hello everyone my name is Frances on the following documentary women in communism is an attempt to explain about how woman liberation and communism goes hand-in-hand over history communism has greatly improved woman rights and as years went by women have proven themselves to be greater assets in various fields of life the labour of women and children was therefore the first thing saw for by the capitalists who used machines one could argue that what Marx is trying to do in this quote is to elevate equity or equality which if true is even more groundbreaking first time capitalism used and still uses equality card for all the wrong reasons not as a way of championing equal rights and respect but as a way of placing more responsibilities on the back of the vulnerable and explaining them to work like a healthy young man for narrating about the improvement of human reserve the country's person in the video we have a nice new bear to talk about USSR epoch Jena to talk about China that's in Sabu to talk about Cuba about to talk about Burkina Faso answer is it to talk about Afghanistan we all know that the greatest communist nation that is the USSR the women were given equal opportunities and equal rights as men that's why we witnessed an end to the patriarchal system women were also allowed to join workforce in men which gives them equality in both values and pay Soviet Union women were given important roles they were held in top positions knowing that they were equal to men in the role of decision making by 1930s the Soviet Union produced many female doctors engineers and pilots when Lenin said that communism is Soviet power plus electrification I decided that I should become an electrical engineer that that was my holy duty eeny Brewster's vet engineer am elected contemporary and I didn't want to just draw up plans I wanted to build an electric power station that was my mission and I achieved it you know the first woman in space was Soviet lady he was valentina Tereshkova before the mouse came into the power china was a semi-feudal nation which follows a patrocle system but after the arrival of the Communist Party both the men and women were given equal legal and social status the old feudal laws and traditions that they are opposite to the woman were completely abolished both men and women started doing the same job and there was a culture change in which woman we're no longer considered as inferior and weaker than men now men and women maintain equal peace with each other which makes China the safest place for women to live you by Sun another country where women rights were improved and increase under the control of communism under Batista rule woman had no rights they were subjected to only certain domestic rights we considered him to be our man but he but he was beholding to us too to try to keep him in power we hated our dependence on the United States we were fed up with suppression after the Cuban this was when Fidel told us to begin with 12 people and seven guns and said let's win the war woman we're given equal legal and social status the poverty that the woman suffered came to an end after the beginning of Cuban Revolution today Cuba is one of the best countries in the world where gender equality is taken into an account Burkina Faso is a landlord country located in the west of Africa it was feudal lo women sir Jeanette from all the right inequalities that men gets there after the students of formation all these have been stone the Satria be mrs. minute O'Connor's baby an industrial cashew nut processing company in the city of banfora just about four hundred kilometers from Agra dugu more than 300 people are employed here most of them about 90 percent women and from poor backgrounds we have different stuff categories we have staff members with hominid contracts other staff members with seasonal contracts and those with daily rate contracts make up the biggest category young people and women are highly represented among our employees constitutive program normal since inception in 2006 the company has processed more than 3000 tons of cashew nuts and sold in excess of 512 tons of white almonds when she started out she barely moved stock in burkina faso it took 10 years of persistence and hard work to finally conquer the local market and proceed to sell in Europe in America we went to the European Union and met a big client who bought all of our stock it was from there that we were able to access the global market through the European Union for two years we sold all of our goods to the European market and then since 2010 we've been able to export our goods to the American market through a big company called costo that came to visit us here in afar Afghanistan is another landlocked country located in south-central Asia before communist revolution many laws and tradition existed in Afghanistan which made the life of women very difficult all this changed after the revolution of communism Afghanistan is famous for their spices and minerals such as iron and magnesium this is an another example where humans right were improved due to communism and their development and across the country fortunately this didn't upset many Islamic radicals who with the help of USA and UK seized the power of the country and later me the country have some of the worst women right in the world you you


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