Yang vs. Bernie - Socialist Identity Politics vs. Human-Centered Capitalism

okay guys Red Alert red alert here this is not a drill and reading just talked about identity politics he's like he's fight he's having a fight on Twitter with Joe Biden like it's happening guys okay we got to get ready gotta get prepared got a know our enemy alright and that's what this video is about so we're gonna stop the submarine alarm and we're gonna talk about it okay so okay so nobody cares about Biden he's not gonna win just too creepy so we're not going to worry about Biden but Bernie Bernie is what we have to worry about because Bernie has ideas okay and they're not very good ideas but he still has them so we're going to talk about it we're gonna try and get into it it's it's a lot okay so we're just gonna start with this video here and yeah it's just and so if the Democratic Party stops condescending and says look we're here to actually work on solving your problems we can go very very far with many of the people who voted for Donald Trump is this because of identity politics well so I'm the son of immigrants I understand the impulse behind identity politics but Democrats have to know that identity politics is a very poor way to approach winning national elections and it's a very poor way to bring our country together we have to enact solutions that will help all Americans and when Martin Luther King championed a guaranteed minimum income in the 60s which is almost exactly like my freedom dividend he didn't do do it for any subset of Americans he did it for all Americans and that's again how we move the country forward thank you good luck with your campaign okay so so what does he mean by identity politics the people who disagree with what Andrew is saying here they're gonna say oh well everybody has identity politics because everybody has some identity so you can't like every every form of politics is identity politics so you can't just not have identity politics like what would that be like no no okay let's look at the definition here so politics in which groups of people having a particular racial religious ethnic social or cultural identity tend to promote their own specific interests or concerns that regard to the interests or concerns of any larger political group okay so the thing here is that when people say identity politics and what they really mean is group identity politics if you're part of a larger group and there is a political movement going on that affects you somehow then boom identity politics so so why is you against this you know don't we need to help gay people and women and we need to bring them up because they're being oppressed well we're gonna give them a thousand dollars just like we're gonna give everybody a thousand dollars okay so so the thing is here people will literally argue this they'll say well all politics is identity politics okay well what does that mean it means that you have so many you're part of so many different groups like you could be a woman you're black you're gay you're trans or a golf player like you like running all these different things that make up you as a person is your identity and all these different things could make you an individual so the end result of identity politics is the individual because the individual is the ultimate minority so really identity politics and Andrew Yang's idea of humanity first can be compatible because if you think all politics is identity politics well then sure okay then we're talking about the same thing because we're sitting humanity first we're saying you're oppressed as an individual because you were born into civilization and in civilization you know you have to you got to pay for things you got to get a roof over your head you got to take care of yourself got to take care of your family you got to take care of your family in 20 years gotta take care of yourself in 20 years go take care of yourself in 40 years so yang is saying yes I understand it's hard so we're going to give you this thousand dollars a month just as a base a baseline for you just you know buy food or rent or whatever you want and we're going to give this to everybody because everybody is oppressed because everyone is an individual everyone is a minority so this is really the central conflict between the gang gang in the Bernie bros right now we're kind of talking past each other because yang is saying add any politics bad burning people are saying identity politics good but we're really talking about different things kind of like because Bernie people also believe that identity politics can be applied to such extremes that it's basically individuality and you know if you disagree with that then that's just straight up like not equality so so yeah there is also that but I just wanted to make this little video because because this is this is a big deal guys a big deal let's look at another little excerpt here that I found to illustrate the yang verse Bernie dichotomy that's going on right now so here Bernie I'm not going to get too much in the communism stuff right now that's whatever basically Bernie says he's a socialist and if you're a communist you know Bernie is the closest thing to a communist that's running like let's be real guys there's a lot of Communists that like Bernie just like straight-up communists but we're just not going to get into okay it's whatever basically that's they kind of agree with the identity politics thing because they believe that they're also being oppressed by class conflicts has been going on for generations so it's this idea of scarcity that since we're being oppressed we have to be in together and since we've been together it's like us first them and then it's a it is the mindset of scarcity but basically this guy asked Bernie about socialism because his father left Soviet Russia and then Bernie responds by saying what do I mean when I talk about democratic socialism it's not a therawtarian.com speech she said we got a great constitution Bill of Rights protects your freedom of religion freedom of assembly freedom of speech but it doesn't protecting guarantee you economic rights so this is the central the central issue economic rights so to yang that's the thousand dollars per month I think that's more in line with what Thomas Paine had in mind when he was talking about this in agrarian justice basically the earth would have been the common property of all of humanity so each human should be repaid for being denied their access to the earth you know because all the land is like owned now so so you have a debt to be repaid just by being born into civilization but what Bernie is saying is that economic rights is a jobs guarantee so jobs for all the wealthiest nation in the history of the world everyone who can work should have the right to a decent job we can and should have a full-employment economy okay so it's funny that Bernie says that he's against the USSR but also if we look they're going to take a little look-see into the Constitution of the USSR article 4 D we have citizens of the USSR have the right to work that is to guaranteed employment and pay in accordance with the quantity and quality of their work so they kind of have some similar ideas Bernie and the USSR but anyway basically Bernie and yang really and and this in this way as well are both trying to achieve the same thing but just going about it in like polar opposite ways kind of it's the yin and the yang I think yang has it right you know just a thousand dollars a month this because really is is a jobs program is a jobs guarantee really economic liberty is that an economic right akin to freedom of speech like you don't have to go to work for freedom of speech like you just have it its intrinsic to you as a human and that is a much more in line with the freedom dividend then this idea of oh well everybody's just going to be working all the time and if you don't have a job will find a job for you you'll get $15 an hour is that really economic Liberty I don't think so and I really recommend everybody read agree injustice by Thomas Paine where he talks about that in a lot more detail but yeah that's pretty much my thoughts on it like the Bernie brows in the yang gang we are trying to achieve the same thing it's just we're talking past each other a little bit we're going about it in different ways and it really is this this mindset of scarcity versus the mindset of abundance I think that is kind of driving the conversation so that's pretty much just some of my thoughts on it right now go ahead and like and subscribe if you want and have a great day thanks


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