Will America Choose Socialism Over Capitalism?

so in order to attain some socialist utopian wacko predetermined racial quota Harvard allegedly scored Asians lower on their personality scale this despite on average the exceedingly high grades and test scores of these applicants that is discrimination and this is why affirmative action in every form is so wrong joining me now the founder of the American truth project and daily ledger contributor Barry Nussbaum very affirmative action simply put in my opinion is anti-american this Republic is built on a certain fundamental foundation and legally speaking that's equal protection under the law and it is against the law said it's immoral to discriminate like this well in this case you're taking the most qualified candidates graham on test scores on essays on grades on academic achievement and you're disqualifying them on a subjective scale that harvard invented basically to keep the asian-americans out they looked at a hundred and sixty thousand applications and these are qualified kids that should have gotten in and they were excluded for personality for leadership for courage and likeability in other words they were discriminated against selectively by Harvard it ought to be blind you're qualified you get in regardless of your race your gender your weight your nationality or where you're from everything in this country ought to be based on merit I mean that's the foundation of this republic that the best the cream of the crop rises to the top you know whether it's an admission to a university or a job or admission to this country should be based on merit how good you are exactly that's it I'm sorry but that's it and this is clear discrimination now I love this what President Trump did he told the employees the government employees the federal government employees that essentially it's time times have changed and that the government now is on a budget boy what a revolutionary concept that Democrats and Republicans in Washington DC have not understood for over a generation you don't have money therefore you stop spending as much and the backlash Graham is tremendous as if Trump hates workers in the federal government and he's doing this to hurt them I think it's a step in the right direction now I want to see the budget balance and after that I want to see the debt paid down revolutionary concept that I'm still waiting to see happen out of Washington he doesn't hate workers in the federal government he loves this country and that's why he's making moves like this if they don't like it they can go find a job in the private sector there's a healthy job market out there right now this is not healthy though out of Florida this is an outlier bury that congressman Ron De Santis who's running for governor on the Republican ticket is down a rather large amount to his radical Democrat challenger this is a guy who wants single-payer he wants to eliminate ice and he's talking about a 40% corporate tax and massive increases in state spending this fellow Gilliam is a Bernie Sanders protege I think he's up in the polls for two reasons Graham one he's going to absolutely outspend everybody in the history of Florida to pass out the free stuff wagon that sounds really good to people that want stuff for free and number two the comment that De Santis made about monkey up the budget is now calling him a racist in the eyes of many pundits what's really amazing Graham right now is research is coming out that something like 50 politicians in the last decade have used the same term white politicians black politicians Republican politicians and Democrat politicians in the White House and all across the country but now you call somebody a racist for using the exact same terms and it sticks and he doesn't know what to to get that sticker off of him he's gonna need to overcome that to get the independence to come aboard his platform in the next couple of months yeah but on policy you know he's dead on target Floridians they don't want an income tax that's why so many people go to Florida but this guy is capable of imposing exactly that in Florida ins they have a clear choice in November it's it's the Constitution or it's socialism and we can only hope they can choose the constitute you got it Barry thanks

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  2. Glad Trump knows something about a budget. jr here in Canada says that "the budget will balance itself", yet here we are trillions of dollars in debt in 2 years from all the hand outs everyone BUT Canadians are getting.

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