Windmill Community Campus

Viewforth High School has a 108 year tradition in the East of Kirkcaldy and serving the people of Dysart It’s a privilege that I’ve worked in this community for the last eight years and it’s wonderful to be able to take the school into the new Windmill Campus. Plans for a new school in this area where first approved in December 2012. Shortly after that I was talking to some of the pupils about the new labs, about the new science facilities, the new sports facilities, about the many computers. One little lady took the wind right out of my sails whenever she said I hope the new building doesn’t spoil the school. She’s very right. A school is about more than a
building. It’ about the people, it’s about the relationships it’s about working with the community If we can work with the community within first-class facilities we’ve got the chance to do something really good. Hello, I’m Paul Meijer, Head Teacher of
Rossalyn Special School which is located here, part of Windmill Community Campus We’re delighted to be here at this state-of-the-art facility Where a major focus of our work will be on inclusion. and working very closely our mainstream colleagues and kids. to enhance the opportunities for us all to learn and grow together. The Windmill Community Campus is such an exciting new facility for Kirkcaldy East Of course it’s so much more than just a school or in this case two schools. Here there is also the local library and the local office there’s something here for all the community. The campus will offer a whole
range of opportunities for children, for young people, for adults. There’s the first class and excellent sporting and leisure facilities. A range of community activities and learning opportunities too for adults who wish to learn something new. This exciting new development here in East Kirkcaldy is something that we want local people to feel very much part of and to help shape the future development of. So please get involved.

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