obsessed to see if they realized strangers can be nice strangers can be nice kids doesn't mean you go with them don't let it oh yeah yes so I'm a little nervous because the girls are really sweet and they're going to see crazy she's gonna be so nice and sweet and we have a really fun experiment today just as an affront you are talking to the girls about strangers what do you do if a stranger comes up to you and they say hey will you come to me and go with me in my car I say no no I don't have to I would say something if he doesn't listen to me I'm gonna kick him in the face we have a really fun experiment we have set up today we're going to test the girls to see how they deal with strangers like what do they know about not going with stranger we really want to know if they know what to do like are they gonna go with somebody just because they say they know that more but what if a stranger says hey um you look really nice I got some candy or I got a toy my house you want to come really what you do is you run away as fast as you can you go to your parent or your guardian whoever you're there with and you get away as fast as you can you don't even have to talk to the strangers you just run away you just run you can just run to your guardian or if there's nobody there to help you you can just run go into another adult and say I need help I don't think I know this person that's good same place but we easy together I don't abuse it I'm lost and I have no pain with no look at all that and it's the co-payment oh they're gonna be like oh you so cute in T P huh us home we're not gonna let that happen hey girls what's going on how are you can you you want to come with me and play in my in my white van you want to do that come on Co come with me let's go play in the white man I get you I get you I got you and I got a camera I'm gonna get them come with me come with me and my wife and I have some candy so on the serious note guys strangers is a big deal we've been talking to them for a while so I am here at the park with Chrissa the girls will be here shortly I'm going to go get them and bring them here and we're going to do this little experiment so Krista we know Christopher Christopher Instagram huh she's an excellent basketball player but she's hilarious which is why we decided to so which is why we decided to hook up with Krista because she has a huge personality she's funny the girls would probably really like her like instantly which is a pest obsessed to see if they realized strangers can be nice strangers can be nice kids doesn't mean you go with them don't let it oh yeah yes so I'm a little nervous because the girls are really sweet and they're going to see crazy she's gonna be so nice and sweet and and they'll probably give her our address I mean I don't know I'm gonna set this whole thing up I'm gonna be kind of hiding with my camera's and chris is gonna have a mic on her I'm just gonna have a camera Chris is gonna have a camera it's gonna be almost like a hidden camera thing I don't know what they're going to do but let's just get this going you guys watch the watch and see if the girls fail please like let's see what I don't even them you she has too much faith honestly I think they will do I I don't want my foot in my mouth running to me and then they go off so let's just see what they do huh all right see you guys he goes right you play the card for a bit let's do it to it go do it we are at the park and see them playing we're going to see how they do when a stranger comes up to them the thing is the girls are recognized obviously because they're on YouTube and everywhere in social media they're popular you guys know that so we want to see how they handle a situation because it's a little bit different for them people know their name and they should know because we've talked to them we educate them as you know we always talk to the girls so let's see what they do so let me give you a camera let's get it so I told homie the action needs to happen see that your yellow stare thing it needs to happen kind of in front of that in front of the yellow say yes close as you can okay all right so there goes Krista so we've got the Walker the McLaren's oh man they have no idea what's about to happen it's about to be a life lesson for them so the girls know not to go with strangers ever doesn't matter if it's a girl or a guy or whatever you having a good time yes what are you doing up there ace you are playing maybe I'll play with them a little bit I'm gonna show them some cool tricks like this I don't I know you ladies want somewhere yeah are you guys like famous on YouTube or something yeah oh my goodness laughs number four times wait you have this camera but come on get on that thing here Hey yeah these are mcclure twins right okay my name is Chrissa you're a Alexis it's nice to meet y'all I can never tell y'all apart look can y'all tell them apart well they're not gonna answer you're a likely she David girls didn't love to see where I went so Chris is talking to them now I don't know what they're going to say they can't see me I'm like backing away I want to see if they're going to keep talking to her let's see what happens I'm over here hiding behind the bush literally filming as the quote/unquote strangers coming up yeah yeah okay cool how old are you your fish guess how old I am five Alexis right let's just why don't you play that on five I've had a really quick growth spurt slide I want to watch you from up here i'ma go down ready I was really fast I wasn't expecting that the girls are way over there I'm completely on the other side of the park see if they come and find me or if they talk to her a lot and go with her they're just playing right now and I'm hiding they can't see me so let's go back over here I want to show you guys something right over here come right over here I want to show you guys something kids I want you guys to help me with something that's okay listen let me see let me see about the show of car will the famous McClure swing cartwheel right here right here let me see whoa what you got a ver okay let me see Oh shucks y'all are better than me y'all I bet you want to see what I can do all right hold this you gonna hold this on me you wanna keep it on me yeah Oh ready watch this I can't ready really bassy about here look at that Oh Oh you right now oh you only let it go okay all right you got it you got to keep it on camera keep the camera on hold it hold it keep your finger nice and strong because you're a strong man oh look I do stuff like this right and you got to hold your finger really really strong oh good job the best what corner over there you wanna play basketball yeah let's go play basketball later oh yeah like we'll play now though they'll be okay if they says you can play later you want to show me what do you want to show me okay we're gonna go back on the slide so you guys don't wanna play basketball with me after this okay and then we go to the basketball court she knows you so do you think you should go play basketball with her without me no I'm saying you that you think you should go play basketball yeah she a stranger I guess she's talking to a mama huh she's talking to mommy come on why she's not a stranger why not that's still a stranger do you know her [Applause] so that makes her stranger than right so now I could come with you let's go mommy say you gotta go over there I'm glad you girls came over to me but you came over to me like hey not like hey mom with some stranger said let's go play basketball he's ready you think strangers are not friendly yeah our stranger is anybody that you don't know do you know Christmas is you just meet her for the first met so is she a stranger yeah yes I know but it's it doesn't matter you never met just because she knows you from Instagram in YouTube doesn't mean you know her dad or a lot of people know you from Instagram and YouTube yes they are all stringent because you don't know them so somebody walks up to you from was I there when Chris that came up to you know so should you have gone play basketball with her you would be very wrong little girl because you don't know I'm a stranger she is a street – you know Alexis stranger is not a real word stranger is somebody you don't know like everybody in this park is a stranger everyone do you know anybody here even that little girl you just met her mom cause it let's go have ice cream together since you been playing with my daughter you should go with her I think that I don't know you kind of fail but kind of did it because you did come over to me you did okay yes your sister did Alexis you did come over you but you know what you came over to me and said mama she must go play basketball with us you want to come wants to play basketball yeah okay strange girl she is strange you know why because you don't know her stranger danger stranger danger she could have picked you guys and been gone yeah and I was over there what if I wasn't really taking you to the basketball court what if I just use this you'll just to kind of get your attention because tonight they've got why being said I was even thrown on him because he said I was friendly people are gonna act friendly they're gonna act friendly so they can get your attention and make you feel comfortable gone then I really know let me Charlie me and your dad know Christmas we know Christmas so we had her come here and test to see what you were going to do if some stranger walked up to you I was like girls come on gone bye-bye Oh girls I mean I'm a little bit nervous no no no that I know her you've never seen her what's my name I bet you don't even remember Oh Joe that's a good member change is coming over behind the bush did I play in this it was almost an epic fail we almost lost our children yeah we're not elected without me and she said we almost lost we almost we almost lost one half of the twins because this is what she said though mama she wants to go play basketball with us you want to come expect to see happening I was standing over there I see this anymore but I was I said she is furnished she goes no she watches our videos oh just because somebody watches your videos they don't know you and you don't know them they just know you that's like you watch dojo see you on TV you think you just walk up to my dojo come on let's go play a lot of strangers pretend to be nice like you guys are so cute can I buy you some ice cream do you want to go play basketball with me come on you know what they take your hand you girls go skipping off and then we never see you again no I because you wanna see Jersey and your mom and dad ever again not your sister nobody they might separate you they might take you home throw your dogs exactly it might give you to one person strangers come to park like this within they look for the kid that's not the parents not looking right at them and it come here and they talk to the kid real nice real smooth like kicking game you know and then they say just like me yeah yep she's got you guys like oh we're triplets yeah she's nice that was you girls I can hear you I can hear your birthday girls we gotta work on things I think yes baby girl this is this is why we do that because we know people recognize you from all different types of things but we want you girls to know their God we know you didn't rock the prank we rocked our friends yeah you girl you girl thank you for watching and Mason you do more videos subscribe and soul of Caucasian beautiful laughing

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