1. Hey you guys! Thank you for all the sweet supportive comments we've been getting. We are completely aware that vlogging is like hanging out with friends, so of course you will have questions- but all we ask is that you respect our answers. As unfortunate as it is, each family has their own story and this is something that is sensitive to Shane. He's my husband and best friend so any negative criticism will not be tolerated. Thank you again to everyone who has been so kind. We love you so much! ❤️

  2. I am Korean. You are very precious mom.
    Thank you. Family all looks like happy.
    Julian is lucky baby.
    Often I want to see video.
    Thank you.

  3. He is very, very intelligent niño,: que bueno la mamá habla español: tu familia es muy maravillosa ustedes dos son ,,💙❤️💚💛

  4. 제목보고 도대체 누가 저런 무례한 질문을 하는건가…싶고 혹여나 한국사람들도 저런 질문할까봐 너무 걱정되서 들어왔습니다.;;;(나만 심각한건가?ㅎㅎ)
    아무튼!! 당신들은 너무 너무 훌륭한 부모님이고 저에게 있어서 정말 존경스러운 사람입니다.
    늘 이쁘고 사랑스러운 영상 감사합니다 ♡

  5. san antone has a great filipino community. especially for kampapanga and they do ms philippines of tx too
    you find us going out

  6. In all honesty Texas does a great job in teaching us spanish. I moved from vegas to texas when i was 13 and i aced my spanish test when i only spoke it at home. Its weird.

  7. I hope you guys also teach Julian Spanish, not just Luca because it's important for him to appreciate the culture of his parents (or in this case his mom's side) and at the same time it's such a vital language to know here in the US

  8. its a pity because cultures are so beautiful; however, its just going to be inevitable for everyone in any culture to eventually lose their culture.

  9. I'm 4th generation Japanese and 1st generation Mexican. I identify with my Hispanic side more becaused they helped raise me. Just like Shane my Japanese side wasn't as instilled the same way from day 1 because they're more americanized. I'll struggle just the same when me and my husband have kids because he's Filipino and was born there but raised more american as well. As the world has become more accepting of interracial relationships we'll all start realizing that it's more normal that people think. You guys are doing a great job!

  10. Shane it's okay. You don't have to be sorry. Speaking Tagalog doesn't make anyone more Filipino done other Filipinos. We are all proud of you for raising your kids well and loving and supporting Mel 💗✌🏻😁🇵🇭

  11. Poor julian his always sweety hopefully is not so hot anymore love your family sooooo much god bless you all.

  12. So this is an Asian man n Hispanic woman couple. They tend to b healthier than white men/Asian women couples who abuse n kill each other n their own children at reddit com/hapas SMH

  13. 미국드라마 Office 팬이신가봐요! 작업실문에 펫말도 그렇고 프린팅티셔츠도~ 저도 팬이라 반갑네요 🙂

  14. You guys are my Favorite family on youtube….
    Lots of love from India❤️❤️❤️
    Lots of Kisses to Luca and Joonie💋💋💋

  15. Aw I can relate as a Filipino American too! I was born in the US and my parents never taught me Tagalog since I didn’t need it at home since both of my parent speak English since they came to the US at a young age too. My mother forgot tagalog and only my dad is fluent. I have many friends in California at school who do make fun of me and judge that I’m an “American washed” Filipino, but I don’t let it bother me. My parents are also not “old school” Filipinos since they mostly grew up in the States and we don’t do certain things that families do in the Philippines. However, I still honor in my Filipino culture. I live in a big Filipino community and my dad cooks Filipino dishes on the daily, and I learn about the culture more as I get older. So for me it’s easier to be around the Filipino culture based on where I live. Your family already seems so diverse and that’s amazing! I can’t wait for your family to grow!

  16. I am a Filipino. That’s okay. Your reason is understandable tho but Filipino Culture is very amazing. We would love if you explore or try. Not pressuring you tho ☺️ Especially our Foods ❤️


  17. such a beautiful family…nd lucas nd jullian so much talented.i always love to see ur family routine.always happy everyone nd God bless u Jullian nd lucas.

  18. 영상을볼때마다….
    예쁜가정. 행복한가정. 따뜻한가정
    아름다운가정… 건강한 가정이라고 볼때마다 느끼네요🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  19. Shane may not speak the Filipino language but his jokes and some of his actions are very Filipino haha. I have watched a lot of your videos and I can say that he's definitely is. The part when he said "when is the fight" was very filipino already haha. It was so funny.

  20. I understand^^
    It is hard to keep up with your parents' culture when you were born and raised in the US^^
    You are doing great with multicultural background^^
    Your children will grow up to be very open minded adults^^

  21. 동윤이가 밝고 사랑스럽다.
    사랑을 듬뿍 주는 멜과 쉐인 너무너무 고마워요. 당신들은 최고의 부모에요.

  22. 카메라안과 밖이같을꺼라기대합니다 진실되게 보이시니까요 사랑이있으니까 사랑할줄도 아는거니까요 행복이어가시길 바래요~^^

  23. First time in your channel and it's a little late to comment but i just wanna say that your fam is amazing! ✨Spanish and Filipino language have a lot of common words so it's gonna be easy. And nowadays, it's very seldom that we speak our own language in full context, it's always "Taglish" lol. I think the important thing that you could share to them are the values that you grew up to and learned, being multi-cutural or not. Hwaiting! 💖

  24. I love how these cute kiddos growing up so respectful, loving and kind to everyone especially to their parents. You’re an amazing parent, so is tito Shane! ♥️

  25. Starting out a day watching your vlog 🙂 give me a positive energy ❤️ 오늘도 좋은 하루 보내고 계시기를 바래요🤗

  26. I’m sad about it but I understand. I’m a Filipino and I want seeing this kind of family with different cultures. I’m here cause I feel like connected being a Filipino that’s why I subscribed, but That is not a problem as long as I can see and feel loved seeing your family. But I can’t “lie” it makes my heart feel extra special when Filipino culture is seeing in this videos like saying “lolo, lola” 🥰🇵🇭 and can I say that filino are really addict seeing like this kind of family and if your like trying Filipino culture they can really come. 😁😁😁 🥰

  27. Hi, mel and shane just wanna let you know that we do respect your decision. but as a filipino I think you still have to try to speak some filipino words to them as much as you speak spanish, it would be really great if you show how beautiful the filipino culture are.

    For mel, you can also try to cook some filipino dish like adobo or sinigang that's one of the best here in the philippines.

    love y'all datugan fam.

  28. Do Mexicans and philippinos have any point of contract in history? I guess those two people look alike very much.

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