Woman at VP Debate Calls Obama a Communist, Can’t Say Why

here’s something interesting chris
matthews was interviewing uh… abidin uh… i guess in a bomb abiding
supporter before the bike vp debate in kentucky and a woman yells out conde nast so what is chris matthews do he goes
over any actually interviews here and the woman’s got no idea worked what days you can make for obama
being condescending literally she can say one thing decision brilliant buyer on youtube to three million views love this check this out mere high in waves and here support now bomber healthcare is situation there we go we are an example of some body my
husband and i have six children we’ll let the heart of a lot of so that you
had to say well has lost his job and for the first time in our lives we
think that health concerns okay let’s connect this latest a kind it is that
your good god by that while you have to do is studying out
just studying admiral c you haven’t done your homework buddy and
where will they be hotmail like that money for him now what and what you mean by candace it is coming up here you don’t know
discontinuity unity however when i know how to start
national taiwan what do you do you think you should get
the economy the easiest dot yeah using american kathy’s non-working apprentices you discussing his work it doesn’t mean
that he feels like us music on the incredible incredible this is one of the best
pieces of video we’ve had a i don’t even know where to start with this i dot
what’s worse the busting a national tv alright performance for this one this woman’s livingston dot understand that there this is exactly how someone like me
around he has a shot of president this is how damn thing like the tea party
comes to fruition in that but i think that’s the thing i thought exactly
haynes so that we inspect the apple exactly like this woman who do not actually think about anything
and just taking whatever someone tells them that the olympic get it up you know what the funniest thing about
the whole thing is though if you get romney in ryan together in a room in
private and were able to record their conversation watching this woman in the studio he
would laughing hysterically at her as being a complete middleweight that is
that the hiring of all people don’t get the republicans are laughing all the way
into elected office because it uh… because of morons like this woman that’s
that incredible thing what do you mean by communist you have a study that you haven’t done
your homework we all know we all know and then he’s not like i skis not like i
sig in moscow ourselves who assad like what you really who is up she says it’s just repeating them exactly what rush said on some random
shell you would think at least rush would make up some reasons why he’s a
communist this woman doesn’t even have that yeah reset i mean that we normally
would i would do in a situation like this if someone says that in around me and say what the communists
brighton defined communistic that many remember we’ve had so called experts
people there appears to us on the show with experts come on the show to talk
about obama carotid its communist manifesto what exactly is communist about forcing
people to by services from a for-profit company well i mean uh… begumpet why i did so
it’s not like that we had that this woman can’t even stand up to chris
matthews these even so-called experts about why
did the well as a communist don’t really have any reasons right enclosure completely unaware girls of
several types of communism blimp affair only we can get that

  1. She is typical of so many anti-Obama people. She has no idea what it means, she just knows its something bad, & someone on Fox "News" or the internet said it. And she's all riled up about it, but has no clue what it means.

  2. Is "study it out" a new GOPer term like "outsourcing" only instead of work its thinking. If that's the case I gotta feeling it'll catch on.

  3. When you have the money to give out lots of misinformation this is what happens. I feel sorry for that lady. Misguided anger. She doesn't know any better. Why are some people so unwilling to accept truth in the world? I guess no one wants to shatter the glass bubble they are in.

  4. All you Obama loving idiots, Obama surrounded himself with communist in his younger days, alot of his ideology is communist based. Has anyone in this damn country done any research before 2008 or do you idiots of nature just believe everything you see on the television

  5. i love the reporter they should all do that instead of ignoring them they should challenge them. Ryan went on fox news and they asked him something that made him freak out a little and again not to long ago someone pointed out a flaw in Ryan's tax plans and Ryan got so freaked out he threw a hissy fit

  6. I actually think Fox News is right now considering her a perfect candidate for hire as a TV show host: she meets all the standards.

  7. This actually isn't very surprising to me. My grandmother was just telling me yesterday how Obama is a communist. this lady reminds me of her! -_-

  8. id like there to be a commandment that reads."though shant say communist unless they have a fucking piece of paper,signed by bruce campbell saying that they know what it means"

  9. Voting only works with an informed populace, and candidates who debate ideas on a foundation of truth. When it's morons sorting out who "they like" based on bullshit, what's the point of a democracy?

  10. One of my friends said this when I posted the original video on my page the other day. "Fascist, Socialist, Feminist, Marxist – vast ideologies that have all been whittled down to mean names to call people you don’t like." I thought it was well said. Also, the phrase "study it out" . . . it awakens something dark within me. I just want to start stabbing things.

  11. Wow! I thought that the Communists were over here in Europe! The US President is a communist? If so, he is a real bad one. If he was a communist, all the oil firms would now be state owned as would the finajnce sector, the insurance and industry sectors, private ownership would be abolished. How do we know? We had it here for almost 80 years. Obama is no more communist than JFK.

  12. lolz where's the ignorant black welfare lady babbling about Obama gonna give her some free Obama money from his stash?
    guess she couldn't make it to the debate
    loser liberal guttersnipe hypocrites selectively choose what they hype up

  13. you know as stupid as you liberal noobtube fanbois are I really think you clowns get every point I make
    you just don't like it so I get replies like yours

  14. This must be shared so everyone sees it. Fucking brilliant. 😀 (Even though i am not from America, i do not really get how anyone can vote for republicans…)

  15. My mom's best friend is -EXACTLY- like this woman. She brings me to tears every time i'm around her. She also believes that Obama is the antichrist, and the world is ending in 2012. Literally anything that her preacher or faux news tells her, she siphons up and holds like a never ending, always absorbing sponge. The sad part is, my cousin staying with her & is being sucked into her shit now too… He's repeating her same banter. *sighs* It's people like her that make me think America's doomed.

  16. @omarthepug – just curious how much you make? Unless you make over $250,000 you should be happy he's redistributing the wealth. The wealthy elite have been redistributing the wealth for generations. The average American united can never be defeated.

  17. She should have said Obama calling for a National Police force as large, strong and well funded as the military like the Nazi brown shirts or several executive orders that Obama supporters don’t actually read about like The National Defense Authorization Act, The Natural and Man Made Disaster Preparedness Act, National Defense Preparedness Act. Operation fast and furious and protected Holder with “executive privilege” and socializing companies with bailouts and healthcare with Obamacare

  18. @thomasdangerpowers wake up, little snoozy, smell the smellin' salts. Fast and Furious was not a high-level operation and the White House didn't cover anything up. They did, however, head off one of Darrell Issa's many witch-hunts, when Issa clearly only cared about getting more documents to supply his kangaroo courts w/fodder so he can claim to be doing something for the tax money he's pulling in. The guns have never been linked to any death. Facts tend to upend Republican efforts. So sad.

  19. LOL I missed this one, this is even lulzier than the little blonde woman Matthews spoke to that supported Romney because "he stands for what I believe in…..um, freedom!"

  20. Whenever a republicans calls a liberal a communist, you just know they are idiots. Socialist I would understand but communism is right-wing.

  21. haha the amount of comments ive read on youtube where people go out and say "dont vote for a obama, he's a communist!". Its like they cant think of an argument so they throw the worst label in the republican book. As an Aussie its especially funny that obama is still incredibly right wing compared to here yet people still accuse him of being a communist.

  22. These people have no idea what a communist is, this is demonstrable by the fact that they confuse a corporatist with a communist, seriously, this is a major f*ck up!

  23. The primary idea of socialism and communism is share and share alike. It isn't to strip everyone of their rights – it's to make sure people *aren't* starving and dying in the streets. You know, like they are right now.
    Think it won't happen to you? Elect Romney and grab a cup of tea – the clock will begin ticking.

  24. Oh and I am sure you are so informed. I have seen plenty of videos of uninformed Obama supporters. The fact is most of us have studied it. Obama was raised by communists, he had communist mentors growing up, he has associated with communists in his adult life, he has communists in his administration, he was endorsed by the Communist Party USA. Heck, just listen to some of Obama's speeches and ideas. They are all taken out of the book of Marx.

  25. i'd not be as broad as the other guy by saying " Typical republican" but this woman is truly clueless xD " just study it out," it's hillarious how incompetent she is

  26. Obama's whole inauguration speech reeked of Marxism. A "collective society" is communism 101 from the book of Marx.

  27. Bo john, you must be this women's son because if you still genuinely believe that Cuba, the Korean war, and the Vietnam war were fought to hinder the rise of communism and not for strategic military and economic interests, and that Joe McCarthy did anything good for this country, then you truly are in league with this woman.

  28. he belonged to the young Socialists of America when in College. His parents were Marxisits but that doesn't make Obama a Communist. He's very far left almost European Socialist but commie? no. But the whole "spread the wealth" stuff is Marxist. Growing a huge centralized government and creating more and more regulations on the private sector is Socialist. Privatizing the health care system, and meddling in private sector business sure isn't Capitalist. we'll see, so far so hasn't worked to well.

  29. that's BS. I watched a line of people at an Obama event and half got their news from Colbert or Stewart on COMEDY CENTRAL! And yes most Liberals are well educated, but just because your educated doesn't mean you have any common sense which most liberals don't

  30. This is so typical it's sickening! All of these idiots that can only garble out the line that Fox News AND The Right has fed them (video example) don't even fucking know what Communism is. The pathetic thing is that the majority of these lunatics are nearing or on Medicare which is Socialism and they couldn't survive without it.

    I'm a Marxist-Leninist Communist and proud of it. Here in the south I'm hated 100x more than skin heads/neo nazis, which is fucked up Neo McCarthyism brainwashed shit!

  31. I also must present that people like this moronic women are so plentiful it makes the "hope" for America and the humanity within very questionable.

    Another point adding to this group of idiots is that (This large group of people old enough to be on Medicare) if it wasn't for the Unions that many many of them supported during their working years which indeed has a Socialist agenda America would have plenty of jobs for about a $1.00 max an hour without HEALTH CARE and Retirement!

  32. So….
    Obama election
    .gun bans
    .limiting and infringing on american citizens rights even when you take an oath to protect them
    .no Obama is not a communist but I believe he is a helping hand in helping history repeat itself which anyone who can read can realize this !!!DEMORALIZATION!!! DUH

  33. Socialism is borderline communism and with him fueling a race war, as well as state run media he is definetly on his way towards communist take over, I feel democrats have some valid issues. But obamas current policies are far more radical then any other dem before him. I used to be on the obama band wagon up until this final election.

  34. Also we truly don't know if he was ever a valid canidate. His entire life was surrounded by hardcore communist activist. There may literally be an intruder in the white house and more than half the US voted him in. Open your eyes people do a little more research in Barry Soetoro aka "barack hussein obama" and you'll realize he truly is not what he says he is. Another two cents: before and during his election Barry soetoro and you'll realize his true intentions.

  35. Obama is a communist.  Why you ask?  Because he is for a huge centralized federal government that runs our lives.  If you don't see that, then you are a fucking moron.  Very simple.  Enjoy your shitface leader!

  36. You all have been sleeping wake up the devil can come in sheeps clothing you act has if you got willows over your eyes and I voted fore this man

  37. I'll help clarify why. Barrack Obama was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis — a black radical and ex-member of the Communist Party USA, was drug user and dealer, was also into pornography and bizarre sex acts (including pedophilia), and was under watch by the FBI for being a threat to America do to his own Communist ideology, and it was mainly Frank Marshall Davis himself who taught Obama to hate America, white people, and even Christianity,
    – It was Barrack Obama himself who befriended, worked and had his first political fundraiser held in the house of a man named Bill Ayres and woman named Bernardine Dohrn who belonged to a domestic terror group, called the "Weather Underground," that declared war on America, that killed 6 people (including a police officer) and bombed the Pentagon
    – It was Barrack Obama who studied and mastered the teachings of a radical Marxist, Saul Alinsky and his book "Rules For Radicals" and who's ideology has been formed by the teachings of a communist and radical Marxist

    I have the knowledge and common sense to not vote for and support a man who:
    – had no qualifications to be president and had not accomplishments as a senator that made him qualified to be president (his only accomplishment as a senator that stood out and separated him from the rest was Obama being the ONLY senator to vote against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, an act that guaranteed medical attention be given to a baby that survived a botched abortions; instead, Obama voted to let a living baby be left to die….. which is an act of MURDER)
    – who traveled to Kenya in 2007 to campaign for Raila Odinga who was running for the Kenyan presidency and promised to sign in Sharia law if elected
    – Barrack Obama attended a church for over 20 years that was led by a racist who spewed racial hate from the pulpit and taught Black Liberation Theology (a false and racist version of the Bible).

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