Why the U.S. Should Provide Universal Basic Income

America! We are the richest country on earth, and indeed
the richest civilization that has ever existed. We put a man on the moon! We invented the internet, the assembly line, and the airplane. More billionaires live here than anywhere
else on earth. And we are widely acknowledged as being the
most powerful single nation around. But for a country so wealthy and so innovative,
our living standards are… not that great. Our infant mortality and child poverty rates
are among the highest in the developed world. Americans can expect to live shorter and sicker lives, compared with people living in many
other rich democracies. We have the highest incarceration rate in
the world. And of the ten richest countries, the United States comes in last in terms of mobility and opportunity. The United States is so rich, and yet so many
of its citizens remain impoverished. There’s a big idea out there that could
help solve this. It’s called the universal basic income. The government would give everyone, say, $500
or $1,000 a month — no strings attached, sort of like a Social Security payment. A basic income would help eliminate poverty,
especially deep poverty and poverty among children. It would give workers more bargaining power. With that kind of safety net, people might
become more entrepreneurial, and take more risks. They might free themselves
from abusive figures in their lives. They might go back to school. They might make more art. They might choose to spend more time with
their families, or take care of their elderly relatives, or volunteer in their communities. And economists think it is unlikely that many
people would stop working. Just look at lottery winners – 85% of them
continue to work. Studies even show that they might be more
productive, healthier, happier, and more cohesive as a society. Most importantly: an UBI would give Americans
basic security and more control over in their lives. There are some downsides to a UBI: It would
cost a lot, Though the United States is a relatively low-tax country right now and we could afford it, it might lead some people to stop working,
particularly older workers, younger workers, and the parents of little kids. It might create inflation, with prices rising
since everybody would have more money to spend. It also might grate against our deep-seated
belief that nobody should get something for nothing. The idea of a basic income isn’t new. It’s been around for more than 500 years,
with everybody from Martin Luther King Jr. to Richard Nixon to Bill Gates supporting
some version of it. We are living in a time of great technological
advancement and enormous abundance. But poverty continues. Some families have private inheritances, passing
on their accumulated wealth. A basic income would be like a social inheritance,
sharing the wealth that this society has created and eliminating deprivation for everybody.

  1. ever visit north philly or chicago's south side? we are providing basic income to a portion of the population. and its gotten us into a state of welfare dependence where the incentive to work, to marry, to form lifelong familial bonds and to be productive members of society has drained away.

    relatively homogenous societies with small overall populations and accountable governments (scandinavia, anyone?) can get away with ideas like this. america cannot.

  2. "the government will pay….." The government doesn't have any money. The only money government has is what it takes from people via taxes and fees. Corporations don't really pay taxes, the taxes are a cost that get covered in the cost of the product that consumers pay for. Where will the money come from?

  3. It's supposed to be ample, and work if you want . The S&M freaks been doing their thing well. Nothing else to do; Business needs to behave better. Supply the Money…. if it all Spontaneously Combust; We'd STILL Get things Done. Everyone w/ More than Enough!

  4. The will give you $500-$1000

    Hahahahahaaa. No. The government doesnt give, they take.

    If you're poor in America, it's highly probable that it's your fault.

  5. America became the richest country on earth thanks to capitalism. Stealing money at gunpoint and handing it out kills motivation to be productive for both the donor and the recipient. It’s socialism that is destroying your country.

  6. I'm of two minds, on the one hand I can see the benefits. It could get a lot of the homeless off the streets, feed a lot of children, enable more seniors to pay for their meds. On the other hand, I have a former foster son that would stop working and spend the rest of his drinking and playing video games. He would never bathe, never clean his home and eat nothing but junk food. I don't think most people want to support that with their hard earned money.

  7. Why not just lower taxes? I love how all of these politicians pitch these ideas yet never vote to lower taxes. Same thing with health care. They pitch universal healthcare and all of these free things. They are not going to be free. The same people have been claiming Medicare and social security are broken and have not and will not fix them. They way all of these socialist progressive scams work is that if you have a job you will be paying for all of this. Its called a 60 % payroll tax. 60 % of your yearly income will be taken from you to subsidize all of these wonderful universal programs.

  8. We just need universal healthcare, universal housing, universal food, and universal education. Money given to us should only be based on our needs. Otherwise you’re just going to have a bunch of people wasting tax dollars on drugs, alcohol, and other non essentials. Then to get those non essentials you should have to work for it.

  9. UBI lends itself to communistic ideals and removes direct correlation between work/success and pay. Although I do believe there is great wealth inequality problem UBI is an idiotic solution. Above the mean income will not go positive with (UBI)-(taxes). A better way fix wealth gaps is to prevent monopolies and encourage active economy and better and less costly and better quality education for families in socioeconomic positions.

  10. Such outrageous BS. We've been giving money away for decades and the communities that have been getting it the most are the worse for it. Total propagandist garbage.

  11. Basic economics says it would just go to inflation. Minimum wage in 1981, the year I was born, was $3.35. Minimum wage today is $7.25, nearly double. So are people who make minimum wage better off today than those that made minimum wage in 1981? Well, no. Why? Because the more money people make the more they have to spend. Capitalistic economies are based on supply and demand. Increases in the money supply, increases what people are willing to pay for an item without increasing it's scarcity. Scarcity increases prices because people will pay more for something that is harder to get. Increases in prices decreases demand and so every product or services is priced at the price equilibrium. That means that every buyer is willing to pay the price that for a product of service that every supplier is willing to sell it for. Over supply aka a glut will push down prices and push out competition until the price equilibrium is once again reached. If something is both in high demand and low supply, this will encourage competition to increase supply until once again we reach a price equilibrium.

  12. How can anyone agree with this? Sounds all pretty but it will never work. Yeah give everyone 1k a month and sure people wont flock here to get free goodies and I'm sure all the people who work to survive will still work their shit jobs. There is so much wrong with this idea and I'm sure people will use the money on something productive and not drugs or alcohol. It's all kumbaya and feelings with you people without thinking about the real consequences

  13. Universal basic income is a great idea what could possibly go wrong especially if we have open borders and the country with the most nukes we're only 21 trillion dollars in debt what possibly could go wrong

    Mexico and Canada if we blow ourselves up you're going with us

  14. I think it's fucked up to see hungry people on the streets while other human beings just drive or walk right by them. We wast so much food already. There is no reason on earth why we can't feed those people and give them housing. Especially seeing as how the bots are going to be taking over more and more labour jobs. The number of resources will be unreal. I say just let the bots do the work and implement taxes on the bot labour force. Some of the wealth will go towards the community in order to keep people fed and housed. And then those people can go back to school or volunteer in other areas of society of which can't yet be dealt with by bots. And SO what if there will be those who won't want to do much of anything. Let them stay at home and live their life. But I think that most people will have a strong desire to want more out of life than just sitting at home all day. I know I would! Ethier that or you might as well put a bullet in their heads case what would be the point of living like that?

  15. I've worked for my entire adult life so that I can eat and put a roof over my head.

    Why the hell would I work if those things are provided for me with no effort required on my part?

    Holy crap, even the Soviet Union had anti-parasite laws.

  16. Next March we will start a sort of UBI here in Italy, but only for unemployed citizens! Around 900$ a month untill job centers will find you a job. At the third job offer you refuse (any job offer located within 50 miles from your house) you loose the income. If they don't offer you any job, then you keep receiving it till you die. I believe some people will take advantage of it and some people will use it wisely, like going back to school, but let's see.

  17. Five hundred to a thousand would help a lot of people, but no one is going to quit their job to live on that much.

  18. Ubi or higher wages a tax or paying people a lot more money the companies and the government gonna have to decide if they want the country to survive

  19. I love working for shit money and barely surviving, why would anybody want UBI, the system is obviously great

  20. As a libertarian I’m definitively ubi curious, but only if we replace social programs with ubi iOnstead of adding ubi with social programs. We need more innovation and small businesses with automation taking away jobs. If someone’s basic living expenses could be covered, i would hope it would incentive people to open that little shop they always wanted. Also it would hinder welfare queens or women making babies for benefits. You get a basic income for yourself no more no less.

  21. If wealth was distributed equally amongst everybody there would be no poverty but there would also be no monetary rich people either. Everybody would be more equal but doing different jobs. It would be a more Utopian society.

  22. Just a thought but what is the difference between everyone having zero and everyone having one? Won't the market just inflate? Everyone will get UBI, than have to work a job just to live. How are expense not just going to level out with inflation, meaning that making 30k in a year is like making zero now?

  23. This is problematic

    If we gave each citizen of the US 500 dollars each month, the minimum amount suggested in the video, it could be over a trillion dollars spent each month. If there are no strings attached, meaning no taxes coming back to the government. It would be financial suicide even if we make the rich pay for it, if we're the richest nation in the world, we couldn't sustain it for long. Potentially 3-5 years, even if we as a nation reduced this to only people above the age of 18 or 21. It would only push back the inevitable a few years, this system can't work long term. And it would also depreciate the worth of a dollar, raising prices for goods in the US, and the people in poverty would still be in poverty because with the 500 dollars a month, it wouldn't get them far. And if we made this a government program to be applied to, it would have to work like welfare because if we just gave money away to people who asked without asking questions. What's stopping anyone from applying, only people with a moral stance against taking from programs meant for the poor would not do it. It would literally be free money, there's little to no way we could do this as intended by socialists and People who wish for it. There's too many variables and problems with the system, and it just can't work in the US.

  24. I think we need a Universal Basic Income perhaps on a global scale and funded by a sales tax, more so than a border wall. With a universal basic income, people don't have to move as much for employment.

  25. WFT did I just watch. This was just ideas with no real base first. But the REAL PROBLEM is trying to answer the wrong question. UBI is answering the question of people don't have money so lets give them some. The question that should be asked and answered is why don't they have that money to being with. Even if we give money no strings attached it will end up in the same system that evaporates currency from the bottom and puts it back into the government debt and a little bit to the large corporations.

  26. The biggest issue with this topic is that everywhere you see it, no one gives references. As far as UBI is concerned, this link gives some research done by the Yang campaign. Whether you love the idea or hate it, we are going to see it presented a lot in the coming years, especially as the automation boom sets in and the US presidential election of 2020 looms closer. On its own it isn't a game changer, but if implemented with the appropriate policies you never know. https://www.yang2020.com/policies/the-freedom-dividend/

  27. I don’t recommend it. I’d be willing to take part in a civil war over this. And, as a matter of fact… MANY others would agree. It wouldn’t be good for your health 😉

  28. This is literally what happens before hitler was elected into power. The money became valueless because they were just printing it and handing it out . People were literally carrying bags full of money to the grocery store and it wasn’t worth anything

  29. This is liberal socialism.
    Poverty is a mindset, not a financial situation.
    No one has a right to income. They have a right to make choices. Good choices yield good results… and bad choices, bad results.
    Society does not owe anybody. Work… and do so wisely.

  30. why is living standards low.. well for who.. the people who choose it.. so what.. that's what they want.. who am I to tell them in a free society to conform and get a job and live well. people don't understand a free society.. they think free means everyone equal.. sorry that not how freedom works. and ill tell you a secret.. in socialist countries.. it doesn't work like that either.. never has never will. ask anyone who escaped socialist country, whats better?.. you cant deny truth.

  31. Not going for it. Ive had my intellectual property stolen, not compensated for when I demand compensation Im retaliated against via attempts at defamation of my character. I can fish, ppl dont want myself to indulge in my catch because how are they going to eat. Im very angry because in taking food out of my mouth, theyre taking food out of my family mouth. I hate capitalism, socialism, communism because as an Individual with means to production, my intellect. constantly fight against economic parasites whom attempt to deem myself "exploitable" in those systems I mention. And which is why they prolly doing this to myself. They know theyre stealing from myself and thinking giving myself a portion of what has been stolen is a "fair exchange" foh.
    Yall dead to myself.

  32. It's compensation for having our free access to land taken away. First written about in the book Agrarian Justice, around 400 years ago.

  33. What entitles people who are “unwilling “ to work to free money? I mean, nothing is free. This money has to come from somewhere. If rich are to be taxed, what prevents them from moving somewhere else, long with their billions?

  34. Disclaimer: All the negatives in this presentation was brought about by socialist minded democrats. Universal income means more money to spend on booze and drugs. The problems will not be eliminated but made worse actually.

  35. This presenter forgot that this plan already exists and really helped no one. It is called welfare.

  36. What's wrong with working hard all your life save and scrape together a decent chunk of change by retirement. You live off the intrest via mutual funds. Then you give it to your kids (who are usually adults at this time) when you pass on to build on. It worked for our parents and their parents.

  37. Although UBI is a great concept I don't think Andrew Yang can be trusted. He comes out of the Obama era and he'll use the promise of UBI to get elected. Then once he's in it will be business as usual with open borders, crime, "refugees" pouring in and sky high taxes. Then we may not even get UBI. Sorry I just don't anyone with the "orange man bad" mindset.

  38. Love the cut out style it's so cool! Probs wouldn't happen tho since this is such a price project and it takes forever to budget stuff. Maybe in the farish future but who knows? The world can change super fast.

  39. UBI is good with restrictions. You need to look at the amount, age, state etc. Age: 18 & above- college going, yes little help would be nice, pay for the dorm etc. Amount: you can't give one fixed amount to all people. It should go by state to state. $500 is ok for michigan not ok for california. People who are getting other benefits, shouldn't get the extra money. They need to look at everything.

  40. It's one of the few new government programs that I wouldn't mine being created. If we exchange Universal Income for most of our current welfare programs it would be a big improvement all around for most low-income people.

  41. It sounds like a grear idea, but still, it sound too good to be true… But lets' see am goingbyo vote for Andrew Yang… Because he his working to propose this effort on the run for President next…..

  42. Any UBI less that $1,700 a month is a joke. $500 a month is pennies, people on welfare get more than that and they’d have to give up welfare to get UBI under most plans. That’s not a livable income. The national poverty line is $20,000 per year. $1,000 per month isn$12,000 per year. What. A. Joke. UBI isn’t a basic income if it doesn’t even cover basic needs. Please go read UCLA Professor Carole Pateman’s thoughts on how to do UBI right, she knows what she’s talking about.

  43. If a universal basic income is to be adopted, there are issues
    that must be acknowledged and addressed, as follows:

    (1) A basic economic fact is that when the demand side of a
    market is increased without a corresponding increase in supply, price
    increases. Thus, the UBI must be accompanied by a commitment to a significant
    increase in the development of affordable housing. Otherwise, the increased
    disposable income experienced by lower-income and even moderate-income
    households (renters first, then potential first-time homebuyers) will end up in
    the pockets of owners of apartment buildings and land owners.

    (2) The above outcome could be mitigated by providing the
    financial incentive to local governments (including all taxing jurisdictions
    that tax real estate) to move to a land-only property tax base. A small number
    of taxing bodies (almost all in Pennsylvania, including the state capital,
    Harrisburg) have moved at least part of the way in this direction with good
    results. The economics (but not the politics) are straightforward. A high
    enough annual tax on the value of land brings land to the market, lowering land
    prices for housing and other development. The effect is intensified as property
    improvements are untaxed.

    (3) The individual income tax needs to be restructured to
    distinguish between earned income and income derived from passive investment
    and speculation (i.e., from rent-seeking). At minimum, all income should be
    subjected to the same progressive rates of taxation. What are today treated as
    "capital gains" and taxed at rates lower than wages or salaries are
    not capital gains at all. Actual capital goods (i.e., buildings, machinery and
    technologies) depreciate over time and never sell for more than the cost of
    acquisition. A combination of economic efficiency and tax equity could be
    achieved by exempting all individual incomes up to some amount (e.g., the national
    median), eliminating all other exemptions and deductions. Above the exempt
    level, higher ranges of income would then be subjected to increasing rates of
    taxation. In this system, earned income is favored and rent-derived income is
    captured to pay for public goods and services.

    With these measures adopted, the effect of the UBI would be real
    and permanent.

    Edward J. Dodson, M.L.A., Director

    School of Cooperative Individualism


  44. We would rather enslave poor children to be the servants of the rich. I grew up in America, and I will tell you, we love poor slave children to do our dirty work. I know, I was one. I have only ever known the sick greed of this country — while being told how fortunate and free I am. What barbaric lies get shoved down our malnourished throats! They are lies that will persist because of big money and absent-minded, misguided patriotism. And for that, America may fail in the long-term. And the true human suffering we face will demand its destruction, if we do not change our ways soon. True patriotism requires constructive dissent, not absolute devotion. Evolutionary politics, not polarized stagnation. Less, more effective governance, not bloated, ineffective welfare. It requires new approaches to fairness and balance, not demonization of those who do not dominate their situation. If we are to survive as a country, we must evolve to a libertarian, socialist, co-operative. One that will benefit the rich and the poor in constructive and fair ways. We need to evolve!

  45. we did the same thing to the Indians. look at them. a bunch of drunk savages. this video was produced by a moron communist.

  46. UBI properly implemented is one of the most effective, efficient, simple, fair, and cheapest ways to accomplish many of the progressive economic/inequality goals that truly benefit everyone.

    Digging Yang’s framing of UBI and the way he has laid it out.

    Would love to see more convo on the benefits of UBI on poverty, prisoner rehabilitation, abused women, sex trade, abortions, unions, upward mobility, charities, marriage, health, mental health, IQ, crime, overall economy, education and graduation rates, etc

  47. Oh my gosh, no no NOOOOO – basic income. Why don’t we just become a 3rd world country now? Tell me who has a richer democracy? Which country has more opportunity? I live in EU as an American and I see them take their low income w/high degrees that are equal among the EU countries and gamble more, drink more and start-up companies are close to impossible to succeed unless they have backing of $$$$$$. The cost to get a license for a company start-up is a lot, the govt taxes to hire one person are huge per month to pay their socialist healthcare and school wallet. By the way, their healthcare sucks.

  48. The reason why the US has a large diversity in income and standard of living is because people have CHOICES – they choose to become rich or stay poor. The US is the greatest example of allowing individuals CHOICES. It's beyond pathetic to think that printing money or taxing the rich and giving it to people would be a good idea. Absurdly insane! Canada has a fantastic example to show just how destructive a UBI is – just look at the native population all across Canada.

  49. I live in american and I can't even afford to buy a meal everyday or to find healthy food… Universal Basic Income is needed immediately, the dumb thing is you say "it costs alot" but where do they think the money is going to go, it's going to get spend and end up back in the same pocket that gave it to us. Ever since we won world war 2, I have wondered why every american citizen has not received this social inheritance, if trump wants to make america great again, he needs to start with Universal Basic Income.

  50. Legalize marijuana an with that help the poor with geting a education for who ever want too go back too school alotta ppl are stuck in a gap cuz they don’t have the rescorces too go back too school no car or maybe they have kids. But legalize marijuana and create more social.

  51. Your human civilization has officially accomplished its domain on the planet with technology and automation. Just as any average household can afford to feed and shelter their cats and dogs, so your government can afford to feed and shelter YOU.

    I don't mean to compare humans to dogs or cats, but see modern humans don't see their pets as pets. They treat them as family. You are a human family with great potential to look after one another, and to benefit from the myriad innovations that can and will arise when you keep everyone alive instead of leaving them all to fight each other in survival desperation.

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