Why Society Is In So Much Pain

what is it about this culture that makes so many of us unhappy unkind to others frustrated the iron from ourselves there's one idea of human nature which is what this culture promotes the human beings are by nature selfish I'm better an aggressive odd for personal gain and now there's another usual answer which is that there's no human nature but it's just an empty slate I wish you could write anything you want there's an idea of your kids you can just program into it anything by behavioral program so that basically empty were devoid of any internal nature so it's whatever we happen to learn the third you of your nature never actually wired a certain way he's rewired for contact for love the connection for generosity for connection is a larger haul beyond the small ego and then whatever conditions interfere with that is what creates the dysfunction from that point of view if you have a society that promotes selfishness it's a promotes competition it promotes aggression and that promotes people feeling dissatisfied with what they have that always says that people are only worth what they produce or what they own or it's only matter that matters this materialistic materialistic so that our form will be pretty or handsome or cold or flabby defines we are well if there's a human nature that's quite contrary to that then creating a society that goes against human nature creates a suffering so I would say that what Greece's sufferings that we live in a completely unnatural Society but actually tramples on what it means to be a human being and that's that's the essence of suffering you

  1. Thank you very much for this. Profoundly touching (and important). I wish I was more articulate right now, but just wanted you to know that this feels very true and that the ACTUAL (not just conceptual) pain of this…how to call it?… this mass cultural trance, this trauma and continuous un-sane programming (of selfishness, of running after pleasure for me above all else, of shallowness and speed, that results in a sort of a trance, a sort of 'running on automatic'/not noticing), the pain of this (this un-sanity, this moving away from what's sane and natural) is deeply felt.

    The depth and magnitude of it makes it seem almost hopeless.

    I wonder if the trance can ever be broken, I wonder if we can stop running on automatic (according to how we've been programmed), if we are able to slow down the momentum of conditioning and notice (notice what is actually happening in us).
    It seems like the whole huge wave of the culture has an incredible momentum and is pushing us away from stopping and noticing, is pushing us to keep running blindly after pleasure, pleasure for me..

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