Will The Internet Kill Religion?

Between 1990 and 2010, 25 million Americans
lost their religion. At the same time, they also began spending 400 million hours per
day on the internet. Coincidence? I don’t know……. Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews. As
religiosity in America continues to fall at a pretty dramatic rate, scientists have been
asking: huh? WHYYYY??? In a new study published by MIT’s Technology Review, the findings are
a little…SHOCKING. Brace yourself. They’ve found that the internet itself may be responsible
for the decline of faith. Using the University of Chicago’s General Social Survey, computer
scientist Allen Downey tracked the religious affiliation of thousands of Americans against
other variables like religious upbringing, income, education, and…how much time you
spend online. Here’s what he found. The strongest predictor of religious affiliation
was being raised in that religion. So, if you grew up Catholic or whatever, this is
the best predictor of being Catholic as an adult. Downey’s statistics suggest that similarly,
more people are being raised without a strong religious affiliation. This is responsible
for about 25% of the drop in religiosity. Another 5% of the drop is attributed to the
rise in college education, which has been happening over the same period. Those with
a higher education are less likely to call themselves religious. And then…. the controversial
portion…he found the second big drop of 25% is directly correlated with time spent
online, a category of person which was basically non-existent in the 80s. Which is a really
interesting thing to think about. Could the internet really be a catalyst for people losing
their faith? Apparently, yeah! But it should be noted that this is a CORRELATION, not a
causation – a scientific mantra that must be repeated ad nauseum. Basically: we can’t
conclude that the internet CAUSES people to lose their faith just yet, but we can definitely
observe a strong pattern that’s occurring here. What might the internet have to do with it?
One theory is that the internet makes it easy for people with very different beliefs to
connect personally, to communicate and challenge the strength of their beliefs. Being more
exposed to other ideologies also breaks people out of the insulated bubble of their own physical
communities, where that wasn’t possible before the web. The internet also provides a vast
body of information about all different types of belief systems — which creates more of
a demand to question your own. Of those belief systems people are getting more information
about is a non-religious worldview, which is becoming a more well-known and accessible
alternative to more traditional belief systems. It’s all very interesting to me — and even
moreso that there’s still about 50% of the religiosity drop that is unaccounted for.
Down below (On our facebook page), what do you think? Will the internet make atheists
of us all? Or could the internet be used to promote religious faith as well? Thanks for
joining me folks, I’ll see you next time with more science updates!

  1. In a completely related topic, anyone else thinks that those titehs look homey? As in face plant homey.

  2. Good news,the less religions the better.It's like the french revolution
    We should destroy all religions on Earth burn down every church and its friends.Maybe then humans will experience real freedom.

  3. I find it sad how despite the freedom of information online so many people know so little about the bible, atheists and theists alike.

  4. While religion has been a factor in many wars, let's not forget the times atheist states went to war. Stalin's USSR was atheist and killed more people than Hitler. Mao's China was atheist and killed many Taiwanese and then many of their own people in the Cultural Revolution.

  5. As anyone that isnt a dumb ass knows Jesus wasn't white.  The image of Jesus that Christians worship is actually leonardo da vinci's rendition.  The model for your white Jesus was actually Leonardo da vinci's gay lover.  There, proof that your religion is bull SHIT.

  6. Everyone just shut up. Don't you guys remember what happened the last time we started going at each others throats because we don't agree with the each others religious beliefs. Why must you repeat history.

  7. I lost my faith at about the age 15, around the same time we finally had internet at home. If it wasn't for the internet, I'd still be an idiot today. Thank you internet!

  8. We can only hope this finally happens. I'm tired of using it as an excuse for their actions or as a scapegoat when they can't under stand scientific phenomenon and or certain strokes of chance

  9. idiots believe newton was a smart scientist, he just had to do a small thinking to find gravity, we would have ended up finding out about it anyways sooner or later, isaac thought that jesus came to activate gravity , but then how did people jump before jesus? And not to mention many people from the past had great discoveries yet simple minded.A well known man said "Nothing heavier than the air will fly" As an attempt to tell the world airplanes wont exsist. Well I didn't know fucking birds don't fly, Gravity may have been discovered way before newton. yet white bitches are good for taking credit thanks colombus

  10. I think a lot of time, religion places less emphasis in critical thinking than anything should. People who have such attitudes towards religion will likely continue to lose their religiosity as they are called to critically analyze it. For me, my religion is logical, and my faith is based on critical thinking and evidence, so the more exposure I have had to other ways of thinking through the internet, the stronger my faith has become. My college education has done the same.

    In summary, I feel that the paradigm of the person encountering the new information will be the larger determining factor of how the information influences their faith than the information or access to it is.

  11. I hope religion dies off for good. If it did it would make finding an ideal girlfriend or wife so much easier. I'm tired of everyone being religious who I find attractive both physically and personality wise and it just ruins the whole situation.

  12. Honestly, the death of Religion would be extremely helpful for mankind in everyway. When religion dies the divisions religion made will die too.

  13. why the hell must athiest bash us people with religion ,  if you really are more intellegent why cant u respect us ? 

  14. Its all too controversial, confusing, its like a catalyst for Conflict of ideology, that, to find a faith could tare people apart as we all tell one and another what one thinks. I have seen many sides of the internet in regards too Religion, and i see  each one challenging each other in forums, some have it all worked out, while others Feel that there being Squandered by another. Could all this be just another Era of information Revolution, just as it has happened in our Society's for Tens of Thousands of years,But, the only difference now, there are more of us using a common means of communication that spans cultures Globally?.

  15. i can feel that all those super over the top christians are going to ironically put comments on the internet to try and take down the internet, either that or yell at innocent people on a street corner with big jesus signs

  16. Proof that religion makes people retarded using the most simple reason possible. Sorry Don't have a crayon..

    When you kill one you kill every possible life that would have resulted from him having kids all the way into the future. Example.. God killed millions of people by the bibles own words and satan only killed 10 ordered by god. < Who serves DEATH most of all? Now from there.. Go back b4 religion to the most simple forms of good and evil. LIFE and DEATH. < Which was the first enemy of mankind b4 man his own? DEATH.. Who does this god serve most? Life or death? < Easy answer..

  17. Yup. Religion is dying thanks to education and connection and challenges. And people like Matt Dillahunty, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, etc. To name a few

  18. they only thing the internet has done is make people find another religion for example smoking weed 24/7 and celebrity worship.

  19. When people learn, it has an effect on religiosity? Whodda thunk it?! (I already found it out long before this)
     Couldn't be fast enough

  20. People are moving away from Jesus and onto the Lord Internet…

    Though, I'm suprised with all the amount of infomation how there is a LOT of missinformation about religion.



    God did not create us. God does not exist. We were created by particles of the Big Bang and we happened to exist on Earth, a harmonic place. But some idiots decided to make up tales of a man in white who uses a fear-using belief system that is mentally indoctrinating to make you believe in a figurehead that does NOT exist. Nowadays, evil teachers like to indoctrinate children, taking advantage of the fact that there's not much in their brain so they have nothing else to believe. They vilely indoctrinate these kids, such vile-standing tucks they are. Not only do you "burn in hell" for not believing in the biggest con of all humanity (besides Hitler), but you also are to be "made an example". The reason for all these wars and chaos is because of Religion. Did you know in the middle ages two sides fought over a holy bucket? Yep. That's what I'm talking about. Pure madness. Thank "God" people are starting to stop believing in this mindscrew.

  22. I'm intrigued by the subject and actually clicked on the video because of it's title… but I'm so distracted by her beautiful breast. She's very arousing.

  23. Honestly I don't want religion to be blasted at me over the net. They do that enough over ever other media format out there. Find the religion that fits you. Not what your told to believe.

  24. Internet is not killing religion, the accessibility to knowledge is killing religion. People are now able to go online to answer a question they have in a couple of minutes, people can easily do what would originally take weeks to research in a library, in just a couple hours "surfing through the web". Like Chapman Cohen said, "Gods are fragile things; they may be killed by a whiff of science or a dose of common sense." This is one of the many reasons you see more people with religious faith in third world countries. They are not as educated, they live as the world did hundreds of years ago when it was thought that the Earth was flat. Their education systems are biased with religion and their states of poverty and despair drive them to the comfort of an " all caring" god/ imaginary friend. Religion is man made(as well as god). God is a myth. And, all religions will die off with all other myths and superstitious practices. Get in line Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and many others. You will soon join your relatives Zues, Ra, Thor and etc at the bottom of the cliff buried forever in its embarrassing history. XBye.
    Knowledge is power.

  25. Well, I was raised VERY baptist and am still in that house and bubble my parents enforced… But I became an atheist last February. One HUGE contributor to me losing my faith was meeting my first outspoken atheist friend. As I got to know him, I thought, wow. He's not an entirely despicable person. That made me question why God would torture him eternally in the afterlife. Then I started to think does God really love everyone? And if he's not omnibenevolent, is he still omnipotent and omniscient and omnipresent? And then Hebrews 6:18 ruined omnipotence for me, the trinity ruined omniscience for me, and the simple idea of hell being "a place without God" ruined omnipresence for me. So I think that the Internet isn't killing religion… The human thought process, social interaction, and curiosity are killing religion. The Internet is a catalyst those use, so yes, in some ways the Internet is killing religion. But without it, I think more people would still lose their religion as we become more advanced scientifically and become more familiar with other cultures. 

    Now I'm a Satanist. It has every rule I've always thought should be in the Bible but isn't, and it allows me to be myself without the whole "this is what killed Jesus, You should be ashamed of yourself" feeling.

  26. I was about to capslock "correlation does not equal causation", so thanks for saying that before I lost my shit. XD But I'm kinda inclined to say it really is just that. There are so many factors going into people being less religious and maybe the internet is one of those, but we just do not have enough info yet to really properly understand the relationship between internet usage and loss of religion. Another favorite scientific saying applies here and that is "more study is needed."

  27. No because there is s lot of YouTube channels on how science and religion go together. Someone liked Alister Mcgarth is a devout Christian and has degrees in science from ivy league universitys

  28. Internet allows people to ask and debate questions. Activities that are both ANATHEMA (something evil and accursed) to religion.

  29. Internet = connection + fast access to information = knowledge,, it means (knowledge) will Kill Religion . YES

  30. Not gonna lie. The Internet is easily what made me realize how ridiculous religion actually sounds

  31. The internet will only make atheists out of reasonable and honest people; the rest of our ignorant, credulous and hopelessly delusional population will not be affected by anything. That's how effective brainwashing is.

  32. I apologize for the unintelligent comment, but I think Laci has a bar nipple piercing on the left side. I only say this because I think she is beautiful, so I stare. At least thats what it looks like in this video.

  33. People act like religion is a bad things. Religion teaches love and compassion and the vast majority of religious people follow this.

  34. What? I can lose religion? Like I can lose my smartphone? xD If I was asked if I was religious….I would answer no. But I have faith…. Religion is too much of a general word to talk about it. The word contains not only worldview and faith, but also culture, traditions, cultural behaviors and practices and even certain kinds of ethics. So what exactly do people lose when they say they lost "religion"?
    Btw I think this video is very one sided, even though I dont have sources(I am talking about my own experience now), I am pretty sure there are just as many people who are strengthened by using the internet for challenging their faith, and convert to a religion because of what they found on the internet.
    And to be fair, schools are against religion anyway. When the parents dont tell their children, the teachers will. And I am not suprised, to talk about faith is one of the difficult topics. If the parents arent experts in it, nothing good or just nothing comes out of it. And the teachers…They have other topics to talk about and if there are especially students with different believes, it is the easiest to just say to keep religion out of class so the teacher can teach.

  35. that's a flat out lie, I discovered my new god right here in the Internet, PORNHUB, is all knowing, and ever present. so there.

  36. christards want a global government theocracy. they hate the constitution, that's why they try to lie and rewrite our history. they want control of internet. I'm not into porn. I'm into researching the truth of our origins. the info that's on the internet threatens the very existence of their already dying religion.

  37. The next religion is the internet… too many people are worshiping it already !

    ( Yes I am an atheist… And I use the internet alot ! )

  38. Just because some religions require blind faith doesn't mean that all do. Oh, I forgot, G-d rejected the Jews in favor of the pure "Romans".

  39. So if you have a college education or higher or if you spend time online researching and communicating with people of other beliefs you are more likely to lose your religion.
    This shows that education and information are the enemies of religion.

  40. I'm a Christian and I study Astrophysics. I teach English online. I'm always connected to the internet. Maybe I'm the outlier lol

  41. Why would people need the internet to see common sense, soon as I experienced my first religious class at school he tried to tell me that his father (a priest) stopped a tornado in its tracks in front of the church thus saving the church and proceeded to show the class a picture of the track left behind by the natural disaster. Yes I got evicted from future religious classes for asking too many questions.


  43. I truly hope so… as a species we need to grow up if we want to continue to survive, and I believe that abandoning religion would increase our chances of survival dramatically in the long run.

  44. Government proves God does not exist. The Bible says no man shall rule over another. So God hates government and cops. The fact government exist means God don't.

  45. I remember my first night as an atheist, i was happy ti finish my quest and research about religion and happy to see where my Rational thinking(146 pts of IQ) drive me but as the same time i was scared and i secure and felt that God was going to take my life that night xD.

  46. Maybe religion's fake morals gave modern society a base where to start in the ways of trying to be "good persons"… back then if you didn't fear god, you wouldn't follow any rules. Rules are important, aren't they? But people must learn the flexibility to go beyond rules. Religion contradicted itself most of the time, because it preached peace, love and goodness, but it didn't practice it. That kind of religion has no place in this world anymore.

    Maybe that's why people hate SJWs, they do the same "preaching from a moral high ground" as religions do, and we recognize that behavior as something bad. Religions usually have "good teachings" (mixed with some really bad ones), the problem is that the crusaders (SJWs?) are very quick to throw the first stone when someone does something allegedly incorrect.

    In my opinion, the political spectrum is the modern religion. If you identify as left-wing or right-wing there's a set of rules that you will consider moral imperatives, and if you're a fanatic you will attack the other party from your "moral high ground" for being wrong. Politics isn't fact based, it's feelings based. You belong to the right or the left and will fight against the other your whole life. Similar to how old religious fanatics did (and do?).

    Maybe that's how it should be? People seem to put feelings over facts most of the time, so the way politics work is the way we the people want it to be? Idk. It's 2 a.m. I should goto sleep, and this has too many generalizations to be taken seriously.

  47. Look I'm not a big fan of religion either but it's kind of snobby to assume that some pretentious fedora tippers will bring entire ideologies that have already been heavily challenged by people with an actual sense of maturity and withstood the test of time. (Like I said I'm not religious myself I don't even personally really like religion but I also can't stand snobby fedora tippers arrogantly aussming that being arrogant douchebags will do them any good).

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