1. "Is Capitalism Devouring Democracy"?

    That has already happened long time ago, we (layman) are only still in denial. This man was cursed and kicked out from politics by the established elite in Europe. Sounds like a cliché doesn't it? Well… it most likely is and will not change as the vast majority of peepz on this planet will continue sleeping and voluntarily be treated as modern slaves.

  2. That's a weird coincidence. I've been reading quite a bit about the enclosure of common land to farm sheep in Britain over the past few days. Lots of people were kicked off their land and forced into the cities where they then had to work for capitalists for survival instead of farming and being self-sufficient.

  3. LOL… says the money grabbing whore…

    or does anyone still take Baroufucknuckle (who was dropped kicked
    out of government by his "comrades" for being a treasonous stooge with
    delusions of adequacy) and his contradictory waffle (depending on who's
    paying or silly enough to listen) seriously any more ffs? Time to wake
    the fracking hell up! It's slimy treasonous "populist" scumbags like
    this that are undermining Europe!

  4. Wat parte of no you dot unstand about the uraim and jupter this plant and murckey the tow plant in space at no more nuckler wepines or the trops ate come to cline up the bad king and the touxeins you created on earth

  5. Yes it is, and yanis you let your people down, you walked out,,, they couldnt, your rich, they are not, you have a future,yours country's people dont

  6. This rather depends on how you define capitalism, who you think the real capitalists are, and precisely which political ideologies they promote? In many ways MARXISM is CAPITALISM. Marxism is defined by the creation of a all powerful, central bank, defining all else in society, including any so called solutions thereto, using economic, and racial terms. Also in many ways Marxism is the kid brother of fascism, elder sister of communism, all of which serve the interests of the moneyed elites, in equal measure. It matters not the name of the system, or even who is running it. what matters is does it serve the interests of FREEDOM, and the cultural and economic interests of the people as a whole. If not, then get rid, which is what democracy was supposed to be for. Not so we would get rid, but as a warning that we might, if the elite fail to fulfil their duty of care. Well fail they most definitely have, but worse they remain in a complete state of corrupted denile, that they have failed so dismally that even their own grandmothers must have noticed by now. Therefore maybe it is too late, but if they don't recognise that they are in serious trouble, and immediately back off, piano wire sales, all over the western world, may just make a dramatic upturn. Metaphorically speaking of course.
    Lefties such as Varoufakis, represent at least as much of the problem, as any kind of solution. People like him are the exact same CAPITALISTS, of which he speaks, whether he or they know it or not. They have all failed, no less Varoufakis himself, who is every bit as much responsible for bankrupting Greece, as the people who run the ECB, BIS, WB, or IMF..

  7. I learned a bit of history on this one, and it seems our feudal systems are evolving. As he correctly points out, we have an oligarchy. That part I already knew, I just never sat and worked out the details.

    But why do we need to evolve this political/economic/military system instead of devolve this system?

    He mentioned a key issue. The lords do not want to work. This is the source of their system.
    We need a system where everyone works, or there can be no balance.

  8. Trump so far has been doing extremely well, despite the constant attempts to get him impeached for no reason. Socialism / communism is never good for a country. It has failed each and every time. A capitalist system with small government and the goal to empower people to take care of their own affairs as much as possible and with as little help from government as possible is what you want.

  9. 'But Yanis, you have to be ready to compromise. I compromised' – Obama. Obama didn't compromise, he preemptively capitulated.

  10. Yanis you lie you know why Europeans ageing and why birthrate is low in Europe we have lower demand of made products bicose of that rich Elite lose there money and European Union solution invite migrants so thy increase the population and then increase economic demand like that if we don`t make baby's migrants will do and thats shows how Europe don`t solve anything thy using same recycle plan and do nothing people getting por rich increase there large amount of money and nothing is changing. Government forcing invasions so fast a lot of people cant even adapt to it that fast por earn less and less, rich make more and more money that gape increasing at such rate people are in depression. Me question is how long government force those invasions when thy what to stop ? When thy stop innovating and just fix the economy?

  11. Yanni, I ask you why aren't Greeks fighting for sovereignty of Greece, a birth place of democracy ! Greece, once again, will be devoured by neo ottoman Turks
    who are more savage than ever. I'm shocked by such complacency of Greeks. This is so ungreek.

  12. Remember , this man is a self admitted MARXIST. Like all marxists , they critique capitalism yet their solutions are pie in the sky. ( who charges astronomical money for his Marxist lectures)

  13. This guy's knowledge of economies, and his command of the English language is amazing. A very wise chap indeed!


  15. you can see what's wrong with the country , when stupid people get up to the mic just to hear themselves speak about nothing intelligent , or even pertinent to the topic .

  16. "Elections must not be allowed to change economic policies." Wolfgang Schäuble, as quoted by Varoufakis here

  17. Wow, this was VERY eye opening and fabulously deep. Such deep amounts of knowledge on economy and politics. This is the kind of truth speaker that we need to fight the Right wing

  18. Wish he was PM of UK but I'd love to hear him talk more about today and tomorrow and less about the history of what's criminally behind us?

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