Wild Jagero in the Corner

capture? hmm, I don’t know I am also confused HO HYA SOKO KA KU KA KU NI what a national crew CHING CHENG HANJI!!! how could I be here? nice shot there Leopard nice shot! maybe I should just cover the back I think some enemies are heading there E100 is here is 183 spotted? not yet 1700 WTH, they are rushing in can’t get it where is 183? I am afraid of being HESHed my side I must be dying OK, Heavy is here look at these 2 E100s 183 is spotted OK, on the way T57 was here I’ll hold him there is Mauchen, boss on the way ah sh*t you are alone oh…many are getting your back did you see that? why are you going down? ouch..jpe100 bounced? he can’t pen? me please nice! I’m almost got stuck here FOCH! FOCH! you get Foch? that’s crispy I’ll keep spotting him I missed, sorry nice beat him up he dared not go rush nice just like that Soukou kantsuu! Soukou kantsuu! I can’t stand the national crew voice WTF! I did not realize he was there sorry I hit the gun mantlet beat him up damage assistance 2400 Damn how much I lost credit HEAT a lot? yep WTH! fool! you’re one shot by 183 I know crazy! WTH was that! me please finish him missed (183) you just lucky careful please sacrifice no fkn way but me sacrificed 6k WTH 3.6k M M indeed 6600 WTH that damages by player assistance I told you if only I could pen that Foch that should be 7k

  1. Бл я кажется единственный Русский человек который смотрит ангЕла

  2. A Spanish guy(I think he’s Spanish. Sorry if I’m wrong) playing a German tank with American crew.
    Anggael: Mr.Worldwide

  3. Today i have researched the jagpz e 100, but i need more 3 m credits…
    Thank you for inspiring me to keep farming for credits! 💪

  4. Hey! I am another Jagerooooooo*n in the enemy team. I have a record copy of my team. Hope you enjoy watching another side of his legendary game. (Don’t judge my stupidity coz I’m a noob)


  5. Про фоша проорал в голос такой ягу увидел и """аыыыыы ненадя не бей меня"""

  6. Автор канала, у меня к тебе вопрос ? Ответь пожалуйста . В обшем название всех твоих видео на английском(мож не не нанем) но иногда и мелькают на русском , и иногда бывают вырески из руских шоу . видео , как ты относишся(не в плане синтементальности ,а может есть друзья, сам из россии) к россии

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