Yaron Answers: How Can Scandinavian Countries Perform So Well Economically?

  1. Smaller populations is how. You take ten people and they will help everyone one else make it, you take 300 million then some do more and some do less. But those that do more get tired and those that do less keep needing from others.

    As a matter of fact I prefer the weather in Scandinavia over the weather in Southern California.

    I think the argument is wrong though. If I bust my ass I won't pay higher taxes. I will pay my fare share percentage wise but progressive? I just do a little less. 15 percent from everyone. but Some pay higher taxes and some don't pay any. If I make a dollar then 15 cents is what I should pay. If I make a thousand dollars then I should pay 150 dollars. Instead with a progressive tax allows some to pay more and some to not even pay. How fair is that? Even 20 cents on the dollar but when taxes get over half then only a fool will work and pay.

  2. He is correct. The measure to count is the equality. In America people may die because they don't have sufficient health care or can't afford the medicine. In most countries, including Scandinavia of course, we don't have to worry about it. Those arguing for paying less taxes are always rich and/or corporate managers. Atm things are getting worse because of right wing government lowered the taxes. We need both security and freedom and equality to do well.

  3. Want to know why Danes and Scandinavians are so happy? Because it's perfectly legal to pay a hot girl to fuck you.

  4. "[Their] life is boring…" And still those refugees from much more exciting, war-torn countries try to get asylum in masses….

  5. Sweden has always been one of the leading innovativ countries in the world, i would say even more so in the 90's , so 100% wrong there dude.

  6. I am Canadian and I pay 53% income tax. It is terrifying and unfortunate. I’d rather pay 45%. Feels less unfair although it would still be upsetting.

  7. Norway is doing great. But it's cold. So let's move on as if Norway is not great. America is currently failing socially despite the economy doing well, but he acts as if Scandinavia is DOOMED because they have social programs. This is nonsense.

  8. Although he mentioned that socialism is unsustainable in these countries,yet neglected to mention that [present day] capitalism is also unsustainable The obvious reason is that it is rapidly using up natural resources-which cannot be replaced without 100% recycling.I'll admit that recycling has become more commonplace,in fact[fortunately] a kind of fad.. However,I doubt that it is enough,for example,. how can we recycle oil once it is consumed[as gasoline]

  9. I'm sure this guy has good things to say but his "Barry Kripke accent from Big Bang Theory" is a distraction.

  10. You're pointing finger at Scandinavian countries. Why don't you talk about the strugle in America. High cost of living, low stagnant wages, huge inequality, high crime rate. More police, judges and lawyers, more prisons and jails than any other place on this planet. More gangs and more illegal drugs and illegal weapons on the streets of America. Oh yeah we're doing great here in America.

  11. IQ average of 100 and above along with a shared racial and cultural identity can make almost anything work. EXCEPT full blown socialism/ communism!

  12. Only the people at the top like the capitalism model of a fewbenjoying life all others miserable slaves

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