XRP News: G20 Digital Economy Panel! Pt1

  1. translator is panned to the left side and speaker to the right side just turn balance to left much easier to hear what is being said

  2. I am a bit disappointed…after one year of waiting I was expecting them to start the conference with the question of them all: "Hey guys, do you have your XRP bags ready?". But…sadly…

  3. Oh Martian man this is looking so good!!! Sorry! I wasn't trying to steal your cheese on kimsey live stream earlier!!! Just big excitement and didn't know who had seen it!!! Peace ✌✌✌❣

  4. He’s not the president of japan he’s the prime minister. Shinzo Abe japan has an emperor although he has no power he’s basically a symbol just like the queen of England.

  5. Thank you for sharing the various leaders thoughts on the future of the digital economy.

  6. I've been counting down for this meeting. It will give much needed insight, and shed some light on speculations regarding crypto and its futures.

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