Why the Jojo Community is so Great

—Secret Episode: Meatman Meats the Gravy Town (Part 3) So last time I was walking in a town or something. I don’t remember the town’s name, but it musta been stoopid or something. Imma be real, sometimes I don’t remember things. I just don’t remember.. the people.. the bodies… their screams…. the flames.. of exhaust. Watching their lives expire, from the flame light of life… to a silent dark.
I.. I…..
I don’t gotta worry about that right now! Eheheh!
Spoiler alert, but I got outta that jangle of a mess, and I’m eating some pie right now with a very classy gentleman. I believe his name was… xxx. Never heard of him, but he knows me of course. I’m mister meatman! World famous youtuber! Eh, but anyways I’m sitting right now and eating pie. So lemme try and remember what the heck happened. So uh… hmm… I was in town, when the populace arrived. I slaughtered most of them… and continued on my way. But alas, alas, as I continued on my journey, smelling alas; a pie on a windowsill somewhere so far and free from this terrible terrible land, more and more of the populace attempted to destroy me, with their gravy. Them fricken gravy!! I..I…! I kept slaughtering them, erasing their existences to a molecular level! But alas, alas, they kept on coming and coming! This was when I began to believe, I may never escape. I may never find that pie. And that thought.. that thought..! It really.. it really…..!!!! IT REALLY PISSED ME OFF!! I WANT PIE DAMNIT!!! I WANT PIE!!!!
Ah! But then, then then then! I had a cool idea! Why don’t I torture the populace who is attackig me, and ask them how I could possible get them to stsnd down. Well actually first I asked about “Immediate Gemocide”. But theeeen, theeeeen, I got to thinkin about it and asked for whoever directed ceasefires.
The populace I tortured refused to talk, alas until their lastly-existing moments, to which they’d reveal everything. And then I’d crush them into nothingness, their moarable existences expiring as a blanket of black.
Whaaat? I didn’t promise them nothin like mercy! Maybe I said, “I will not harm your people if you stop annoying me,” but them folks I’d been torturin did definitely annoy me!
So don’t be callin me a liar or nothin, ya goofs! Heheh.! Anyhoo, I find out what I need to. Turns out, this is a stupid-ass hive mind group, controlled by a sentient being known as The Mayor, who as the name implies, acts as the mayor of the town.
Ever since he was a little kid, he wanted people to eat Gravy, and love it as he did (which was uh.. like a lot. Like a LOT.)
When he was 34 years old, the Mayor’s love for gravy manifested into an ability for which he can now can use to buff, manipulate, and basically own The Populace.
This manifestation occured 83 years ago! Yet, the mayor has not aged a day. So uh, basically, the populace can do what they can do basically all cause of one guy. Kinda lame, but okay, whatever gets the narrative along I guess.
So I think, now where oh where could a mayor be? Golf park? Dead hooker motel? Nah, nah..
Oh! I know! The-the-the-! The freakin uh, Mayor’s Office.
I think that up, and then I go over to the mayor’s office.
I think to myself, “Aww geez! Heheh, I hate politics!”
A crowd of people begin laughing. This is because they, like I, also do not enjoy politics. It’s relatable humor. Please laugh.
So I kill them all, ya know. No survivors. And I step through a big-ass place; for which I can only assume to be the mayor’s office.
A very VERY polite man invites me in and shakes my hand. I dunno who this dude is, but he is VERY polite, and yet.. not overbearing.
He looked like like Teddy Roosevelt, except that Teddy Rosevelt died in 1919…. 100 years ago to be precise…..
100 years ago… to this precise day…….
Woah…. Uh, anyhoo, so that one guy, he’s-he’s like, he shakes my head. He gives me some meat. He gives me the funnies pages. I don’t even have to ask. He just tells me, yeah, I’m just doing stuff I do for everybody. Cause ya know, I myself am just doing what I’d do for myself.
And then, this guy in the mayor’s office – now sitting in the mayor’s seat btw, says he’s noticed my satisfied reaction. He himself is very satisfied, and proclaims that we both are pretty similar to one another. I don’t disagree, though I do call him an h word.
But nevertheless, we get over our differences, and play a quick game mahjong.
12 minutes have passed. And how many times have I won? 12! Neither of us know how to play Mahjong, but we made up rules and ai won in the made-up rules.
Oh l, uh… anyhoo. Then the guy um..
Then the guy uh… And uh, well, I-I like the guy, okay?
I like him. He’s a cool guy. He’s a really guy, but uh…
Turns out he’s kinda gey. Not like, gey gey. But like… lame geay.
Like he thought the whole “CNN is owned by the Chinese” stuff was just a stupid conspiracy theory. Ev…even though I told him that my cousin Eddie saw the whole thing. So… I dunno… he’s lame gey I guess.
And then I slit his throat. Also, I don’t have a cousin eddie. We actually got into an argument over something else but I’m not gonna say what.
Also he was the mayor. But eh.. like, that was a really anti-climactic reveal ngl. So we don’t gotta talk hour ngl.
Um… so I destroyed he Populace Leader. And all the Populace exploded into chucks.
So then I continued on my path, and followed the road to this small house, which is actually on the border between town and another hick town. But then I reached the house with the pie on its windowsill, met the baker, xxx.
And uh… now I’m here.
*Nom nom.*

  1. For JoJo, the only fans I hate are the people who spoil (I hate everyone who spoil, even though I don't usually mind spoilers), and I guess every fandom has a toxic side. Otherwise I like JoJo fandom 🙂

  2. That's actually true. The Jojo community is one of the best communities. It has so many passionate fans that really love the show and make some great content, fan arts, memes, cosplays etc. But my God (HA I SAID GOD WHICH MEANS DIO LOL!1!!1) the constantly "is this a Jojo reference" is becoming so annoying, especially now that the show gained a lot of popularity with the Part 5 anime. Back in 2015-16, it was ok. It was a still growing community, but now that the community is big, is there really a need to point out obvious references, that even people who didn't watch the show can recognize? Jojo has to be watched for many other reasons, not just because "ha funny meme man said the funny"

  3. Is this the real life-
    Is this just fantasy-
    Caught in a landslide-
    No escape from reality-
    Open your eyes
    Look up to the skies and see-
    I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy-
    Because I'm easy come, easy go,
    A little high, little low,
    Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me, -to me-,

    Mama, just killed a man,
    Put a gun against his head,
    Pulled my trigger, now he's dead,
    Mama, life had just begun,
    But now I've gone and thrown it all away-
    Mama, ooo,
    Didn't mean to make you cry-
    If I'm not back again this time tomorrow-
    Carry on, carry on,
    As if nothing really matters-

    Too late, my time has come,
    Sends shivers down my spine-
    Body's aching all the time,
    Goodby everybody-I've got to go-
    Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth-
    Mama, ooo-
    I don't want to die,
    I sometimes wish
    I'd never been born at all-

    I see a little silhouette of a man,
    Scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the Fandango-
    Thunderbolt and lightning-
    Very very frightening me-
    Galileo, Galileo,
    Galileo, Galileo,
    Galileo figaro-Magnifico-
    But I'm just a poor boy and nobody loves me-
    He's just a poor boy from a poor family-
    Spare him his life from this monstrosity-
    Easy come easy go will you let me go-
    Bismillah! No-,
    We will not let you go-let him go-
    Bismillah! We will not let you go-let him go
    Bismillah! We will not let you go-let him go
    Will not let you go-let me go
    Will not let you go-let me go
    No, no, no, no, no, no, no-
    Mama, mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go-
    Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me, for me-for me-

    So you think you can stone me
    And spit in my eye-
    So you think you can love me
    And leave me to die-
    Oh Baby-Can't do this to me baby-
    Just gotta get out-
    Just gotta get right outta here-

    Nothing really matters,
    Anyone can see,
    Nothing really matters-, nothing really matters to

    Anyway the wind blows…

    -Copy and pasted off of J-Lyric.net

  4. I require pizza pie of thumbnail

    I’m joking I don’t like pineapple pizza I just want the sauce for the Thumbnail for I can use that torture method on Italians

  5. Exquembs memes sir

    Is that what one would consider a reference to the japanese animated show known as jojo's bizarre adventure?

  6. Fans: make comments on music about JoJo
    Others: Man I wish people stopped doing this so much

    In an alternate universe

    Fans: don't make those comments knowing it's too predictable
    Others: Is no one gonna make a joke based on JoJo?

  7. Little known fact:
    The title “Dio the Invader” is actually a reference to “Invader Zim.” As you can clearly see, Dio’s almost alien psychopathic tendencies/hatred of humans almost perfectly replicated those of our little Green Alien Friend (why do you IDIOTS think Araki set up Dio’s potential clone through a green baby?) and don’t even get me started on GIR: Golden Irkite Requiem

  8. Could this perhaps take semblance to the famous manga and anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure by Hirohiko Araki?

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  10. DIO: “Look at it, LOOK AT THE CHAOS.”
    Diavolo: “Why are you making me watch this.”
    Kira: “Let’s just get this over with.”

  11. Ok actually the Jojo fandom is split into 4,25% parts.
    The first is the people who make Jojo memes to be funny and creative,the second are the people who up vote and share jojo memes cause they are funny it made them laugh and they want to share it's creativity with others,there is then the third and forth that are not so…good…
    The third are uh…basically the people who make r34 out of it……..yeah……..
    And lastly is the 25% your talking about,the idiots who see jojo and think, 'Oh LoOk iTs JoJo' so yeah I understand,but if you want to go more in depths with the fandom,that's all 4 sections.

  12. Personally I only comment about jojo on jojo videos because I am in fact a HoHo: Hol Horse. Now as for his video I think it's. Minecraft reference because I saw some block.
    No wait hold ye horses that's not it, is that a………

    Legend of Zelda REfErenCE?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

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