Why were soldiers wearing American Revolutionary Uniforms in the American Civil War?

this simple history episode is brought to you by world of warships why were soldiers wearing American revolutionary uniforms in the Civil War the general perception of the American Civil War was that the Confederate Army wore a large variety of uniforms some would wear civilian clothing or anything they had captured and a lot of what they wore was simply produced with local butternut bark resulting in many of the Confederate uniforms being a yellow brown butternut color some early Confederate units wore dark blue uniforms which caused confusion at the First Battle of Bull Run in 1861 the Union forces meanwhile had some uniformity as they continued to wear a more professional blue uniform that was worn before the war by the undivided United States forces but often there were units on both sides which had uniforms heavily influenced by their individual heritage fashioned crazes or special requirements one union unit broadens sharpshooters who were a crack rifle regiment or a distinct dark green colored uniform which camouflaged them among the trees this followed the European tradition of clothing their elite units in green many of the units on both sides were French Africa style zoo have inspired uniforms with their red baggy trousers short ornate jackets and a red Fez as headgear the north also had several units that were kilts into battle to celebrate their Scottish fighting heritage the Confederates had one unit that embraced their heritage to the extreme and that was Company A of the 31st Virginia militia commonly called the Continental Morgan Guard in honor of famous General Daniel Morgan from the American War of Independence the unit had been formed before the Civil War in 1855 they had prided themselves on modeling their uniforms on those views during the American War of Independence more than 80 years before getting into the unit was more like joining a gentleman's club you did not simply enlist or were conscripted instead you had to apply or be recommended and then a committee voted on whether to let you win or not once accepted it was not cheap even for the lower ranks as the uniform was expensive and had to be tailor-made but it was a stylish uniform romanticizing the past glory of the American war of independence their attention to detail and quality resulted in a refined and distinct look with deerskin breeches long black boots white ruffled shirts luxury goat wool waistcoats with traditional double rode button blue tunics and white gloves their headgear was the traditional and very outdated tricorn hat with a brass badge with the symbolic date of 1776 on it to celebrate American independence their duties were more like that associated with a social club they carried out eight parades a year sometimes accompanied by a full marching band always turning out in their immaculate uniforms to parade with flair and precision in front of impressed large crowds the nearest thing they saw to action in peacetime was in 1859 this was when they were nearly involved in fighting a small band of anti-slavery activists led by John Brown who took over the federal armory at Harpers Ferry in an attempt to acquire the stockpile weapons for a slave revolt the Virginia militia composed of local units would surround and fire upon the armory trapping Brown and his Raiders inside the Continental Morgan Guard who arrived late had been ordered to look out for any Raiders hiding in the buildings and to take them out the US Marines who arrived the next morning would recover control of the position from Brown the Morgan Guard would then provide security in Charleston where John Brown would be tried in 1861 when the Confederate states left the American Union the continental Morgan Guard were called up for full-time active service they were absorbed into the Confederates v Virginia volunteer infantry regiment and given the designation K Company the regiment would become part of the command of the legendary Colonel Thomas J Stonewall Jackson by the following year the Revolutionary War styled uniforms were replaced with more standard-issue ones probably as their original uniforms had worn out due to the wear and tear of constant combat k companies served stinking and saw frequent action throughout the war including the First Battle of Bull Run as well as the battles of Cedar Mountain Gettysburg and falling water during the engagement at the Spotsylvania courthouse in 1864 the regiment suffered horrendous casualties but helped the Confederates to score a significant victory over Grant's unionist army when the South was finally defeated in 1865 the Confederate forces in Virginia including v Virginia Infantry Regiment surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse on April 9th a few days later on April 12th a formal parade of Confederate forces led by the Stonewall Brigade marched into town and surrendered their weapons to the Union forces they were all to receive pardons and allowed to go home this simple history episode was brought to 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  3. The great irony. These guys didn't want to be part of the united states and yet rolled out the 76 classic. I guess it would've been the second time people forgot "All men created equal" meant more than just white men.

  4. I’m sure Gen. Morgan would have been thrilled to see his descendants fighting to topple the government that he had bled to create.

  5. My favorite uniform in the Revolutionary War is the English Red Coats! Especially When It Had a Bullet Hole in it from a Minuteman's Bullet hole in it! Ha! Ha! Ha! that means a dead red coat! the early Americans called them a slimy limey!

  6. What are you Sources for this? Troops in Fez's and Red baggy Pants??? Sorry, Never seen that at any Civil War Museum, of in any Book of Uniforms.

  7. 3:52 Thank you for using the correct Confederate flag.

    Also, I got to say I am saddened the the revolutionary war uniform was used by the Confederates as I personally feel like they were co-opting the uniform that was a symbol of self-determination and the creation of the country for their own greedy, anti-USA, and selfish goals.

  8. In the pile of surrendered rifles in 1865 is a 1873 Winchester rifle. Would have been a game changer.

  9. 0:34 Wait, I thought they used Repeaters, and Rifles instead of (insert name of the rifle that takes ours to load) considuring this was the age of The wild west

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