the world when he doesn't make money changing the world he gets some all credit now I like to say how do we make go gates a saint a saint I mean really virtuous really mall sculptures and boulevards and buildings named after him what would he have to do what do you have to do you have to give it all away move into a tent because he lives in a nice house and if he could bleed a little bit show us that he's suffering because our morality is anchored in the idea of suffering they ever gone to a museum and seen paintings of saints haven't seen one smiling no we don't believe morality and Happiness go together we don't believe you can be model and happy at the same time we believe that morality equals suffering why well you should be the other exactly the other thing it should be about living how to live well how to be happy how to be successful that's what morality should be about and this is why it's so hard politically to advocate for individualism because it goes against these philosophical ethical moral ideas because we're afraid to be proud pride is a sin why if you achieve something if you made it if you built it why not be proud of your own achievement so again I grant questions all of this and she challenges us she says shouldn't you care about yourself and if you do if you only care about yourself I like to say I don't care about anybody I only care about me right it's like I used to do this exercise for my students when I taught them about corporate finance I used to be a finance professor a long time ago teaching about corporate finance is to teach them remember you know how you're supposed to run your businesses and stakeholders and then there's a theory that says no you're supposed to run the business for the owners the shareholders and I'd say if you run it for the owners you don't care about the stakeholders right all I want to do is maximize shareholder wealth so I chain my employees to the machines and whip them three times a day anybody goes no no and I say why so because they won't work hard and they won't produce well oh so if I care about my I say to my employees good okay what about my suppliers I don't pay the bills to hell with the supplies I don't care about them that stakeholders I don't care about shareholders no no they say because then they won't give you the goods on time and they won't provide well oh so I need to care about them because I care about myself yeah so even if I only care about myself I care about other people why why because I trade with them because there are value because they provide and they create things that benefit my life but my standard is my life not other people's lives it's my happiness not other people's happiness and if I really care about myself if you really aren't individualist if you really want to build your life and ultimately together as individuals build Brazil or whatever the goal is what is the tool to building your life what is the tool to making your life the best life that it can be what is the tool to living what's the thing that we need to embrace as human beings in order to live a good life what makes us human what makes life possible even at the very basic level of survival how do we survive where does food come from and don't say the supermarket too many people tell me that which is cool I think that food comes from the supermarket but not the answer I'm looking for right where does food come from anybody here have the gene for agriculture the gene what do you need to do to do agriculture you have to have what knowledge you have to think you have to figure it out you know some genius I don't know 100 or was it ten thousand years ago we started agriculture so probably 20 thousand years ago some genius figured out that if you drop a seed in the ground and you water it a plant grows and you figured out that it's all related and we probably burnt him because that's what we do to our geniuses we easily kill them because they're causing us to think differently and we can't have that right and then it took a bow gates to come and say wait a minute if that's true maybe I can tell the land and so these seeds and actually create an industry call it agriculture somebody had to create it some entrepreneur some businessman had to go and make agriculture what it is today and you continue to innovate constantly making it more and more and more productive and feeding more and more and more people all around the world you businessmen do that and you do it by using your mind using your reason how do we hunt every try running down an animal and biting into it no because we're not equipped if you look around the room with very pathetic animal just look at you pathetic you're weak you're slow you don't have claws you don't have fangs we can't do it so how do we survive when you put us in the saber-tooth Tiger in a battle how do we how do we win because the saber-tooth tiger the last saber-toothed tiger I saw was in a museum and we're building skyscrapers and bridges so how did we survive and they go extinct because they're more powerful the faster they're stronger what is it that makes it possible for human beings to survive we have a brain not just any brain we have a brain that can create can link out of the box can innovate can produce to create agriculture could create tools and weapons and strategy and we all hunting and then we built skyscrapers which takes a lot of thoughts and innovation and creativity products of human reason it's a fine Rand if you're going to be self-interested if gonna be truly selfish then the thing you value the most is your mind is your reason the thing you cultivate the most is your ability to think clearly to use your mind effectively because it's by doing that you create you produce you make you change the world around you you make your life what it is you don't go like some by emotion the heart does not lead you in positive directions necessarily whenever you get into trouble whenever things don't work out really badly it's almost always because you didn't think it through it's almost always because you did what the your emotions drove you to do emotion is it great I'm a pretty passionate guy we live through our emotions but emotions are not tools of cognition they're not ways for making decisions about the world our reason is our minders and we're now just automatons it's popular today in modern philosophy or whatever the hell they call it to say you have no free will you're just a machine well okay if we're just a machine I can leave now because I can't convince you of anything anyway everything's pre determined already there's no choices there's no values there's no morality there's nothing no we all have we all know we have choices we all know we make choices the question is how do you make them and the way to make them if you care about your life is by using your mind it's by thinking it through it's by solving the puzzle the problem with your brain with your rational faculty without looking at facts not accepting the things just because somebody said so but demanding proof seeking evidence dealing with facts and with reality as it is not the way you want it to be not the way you wish it was not the way people tell you it is but the way you see it the way it is finding the truth so if you're really interested in your own happiness the most important thing you could be is a truth seeker by using your mind by using your reason and if you think about it if you think I mean I know and comes up with seven virtues we don't have time to go all over all the virtues but the first is reason is is rationality is think think think think but what is thinking apply right so let's take a simple one should you be honest right people say if you're selfish you're gonna lie right cuz lying's yeah you can get your way with lying why wouldn't you like why he's lying bad anybody lied before I don't want to know why is lying it's like a good strategy for success in life actually there's only one profession only one profession in the whole world that I know of where lying actually leads to success no don't be so nasty to its lawyers now there's only one profession in which lying is a requirement for success politics and that's because the politics that we live in suck because if we had decent politics we wouldn't tolerate the lies we'll kick them out of office for lying we wouldn't impeach them I don't know for having sex to know in a in a in the Oval Office like with Clinton we can peach them for lying non-stop all the time every single day that's what we would kick him out of the office for but what is lying lies accepting falsehood lying is accepting non facts this thing we have here this brain this reasoning machine depends on facts depends on truth there's a saying in computer science garbage in garbage out same with your mind you put in falsehood you put in lies what comes out the other side garbage you're you're polluting the most valuable thing in the world your own brain your own mind your own rational ability by lying by deceiving by speaking reality by accepting non truth I mean I I'm at an age there are few of you here who will identify with me I can barely remember what I did last week I can't remember where I was which continent never mind what city right where I was last week it's hard to remember what you did last week now imagine I lied about what I did last week now I'd have to remember two things the truth and the lie but it's actually not two things because I'd have to remember who I told the truth to and who I told the lie to and why I told them the truth and why I told them to lie it's way too complicated it's a disaster and one lie leads to another lie it's just a terrible strategy for living and the same is true of cheating and stealing where do we get our confidence and our self-esteem in life it's from producing it's from creating values if we steal the values what is what are we telling ourselves you're telling yourself I'm no good I can't produce I can't take care of myself the only way I can take it myself is stealing it's taking using force using muscle the anti mind to take what somebody else produced so needs to be produced still need to be produced by the human mind so if somebody's really selfish somebody really takes cares about themselves it's really self-interested you don't lie you don't steal you don't cheat it's bad for you all those things are bad for you you think you produce you have a purpose in life you have a career you engage in that career passionately you do what you love to do you build you get self-esteem from the fact that you're achieving things self-esteem comes from setting goals and attaining them reaching out for for ambitious values and getting those values that's way you get your happiness and your self-esteem and your confidence and your passion for living from that requires you to be a rational honest focused on reality individual and we can go on and on in terms of what rational self-interest means as I said there were as I said before it means using your mind to navigate reality dealing with other people like Apple deals with me win-win relationships every relationship you want in your life should be a win-win relationship because what happens to a win-lose relationship what happens is one party loses when you win let's say your wife or your husband does it stay win lose it quickly turns into lose-lose in business if you're doing business with somebody and you you they get the sense that this wasn't a good deal if I like Donald Trump right out of the deal his whole perspective without a deal is screw the other guy so if you screw the other guy what happens they don't do business with you again other people find out that you do deals like this and they won't do business with you win-win relationships are what are lasting relationships and if you add the win-win relationships a business and entrepreneurs and free individuals what you get is wealth success prosperity what you get is the modern world what happened three hundred years ago was we liberated individuals to create to produce to make and to trade with one another to engage with one another not feel force and through coercion but voluntarily through win-win transactions and that's how we got rich that's how the Western world got rich and at the end of the day the people who really made the Western world rich and made any country rich are people like you people like you in this room the entrepreneurs and the business people who take knowledge scientific knowledge and turn it into products creations that enhance everybody's lives without entrepreneurs with our businessmen none none of the things we have around us would exist without the profit motive without that win-win trading none of the wealth we have around us would exist they want you to feel ashamed about your profit they want you to feel ashamed about your success if you read Atlas Shrugged for one reason then read it because Alice Frog will make you proud of your success Atlas Shrugged will make you appreciate how you are the true heroes of the world that the statues we build should be for you because you change the world more than any politician or general or mother Teresa you are the true builders and creators and movers and shakers to build the modern world so my message go read Atlas Shrugged live the best life that you can for yourself use your mind to do it engage in trade relationship win-win relationship with everybody around you and be proud be proud of your own achievements and hopefully that'll leads a happy successful life thank so I mean I think the whole fake news thing in some respects is being you know is blown out of proportion in this sense there's always been fake news always the authorities the people in power have always had an interest in telling us lies about the world we hood 5i4 lies you know just now there are thousands of them that that professors in universities tell us for the first time in human history I'd say over the last 15 years every person has an opportunity to bat check you can go online and find alternatives you can go online and research you have access to all the knowledge pretty much ever created in all of human history right there for free online so this is in spite of our focus on fake news this is the era of availability of knowledge to the masses to everybody and we those of us who believe that you know we're advocating for the truth our job is to put it out there to make it accessible to make it available whether it's YouTube whether it's Facebook whether it's Twitter we have to go out there and present this information present the facts present the truth and I think it's you know I give me just an example for Iran's ideas Iran 20 years ago was in America that was it nobody else in the world knew who she was she was non-existent today she's more popular outside the United States than inside the United States all because of the internet people have discovered her because of all these channels that available that's true I think a Mises who knew in Brazil about Mises now it's what more Mises less marks what my smell I can't remember which is which anyway you know it's a big deal so the Internet is a friend it's an amazing tool and we need to leverage it in any way possible I will add this Kavya to really know something to really understand something you have to read and you have to read real books I mean it could be digital but real books you have to read Mises if the read brand you're not gonna learn what Iran had to teach or what Mises that a teacher in a short video so while we have these great marketing tools on the internet it's still gonna require this next generation to actually read a book I mean I think I think it should be easy if you take the three reasons why people are poor right they don't have the skills they just can't do it they can't produce there very few people who really can't produce in the world we have today they are lazy yeah there's a some percentage of people are lazy but you're not talking to them anyway because if they're lazy they're lazy and nothing you say will convince them so the real challenge is to convince them that the real reason that poor is the be held back purposefully the government is preventing them from the out productively to create wealth for themselves it is look it should be easy to show that minimum wage laws keep people poor that the welfare state keeps people poor that licensing laws keep people poor that the state has a vast interest in keeping people poor because that's how we get votes if everybody was rich nobody would vote for Lula right so he has an interesting keeping people poor and that's true of politicians throughout the world so it is the state through its various policies pretending to help them then it keeps them down and you have to also address their self-interest do they want to be happy well one way in which you achieve happiness is still work you cannot be happy unless you produce something at whatever level you can even if you poor if you're putting food on your family's table you feel proud you get self-esteem you feel bad about yourself what the state does is it says don't worry don't work at least in America here's a check here's a welfare payment what are you doing to those people you're destroying their lives you're literally destroying their lives forget about taking money in the redistribution aspect that's bad economics and it's bad ethics but you are destroying the people who are getting the money's lives you need to explain to the poor that is not in their self-interest to get welfare it's not in their self-interest not to have a job it's not in their self-interest they have all these regulations and constraints on capital and on business because the jobs of the future the wealth of Utrecht comes from those business and those entrepreneurs in that capital and so I find it amazing that there's a debate about Social Security you've got a neighbor not that far from here you could drive there called Chile where they privatize the entire Social Security system and it works and it works great now even the Chileans now want to nationalize it again I mean they're insane but we've got a system that works copy it right I believe Social Security you know so this is a state-run program where you supposedly save money you put money and they take it out and they pay other people and they promise you one day when you retire you'll get money so it's a state pension plan right I think it's immoral I think it's wrong I think it's economically stupid and but it's Amal because again it's a redistribution of wealth it's not that your money is put aside and invested right now they take your money and they give it to people who old now so what you're asking is to sacrifice the children and the grandchildren for the sake of the grandparents now my view of grandparents is they've lived a long time they had lots of opportunities to save money they should have saved their money and live off of that and if they won my help they should come and ask me for it but they shouldn't take use the state to take my money by force in order to provide for them what you create is a destruction of the incentive to save Americans don't save money so think Social Security the government will take care of me and they forget that Social Security is very small and they're going to be poor if they rely on Social Security if it even exists because there's a good chance that by the time my children retire then the US government will be bankrupt and won't be able to pay them this so security because my money would it be spent right the money they they paid in would've been spent so Social Security is involved both because it's a method it's a redistribution of wealth and because it disincentivizes people from saving and taking care of themselves one of the things I think the most one of the most destructive things that government does is it creates a mentality of entitlement and laziness right so you don't save you don't think about the future you don't worry about certain things I'll give you another example completely different area financial regulation we're told everybody should invest in stocks and don't worry because the government will protect you how does that work stocks are really complicated not everybody should invest in stocks you need knowledge to invest in stocks but we've got the SCC and we've got this and we've got that regulatory agency and the government is protecting you but that just creates ignorance and stupidity and laziness among people they invest without thinking they give money to building made off without Bernie Madoff was a guy made that big pyramid scheme in America he lost sixty billion dollars for people and people smart people gave your money thinking all the FCC is watching him now you've gotta watch him it's your money you've got to be with smaller education the state will educate my kids I don't have to worry right yeah you have to worry you have to worry a lot because the states do you right instead of if you get private education you would take responsibility for the education of your children seriously and you would think what school and schools would compete and they would try to convince you to bring the your child to their school and you would do research you know parents spend more time choosing what shoes to buy then what school to send their kids to I think I priorities a little upside-down we should be spending a lot of time on figuring out what schools to set up kids – who cares about shoes

  1. how long would it take one individual to build a house compared to ten men working together building ten houses ? well the individual would NEVER complete the job . how would a surgeon perform an operation without assistance ? how would a firefighter put out a building fire on his own ?

  2. everyone who thinks individualism is better than collectivism should be sent to a desert island with 100 other "individuals" until they learn some sence . I wont hold my breath .

  3. "Last time I saw a sabre-tooth tiger, it was in a museum. Meanwhile, we're building skyscrapers." -rekt

  4. In all the philosophical talks about objectivism I missing the integration of raising children and building a stable family structure and how to survive in a world of greed and looters?

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    P.S Have you ever addressed the insanely positive Debt to US assets ratio?

  6. Here is a moral question – someone creates a lot of value for society, made millions in producing a product, but he initially did that by robbing wealth from another individual. How should the market and society answer such morality.

  7. I WISH SO MUCH I WAS THERE, but I had an important test on the other day. The Forum was really good by the way.

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