World's LONGEST FLIGHT in Premium ECONOMY on Singapore Airlines

this is the premium economy off the Singapore Airlines 8350 you are this is where I'm gonna sleep today for the record-breaking 19-hour flight from New York to Singapore welcome to the world's longest flight before the flight takes off let's have a look what's inside the brand-new Singapore Airlines a 350 900 outer long range there are 67 business classes in one two and one configuration the business class span across two fare of the plane instead of economy there are 94 premium economy class seats at a rare section so guys this is a sweet spot on the Singapore Airlines 8350 ul on I've got private space never never seen this one solo sitter in economy in premium economy and beautiful look at the beans got your own space you can put your laptop your belonging personal belonging very very cozy spaceman this seats to be in forty c41 see and forty to see and also the outer size four th forty one agent 42 H business class and a leak Chris Flyer can use the Virgin Atlantic clubhouse at Newark there is a table dining service on full bar gentlemen will count down together three now we have a ladies and gentlemen there we have it congratulations to all right here and pronounce all but most singapore airlines I'm flying Premium Economy today okay so what are your advises how do I survive your nineteen our ultra long-range flight it's a day a night and a day flat so start off with a a meal a movie halfway through the flat have a sleep at five or six hours wake up have another meal another couple of movies there's 1200 hours to watch and you arrived in Singapore about half past five in the evening so you you'll be awake for a while at that point and then time to sleep so I can assure you it will go fast and you'll arrive particularly fresh yes I'm so excited my name is Phil and I'm gonna be any filming the full flight my channel is aviation HD so we got more passenger on the flight there from Ukraine you come just to make this plan yeah sure the New York and what's your name my same nickname make it up this is Conner from taxes he also made on this flight what makes you do decide to call on this flight it's groundbreaking flight more exciting you know just the atmosphere is something let's snake up in the blue misfires momentarily gonna board a flight now in just a few minutes we're gonna start boarding he's gonna be the very very special passenger on Eskew 21 the 12 October flying Eskew 21 to Singapore from Newark ladies and gentlemen this is Robby saying thank you and always have a great way to fly thank you thank you so much you're a legend thank you see you on there saying two kids thank you so much going to Singapore seeing 19 hours hi oh no business class that's good hello good morning big fat man big thank you thank you thank you yeah show you Tracy please okay great thank you oh look at this the cootie bags on every seat here hey Sam welcome to my business class seat on the world's longest flight I'm sitting just about here then 27 K and then you are all the way back I'm sitting at the very very end of this plane here now you know what the seats are so wide in business class maybe you can let me sit here absolutely and I'll sit together even two of us which actually people want economy they don't want to sit in business book what's going on baby oh yeah absolutely the pleasure and you just came in on SP 21 22 look at your beautiful sure but don't forget 14 years ago I think that first that's like yeah yes you did this one and you did Los Angeles as well so 22 hour period this is your seat and it works a partner we go back to Singapore this is like an internal 24 you know I was wondering who got the seat in the solo seats here's my friend Alberto here so a little poster pick we know where the radish I'll say something bad about me ladies and gentlemen man you'll get to reach our dream our journey begins if your camera is ready both sides if you're sitting by the window we will have a water cannon salute so here I am I'm still smiling I'm sitting improving the economy here and I'm still really really happy we're just text it off and we have a beautiful water cannon salute we're about to go to the active runway potato what's her name Rob Meyer Ron Meyer you know early do you look this plight to get the six here let's see here like a day after it was available oh my you're still alive are your satisfier ivo here talking about oh yeah yeah it's great integrity that's good oh that's great yeah I like it yeah right nice so yeah thanks nice to have you here yeah yeah what was your name Sam Sam tree okay nice to meet you nice to meet you too there's some really heavy turbulence passing through so especially at economy who set it back you felt more to turbulence it's bouncing around oh my gosh I love it it's like a roller coaster going bouncing up and down there's also the goodies in the bag this is going to my collection forever the certificates off the flight today the world's longest my New York to Singapore and we also get a nice moisturiser gel to keep your ski boys I repent and letting me yep if you the atmosphere on Bowl is so great everyone is relaxed have different things to do and ways to pass the time cheers guys Cheers so I'm just settling down for this long flight here my entry brought a lot of things he prepared for the longest flight 19 hours so actually brought t-shirts short to make myself comfortable sitting is not bad it's really good it's a really good drink line as well very comfortable I'm pretty confident I can probably pass 18 hours on this flight my gentlemen are you ready for lunch yes so we have three choices you have the beef with mashed potatoes the canyon Ranch chicken fries with lentils and the fish curry with rice it was a Thai style I would go for fish sorry let me shrink it me shifting it I got my bill surgery so fast today I'm so lucky for everyone can't get me weak tired thank you champagne the economy class flavors good spicy very spicy this is Daniel look at his hair so cool I wish my hair's like yours like you love your hair Daniel had on you I was really impressed about the noise canceling has set in treatment economies great quality the internet was not so fast due to the bandwidth constraint after complimentary ferdi megabyte the prize are pretty steep about three hours into the flight we began seeing some beautiful iceberg in Arctic scenery below us at 39,000 feet hi my name is Rachel tree I'm the captain of this flight as q21 we walked to Singapore longest flight flight time today is 17 hours and 20 minutes we're flying over the pole the North Pole we took off climb to 35,000 feet right now we are over Canada we just passed equality and in the next two hours we'll go up to 87 degrees north we'll have the North Pole right to the left of us and then we will go over Siberia one of the largest lakes in the world Lake Baikal and then Mongolia China and Laos Thailand Malaysia and then on to Singapore do you have any other alternative from new york singapore harbour polar ah yes this is the world we want this year Singapore is here we had Antipodes – exactly on the other side so if you take off from you one you can actually take the Atlantic route Atlantic ah you can take the Pacific blue tip or the Polaroids now so you can take one of the three it depends on the time of the year what the winds are doing and then we select the most optimum route place for about four hours in the flight 13 hours to go drink some water I settle in to watch a movie there were so many choices to choose from the Sun started to set about five hours into the flight the scenery was remarkably beautiful broken iceberg Arctic tundra landscape snow-capped mountains I enjoy watching these unspoiled scenery passing for hours we're just about 30 minutes away from the you're approaching stones to be the actual passing to the point I'm barely which is in Siberia Russia Siberia side of aircraft just to let you know and the multigrain ciabatta which is with chicken and of course we have been a vegetarian option which is the veg so more healthy options as well as a multi create whole grains are whole grain chips and some Albert suggestions Islam animals a little bit of time with seven hours into the flight it got really dark and I start downloading my video footage as I ran out of memory car on my camera we're eight hours into the flight about half way it's really excited just go to sleep and I'm really happy so far and everything and now they're serving serving the second meal which is dinner result bigtrip a trinket so nice there's a napkin it's not just a t-shirt oh man that tiramisu is something just delicious out it is about me or 9:00 p.m. so it's time for sleep so recall only two hours to go all the world's longest flight I slept about five hours and all interrupted and now I'm just stretching out through these a bit of more exercise getting ready even I change my outfit getting ready for summer and Singapore this is one of their hydrating cocktail specially for this plate is coconut water mixed with pineapple juice this is my friend Isabel two movies from Singapore to Newark now all the way back to Singapore oh it's old about 58 hours so he's about what do you think about the seat she's actually very good for my size as well her like a hell of a light we're to remember Tracy thank you so much on this wonderful flight you know 17 hours the economy seems impossible but I did it it was such a pleasure I was so excited for out of light but 17-hour just flew past I'm well-rested and the premium economist is is indeed a very good wait of life 28 degrees Celsius I say all things comfortable cause we come to this phase of our control you walk fight we hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I did and don't forget to tell your friends this is behind-the-scenes now after lining we have a kick to celebrate the world's longest flight has reached back home at Singapore here's one more time for the world you

  1. Business Class was sold out in advance but I was keen to try out the Premium Economy to see how it fares with up to 19hours of flying time. I was so glad and excited to be part of the history making flight and recording every moment of this special aviation milestone! Thanks for watching!

  2. What are you up to now? Who did you double cross for this video? You won't hide your treacherous ways from me, evil Chinaman!

  3. The flight path is illogical on a globe, the earth is flat, the airline owners know this. Flying over the north pole to a southern country such as Singapore is not economical by any means on a globe. It makes sense only if the earth is flat! The EARTH IS FLAT PEOPLE!

  4. Oh my GOD if I experienced that turbulence I would have been terrified

    Meanwhile Sam Chui: It's like a roller coaster!

  5. I flew from Los Angeles to Singapore, 18 hours. It was perfect since the plane took off at 8:30pm. A meal was served and I watched 2 movies and it was midnight so lights out. After sleeping 7 hours it was 7am Los Angeles time and just a few hours left until Singapore. Very convenient to travel this way.

  6. Do you know why Singapore Airline stewardesses are called SQ girls?

    Whenever they push the service cart down the aisle, they say SQ me! 😄

  7. Seems like you got a crush on that stewardess with the green dress. I don't blame you. She is beautiful.

  8. I've flown on SA a few times and the beauty of the flight attendants always struck me. Either Indonesian women are all goddesses or SA have a recruitment policy in this area. Either way I'm not complaining!

  9. I still cannot forget that one time I was upgraded to first class when flying with Singapore Airlines… The airhostess had stinky AF armpits… Luckily it was a short flight but still felt like it was taking ages to reach the destination

  10. Sam chui doesn’t give jeb brooks aka the #goat a shout out in the vid. Ice cold Sam, ice cold. #teamgreenergrass #a350fightclub #jebBeast

  11. Me during turbulence: holding the armrests and praying to buddha, god, allah..
    Sam during turbulence: love it! It's like roller coaster!

  12. Thank you Sam for your review of the flight from New York to Singapore. Even though their premium economy was comfortable and enduring I am sure that first class or business class would been much more enjoyable for the trip

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