Windows 10 is a Communist!

I still remember my excitement when Microsoft
announced Windows 10. At that time Windows 8 was the latest operating
system but most of the consumers actually hated windows 8 mostly because of the tablet
interface. I thought that Microsoft learned something
from their mistakes, but I was badly wrong. The idea behind Windows 10 is to become all
in one and only operating system. This can be achieved by adding new features
with regular updates. Everything sounds great on paper, but in practice,
things are little different, because Microsoft have a mean plan. First, updates are forced on our device and
there is no easy way to disable that. This will not be an issue, but updates can
still make problems on your computer. For example, every time when Windows 10 did
update, he messed my video cards drivers. I have switchable graphics on my ultrabook
and every single time I ended with unusable AMD graphic card and low performance. The second problem are ads. Microsoft is acting like some generic Chinese
company and they pushing ads in our computers. I don’t know for you, but for me, this is
not acceptable. Of course, there is a way to disable the ads,
but Microsoft will push them again after every Windows 10 update. So basicly you need to disable them prety
much every day. The third problem is control. Like most advanced users, I want to have complete
control on my device, but in this case, Microsoft also wants that control. All changes made to the operating system will
be set by default again, after every major update. Spying is another issues. Windows 10 spies on you all the time and you
can�t disable it. I recall once trying to find out what Cortana
information was used for and ended up going in a circle. The privacy disclosures disclosed nothing. Microsoft will never admit this, but check
your lock screen ads, what did you see? They are targeted only for you because you
on some way showed interest in that product. Did you try finding Chrome or Mozilla in windows
store? And what was the outcome? You didn’t find because Microsoft banned them. Also Microsoft will anoy you all the time
telling that you already have the most safer and faster browser on planer and you don�t
need to instal another one. I still refuse to be Microsoft bitch and I
using something they created before 9 years and still works great today. That is windows 7, a great operation system
when users actually still have control. According to Google, Windows 7 is still the
most used Microsoft operating system and I can see why. I don’t know how future will go on, but I
assume sooner or later we will need to switch to Windows 10, so hopefully, Microsoft will
learn to respect their user’s privacy, but I highly doubt.

  1. Windows 8 is trash, and when I was given the option to upgrade to 10 I declined. The blue screen of death is the most condescending piece of shit I have ever seen.
    Thanks for making this video.

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