Why we shouldn’t give up on communism

When I say Communism, what is the first thing
you think of ? Let me guess: Stallin, Dictatorship, North Korea, Cruelty, No freedom, Poverty…
Mostly, negative things and desinformation. Now, if you look at it, something seems wrong
here- Why is everything associated with communism bad ? I mean, besides Ying-Yang, common sense
tells us that everything has its own goods and flaws. So what are communism’s good
sides ? Sadly, you won’t hear the answer from me, because im not here to CONVINCE you
that communism is golden by any means neccesary. I want to ask you a question that has little
connection with politics and history. Alright, imagine you have a program on your
PC. May it be a video game, some sort of application- doesn’t matter. Just a program. So, you
get to like the program. It is very usefull to you and, if it’s a video game, very entertaining.
You get to like the program. Now, suddently, you see a notification on your computer, saying:
‘There is an update available !! Update now to version 2.0 for free !!’
What do you do ?? Do you update the program or not ?? You don’t know how good or bad
overall the patch is, but you surely know that will add something new and fix some bugs.
You probably will update the program, like you usually do in the real life. Even if those
patches are unnoticable, and sometimes, unneccesary, you will update. New version of Java ? You
update. New version of Facebook on your phone ? You update. This is, simply, the nature
of humans. Yet, when our older system Capitalism v1.0
was to be updated, only few updated to Capitalism v2.0, a.k.a. COMMUNISM. Russia, Yugoslavia,
China, and few others updated. Only a few. But why didn’t others update ?? Why didn’t
anyone else even concider updating ?? Infact, some people just decided to shittalk the new
patch, without even knowing what it does !! And the worst of all, the countries that updated
to 2.0 just said ‘’meh, it doesn’t work’’, and DOWNGRADED to 1.0 again !!
Seriously, Communism is actually a NEWER, improved version of Capitalism. Yes, it is.
Karl Marx based his own ideology Marxism (which was later to become Communism) on Capitalism,
and Marx himself studied capitalism and all of it’s errors. And yet, for some reason,
people think that Communism is something TOTALLY OPPOSITE of Capitalism !! No, it is not. It
is, actually, based on capitalism. Some might argue that Communism is proven
not to work, and that it’s bad, so people just decided not to take it. I don’t really
know if Communism works or not, because I don’t study politics or history, and I am
not qualified enough to decide that. But common sense tells me that, if Communism really doesn’t
work, why don’t we just UPDATE it instead of going back ?? If Capitalism v2.0 is shit,
you shouldn’t go back to Capitalism v1.0, you UPDATE to Capitalism v2.1 !! And if the
new version doesn’t work either, you update again !! You don’t go back. But for some
reason, we did that. And by that, we, as a species, simply fucked ourselves deeply.
What we have done is cowardish. When you face a new problem, you don’t mask it up and
pretend it doesn’t exsist, you SOLVE it and go on. When your program or video game
is buggy, you don’t downgrade it or delete it, you update it again, and again, untill
it works. But why should we update ?? Why, if this system
works ?? Surely, it works. A 20 year old computer I had that ran Windows 95 also worked. It
worked, yet instead of asking Why should I, I simply saved up cash for a newer, better
PC. Because I weight towards better, more quality life. As we all do, and as we all
should. So, instead of arguing why Communism is bad, perhaps we should make it better.
So that’s it from me, consider these yourself, and see if im right. Cheers.

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