Wine Bottle Inspection

Hi I’m Rich Cisek and in today’s
installment of quick tips with Rich we’re going to talk about wine bottle
inspection. One of the most important things with wine bottling is making sure
there’s no glass in the container time of bodily or afterwards even though a
lot of wine is balled at very slow speeds the risk of contamination is high
because it’s hard to see inside the container because a lot of wine is red
makes sense well what makes wine inspection so difficult every wine
bottle has a very large push up and the mechanical definition of the push up is
to prevent the container from rolling around when it’s made however there’s no
specification on how large the push up can be and if you’ve seen champagne
bottles they’re quite large up to 2030 millimeters 2 to 3 inches in some cases
and and so in order to properly inspect these bottles we’ve developed a special
x-ray system that can completely see in the entire bottle and ensure it’s free
of foreign material and we can actually see for material down to two millimeters
in size so if you’re a wine producer and you want to ensure you’ve got the
highest quality wine container possible please work with us contact us at or click on the link and learn more about what our wine
inspections can do to protect your business

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