Why You Love Capitalism

You love capitalism 真的 你爱
Really – you do 而且你忍受不了大政府
And you can't stand big government 真的 你受不了
Really – you can't 不相信我?
Don't believe me? 那我只好证明给你看了
Then I'll just have to prove it to you. 你用iPhone? Android? Macbook? PC?
Do you use an iPhone? Android? Macbook? PC? 在Kindle上阅读?
Read on a Kindle? 在Netflix上看电视和电影?
Watch TV and movies on Netflix? 在Youtube上看视频?
Videos on YouTube? 在亚马逊上购物?
Shop on Amazon? 用spotify听歌?
Listen to Spotify? 在谷歌上搜索?
Search on Google? 在Venmo上汇款?
Send money on Venmo? 用Uber叫车?
Grab a ride with Uber? 看着Waze开车?
Drive with Waze? 用Airbnb订房?
Book a room with Airbnb? 你上Facebook?或者Instagram?或者Snapchat吗?
Are you on Facebook? Or Instagram? Or Snapchat? 你大概在用其中多数产品 就算不是全部
You probably use many, if not all, of these things, 而且 如果你像我的话 你爱他们
and, if you're like me, you love them, 在当今世界 他们几乎是必需品
In today's world, they're practically necessities, 你认为他们是从哪里来的?
Where do you think they came from? 来自拥有伟大主意和在市场里测试它们的自由的企业家们
From entrepreneurs with great ideas
and the freedom to test them in the marketplace. 这就是资本主义
That is what is known as . . . capitalism 现在来想想其他你大概会用的东西
Now consider some other things you probably use: 你去过车管所吗?
Have you been to the DMV? 经历过机场安检吗?
Gone through airport security? 在邮局寄过包裹吗?
Mailed a package at the Post Office? 打过美国税务局客服热线吗?
Called the IRS customer service line? 或就此而言打过电话给任何政府部门吗?
Or called any government office, for that matter? 区别是什么?
What's different? 为什么去苹果商店那么好玩
Why is going to the Apple Store so fun 但是去车管所就那么痛苦呢?
but going to the DMV so painful? 因为一个和政府毫无关系 而一个就是政府
Because one has nothing to do with the government,
and one is the government, 一个需要满足它们的顾客来生存和成长 一个不用
One needs to satisfy its customers to survive and grow. One doesn't. 政府的目的不是去创造产品
The purpose of government is not to create products 而且我们也不指望它这么做
And we don't expect it to. 但如果你花几分钟想一想
But if you thought about it for a few moments 你会意识到
you'd realize 你不会希望政府在任何私营企业能做的事上插一脚
you don't want the government involved in
just about anything private business can do 这是因为利益驱动的个体必须努力取悦它们的顾客 你
That's because profit-motivated individuals
have to work to please their customers. You. 政府机构不需要取悦任何人
Government agencies don't have to please anyone. 打一下美国税务局客服热线 如果你怀疑我的话
Call that IRS service line, if you doubt me., 你能想象
Can you imagine if Steve Jobs had to seek government approval for every new design of the iPhone? 我们能用到iPhone 3G就真是走运了
We'd have been lucky to get to iPhone 3G. 看看Uber
Look at Uber 只在几年前 在几分钟之内呼叫一个私人司机送你去你想去的地方
Just a few years ago, summoning a private driver in a few minutes who would take you where you wanted to go, 完全是只有最富有的人才能获得的服务
was truly a service available only to the wealthiest people. 但是现在 感谢资本主义
But now, thanks to capitalism, 专车成为了全世界普通百姓都负担得起的选项
private rides are an affordable option for ordinary people all over the world 直到Uber出现之前
Until Uber came around 如果开始下雨了 比如说在曼哈顿
if it started to rain in, say, Manhattan, 而你想叫一辆的士
and you wanted a grab a cab 祝你好运
good luck 浑身湿透的人太多 而的士太少了
Too many rain-drenched people and too few cabs. Uber有个更好的主意
Uber had a better idea 下雨 乘车需求激增
Rain falls. Demand for rides spikes. 提高价格以激励更多Uber司机上路
Raise prices to incentivize more Uber drivers to hit the road. 雨中乘车问题解决了
Ride-in-the-rain problem solved. Airbnb是另一个例子
Airbnb is another example 只在几年前
Only a few years ago 如果你正在和你的朋友或者家人去度假
if you were going on vacation with your friends or family 酒店是你唯一的选择
hotels were just about your only option. 但是酒店都很昂贵
But hotels are expensive 而且常常不会在空间 便利 或者有趣邻居方面供应周到
and often don't provide all that much in terms of space, amenities, or interesting neighborhoods., 如果你想 比方说
If you wanted to, say, 找找有没有私人屋主正在出租他们的房子或者公寓几个晚上
find out if individual homeowners were making their homes or apartments available for a few nights 你得去搜索网上的帖子
you'd have to scour internet postings. 但之后Airbnb出现了
But then Airbnb came along 授权任何有电脑或者智能手机的人
giving anyone with a computer or smartphone 访问190个国家超过两百万间的房子
access to over 2 million homes in 190 countries. 你可以找有热水浴池和游泳池的地方
You can find places with hot tubs and pools; 或者 如果你预算紧张的话
or, if you're on a tighter budget, 你可以租一个房间 甚至只租一张沙发
you can rent a room, or even just a couch, 政府永远不可能完成这样的事
Government never could have done this 它的动机会是什么?
What motivation would it have? 它是怎么知道我们想要Uber或Airbnb这样的服务的?
How would it even know we wanted services like Uber or Airbnb? 我们不知道 直到有冒险精神的企业家使其成为可能
We didn't know it, until risk-taking entrepreneurs made it possible., 感谢资本主义
Thanks to capitalism 不要感谢政府 它往往只会碍事
And no thanks to government which, more often than not, just gets in the way., 为什么?
Why? 因为政府的第一反应
Because the government's knee-jerk reaction 是去管制和控制所有它可以管制和控制的东西
is to regulate and control everything it can regulate and control 不然 许多政府机构和所有那些官僚的目的是什么呢?
Otherwise, what would be the purpose of many government agencies and all those bureaucrats?, 世界各地的城市都在
Cities across the world are 设置障碍去放慢或者关闭像Uber和Airbnb这样的服务
putting up barriers to slow down or shut down services like Uber and Airbnb 规章制定可能是政府展现出创造力的唯一领域了
Rulemaking may be the only area where the government shows creativity 而经济增长最有可能出现在缺少规章制定的时候
Economic growth has the best chance of happening in the absence of that rulemaking. 如经济学家亚当·赛尔热解释的
As economist Adam Thierer explains 因特网 只用这一个重要的例子
the internet, to use just one important example, 成功地在一个接受
was able to develop in a regulatory climate that embraced what he calls "permissionless innovation." 这种管制方法允许企业家满足他们顾客的需求
This approach to regulating allows entrepreneurs to meet their customers' needs 而不用首先征得政府的许可
without first seeking government approval 总而言之
In sum 几乎所有你享受其中的东西都是资本主义的产品
almost everything you enjoy using is a product of capitalism; 几乎所有你不能忍受的东西都是大政府的产品
almost everything you can't stand is a product of big government. 所以 你爱资本主义吗?
So, do you love capitalism?, 当然啊
Of course you do. 你每天都在实践它
You practice it every day. 是时候宣扬它了
It's time to preach it 我是曼哈顿研究中心的杰瑞德·迈耶 为PragerU录制
I'm Jared Meyer of the Manhattan Institute for Prager University.

  1. Capitalists get rich by paying their workers a fraction of what the capitalists’ products sell for, and keeping the rest for themselves. Socialists think capitalists are pigs for not sharing more of the profit. Capitalists think socialists are devils for exposing them by daring to complain. Capitalists would much prefer their workers remain satisfied with a small portion so the capitalists can accumulate the extra money they need to send their children to Harvard, Yale and Stanford and to maintain the yachts and airplanes so necessary to the upper crust life style god obviously intended them to have.

  2. This must be the worst video yet only second to the bs about the „peace loving“ british empire.

  3. And you should not love air bnb because it destroys citys and makes rent unaffordable for people

  4. A: Do you like Roads?
    B: Yes
    A: than you must love the government because it provides the roads

  5. I hate capitalism. People, please Google search LIST OF FAMOUS SOCIALISTS and List of Famous American Socialists!

  6. Unfortunately, Democrat want government to provide healthcare and education and green new deals. Good luck. Usa will be run by government and see how it will turn out.

  7. Imagine being so out of touch with reality, you think that all capitalists are these evil beings that want to oppress and exploit the poor. That's what it's like to be a leftist. That's got to be an awful existence. To avoid this happening to you, don't call everything you disagree with evil, and keep in mind that compassion is on both sides.

  8. This guy has good points, and i definitely don't disagree, but he's kinda creepy

  9. Even though this video and lots of other videos like this prove that Capitalism is the greatest economic system of all time, there are those who angrily argue against it, even though they know that because of Capitalism, we are free.

  10. 1 in 6 people in America face food insecurity.

    5.8 million US households suffer from severe food insecurity.

    75% of Americans can't afford to MISS ONE PAYCHECK WITHOUT GOING HOMELESS.

    Real great system we got here in America..

  11. Why is there so few to buy in socialist countries? Because there is a super abundance of workers and bureaucrats. Tools which do not produce anything without the prodding of someone who decides to savie and invest to produce something.

    Politicians should be placed as far away as possible from economic decisions. In fact I still have to think of something a politician is good for. Maybe boots on the ground looking for WMD instead of being in charge in deciding young people should be wasting their time and the country's resources looking for WMD

  12. Capitalism itself is good but it's inevitably negative outcomes are crony capitalism, oligopoly and monopoly which have bad impact on an economy.

  13. The same people who claim "capitalism oppresses the masses" probably have easy lives because of it. Yet their own jealousy of people who simply have more wealth prevents them from gaining more success.

  14. Many of the current social / economic problems of the West have been caused by Capitalists institutions moving out of the West, in an incredibly poorly managed way. This Import / Export of cheap labour and re-location to the East, to drive down wages, has left the working classes with an uncertain future leading to resentment and dissolutionment.

    While the movement has been planned, and not by the left I would like to add, the impact has not. This ongoing re-distribution of wealth away from ordinary people to the top 5% earners is seriously damaging for our society.

    The existing Capitalist structures are not addressing the consequences and are doing little to mitigate the impact. Indeed, I believe the situation is likely to get much worse as the state of play continues unabated. We need positive action / change now.

  15. VietCong, fight to win the US for Vietnam to be communism –> Successly beat the US
    Years later

    95% Vietnamese want Capitalism more than communism, that is even more than the Us

  16. 0:58 "that's what's called capitalism" …. no, it's called a market economy. Even the Soviet Union had a market based system despite being communist. You know this guy is definitely not an economist. I came here cause the video title sounded interesting and I figured he would make a case that our brains are hard-wired to love consumption and making money… But his arguments and logic are just poor. There have been technological inventions long before we had a word for capitalism.

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