Would You Rather: Democracy or Capitalism?

  1. Asking for democracy is equal to asking for communism. That's what it becomes. Democracy is indispensable to socialism.
    – Vladimir Lenin

    The goal of socialism is communism. – Vladimir Lenin

    We Social-Democrats always stand for democracy, not "in the name of capitalism," but in the name of clearing the path for our movement, which clearing is impossible without the development of capitalism.
    – Vladimir Lenin

  2. Capitalism pre-dates democracy by millennia.  Anytime a Warlord paid a man X many Drachma to fight a campaign season for him, in the hopes of sacking a city and gaining from other's despair of the strength of that warrior's arm, he was engaging in venture capitalism.

    Capitalism exists SOLELY to gain back a percentage profit from a given investment and is thus incompatible with any kind of mass societal benefit for the simple reason that you cannot eat money but you can certainly rent the services of a thug or a lawyer to make sure you get the 'best deal' on the food which money can buy.

    Of course the nature of capitalism is to make as much as possible to gain as much as possible and then, like a locust, once the resources are stripped, to move on.

    This violates all three rules of Thermodynamics

    1.  Never more work product out than Energy in.

    2.  Never more efficiency in the process which generates Work Product than the amount of Energy wasted in the extraneous steps of that process.

    3.  All systems are natively entropic.  Which is to say that if you increase the load on the system or decrease the Energy (as depleting resources) available to it, the system will build inefficiencies until your reach the point where it can no longer sustain itself.

    How does modern Capitalism work?  By drilling the resource here.  Sending it to be refined over there.  Turning the raw material into a finished item over there.  And packaging and distributing it from over there.  A monumentally wasteful process compared to simply drilling it and sending to the market region where it will be made and sold as one.

    Yet The more process step inefficiencies imbedded in this system the more sub companies whose stocks you own because you supplied the start up capital, are providing you a penny per bent back worker.

    Where money is virtual, it doesn't care about physical disparities in E:WP waste because it assumes an infinite quantity.

    Hence you have the primary 'Centrist Distributionist' model of capitalism where the worker in Indonesia is paid a buck fifty an hour and your cut of the Nike shoes he assembled from sole/upper/laces is a mark up of probably 200-300%.  Simply because you are using the cheapest labor and pushing the highest priced item you can, when you bring it to market. 

    Manufacturing at the periphery, Money in the middle = distributionist-centrist theory.

    The problem is then that the people in the middle don't gain from having to buy items at these remarkably inflated prices and they aren't making them themselves which means they don't have the money to buy it from overseas after all those thermodynamic losses as profit increments.  And so the elites sell out their own while leveraging up the next rich society whose entry they will be denied as soon as it's easier to nationalize for internal markets than participate in a globalist get rich quick scheme.

    Democracy is similarly a means solely to ensure that the maximum number of people invest their generally worthless opinion in electing a representative who lies through their 'public and private position' teeth while deciding whether or not to support American corporation's movement into a Multinational environment abroad.  Whereby the dumbest of the popularity contest winners are always corruptible to the point where they will sign their John Hancock for something CERTAIN to hurt the people who voted for them.  But not the ones who bought a hidden plank in their platform, by sponsoring their candidacy.

    Small, K-Selective, populations which have the firepower to dominate large resource reserves have more success because they are not concerned with Bottom Line economics as support for a massive underclass.  Thus they are not guilted or blackmailed into voting for other people's benefit under the MISTAKEN believe that a new race will vote for 'a share' of their corrupt system of hand outs when they can just as readily vote for someone of their own skin as cultural persuasion to disenfranchise the founder culture completely.

    Which is what happened when the Spanish lost control over their lorded properties in Revolutionary Mexico.  Which is what happened when South African whites foolishly believed that a mean adult IQ 77 population of blacks (a White, 12 year old CHILD has an IQ of 85) would 'take their advice' and reinvest in things like electricity and water purification instead of corruption and payola.  It is what is going on, right now, in Sweden and Germany where legal residents are being evicted from their homes to provide living space for high fertility Muslim immigrants.  Who then turn around and Truck Of Peace them.

    All because Capitalism wants to serve a 'Growth Market' and not a static or shrinking one.

    Capitalism will find that, when the social resource pool is completely sucked dry by R-Bred squatters whom they insisted be invited into civilized countries, the barbarians will show up at their gated communities and demand 'reparations' on the basis of gutting the Golden Goose because all of the just-a-cog-not-a-business-owner ordinary K-Bred folk have already been raped, robbed and throat slit.

    Women in particular follow the hypergamy floats game which means they will breed with the conquerors and feel absolutely no pity or remorse at the idea of living in a third world squalor zone, just as long as they are at the top of the dung heap.

    If you do not share a common genetic algorithm driving your cultural mores towards a shared belief in what must be done, can be done and might be done, later, in a tiered hierarchy of need, then democracy only serves to divide people.  And Capitalism is nothing more than the stratified bribery scheme by which the rich will spend their last dollar making ten dollars more, to buy a five dollar apple and then wonder why their system of profiteering doesn't work after the apple tree has been cut down and burned as fire wood by the locusting R-Bred morons who form roughly 80% of the planet's population.

    Failing to see this 'race is not a social construct, society is a racial one' fundamental baseline around which economies must be structured to favor the in group because men will work together for a common BELIEF in what is good, that is innate to their shared genetics, is utterly stupid.

    After all the proselytizing speeches by economists, politicians or clergy about how wonderful 'multiculturalism' is as a means to bleed the successful without ever improving the poverty of the non-competitive, it shows that the staticism of the wealthy in kicking the faces of their own people, climbing the social ladder below them, not only knows no moral bounds, trying to anchor them with non-white camp followers in the West.  But also a special kind of willful ignorance in the face of real world physics.

    Reality Check You Fools:  After the rise of industrialism, you have 2-4 centuries of mass consumption of planetary resources before entropic effects as pollution, depletion and Malthusian overpopulation destroy the ability to sustain advanced culture and not only do you fall back to ground state (early iron age, at best) but the FUNCTION of evolution, which is divergence, not diversity, is lost.  As the smart genes lack the resources to be advantaged in getting ahead in a 15-20 billion population world.  And are utterly destroyed when events like mass radiological release from crashing nuclear power industries become a cascade of regional, environmental, poisoning with heavy elements and high background radiation, entering the environment.

    This is what blind obeisance to 'Market Forces' does and it is, ultimately, just as destructive as anything related to Communist Lysenkoism as the Vanity of False Conscience that everyone is or should be made equal.

    Whites have the conceptual intelligence to get off this planet before our crèche becomes our tomb.  But we are busy stacking the wood around a pyre of Western Civilization in the inverse belief that the barbarian populations of non-whites are somehow better or more deserving,  This is not just deliberate stupidity but genocidal psychosis.

    And we'd better stop soon.  Because blood trumps dollars as genes are the basis of brilliance.  Good and bad.

  3. I wish we had something like the EC here in Canada. When we vote, by the time the polls close in the western provinces, Manitoba to British Columbia, it is already decided by the eastern provinces. We have first past the point. They are trying to get other methods installed; percentage of the vote representation, which means you get so many members for the number of votes your party gets. So your vote counts, just not for the person / party you wanted. Love the idea of a consumption tax. We don't have that either.

  4. "Democracy has nothing to do with freedom. Democracy is a soft variant of communism, and rarely in the history of ideas has it been taken for anything else." ~Hans-Hermann Hoppe (Democracy: The God That Failed, 2001)

  5. My brother has a masters in business and he's an idiot. Entrepreneurial skills can't be taught. It's something you either acquire through life, or you are born with it. It doesn't necessarily translate into financial success. But it is an attitude of freedom and choice and get the hell out of my business and out of my way. Leave me the f^ck alone.

  6. Democracy is a political system, whereas Capitalism is an Economic system, the two cannot be compared. It is like trying to compare apples with oranges.

  7. Boomers were guilted into accepting and celebrating 60 million immigrants from failed states and now two things are happening. 1) We have a huge new voting block who wants more socialist concepts and 2) Traditional Americans under 45 feel insecure about their political voice and future and they too are shockingly (and naturally) blaming Capitalism for exporting their economy and importing a new country.

    Prediction- in a decade you will be shocked at how rapidly things change as the white voting base is swamped by all these young minorities coming of age. Whites in public High schools are already a minority population. Dont blame the Left, your own "Conservative" leaders helped lead the way on every immigration hike and still do.

  8. A pure democracy, where everything is geared toward equality for all, establishes mediocrity as its ultimate achievement – in other words, the poor come up and the rich come down, and we all meet in the middle. It is unlikely that any country so constituted will ever be great.

  9. Capitalism is just democracy where the votes cast are dollars … and therefore the rich get more votes taking from the poor!! While democracy is best described as two wolves and a sheep voting on lunch. …

  10. The premise of your question makes no sense. You’re asking to pick between a form of government and a form of economics. It’s not an either or question.
    To use the peanut butter and jelly analogy, think of it this way. “Would you like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a glass of milk”? That choice makes no sense. A more proper question would be: A) “Would you prefer a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a ham sandwich”, or B) “would you prefer a glass of milk or a glass of tea”? In other words compare two similar things not something completely different.
    Btw, I’ll take a Representative Republic and Capitalism over a Fascist Dictatorship and communism, thank you!

  11. Capitalism and a free market are not synonymous. Capitalism always breaks down to an oligarchy that ends up controlling the markets. Capitalism and democracy are the least understood words in the English language. You don't have a proper grasp of history if you think any "ism" can be a good thing. Notice how you can't put an "ism" at the end of "free market"?

  12. Mayor Pete likes what he thinks is "Democracy", because he thinks "the people" can (then) directly vote themselves anything they desire at the expense of the producers.

    Either way, our school system has failed us all, as people like Mayor Pete think they are smarter than the founding fathers, who understood the value of "free men" exchanging the fruits of each others labor.

    Capitalism only fails those that honesty refuse to participate in any meaningful way……

  13. mob rule or capitalism…Hmm, I'll take capitalism it fairer and anyone can compete in it and anyone who can't well that sounds like a them problem

  14. The free market system (capitalism is a term coined by communists) has literally lifted hundreds of millions of people out of abject poverty. Democracy, or in mayor Pete's case, socialism, has literally put hundreds of millions of people in the ground. Hmmm, lemme think a sec cuz that's a tough choice.

  15. So, Scott, you know what to expect from an Adam Sandler movie? What did you think of the movie "Punch Drunk Love"?

  16. Capitalism and the free and open market are the purest form of democracy. Every person has a "vote" on every product they use in their life (not buying something is as much a vote as choosing which version of that something). Those "votes" determine which product stays and which goes.

    Anybody who says you can't have both capitalism and democracy has no clue about either.

    edit: I typed this before watching the video all the way. Looks like Bill and I are on the same page.

  17. Capitalism is amoral… It by design has no good morals nor does it have immorality… Under its economic system people can be moral or immoral under it and living by it.

    But capitalism has all the tools inside to keep it from being used immorally. It though requires people to want to exercise these tools if and when need be for sadly two tag along uglies come with capitalism…. Cronyizm and Corporatism.

    Socialism under any name or ideal is by design immoral. It can never be moral for it steals both labour and wealth in the guise of equality.

    Democracy is mob rule… It will always devolve to mob rule even if people want it to be not so as they implement it.

    It will steer society to the whims of the majority all the time… That majority cannot be counted on to be always moral nor selfless….

    Human vagaries will pollute a true democracy given enough time and events.

    The western developed world is essentially modelled where we find on a form of representative democracy where the voting public democratically vote for government representatives and itself government. Rules and guidelines such as constitutions enforce a framework for government and civil liberties.

    Most western developed world nations also embrace the capitalist, free market economic ideals… This by history has shown to be more correct for only western world society has achieved most greatness, wealth, innovation, true justice and applicable safety nets even if all imperfect… No other economic and political systems have risen to eclipse the examples of the western developed world.

  18. Democracy core value: They believe that everyone left to their devices will naturally be good. ( just online gaming proves this false hourly)
    Republican core value: They believe that everyone left to their devices will not be naturally good.

  19. Capitalism is two10 year old kids with a lemon aid stand in their front yard, Democracy is the city shutting it down because the 10 year old's did not pay for the correct permit.

  20. Democracy without capitalism = socialism. Capitalism without democracy = laizez faire dictatorship. Looking at history, I'll take the latter.

  21. Steve Green got his Irish up with his response ! This just felt so right, lol. Pete Buttigieg simply doesn't seem to be civics literate and the question itself is ridiculous. I really appreciated the PBJ Sandwich analogy. These things are 'individually necessary and jointly sufficient' in order to have what we have. Subtractions–or detractions–just damage our system of government, our culture and our nation.

  22. Capitalism, capitalism, capitalism. Democracy is the rule of the majority which is precisely what our founding fathers legislated against!

  23. Capitalism is not a political system but an economic one. It makes no sense to compare democracy to it. Capitalism and democracy and not comparable. Apples and oranges kinda thing. Care to explain exactly what you mean to ask? Why do you pose those two as being opposed when they are not?

  24. People used to mean a snob in a long tailed coat and top hat who paid children in hardtack and swill to involuntarily work in coal mines 18 hours a day, now we mean the private sector with emphasis on the individual risks his own sweat and cash to make it small, big, or fail to try again-which, btw, is the economic system which the west has gifted the world to make backwater third world hells upon earth into decent places–unless that nation embraces socialism. Usually peddled as Democratic socialism first.

    I understand the granting of wrong definitions to our lesser counterparts, but I feel like I'm doing them a disservice by calling complex ideas "Happy free rich" or "tyrannical homicidal theocracy"

  25. Democracy is a form of government capitalism is not.

    Capitalism is a descriptor of 'market economics,' democracy does not describe any form of economics.
    This is not even a case of apples and oranges. It's apples and manure.

  26. Please, PLEASE, stop calling it capitalism.
    Why do we let our enemies(i.e.communists, democrats,…oh that was redundant) to name our philosophical views?

  27. As long as "democracy" is not "mob-rule", (which is what how leftists view democracy) , and it provides for individual rights, then our form of democracy is not mutually exclusive with Capitalism.  In fact, they are both completely necessary, for both of them to exist.

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