Will we see a vegan world under capitalism? (Vegfest Talk)

hey everyone it feels really good to be back on this channel today's video is going to be the speech that I gave at the radical veganism summit last month at VegFest London I went back and forth about whether or not I wanted to break up this video in two parts because I particularly liked the second half of my speech even though I mean I liked the first half as well but I didn't want the second half to get buried under the first part because I know people's attention span on YouTube is shorter myself included and but I ultimately think that both parts complement each other nicely and I wrote them to go together so I couldn't get myself to break them up so with that said I really hope that you enjoy it and that you stick with me until the end so let's get started so I want to start this talk by showing you some news headlines that were all published in the past year so I'm just going to read them out and let them speak for themselves veganism is up by 500 percent since 2014 in the u.s. published by a rise of vegan global meat production and consumption continue to rise published by the Worldwatch Institute China will get 2000 more McDonald's restaurant in the next few years this means that roughly they will be opening one McDonald's restaurant a day in rural China for the next four years vegan food sales increased by 1,500 percent over the last 12 months published by vegan food and living rise of mega farms how the US model of intensive farming is invading the world published by the Guardian these headlines paint quite a confusing picture as you gathered it appears that veganism is more popular than ever yet animal agriculture continues to grow and the number of slaughtered animals continues to rise so how do we reconcile these two realities it's difficult being a vegan and trying to make sense of the world that sort of feels like being on an emotional roller coaster there are some times when I feel very optimistic about all the progress the vegan movement is making and there are others when I feel that a vegan world that has never been farther away for example I live in France where it's a really exciting time to be vegan it seems our time as vegans here has finally come after years of feeling like we were the only country refusing to get on the bandwagon in just the last year Paris has seen literally hundreds of new restaurants and supermarkets cater to vegans and I've also been reading article after article and the French media denouncing our meat industry and explaining that more and more people are taking steps to reduce their meat consumption as a result in the short three-and-a-half years that I've been vegan my life isn't vegan consumer has gotten exponentially easier pretty much anywhere that I go unfortunately though the optimism I feel when I see vegan brands sweeping the market is short-lived and this is because I know that intensive farming practices keep spreading all over the world and that more animals have been killed year after year after year since I've been vegan so I'm conflicted I feel dishonest if I do celebrate vegan consumerism as a win for Animal Liberation but I also feel dishonest if I don't at all I mean I to live under capitalism I too like cashew cheese cruelty-free makeup and these cute vegan dog Martin's on my feet it's a really confusing reality to make sense of and at the end of the day we need to accept that both of these realities are true there are more people demanding vegan options and there are still more animals being killed for food than ever before this then must bring us to the uncomfortable realization that more vegans and more vegan products is not correlating with animal liberation so how is it possible that these two contradictory realities are true at the same time well as I will demonstrate in this talk the crux of the matter is that they are not contradictory at all one thing we need to understand is that under capitalism anything can be profitable and anything can be turned into a market in fact it's fully possible and even desirable under capitalism for both vegan and non vegan businesses to boom at the same time all that capitalism is after is growth it must continually expand and make new profits off of the profits it has decided it does not have a limit when growth slows it crashes before it finds a new market to tap or a new resource to exploit that will allow it to resume growing the bottom line is that if anything can be posed as a new solution that requires the buying and selling of a good it can be profitable the fact that veganism has become a profitable brand that means just that it can now buy and sell things and claim the profits to its name however the fact remains that making veganism profitable is not the same thing as making animal agriculture unprofitable in fact veganism has never been so profitable and paradoxically neither has killing animals since that number continues to grow no matter how much animal exploitation there is there will always be room for a parallel market to cater to veganism as a consumer lifestyle and corporations know that which is why they're buying up vegan companies adding plant-based options also allows them to increase their profit share whilst continuing business as usual I think that the headlines that I read at the beginning of the speech seem contradictory to us because we believe this myth that profit can only be generated through consumer demand we think that companies depend entirely on the unwritten laws of supply and demand to set their prices and sell their products but that is only one side of the story companies can also increase their profits by cutting the costs of production this means that if outside consumer demand slows they can always make up for it by cutting the in-house costs of production in other words if money stops coming in from the outside companies can generate profit from the inside by spending less money on the making of their goods they can do this by laying off workers slashing employee benefits and/or offshoring their labor to different parts of the globe cutting costs can also be done by neglecting factory conditions and lowering electricity heating or space intensive mega farms or sweatshop factories are a good example of this besides lowering their own expenditures these cuts will allow companies to create demand for their product with lower pricing the animal agriculture industry does this all the time so for example there has been a large increase in how much meat is served in school lunches especially lower income schools because hamburgers and hot dogs are a more economic option than vegetables so now I'm going to talk about the three main ways that the animal agriculture industry can remain profitable regardless of changing consumer demand the first way that animal agriculture will continue to grow in the coming years is by importing and exporting its products in new ways even if the appetite for meat is declining in certain areas the market Canon will adjust to capitalize on opportunities for profit elsewhere this is why trade agreements are constantly changing flexibility is the key feature which allows constant profit accumulation Britain's decision to leave the European Union is a very good example of this so that's what we'll be looking at next so in the case of Britain choosing to leave one trade agreement will allow it to join many others since it has exhausted the bulk of its possibilities to trade with other European members it is seeking trade elsewhere so what do we mean by this well you have to think of the European Union as one big trade agreement all members in the EU are part of what is called an Economic Area which allows them to do business amongst each other more freely than with the rest of the world it also limits their ability to trade with countries that aren't members so this is designed to incentivize European members to do business amongst themselves with brexit Britain will lose the trading advantages that came with being an EU member however it will also lose the trading constraints this means new opportunities to trade with the rest of the world so notably countries like the US China and India and let me tell you the animal agriculture industry is thrilled about all of these new possibilities and export opportunities with Britain these articles from The Guardian described how brexit will almost certainly lead to an erosion of British animal welfare practices now that it must not comply with higher standards previously set by EU law and furthermore brexit is predicted to allow an influx of u.s. meat into Britain where lower animal welfare standards mean that meat production is cheaper these products weren't allowed in the country before brexit but now there is a high chance that chlorine washed chicken hormone fed beef and pork raised on growth-promoting antibiotics will be hitting at British supermarkets soon we are seeing this happen all over the globe because intensive farming practices are allowing Western countries to slaughter more and more animals the meat industry is counting on larger exports to create a demand for its surplus product in case demand can't keep up in the West and it's not so this is why we are seeing the meat produced in Western countries shifted all around the globe concentrated animal feeding operations referred to as CAFOs or mega farms is yet another way that the meat industry is hiking up its profit by lowering its market prices and production costs the US has been a leader in exporting large-scale farming practices across the globe notably disseminating techniques such as intensive livestock rearing in hog farms cattle sheds and sheep pens due to cost and scale economies developing countries in Southeast Asia and sub-saharan Africa have been particularly quick to catch up in 2000 there were an estimated 15 billion livestock in the world according to the world watch institute by last year that number had risen to about 24 billion with the majority of eggs chicken meat and pork produced on intensive farms in the UK there has been a 26 percent rise in us-style mega farms in the last six years meaning that they contain more than four thousand Birds or two thousand pigs at one time so now the third way that the animal agriculture industry has lowered its cost of production in recent years is by forcing slaughterhouse workers to work in progressively worse conditions in the US and Canada refugees and undocumented immigrants have emerged as the key labour force for the country's dangerous slaughterhouses apparently people fleeing life-threatening conditions in war-torn countries are the only ones desperate enough to work in modern meatpacking factories an even cheaper alternative has emerged in the US which is to force prisoners to do this work for only 66 cents a day for example inmates in South during Colorado's vast prison industrial complex are working milking goats and cows farming and filleting fish and harvesting honey for a state agency called Colorado correctional industries Whole Foods and even family-owned artisan companies such as haystack mountain goat dairy in Colorado are among the businesses that have profited from this type of prison labor it is disturbing and despicable that these companies which are associated with socially progressive and sustainable consumption have no qualms about exploiting human labor to profit off of animal lives free prison labor is literally how many corporations have managed to evolve and grow without the institution of slavery so to sum up what I've said so far free or trade agreements such as brexit the expansion of mega farms around the globe and the exploitation of desperate people are three ways that the meat industry continues to grow even as demand for meat consumption stagnates and vegan markets grow in industrialized nations unfortunately stagnating demand for animal products in some areas is not causing the industry to slaughter less animals it's just making it come up with cheaper ways to do it and new markets to invade we need to realize that the system of Western capitalism and modernity is the only system the only system that could have produced animal agriculture as we know it today the next point I want to make is that capitalism is remarkably adaptive whenever it fails it will get us to a fund it's recovery by spending money in order to come up with a solution as renowned professor and author of economics David Harvey explains and listen closely because this quote is so good the effect of continuous innovation is to devalue if not destroy past investments and labor skills creative destruction is embedded within the circulation of capital itself innovation exacerbates instability insecurity and in the end becomes the prime force pushing capitalism into periodic paroxysm meaning spasms of crisis the struggle to maintain profitability sense capitalists racing off to explore all kinds of other possibilities new product lines are opened up and that means that the creation of new wants and needs capitalists are forced to redouble their efforts to create new needs and others so in other words capitalism has the mechanisms built into it to turn what could be crises into new avenues for profit capitalism can absorb what should be threats to its continued existence and turn them into new opportunities for investment a clear example of this is the booming biotech industry of animal genetics which has been a devastating setback for veganism for the animals as environmental and welfare conditions have worsened on industrial farms the biotech industry has been solicited to breed farm animals in new ways that would allow them to adapt to climate change thus what should have been a reason to stop and just realized farming has instead become a new profitable market that will work with the farm industry to design an innovative solution to the problem vegan consumerism is another way for capitalism to sell us a solution to the problems that it has created in fact any problem that capitalism can turn into a new form of consumption is a lifeboat for itself the vegan lifestyle is posed as an alternative solution that is focused on yet another new way of consuming it fits in with our dominant throwaway culture it does not propose to reorganize and recycle what we already have instead it offers a shiny new solution that can be acquired by and through the market it is ironic that we are trusting multinational companies to bring about a vegan world when they produce the problem of big agribusiness in the first place so as vegans it's important to ask are we sure that it's a good sign that we have seen corporate giants like Nestle Danone Ben and Jerry's Tyson and now you can make Mount McDonald's develop their vegan Branton last year 10 corporations be trusted to ally with veganism in any capacity when we know that their survival depends on the continuation of the species this system will their new vegan lines force them to abandon their curl practices or on the contrary while larger profits allow them to run their non vegan operations that much longer only time will tell but I personally won't be holding my breath rather than posing Animal Liberation as fundamentally incompatible with the neoliberal project the mainstream movement has eagerly marketed itself as just another project for growing the economy even in our own vegan media monitoring the growth of vegan businesses has largely taken over any other forms of news that might be centered on animal rights I worried that marketing the vegan brand grants legitimacy and truth to the vegan vision only insofar as it is good for business pictures like this one which I pulled from Twitter epitomized the type of logic that I'm talking about the caption says when I went to hashtag vegan there were no non-dairy beverages now thanks to capitalism there are more choices than I could have ever imagined so this picture is taken by a person walking into a supermarket and thinking capitalism for just how easy it is to be an ethical vegan nowadays and this type of outlook is very prevalent in the vegan movement but not only do 50 different types of vegan milks mean little to the dairy cows that are still being exploited these products are owned by a handful of non vegan multinational corporations so at the end of the day this is just clever branding that gives us the illusion of choice while still forcing us to give our money to a species this system neoliberal veganism doesn't only hurt non-human animals it hurts vegan activists as well when we sell out to neoliberalism we accept that our primary contribution to the world as activists will be economic in all realms of life neoliberalism tries to reconfigure us as only and always the servants of the economy since the market is the only real means through which good outcomes are to be sought figuring out how to invest yourself as a profitable market commodity becomes the main project of life I remember going to the Career Center my final year of college and realizing that the rest of my adult life ought to be shaped by questions like how am I going to brand myself what is going to be my pitch to sell myself to employers how can I maximize my productivity how can I convince investors that I'm a profitable assets and which skills should I be focused on developing to be in line with market demand not only is it draining to figure this out once but I pretty much have to ask myself these questions every two months for the rest of my working life to account for creative destruction which I mentioned earlier and our ever-changing market demand as neoliberal citizens we are expected to monetize all of our pursuits if we end up poor and sick then we clearly didn't do a good job and we only have ourselves to blame accordingly many of us are obsessed with monitoring the investment of our time and energy to make sure that our productivity is in line with market demand this has produced dramatic new ways of eating sleeping parenting traveling loving exercising and working we think we are designing the market but the market is designing us social media for example introduces new tools of experiencing life through self-promotion our literal personhood is reconstituted through a digital avatar that exists on a marketplace of likes followers and views to quantify how valuable we are and compares into each other and this ringing doesn't just have ramifications on our self-esteem it also signals to recruiters and advertisers how monetizable we are as individuals we also have products like fitbit's that have been integrated into corporate culture where employers can track employee productivity by encouraging them to take part in wellness programs with step targets and weight loss goals some companies even tie this to insurance premiums the other day I saw an app called tip yourself that is connected to your bank account and allows you to tip yourself into a virtual tip jar for completing basic activities like taking steps and cleaning your apartments now if that doesn't encourage you to monetize every bit of your existence I don't know it does under neoliberalism no conduct no relationship no service exists outside of the marketplace life itself comes into existence only once it is recognized as an object with an economic value until it is priced then it might as well be invisible this chronic individualism has had devastating effects on our mental and our physical health we are ultra social mammals whose well-being is inextricably linked to the lives of others yet we are being drilled with the belief that the only way to survive is through competitive self-interest and extreme individualism and most importantly this myth that we are all entrepreneurs of the self ignores structural and justices like racism sexism and speciesism instead of blaming systems of oppression market ideology illegitimately casts off marginalized people as drugs on the economy that should be sacrificed for the economic health of society this ideology is already making us sick when we apply to our own destinies so imagine when we feel that our ability to market ourselves is also responsible for the lives of animals well I'm sure that this is the case for many people in the vegan movement today when profit is the main goal of the movement then naturally our main job as activists is to sell veganism I remember as a new vegan I felt like my job was to become a sales representative for veganism if I wanted to make a difference for the animals I felt that my main task was to convince others to buy vegan anything even if this only supplemented the non vegan stuffs they already bought of course I was determined to only consume vegan products myself which made me develop a new obsession with scrupulously investigating labels mainstream veganism is still uncritically rife with racism and sexism because market-friendly capitalism ignores all other movements it otherwise link up with when the main emphasis is on profit anything that sells is fair game for instance it is clear when you are entering the movement that women are mostly there as ornaments and that the only ones worth displaying are the ones conventionally attractive enough to sell the vegan brand and this is increasingly true for vegan men as well who have to be hyper masculine fit and presumably get in bed to legitimize veganism still though men and mostly white men get to see themselves represented as the leading authors speakers and theorists of the animal of the ethical animal rights movement so anyway when I went vegan I naively did what I thought a girl in her 20s had to do I bought vegan t-shirts to rep the cause and dishonestly not in my head whenever people asked me if veganism was the reason that I was slender and I'm embarrassed to say that I wrongly attributed a lot of health benefits to veganism at that time just because my ultimate goal was to convert individual people to create new vegan consumers selling veganism is what initially prompted me to start a YouTube channel it was called high on fruit where I largely subsumed any traits of my opinionated and outspoken personality in exchange for a bubbly image of a fit and happy perfectly non-threatening vegan girl now I'm definitely not saying that any of those traits are inherently wrong however I refuse to believe that all vegan women happened to be thin young effervescent and with a desire to take off their clothes about a dozen videos into my youtube career I stopped making videos I felt uninspired and frankly very lonely to be honest I largely stopped advocating for veganism altogether convincing myself that creating my reality by thinking positive thoughts and voting with my dollar at the supermarket was the most that I could do anyway thankfully a few months later I was introduced to the work of dr. Bryce Harper an African American critical race feminist that speaks about the intersections between race and veganism and my mind was blown as I felt all these new connections firing up brain see when I went vegan I became convinced that might former preoccupations with human rights were no longer legitimate I was told that it was counterproductive to fight for humans as long as animals were not free and this made me turn my back on everything I'd learned in college specifically in regards to race and gender realizing that everything was connected and I didn't have to choose reinvigorated my desire to learn and to resist that is how I thought to resume my channel under a new name a privileged vegan I wanted to understand how my position of privilege hadn't allowed me to get swept up in this vortex of single-issue and weight centric veganism I knew I'd mess up and that I had a long way to go but I actually wanted to grow and learn again I finally saw the limits of my role as a complacent and alienated consumer and I really wanted to do more one thing that particularly strikes me whenever I see the vegan movement raving about how profitable it has become is that we've totally lost sight of how much we've had to sacrifice to get here it's strange because on the one hand there is a relentless effort and one that trumps all other priorities to brand veganism as a consumer lifestyle however once this brand starts to sell vegans act like they had no part in it and as if the market spontaneously conformed to vegan demands because it was forced to we seem to forget that we've had to make innumerable compromises to water down our demands for animal liberation and repackaged them as under a de collectible market solutions to advertiser market solutions we've also had to designate sales representatives that is how we end up marginalizing the voices of vegan advocates who don't conform to our markets racists sizes sexist and ageist beauty standards and commodify the ones that do furthermore we are necessarily going to target the demographic with the most money which is why mainstream veganism is mostly accessible to Western white and wealthy communities the situation looks bleak but history reminds us that there is always power in numbers though more animals are being killed for our purposes there is also more awareness than ever before of another possible world as current and future vegans our hearts are in the right place veganism is popularity signals that people still desire to cause less harm in the world and therefore the movement is perfectly poised to link up with other movements that explicitly resist capitalist exploitation there are many incredible organizations which inspire my vision of what vegan advocacy could be on our larger scale if we divested our energy from trying to become a profitable brand just a few of these initiatives which I encourage everyone to check out our Food Not Bombs chilies on wheels collectively free a well-fed world's pet foods the Palestinian Animal League and the food empowerment project what makes these organizations so remarkable in my eyes is that they provide relief to specific communities by adopting tactics that also actively promote the rights of other oppressed groups I'm also very supportive of anyone that seeks to have a direct impact on the lives of individual animals this activism can take on so many different forms on an individual level it might be something as small as taking a spider outside or bringing food to a homeless dog it could be by joining an organization like the SAV movement where people go to bear witness and give water to animals that are enroute to slaughter it could be by volunteering at an animal sanctuary or still it could be by breaking into a slaughterhouse and putting your body and your life on the line in the hopes of releasing some of its desperate prisoners as a begin one way that you can definitely never go wrong is by improving the life of an animal every act of compassion no matter how small will get us closer to our goal of animal liberation the first definition of veganism that I ever heard is that veganism is an ethical philosophy that seeks to oppose the commodity status of animals I loved that definition and I still do however it took me a little while to realize that the decommodification of animals is by definition something that cannot be sold not only can the decommodification of animals not be sold but it can definitely not be obtained by the commodification of ourselves and of our activism there are a lot of anti-capitalist social movements happening around the world they rise up against a system that is inherently designed to accumulate wealth for the benefit of a few by exploiting the many I think that the vegan movement has a lot to learn from these movements I think that they have a lot to learn from us two prominent leftist movements often fail to identify speciesism as one of the dominant systems maintaining capitalism I mean that the theft of the unpaid labor and life of animals for profit constitutes the most classic textbook case of the exploitative labor relations they denounce excluding non-human animals from an analysis of economic and social justice is not only counterproductive it's definitely unethical as none other than the great Angela Davis said who is a world-renowned activist for prison abolition black liberation and anti-capitalist justice the food we eat masks so much cruelty the fact that we can sit down and eat a piece of chicken without thinking about the horrendous conditions under which chickens are industrially bred in this country is a sign of the dangers of capitalism how capitalism has colonized our minds the fact that we look no further than the commodity itself the fact that we refuse to understand the relationships that underlie the commodities that we use on a daily basis so come on leftists if you don't take it from me take it from Angela Davis who is one of the greatest civil rights activists of our time and she's also vegan too by the way so this will be my final thought for today there is one principle that solidly unites both movements and that is the opposition to the commodified status of life if all social justice movements follow their anti commodification principle to their full extent then they will inevitably run into each other the human-animal binary is a social construct that has been used by capitalism to legitimize the very idea of commodification under capitalism what qualifies a person as a human or as an animal is correlated closely with their status as a consumer or a commodity in other words the human animal divided exists only on a spectrum in which someone is humanized the more they benefit from using others as a resource and someone is analyzed the more they are used as a resource in every hierarchical relationship the dominant class analyzes the oppressed group that they wish to extract wealth from all groups that are not human white male able-bodied cysts or heterosexual have been or are still animalized to legitimize their inferior status we need to abolish this oppressive hierarchy and liberate all of us no matter what our species is from animal status therefore I think that a staunch commitment to anti commodification is a powerful way to shake the foundations of our system and a sure way to improve both traditional leftist and animal rights movements neoliberalism shows us in new and intensified ways that there is no real difference between human and animal life to the economy our personhood is entirely subsumed by our market value this shared commodity status has the potential to blur the lines of species as I'm even further I hope that this intensifying trait will offer new possibilities to ally with oppressed people on a basis that cuts across species and that our movements will build the intersectional radical solidarity they so urgently need alright that was the speech I really hope that you enjoyed it I would love to hear your thoughts down below I've been so busy the last few months but I haven't forgotten about you guys and I haven't forgotten about this channel and I want to get back to making videos I know that I said this before and that I'm pretty just a regular in my uploading schedule um but if you have any comments if you have any suggestions for videos that you'd like to see me do in the future please also comment those below because I'll definitely I'm definitely just looking for ideas and I also have a very long list of ideas for myself but yeah I will see you guys soon um and don't forget to like this video share it with people if you think that it would be helpful or interesting to them and with all that said I will see you in my next video bye

  1. Finally I found a young vegan who really gets it. Veganism should not be a trend or soley a narrow minded perspective. We are talking about how to save all life on this planet. The folks who run things are social- paths. Which means they incapable of understanding the impact that capitalism has on the destruction of our earth.

  2. I agree with this argument when its used in every other scenario than veganism. I might be wrong, but veganism seems to be something with a lot of mememtic potenitial so to speak, it is very easy to make trendy. If everyone was vegan, even in our current political system, that would be a lot better than how it is now, no? Since veganism is something that is easy to spread i dont think there is any apriori reason we cant make that happen within capitalism. The increase of meat consumption in china has nothing to do with more people being vegan in the west, in my understanding, it is simply because of their growing economy ect iirc. Also, isnt capitalism always seeking to cut its expenses? Their leaders realizing that the demand for milk and meat ect disappearing because of movements like veganism might make them scared and accelerate the proccess, but it was already going on i think? Sorry if i came off as confrontative, im very much still anti-capitalist, its just that im very optimistic about veganism, because it seems like one of the few problems where consumer-oriented solutions might actually work.

  3. This is such an incredible video, as is your video on why vegans must become anti-capitalist now. I have been a silent viewer of your channel for years and have really appreciated all the research you have put into making your videos. I think you are a key reason why I am now an anti-capitalist lefty and vegan, so thank you for that! I know Mexie mentioned in one of your podcasts that you're working on a project at the moment, which is why you've taken a step back from youtube. I'd be really interested to hear you discuss your project in a podcast or a youtube video (only if it's something you want to share of course).

  4. There is quite a bit of Truth in this that you say, Privileged Vegan.

    However, if we take each individual person as a unique experience of being human and what that entails, the responsibilities, the whole human 'being', then we still see that there is unity in the scheme of things always existing alongside ignorance,…unobstructed.
    People do change, even if individually.

    As Vegans we evolve too.

    And veganism is not the end. We continue to evolve our way of life and how we interact with the world around us.

    What exists here is capitalism, communism, socialism, dictatorships, slavery, freedom and all forms of living on this Earth,…together all at once.

    In fact, if you are looking for it, you can see that all of these systems are seeking to keep each other in check.
    Animal murderers end up just like those victims they killed.
    And yes, a vegan world is not only possible but eventually it is inevitable.
    Its truly an individual choice how we wish to see things. How we wish to perceive reality.

    Each animal we free, is part of our own karmic freedom. We are tied up in each other.

    If we wish to be free, then we set others free.
    And this works the other way as well.

    At last,
    There are immutable laws of Nature which can not be changed and they can only be aligned with and honored for the sake of our preservation.
    As Earthlings.
    And that is what intersectionality.

    We need to evolve out the old modes such as slavery, fgm, shariah law, unhealthy feminism and patriarchy in all forms of oppression of the eternal flame of the Soul.

  5. 7:00 I have a question, how is it even possible that vegetables can be more expensive than hamburgers? Are livestock being fed what would otherwise have been low-quality vegetable stock? i.e. unappealing to consumers? The mathematics just doesn't add up here, a kilogram of meat costs more to create than a kilogram of vegetables, probably just in the cost of water alone… government subsidies?

    We won't see a vegan world under capitalism, we'll see a combination of veganism and lab-grown meat, is that so bad?

  6. Girl,
    This is a great video and message. Thank you so much!
    I'm just finding and subscribing to your channel. You are wonderful ❤️❤️❤️

  7. you did a great job on this thank you for educating us……… but for me personally however i think the tip yourself app could help me save money for an emergency

  8. 1 – Learn the difference between capitalism and corporatism.
    2 – Stop supporting the enlslavement of humanity and animals through socialism

  9. Wow! Hi Marine, I am learning so much from you since stumbling on one of your videos last week. I am very grateful for your message, and enjoy your podcast as well. Amazing! Thank you!

  10. Excellent video. I've been disturbed by the commodification of veganism too.

    Having said that… I dont know what system you're suggesting instead, but, if it's communism…
    Well… Most communist leaders have been pretty keen on endless expansion and colonisation themselves. And I don't see many signs of them caring for the environment either.

    My sources are: friends who grew up under communism, and reading about communist effects on countries they invaded. (Endless environmental damage for a start).

  11. Love your videos. I've been struggling a lot lately with being both vegan and anti-capitalist, as one of the most common phrases I see being used to denounce veganism is, "there is no ethical consumption under capitalism." This argument seems to imply that because veganism exists under and largely relies on capitalism, it is no more or less ethical than consuming animal products, so why even bother? But I don't think one form of activisim – animal liberation – negates the other – anti-capitalism. I want to eradicate both! I just don't know how to counter this argument when people use it. Thoughts?

  12. I love your hair! I'm growing out a pixie cut too and I'm gonna show this when I go for my next haircut lmao

  13. I think I agree with the premise that we are unlikely to get a vegan world under capitalism, however I am not sure what sort of social/economic system could create a vegan world.

    My understanding is we would either need to reduce demand for meat to 0 or use authoritarian rule to outlaw the use of animals (which isn’t a bad thing, but might be problematic on a global scale).

    Have you done, or are you looking to do, any videos that put forward the system that we should use to end animal agriculture.

    Thanks for the video either way.

  14. Book Alert: A Foodie's Guide to Capitalism, Understanding the Political Economy of What we Eat by Eric Holt-Gimenez.

    Published: Oct. 2017 XP (the centenary of 1917)

    Available on Monthly Review https://monthlyreview.org/product/a_foodies_guide_to_capitalism/

  15. Thank you very much for this upload. I found it extremely informative and inspiring. You have put a lot of important context to many of my thoughts on the intersections of veganism and anti-capitalism. I am definitely going to share this video within my niche of the vegan community, as I think it's very important for the movement. Keep making your content!

  16. I honestly just dont understand what is, in pragmatical terms, the alternative.

    Like, do you think PR didnt exist before capitalism was conceptualizes? I just dont understand what you could posibly be proposing and how could it relate to something that works with human psychology.

    Like, in short, I believe you see glitches in our psychology as if they come from capitalism.

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