Will Medicare for All Win 2020

BusinessInsider.com just published
this poll that that that they funded and you know one of the big talking points
that we’re hearing among some of the Democrats who take money from
corporations I don’t know how to make this distinction without it sounding
like a pejorative and you know as I was telling an earlier caller in the
previous hour if if I have a choice between Donald Trump or a Democrat who
takes corporate money I’m gonna vote for the Democrat who takes corporate money
sponsible tell you right now although I would prefer a Democrat it doesn’t take
corporate money or a Democrat who at least has as has reached you know the
the level where maybe corporate money might be necessary in order to win
without corporate money you know specific position are Elizabeth Warren
and Bernie Sanders but in any case the the let’s say corporate Democrats for
lack of a better way of saying it one of their talking points about why Medicare
for all is a terrible thing is oh you Elizabeth Warren you want to take away
people’s employer-sponsored health care and the assumption is that people who
are working for a living and have a health insurance policy through their
employer would be horrified by that policy being replaced with Medicare for
all that’s the assumption that’s built into that you know oh you just want to
take them away and and so Business Insider said well let’s measure that
assumption let’s find out if people who have health insurance to their employers
really would be horrified if they lost that insurance and it was replaced with
Medicare for all so they just published the results it’s over a business insider
comments by Joseph’s as allows roe egg and Walt a key and I’ll just read you
that well here’s the headline kind of says the whole thing a majority of
Americans with employer-based health insurance don’t mind if it changes to
Medicare for all as long as they can keep their current coverage over fifty
nine percent of respondents who receive health insurance to their employers set
in a new insider poll that they would be fine if that plan changed as long as it
means no changing coverage in other words
as long as you’re still paying my doctor’s bills as long as you’re still
paying my hospital bills as long as you’re still paying for exams and
medical tests and preventative care it’s fine with me if you call it Medicare for
all I don’t care what you call it just make sure that I’ve got some coverage so
number one and then number two they they specifically bast a subgroup of that
people who were already on some kind of a government plan Medicare or Medicaid
basically what do you think do you like your coverage 59% said they would
support switching their employer-based health insurance to a government plan
under Medicare for all this is a fifty fifty seven percent said they love their
plans sixteen these are people on government plans sixteen percent more
than the people who say the same about employer based plans only forty-one
percent of people who get insurance through their employers quote love their
plans of the people on Medicare or Medicaid fifty-seven percent love their
plans or on Obamacare twenty two percent said they didn’t like their directly
purchase health insurance that would be people who are buying direct you know
buying their health insurance not getting it through their employer this
is the highest dissatisfaction rate among the health insurance plans
although it’s only two points higher than those who are unhappy with their
employer-based plans bottom line for all is is that if a Democrat thinks they’re
going to win the White House by saying well we really need to do everything we
can to keep your employer-based plan in place rather than replace it with
Medicare if they think they’re going to win based on that they’re probably wrong

  1. The only one we can trust is Bernie Sanders on healthcare. Tulsi recently flip flopped and supports voter (choice); with Warren flip flopping twice and removed it from her website. Biden is supporting Obama care 2.0 and Harris has flip flopped right out of the race. lol Just so we are clear: the cheapest price for healthcare in America is Bernie Sanders single payer Medicare 4 All. Respectfully submitted

  2. It's much better to have Universal Healthcare than employer based healthcare as they change employer based insurance every two years and you still have co pays & deductibles which Medicare for All wouldn't…

  3. Health care and life insurance should never be tied to your job! The only reason people do is because the employer gets a group rate and they price individuals out. I just got Medicare and it's the BEST insurance I ever had! Leave some private for Medicare supplement only.

  4. I had a major surgery a couple months ago and my hospital bill was 185,000!! Thank God, I have Aetna supplement and I paid nothing! It was an emergency surgery. If it had happened the year before, we would have lost everything! You just never know.

  5. I will gladly trade my employer based coverage. I'm so tired of my company telling us every year that they might be changing carriers again, because the current carrier is trying to jack up the price too high again.

  6. Don’t understand why they have to get rid of employer based health insurance. Why not both if some employers want to continue offering it?

  7. The middle class and poor are fed up with economic slavery. They know that capitalists will not pay a living wage as long as it's legal to pay slave wages. Either the Democratic Party gets off its ass and insists upon laws that make it possible for the disadvantaged to escape economic slavery or else the economically disadvantaged will not even bother to vote. This election cycle is critical. Democrats must insist upon laws that mandate employers pay a livable minimum wage. They must insist upon free college tuition for every American so that the lack of educational opportunities ceases to be the force driving poverty. And they must insist that healthcare be free and accessible to every American regardless of ability to pay for it. These are what the middle class and poor need. And they need it now. Democrats who perpetually kick the issue down the road to the next election cycle are not going to inspire the middle class or poor to support the Democratic Party on election day. I don't blame them for staying home. Go Bernie.

  8. I am on Medicaid right now. Although the prior authorization process, and getting good specialists is a pain, I really like it. I am on 25 different medications and I don't pay more than $3 for any one. Since I am not working, this is huge for me.
    That said, I completely support a single payer health program. Insurance through your employer would be superfluous.

  9. Employer based healthcare is slavery. You stick to one job you might hate because your next job won't supply enough hours or coverage to survive. When it's time to change company, you will need to reapply for the next insurer. Terrible idea. 🥴 Single Payer countries have one source of coverage and workers can get healthcare whether they work 40hrs or 15hrs. You can also move away from a bad boss or crappy job too, so working conditions automatically are improved (but bosses are becoming more feral)

  10. Take my employer provided insurance in a heartbeat. I pay $500/month for a family of 3.. and copays at turn. Dealing with insurance is garbage, the US needs single payer yesterday

  11. Medicare is not free because we the people pay tax dollars to pay for it and would cost less than what we pay for Health Insurance now it would be stupid not to use it instead getting robbed with co pays and premiums and sometimes getting overcharged . Because we just paying $8.00 for one Ashburn in the hospital . And the reason why America will not great and never well be because we love to be overcharging the American people and make sure that we pay for those $1,000,000 bombs so someone can get rich and make sure they give their campaign donation to their politician to make sure the war machine keeps running . And the reason why America is not great is because of crony capitalism of corporatist democrats and republicans destroying America . And some brain washed simple minded American people can't figure that out !

  12. You leftists just love the idea of “the government” giving you everything for free… someone else will pay for it. Reality check kiddo’s-it ain’t free and just because you exist doesn’t mean that you “deserve” it.

  13. Like my mom said even if they get elected they can't keep all them promises if the Republicans keep control of the senate because they won't let anything pass.

  14. Well hell, all immigrants get it. You might as well give Medicare to hard working Americans struggling too. I don't like democrats though. Trump should just reconsider it.

  15. In the UK we think that the USA is insane having private healthcare system. It goes towards the general feeling across Europe that Americans have a lower IQ. Sorry, nothing personal.

  16. I am on Medicare and it only pays about 80% of the doctor visit. I also have insurance from my former employer which pays what Medicare doesn't pay. So all of my visits are completely covered and there is no deductable. Without my employer provided insurance I could not afford to pay the 20% not covered by Medicare. I just wonder how Bernie would resolve that issue. Also Medicare is about $140 monthly would that change or be income based. There are so many questions about Medicare for all that it has people afraid of it.

  17. Canada has medical care for all but it costs the middle class 50% of their take home pay. ($ 4000 / month for me). You still have an additional fee for prescription that the employer take off your cheque ($80/ months) and any thing thats not cover like a MRI ($650) or crutches and splints , you pay cash and have to try and get a reimbursement from your insurance anyway. There is no free heath care if you are in the middle class. If you really get sick you have to become poor to receive “free “ health care. My employers insurance Claimed my surgery for arthritis was pre existing and I was off a year with no income what so ever. It’s a scam as well. No workmen’s comp . Even thought it was Osteoarthritis from 40 years of wear and tear at work. Save your money because they really don’t care . People have lost everything in Canada when they get sick even with ‘free health care .

  18. When people are told the truth about Medicare For All, the same medical service or better, the doctors, clinic and hospitals that you wish to use, a medicare tax that is vastly lower than current premiums, no copays and no deductables; people love it.
    When the right slanders Medicare For All, either saying it is socialist or communist to people who have no idea what communism or socialism are; saying that 18,000 will be kicked off of their current insurance when those people will almost in ever case have better health cover under Medicare for all; that is when the right gets people to vote against their own best interests. Only in the USA are people allowed to go about deliberately telling complete lies without recourse. Still the people believing what right wings nuts like those on Fox news put out are the same ones who still believe that Trump's tax cuts have made them much much better off, rather than the 80c a week in reality. People who are sane will only consider two people for 2020, Bernie and Elizabeth and preferably for President and Vice-President.

  19. Do not be fooled by Medicare for all

    When the government is for the people then Medicare for all works for the people, when the government is for the businesses then Medicare 4 all works for the businesses.
    So, you have to decide, do you believe the government works more for you (the human being) or more for you (the owner of businesses)?
    Bernie's faith is that a government at large works for the human-people but in reality the government at large protects the Wealth i.e. businesses and property, not the humans.

    Medicare for all is a useless system in the presence of a government which works for the businesses instead of the people.
    When Medicare for All provides your household with more disposable income the prices of essential goods and services goes up.
    The free market inevitably leads to Extreme Concentration Of Wealth.(ECOW)

    So , Bernie is talking bullsh*t when you really think about the reality of Wealth distribution and who makes what laws to protect what.

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