Wolfenstein 2 - Stop Romanticizing Communism

not a lot of things give my dick harder than Wolfenstein okay you're doing this and then the next minute you doing this you skip ahead three years and boom secretly but there's a slight problem in the current mainstream political climb and it seems that anything right up here is written off by this as this which means that if this goes anywhere near the development of this then it goes from Audie Murphy power fantasy to bash the fuckin faccia sure enough stuff like this starts happening before its release anyone could predict that if this made this and did this then anyone who critiqued this shit is instantly this Here I am to do just that so put on your suit stuff a uniform because you're probably gonna get called a Nazi anyways now let's make one thing fucking clear I didn't jump into this game wanting it to be some communist train wreck but I became skeptical of buying it after I saw the controversy and the piles and piles of negative steam reviews most of which aren't even to do with what I'll be talking about tonight and after seeing all that I figured I might as well just watch a no commentary instead no but for real you go into a coma and you go into like Vietnam flashback mode which is where I get to my first note that I made the entirety of the flashbacks now in the first game BJ would hit in the gameplay that he had a fairly normal you know country boy laughs in Texas where he swam in lakes and shot BB guns this is entirely blown away as your flashback reveals that you now had a Jewish mom and laughably racist out of touch and Evil Dead he's really the only reason why I marked these flashbacks down he knows god damn well not to spend time with some dirty little nigger girl Cole character seems like it was wrote to make people hate racism like they don't already hate it I mean I'm not exaggerating the first thing that you see him do is punish you for kissing that little nigger girl under the poplar tree I have worked too hard for too damn long to lose my reputation cuz my boy is sweet on some nigga how does he punish you yes by beating his wife beating the dog for defending his wife and then making you sure as expected race division is a big theme in this game and certainly not the race division is bad theme the white people are this theme you then fight through an irradiated Manhattan which looks like any part of Fallout 3 to get to another resistance cell that you need to link up with and then you scale the state building in this snake eater ladder only to be met with a literal fucking parallel to the Black Panthers they didn't realize you weren't too conservative and invite you in for a spot of tea and then she whips out her titty and little fash basher goes to town coming out it makes people feel uncomfortable now that statement in and of itself could be interpreted as mankind resting all snug and warm and cozy and comfortable and the little wrinkly wrap of fucking skin I don't even know if this is man bashing or just some girl power shit do you think Margaret Thatcher had girl power yes of course do you think she effectively utilized girl power by funneling money to illegal paramilitary death squads in Northern Ireland I don't know about that a little side note I'm not even mad at Grace's character because she's all like racy and everything she's just a fucking bitch she's such an unlikable character it's like they wrote her for you to hate her and she's supposed to be like the charismatic resistance leader we've been fighting every motherfucking day it's white America though they done packed up and giving in see I guess they don't have the fighting spirit no more nah they just do whatever the fuckin Fuhrer tells them to do there shouldn't be this white America black America bullshit there should just be American probably the most well known Jim at this point of its release is whenever friends and guys are having a good little in-game chat for you to listen in on well shit on my dick and call me eight off that sounds an awful lot like something we hear nowadays sounds like overt ironing to whenever anybody condemns the stifling of free speech by a bunch of radical communists now I could ramble on for five more minutes about that but instead how about I tell you that you see your dad again patiently waiting to end your life what happened is we had a big goddamn war and now we got a new government with new rules they took her she gone and what said queer outfits you're where they've rounded up all the Jews and the coloreds and the queers this is a white man's world now white man's got to keep it Christian what just when you thought it couldn't get any worse there they go painting Christianity as a religion for white nationalists gee I better go tell Tyler Perry TD jakes Steve Harvey and everybody else that they can't be Christians anymore you can't do that anymore that's against the rules they partially redeemed this by giving you a bitchin take down scene down on your fucking knees was it time I was scared to you what's the time I to piss myself out of gunpoint in my head you know what I feel right now not a goddamn thing now after this surprisingly there was a big gap where the writing was actually not atrocious nice job team this isn't a point I'm just I think it's funny that bah bah phase in fat chicks after discovering that we're back to it you link up with another resistance so who unsurprisingly is just as bad as the first one except this time they're a narco communist only be the outcast pool party American damn pairs Jack rock cutter a true believe an anarchist we've been fighting for revolution since long before the Nazis came we were the first start built a civil rights movement at advocate equality for everyone you know the concept of civil rights terror barely know you don't you just a jarhead ain't buddy I laid my life on the line for freedom justice the American Way while you and your Bo a me and friends we're passing out Bolshevik propaganda and opposing the draft on every street corner what good is your fucking equality you can't muster the backbone to stick up for your people while the Coyotes scratching at your front door wakin up against the imperialist war and the greedy money minute Wall Street it was it's Jana Sena children that are pulling Terry enough to dive foreign lands so that they could be filling their coffers now I like that here they at least show that BJ's against their utopian bullshit but you inevitably join forces meaning this is another time where they treat commie scum like they're any fucking better than Nazis that's my main complaint with the game they seem to want to portray Bolshevism like countless people weren't rounded up and fucking shot like millions of people didn't starve to death because of the government's fuck-ups it's still happening today in places like Venezuela stop romanticizing communism now I leave you with this Wow

  1. Thanks for all the influx guys. If you want to put a suggestion or a game to make a video on in the comments, i read them

  2. The year was 1919 in Texas, a southern state. It makes sense that Rip is a racist, and he's racist for a reason. Because if his son was seen by anyone else, it would ruin his reputation. He cared more about his reputation than anything else, even his own family. Grace, she can be a little aggressive and mean at times, but you need to know about her past. She was falsely accused of a murder, because she was black, and Super Spesh was her lawyer and helped her beat the case. And again, the Nazis took over America in 1948. America was oppresssive towards minorities at the time, so it makes sense that she has some reservations about white people. Except for Super Spesh. Horton was communist, but an America loving communist. His blanket is an American flag. It didn't feel like he was shoving his shoving his ideology down his throat, he was talking about his critics of capitalism and American society in the 1940's. Wall Street and factory owners were successful, off the backs of the bottom class and could get away with many things that worker unions solved. But, if you see these as what is described in the video, that's your opinion. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is one of my favorite games of all time, if the perceived sjw influence hinders that, I'm sorry. If you actually took the time to read my comment, you get a gold star.

  3. Hey man I loved your video but the holodomor was no fuck up it was an intentional man made famine genocide by bloodthirsty evil monster stalin and his communist Bolshevik regime! Around 10 million Ukrainians died of starvation!!! We need more games where we are killing shooting soviet commies, Bolsheviks, and killing Stalin. Hell make a game based on Winston Churchills infamous operation unthinkable in which the allies would attack the soviets after japan surrender but never happened in an alternate reality and universe where the allies did attack the soviets and drove them back to Russia. Patton wanted to kick some commie ass so have the players fight in pattons third army.

    "We defeated the wrong enemy."

  4. Seriously it sucks, I love Wolfenstein, but they ruined it with this last game. I would love to smack the gay, stupid, hypocrite, and just overall sjw nonsense out of the developers. Which wouldn't be hard since their probably soy boys.

  5. Great video. Thanks. I finished old blood today and I guess I won't be picking this one up. Fuck this sjw crap

  6. Communist: I praise Stalin and think the USSR is beneficial

    Leftists & Antifa:

    Nazi: I praise Hitler and think Nazism is beneficial

    Leftist & Antifa: HOLY SHIT. BAD GUY BAD GUY

    Moral of the story is: If you hate nazis, you should hate communists too.

  7. Is detention a bad game cause it presents characters trying to read communist material, under a totalitarian state that bans them, in a sympathetic light?

  8. wow you really destroyed cummiesm EPIC STYLE

    seriously, if I wanted to make a more ignorant video on a topic, I couldn't beat you

  9. Here OP: this is what I gleaned.
    My favorite part was the kissing the girl under the poppler tree
    this game was the spirit of modern SJWism into a cucked video game. Literally every trope is covered
    1.) unrealistic evil father character (I can't stress this enough. They made him so unrealistically repugnant and evil that no nazi would defend the forced killing of your pet.)
    His entire character was a lefty meme too cartoonish to be taken as a serious villain who had an impact on the main character's story arc…
    Honestly, if they had only removed the dog part. The character would still be a walking contradiction but easier to stomach. We got it: NAZIS BAD

    2.) nude pregnant woman shooting (while I understand the urge to attack in order to defend family. This scene was milked. Pun somewhat intended.)

    3.) the boss lady was another cartoon

    4.) the lackadaisical game play (rehashing of the order. Boring weapons). It was a satisfactory game but nothing memorable

    5.) too short (more of an interactive film than a video game)

    6.) too preachy (communist flags everywhere; I get it: NAZI LADY BAD. But there's a limit before it becomes becomes obnoxious)

  10. Bruh, it's a fucking video game, just because you kill nazis in it doesn't mean that it's propaganda you useless prick! Jeez, are you not allowed to make a game without being called a feminist? I wouldn't care if I would've been called a feminist, because feminists are good.

    I guess you're not allowed to make a game without some butthurt meninist Donald Trump supporter bashing at your game. And no, the whites aren't seemed as bad in thi game, there are whites fighting Hitler, like Blascowitz. The majority were white, and almost everyone were on Hitler's side. And there could only be whites in the country, if Hitler found an immigrant he would kill him/her. And the majority of the whites were on Hitler's side. THOSE whites are seemed as bad.

  11. This wasn't anti-white and pro SJW/Communist enough: The black woman should have been a shotgun toting disabled transsexual and she should have been pushed around in a wheel chair by a scrawny guilty white guy who constantly apologizes for being white while she blows away evil white Nazi Aryan monsters!! Now that's the kind of Wolfenstein I want to play!! Are you listening MachineGames and Bethesda??

  12. Нацисты как всегда плохие, а шавки (антифа) и прочая дрянь, это светоч в окошке. Белых можно унижать когда они защищают свои права и историю, нигеры и прочая нечесть, называют это проявлением нацизма и антисемитизма и прочими не хорошими стереотипными словами, а когда подобное делают они , то считают это нормально, меня это раздражает. Пишу из страны когда то победившего коммунизма, Россия, благодаря этим мерзавцам, страна была опущена в каменный век, родственников моей бабушки раскулачивали, это просто отнимали все имущества и выкидывали на улицу и после этого моего прадеда погнали на убой во время войны и сгинул в Ржевской мясорубке и как страна его отблагодарила, как и многих ветеранов? Да не как, моя бабушка да же не знала где он похоронен и за всю её жизнь даже не посвятила его могилу. Так что, интернационалисты и большевики идите в Северную Корею и постройте там свой большевистский рай

  13. 3:52. But kneecappings actually punish the pedos, murderers ect, unlike the government.

  14. The game was dumb for speaking on christianity as a whole as a white nationalist issue but protestantism is a main value of the KKK and was used to target any non-protestant immigrants in the 1920s. As well as already being a racist organization, the KKK targeted jews and catholics, nazism was predominantly protestant as well. All white organizations as well as systemic sources of oppression.

  15. I think he should have said something close to the word instead of saying the real thing like rigger no racism sorry if I offend anyone

  16. Grace and Horton are supposed to be pretty extreme, and I'd argue Grace is intentionally unlikeable, although she gets a little better over time. But this game does not at any point romanticize communism, Horton is a single character in the game that flirts with communist ideology. BJ calls out Grace in saying that all of white America gave up, he calls out Horton for being a pansy, but ultimately, BJ realizes that he needs to set aside his ideological differences with these people in order to gain strength in numbers and fight the nazis. "United we stand, divided we fall."

    Edit: Also, you bring up Venezuela as if you know what you're talking about. I'd leave your Tucker Carlsonisms at the door next time.

  17. Yeah, commies are cancer, and now the next wolfenstein game features blazkowicz's daughters, so I say we hope it will not be that bad and expect all the commies characters to die

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