will Classic Impact BFA Gold Economy?

hey everyone its gumdrops ya back for method with some news updates and thoughts on the world of warcraft economy thanks so much for joining me we're going to be talking mostly about classic in this edition because I don't know if you guys have noticed or not but there's a beta and stress test for the upcoming classic launch going on maybe you're playing yourself or you're amongst literally hundreds of thousands of people watching the likes of fellow method streamer s fan or sodapoppin and Osman gold battling it out an affair zones of the original game remembering how difficult it is to acquire money Juno's early levels after spending their entire capital upgrading their spells and abilities picking up new weapon skills or buying up one item slot upgrade for an extra two strands since that is the case the modern game in battle for Azeroth is taking a bit of a nap in the period before a patch a points u is fully launched which at the time of recording still has no concrete release date however speculation so far has put the new raid at least a jar is eternal palace in the calendar for late June or perhaps even early July which means the patch itself has potential to arrive in a couple of weeks by mid-june so with the classic beta in full swing I wanted to look at things from the perspective of a gold mega and both current and classic Wow just to see how things might be affected by each version of the game then dig through some old documents from the Museum of gold making to see just how anybody made enough cash for the epic mount back in the day so as you may know a number of content creators and community influencers were invited to attend a classic wealth summit at a blizzard HQ this time last month all of those interviews and play test videos have been shared or published by now but there are a few points from this dump of information that I've picked out that I think are relevant to you if you focus on the in-game economy I used wow head comm for the round above all of these articles so a big shout out to well head for that so you can of course check that out for all the news on the classic beta and everything else to do with well now the first couple of things came from an interview by Spanish fansite Wow chakra calm with executive producer John hight and senior software engineer Omar Gonzales these guys confirmed that there will be no well token and class which is probably to be expected since it'll be close to impossible to balance the value of a token between the original game that isn't going to be a changed and the modern in-game economy that has 15 years of maturity and inflation on top of it their second confirmation was that it won't actually be possible to run the classic Wow client and the current game client at the same time they said if he tried to login on classic while playing a character on the current game it will actually be locked out so I think this is pretty disappointing as many gold makers have described their ideal scenario and being able to repost our auctions or restock their crafted profession gear will just graph thousands of braces for expose them in the background while they explore and level through the classic experience and theory if you have two accounts you could play the current game on your primary account and then also play classic from the second account but we don't actually know just yet if that's going to be the case Wow heads own interview with lead software engineer Brian Birmingham and production director Patrick Dawson of the classic team touched on the topic of community and add-on api's if you're not familiar with what a developer API is it's basically a structured set of data and functions provided by in this case Blizzard and that data contains all kinds of useful information that can be used by community sites to track your mythic Plus score like radar I Oh track your mounts and achievements like simple armory calm and most important for gold makers the essential tracking of auction house prices like the undermine general or tradeskillmaster Brian and Patrick indicated that there would be API support for classic however it won't quite be ready for the launch and it's gonna really no information on what it will provide since it won't be the same as what we have in today's world of warcraft their quotes we are starting with our modern code base and that includes the modern API but there are around api's that don't make sense for classic and in those cases were trying to roll things back to reflect how the game behaved back then so with these changes to the in-game add-on API at least it is still to be seen if modern world warcraft add-ons will function in this classic environment specifically thinking of tradeskillmaster the team have not come to a conclusion in discussions on whether TSM can or will be present on classic Wow it almost certainly won't be possible to simply duplicate today's vision and see it work out of the box on classic so it would likely require a new version created especially this also kind of assumes that tradeskillmaster should be present on classic well and even though I don't intend to play I personally don't think it should be since it wasn't a thing in vanilla and that would defeat the purpose of recreating that original experience with no changes I'm fully aware of how much of a hypocrite that makes me sound since I'm not going to be playing but twig schoolmaster specifically is such a powerful add-on it will completely change the way the classic economy functions I'd even go as far as saying the same thing for other add-ons like reek auras or deadly boss mods but so far it does appear that they will have some presence in classic in some capacity so maybe there's a precedent here for tradeskillmaster to follow suit with a lighter version of the add-on you can follow me on Twitter for any updates on that as they become available and I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below on whether modern world of warcraft addon should be recreated in classic following the train of thought about how the economy can be affected there's been a bit of a discussion in the community about what's going to happen to the player base once classic is launched some think there's going to be a split and there'll be a lot less general player activity in modern Wow after August however I think we might even see an increase in gold making activities from players that are mostly only interested in playing classic but want to pay their subscription through in-game gold – token conversions this of course would have been a lot easier in Legion and wallows of Draenor from the mission tables but in battle for Azeroth you need to be a bit more proactive in your gold making so I do expect some players to shift their focus from progression raiding in b.fa or PvP for example to try and earn more gold for their token while they play classic there's also the potential for the movement of gold between servers to be extended between both games and while it's not a support a transaction by blizzard you can offer someone gold on one server to receive the back on another what's going to happen to the economy if someone is offering gold in modern Wow in return for gold in classic well it's likely that this won't be allowed but will Blizzard step in when it is a transaction between both versions of the game this is just two servers and will they prevent this kind of thing from happening I have reached out to suit my contacts a blizzard to try and get further clarification on this because this may end up being a punishable action and we don't want anyone to run the risk of losing our accounts by doing this having said that I can't see this being a long-term necessity for the individual player they're simply just not enough stuff to buy in classic since the idea of gold Singh's weren't introduced in later expansions like transmog luxury mounts and the black market auction house in any case I featured some of the ways people remember making gold in vanilla on my recent well head blog there are some great additional comments from the community with other strategies so if you want to get a head start in your planning for classic money generation like twink markets crazy farms and niche crafting definitely check out the link to that in the description below so that wraps things up for the classic edition of the economy series here on the method YouTube channel I'd love to hear your thoughts on whether you're going to be playing and if you're going to try and hustle some gold I'll be hanging out in the comments as always and you can catch my streams three days a week talking all things gold making once again I've been gumdrop Swift method don't forget to subscribe to the channel for the next edition of this series if you have been thanks so much for listening and until next time happy gold making

  1. I hope DBM makes it to Classic, keeping track of a single mechanic that comes in every 45 seconds sounds exhausting 😓

  2. Of course it will…WoW Tokens be raining for cents! I don't think Blizz will ever sell Tokens from within classic, that will be the death of retail.

  3. The amount and rabidness of classic fanboys is staggering. It's like watching a klan meeting or a WBBC forum. D:

    But yeah, token buyers imo will probably be the biggest impact. That and money trading between the 2 games.

  4. I want to see addons in Classic and I really want to see TSM. The vast majority of addons don't do things that you couldn't do on your own, they just do it quicker, cleaner and better visually. For example Weak Auras. Mostly I use this to see cooldowns and buffs which I can already see. All WA does is make it easier to see which I feel is a good thing because the base Wow UI isn't all that user friendly to customize.

    Looking at TSM, most of the key functions I could do with a lot of time and a spreadsheet. For example, I could record the prices each day of materials needed to craft profession items, record the prices those items sell for, take some averages and determine whether it is profitable to craft that item. Maybe there are some functions like sniping that are very powerful compared to just using the base UI and AH, but the vast majority of them are just time savers.

    I don't think TSM breaks the game or would hamper the experience of the majority of players. I really hope you change your mind on making a Classic version. Gold making is one of the few things that keeps me playing Wow (I don't have time to raid anymore). Many of my friends are excited for Classic and I want to give it a go. What addons are available for the AH in Classic will go a long way to determining whether I play it and enjoy it.

  5. This is NoobTaco from Will It Classic and I for one do think your thoughts on the state of where addons should be is not accurate. I for one love TSM if for nothing else than the crafting and warehousing sections. WoW Classic is trying to bring back the feel and game style but that should not mean that tools like TSM should be left out for those who wish to be goblins in the classic version.

    That being said, even if TSM does not come out I am more than confident that old crafting replacement addons might get dusted off and ported over.

    The very shouts from some who claim addons kill wow simply forget that we had addons during vanilla even if they did not use them themselves.

    I said all that to say. Please TSM team consider getting someone in to make a port for at least the basic AH and all the wonderfulness of the crafting subsystem.

    Thanks, gumdrops

  6. If the economy goes shitty in BFA then everyone is going to migrate to Classic, even the Chinese farmers, cause that's where they will make money.

    Blizzard better have a plan.

  7. Can't wait for the classic elitists to be all like MUST HAVE GEARSCORE OF BLAH BLAH even though the raid just came out lmao MUST HAVE ACHIEVE

  8. You're ignorant about addons. Vanilla was the birth of addons. Many of your favorite addons either have predecessors from Vanilla or have been continually updated since Vanilla.

  9. Bless your heart for always being helpful Gumdrops. The gold makers of WOW owe you an honorable debt. Should we make that out to Method or Gumdrops when we send the gold 😛

  10. I Think A Light Version Of TSM Would Be Suited Tbh. I Understand It's A Remake Of The Original However, It Will Never Have That Same Feeling Like 2004 (As People Are Different In Today's Age). Yet I Think Having The Full Amount Of Bells And Whistles That TSM Provides In Retail WoW Would Be Overkill In Classic And Have Big Affects On The Economy. Features Such As TSM Mailing, Shopping, Sales Summary And Retrieving Data From The Servers AH (So LootAppraiser Can Work For Gold Making Competitions With Friends).

  11. Depends whether goblin bankers conduct monetary tightening or expansion. Thereby increasing the gold supply resulting in a a gold multiplier effect via fractional reserve banking as they lend short and borrow long

  12. The only impact i can think of would be more token buyers. Since millions of people will come back and pay their sub with retail gold!

  13. I think it's underestimated by the player base on the amount of money spent weekly on consumables for raid. The importance of gold in classic is a bit more important, even more so because the servers will have a fresh player base with fresh economies. Of course, this assumes people are raiding and those guilds require consumables to be used. Who knows how that will shake out.

  14. You should be able to run multiple windows of WoW using a software like Sandboxie or similar if that's not banned nowadays, I know thats what I used to do back in the days

  15. 5:55 Yep, right on point ~ Only gonna play retail for the coin.
    Only need to find a gold making guide for farming for the upcoming patch.

  16. All the mount you payed for. what all you farmed for ages, you lose those. you not gonna have them in classic. Achivements. all the shit. does it worth?

  17. Yes because the gold farmers and sellers will spend time on classic also which means gold in retail wow will be more expensive.

  18. Yes classic will affect bfa. First many players will be playing servers with no token and very little gold. Half will play bfa earning 1000x the gold per hour in bfa. The token price will drop because nobody will want gold on bfa. I maxed out my blizzard cash, maxed tokens in my bags and have 2.5 years of my sub paid for. I will play bfa 1/2 hour per day and the rest classic and probably never pay cash for a sub. I bought tokens from 18k to 220k in the past. I haven’t paid for a sub since tokens came out. Good video.

  19. I prefer they dont bring in auction house addons (or atleast dont make bots who do it for you) because then it would not be blizzard that ruins gold making it would be the players who were too lazy to farm it themselves. Also please no raider.io that shit was the dumbest idea and it ruins mythic plus dungeons for people who raid but don't do mythic pluses a whole lot like myself. Back in Legion I struggled getting in a simple +16 group because they "only wanted people with a io score of 1000" or some crap like that and i didn't have 1000 of an io score so i couldn't get in even though I had AOTC and was geared to the tilt in raiding armor. And yet they would rather take someone who has a higher score than a raider who's in mythic progression. Absolutely stupid raider.io is and that ruined my mythic plus experience. Plus all the people who were like "uhhhh +15 key my key your carry" the nerve of people that they would make someone carry them. Honestly i should have joined those groups and charge the assholes for making us carry them

  20. Will Lord of The Rings Online Economy affect Eve Onlines economy? Stupid question. Stupid video. Different Games. No wonder yall
    finally lost World First, yall are becoming old news

  21. There are still work arounds and trading between classic and retail will happen. Classic will be more efficient for farming gold since the economy is fresh and hasn't been tainted by inflation yet so the rate of transfer between the two will be something absurd like 100g=100k retail gold

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