Why Voice is much more than just another crypto social network

so voice everyone should have one at least that's the premise behind a new blockchain based social network that was recently announced by block one that's the company that created the source code for the EOS Network and the company that continues to develop and maintain it now in a bold statement from stage the CEO of block 1 Brendan bloomer he said that the major social networks of today are designed to use their users they use our data and our attention to make money primarily through advertising voice a new social network is designed to correct this by bringing power and control back to the individual user using blockchain technology of course the problem though that many if not all crypto projects have is they do not exist in isolation there are many other components that their success relies on they don't have the resources to build themselves therefore whenever something new is introduced there was a lot of yeah book because the scope of any given project has to stop somewhere the voice social network may be the thing that everyone is focusing on but there were a number of other elements to the announcement that dealt with many of these prerequisites to making the voice social network successful so here's a few of them prerequisite number one free accounts in order to use a blockchain based app like voice users need to create an account on the underlying EOS blockchain now this costs money and it's complex so block 1 decided to offer free EOS accounts to remove the friction of getting started using voice prerequisite number 2 education with a reward in order to do transactions on an EOS app like voice each user needs to hold es tokens in order to be allocated network resources in a two-in-one announcement at the 1st of June event coinbase actually spoke about the ability to end free EOS tokens by going through a set of free short educational video lessons that they had created which you can find at coinbase comm forward slash earn /e OS this not only helps new users get to grips with the eos network they get rewarded with free eos tokens and thus an allocation of network resources that enable them to do transactions prerequisite number 3 security with ease crypto tokens and accounts use public and private keys these are complex to manage complex the store and complex to secure the average social network user will find this far too much to grasp onto the stage then came a representative from yubico a company that makes and develops the Yubikey a device that acts much like a physical key except for the digital world if you possess the metal key to your house well you simply put it in 10 in the lock and you get access it's so simple anyone and everyone can do it including children so let's say we mirror that in the digital world instead of usernames and passwords which we don't need to unlock the front door to our house let's say we have a UB key on our keyring right next to all of our metal keys then when we want to login to an online service like The Voice social network we simply insert our digital key into the lock which would be a USB port and go straight in so this is so close to the experience and ease of unlocking locks in the physical world has to have almost no learning curve for a number of years dan Larimer the chief technology officer of block 1 has said that decentralized alternatives will not succeed if they are only as good as their centralized equivalents the D central rivals need to be superior he says password less access to your social media account qualifies as a superior user experience at least in my book prerequisite number for performance blockchain based social networks are far too slow for the average user to bother with another announcement that was made at the June event was EOS IO to a much upgraded version of the software that underpins EOS based blockchains the most significant update that they focused on was performance EOS IO 2 can apparently run code 12 times faster than the original code the block 1 released as EOS IO version 1.0 performance is obviously a crucial feature given the speed at which people interact on social networks if the network is slow users will just not put up with it for very long incentives I am a big fan of the existing blockchain social network steam also created by dan Larimer this network distributes newly created cryptocurrency tokens based on the popularity of the content that is posted rather than the pure hardware based mining model that Bitcoin uses young people especially have little to no loyalty to their social network they will switch to whatever is hot and trending now I'm confident that if voice proves to be a superior network even to steam then the offer of a new social network that pays you with voice tokens to post will be an offer that the youth just can't refuse especially when they then find out that they can spend their voice tokens that they earn to amplify the visibility of their posts and gather even more attention once young people have validated the platform they will then begin to drag everyone else with them the difference this time is that they may well stick around because as they post they end tokens which almost act like a share in the platform itself it's that sense of ownership that I think is missing from the centralized social networks which causes the disloyalty that and a general distrust of the big centralized networks anyway trust since Trust is not even a consideration for an open public blockchain that runs on open-source software we have a big bag of incentives that may well have an appeal far beyond the younger generation but there's an even bigger source of certainty with voice which is identity so Facebook has a problem with fake accounts there's an incentive for underground marketing agencies to create millions of fake accounts and then use them to begin contacting and promoting all manner of Facebook users to promote products and services in fact Facebook recently revealed that they had closed 2.2 billion fake accounts the plan with voice is to use a special authentication system to ensure no individual human creates more than one account so this includes only storing the digital fingerprint of the person on the blockchain instead of all their personal identity data and that ensures compliance with privacy regulations like gdpr once you have a social media account that you can login to with a private key that may well be on a physical device that is also tied to a Niek human individual opportunities to do some unimaginable stuff starts to open up now couple of the big ones I'm thinking of are incorruptible political voting and even universal basic income a few questions remain for me though which I'd be interested to hear your perspective on number one is if part of the signup process for voice is to verify your identity by providing say government ID where does that leave all the people in developing countries that don't have such documents does that leave them excluded number two is this requirement to verify your identity too much friction at the point of signup you know in order for voice to reach mass adoption signing up for a Facebook or Twitter account takes less than a minute and it requires nothing more than an email address number three is this move to pass wordless access to online services that requires the purchase of a Yubikey and that's an expense that the mass market will naturally resist because poor security is something that the average user just can't easily see and appreciate and number four if verifying your identity is a requirement won't that also exclude all those people who may wish to post anonymously such as someone living under a oppressive government maybe I'm expecting voice to be all things to all people which I appreciate is unrealistic but that's all for now please subscribe on whatever platform you're on so you never miss an episode please also consider becoming a supporter in order to get access to all of the bonus features like crypto currency rewards and the private discussion groups just head over to the crypto vests dot show and to respond to my comments above just send me a tweet at Chris Kony int other than that I'll be back with the next episode of the crypto vests so until then it's me Chris Kony saying bye for now

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  2. No vids for weeks ….Libra, chainlink mainnet, BNB DEX listings, bitcoin 10k, ethereum 300 etc boom. And the only thing we got is another shitty EOS shill video.

  3. You "forgot" that they will be able to delete your account/freeze your wallet if they don't like what you are saying.

  4. As soon as people realize they get paid $$$ for comments like for this video, or just to show up, even the biggest Eos hater will jump on Voice..it's human nature..follow the money

  5. Steemit leaves a lot to be desired. How important is social media? why convert it to something good. Steemit is still better than anything around. Who knows what the voice can become.

  6. – anonymous users will be allowed on voice just that they won't be able to earn voice tokens.
    – I'm not sure that digital keys will be the only option to access your account.

  7. With the insane left flipping out over any comment they decide to be offended by, and causing problems for those people, why would anyone want a social network that doxxes you? I hold EOS, but would never use voice. I guess for those who are already verified on Twitter etc, it might be fine. But for most people, there is no upside to using social media.

  8. I have been waiting to be accepted the message says my request to join voice has been received — I don't know how long I have to wait to move forward

  9. No anonymous option will prevent this to be successful and widely adopted. I would never provide personal information to a social media account, even in the brave new world of crypto. But the underlying idea of blockchain based social media with a guarantee that no bots and fake accounts will be around and full control over feed and personal information (if you choose to add some) is definitely interesting.

    The Yubico keys are also an interesting idea, but only if you can get them for a few bucks in any supermarket, like it is now is not practicable.

  10. Cheapest yubikey i found was around £25. Maybe the tokens you accumulate in voice can be used to purchase one.

  11. EOS & Tether are the two CANCERS in the CryptoSpace and Block1 has full control, so they can manipulate the cryptomarket like the Centralbanks… My question why spending time on this fraudulent club of M*rrons?

  12. ⚡⚡⚡ I feel like it's been ages since you uploaded Chris!! just sent you some BTC via Lightning 🙂 ⚡⚡⚡

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