Why Socialism is Evil w/ Bill Lockwood

yeah Jesus want organized religion my furnace here and I'm going to ask him that question be a lot wood one of the smartest white men on this side of heaven me a lot wood is here he is the radio talk-show host a teacher pastor of the hour oh i mean i OWA our part Church of Christ and the author of the book Ezekiel the watchman of Israel and he is here yeah how you doing loud and clear okay so have you been since we last talked great great busy yeah I know to me just like you though it's amazing man it's my loss a lot of stuff going on I do want to get into an in climate change communism socialism and immigration all this stuff that's happening but first did you hear about the shooting down in San Diego California that happened last Saturday or this past weekend or something are you speaking about a synagogue synagogue yes I did I heard clips of it yeah I heard short pieces of the news on it ideas do you have an opinion about it no I don't have any opinion about it and I hadn't really mulled over that too much things been happening well it was a it was a 19 year old white male who had been accused of going into the synagogue and killing one wounding at least two or three people they caught him and he allegedly left behind and anti-semitic manifesto well he claimed claimed Jewish people ran the world and that he was willing to sacrifice his future for the sake of his people and my concern my concern is that because white people hate it especially white men around the world and they are constantly under attack some of them are starting to get angry and in that anger they are acting out in the wrong manner and that's what the enemies of God want they want to encourage these people keep accusing them and accusing them and you know taking their jobs and putting them in the back of the bus to make them angry so they can't act out and then lock them up and take away our guns all kinds of stuff I'm concerned about white men especially young men and women getting angry and acting out in the wrong way what do you think of that well I have agreed with that I've said that for a long time that the society continues to put as you've said white men on the back of the bus and discriminate against white males and people are going to be angry people are going to be angry in the south people are gonna be angry in the different states you know regarding gun rights and just just regarding the border for example yeah this is they're already going down there in arresting a hordes of illegals coming across because our federal government refuses to actually secure our borders and so people are getting angry about it my concern is that I would want them I would encourage them to speak up before they get angry so that they can do to see the right thing and do the right thing vote out these people vote in the right people stand up and speak out and but if they get anger they're gonna come out swinging in the wrong way which gonna end up hurting them well that's true I mean you know what is it's possible to be angry and sin not yeah yeah Ephesians 4:26 but you know that this young man who you mentioned earlier was angry and he said of course he did what was wrong but that's also goes to the fact that we've erased the biblical values from the undergirding of America yes we eat no children you know that hedonism is just great and in act out which you want to act out and you can't help it and you you have to be on medication because you can't help your anger issues and on and on it goes yeah we really we've really said a bad plate for ourselves in our society that's why one of the reason that I've been fighting for the last 25 29 years now to rebuild the family we build a man in order to rebuild the family because and we don't bring back that order of God of God in Christ Christ a man man of a woman woman / children it's not gonna get better it's just only gonna get worse I think you're exactly right I mean we're seeing that the lack of male positive male leadership in the churches in the homes in society is actually destroying us it's just it's hurtful I realize – it's not just happening in America it's happening around the world I saw a report the other day I don't know how true it is but because it was on the internet that over in China I believe that the men that China is very concerned that the mana become is so effeminate that they have now started training young boys young boys how to be alpha male meaning that they take them out and they they do boot camp kind of things with them in order to help them to grow into men rather than effeminate men and and they are trying to cut off this stop these movies from coming into that country and influence you know effeminate men rather than muscular men because so many men in the movies today I plan you know there hasn't like a female oh yeah and when men in movies how earrings art or they block out the every so that the boys don't see that these men are dressing like women yeah well we've had that horrible example America said in a horrible example for the world in this I mean we have glorified the Metro Man we've glorified homosexuality the chin in the history of mankind who actually legitimatize homosexual marriage and you know and then the media actually glorifies and lionesses homosexuality I mean you have people were running for president now homosexuals open homosexuals and no it's just so I mean we our society is glorifying the wrong things and I think China's see some of that but at any rate that's I think they're on the better track they're at least yes absolutely and one other thing I want to ask you about I don't know if you familiar with necessary to apologize if you're not there's a so-called Mesa Mesa outburst I'll bring out break and they are trying to quantum people and stuff like that I don't know I'm I don't know if the stir is true or not I don't know if it's that bad or if they're just the media is pretending that it's that bad in order to fascinate everybody called a lot of people refusing to be fascinated and uh just me and so I don't know is it an attempt to force people to do it or if it's really an outbreak of measles and and my concern too is that if it's true that is an outbreak of measles while they still allow a link to aliens and refugees and others who come into our country with unchecked they are bringing all these diseases back that was once defeated in our country and rather than stopping these people coming in they'll punish the American people about by voice fascination and Kuantan and all that stuff well you're exactly right we have eradicated in the in history we have Radek many diseases that are so debilitating to our culture but they have they've come back roaring back from not only illegal immigration but the sexual revolution from the 1960s where you know a venereal diseases are rampant yeah and but you're exactly right and I do my understanding is that there is a measles outbreak part partially because of people refusing to vaccinate the children against measles and you know I I'm not for that I don't I don't believe that we ought to deny the vaccination of our children on that but it's sad that we have the worst in 25 years I understand so it is a sad situation so you believe there an outbreak of immediately so why do I think shut down the board isn't stopping you from coming in because they're coming in with these people you know what in the border states are the worst ones I mean in California Arizona Texas those states Florida those states that have the highest immigration population those are the ones who have so much of this problem yes absolutely we're not screening that at all we don't you know we're just letting everybody in with regardless of you know if they just say we're I'm afraid for my life or I you know I live in poverty well there's a reason to come on up here so I guess the world will come in and live on our front doorstep here and they're all they're doing it for the vote it's not that they care about the people at all either legal or illegal it's all for the boat in order to get power and wealth that's right you can determine that by looking at how much they give to charitable giving how much did the Democrats give personally in charitable giving it's always like point zero one percent like Obama was point point zero one or point zero two percent Joe Biden two percent you know I mean this is how they give in charitable giving personally no they they want to force you to give the per that's socialism they want to force you to do the giving I got a used to statement or question for you from somewhere by the name of tons more cowbell from you to cowbell he said I rather my kid had measles for two weeks then then autism for life speaking from experience what do you say to that well you know what I'm not gonna argue with him on that I don't know he may be right I I'm not certain I have not studied that issue at length I just know that I was I was vaccinated as a child if you go overseas I was military family they sent us over we had to be vaccinated on everything yeah there was no traveling unless you did so but that's that's the argument that they give and I have not studied the science on it at all so you know maybe maybe it's he's right on that I don't know yeah I was fascinated in high school I mean in school and when I was in high school a fascinating I want to ask you about this climate st. change house represented Cortez okano Cortez was saying that according to climate change we only have 12 years left to live on a planet on planet Earth you know and you say also being a beta beta O'Rourke is sure we only have ten years now what can you tell us about that oh yes I guess you know all of this all of this is just one crowbar to force socialism on the United States of America you know it's all based upon the 97% lie that is to say that 97% of scientists agree that climate change global warming of course they call it global warming because it's you know anthropogenic global warming 8gw is all human caused and so it since this human cause then therefore we have to control everything that everybody does and occasional Cortez actually is not crazy compared to what the United Nations has stated the United Nations in 1991 had come out in their sustainable development of agenda agenda 21 actually is what it was and I said we want to control the action of every person every decision that is made on the planet in terms of what does it have the or what effect does it have on the environment so that's exactly she's only the same what the United Nations Masters have told her to say but all of its based upon lies Jesse and that is that there's not a 97% agreement among client as scientists on the climate even though Obama quoted the 97% even in one of the State of the Union addresses but it's all that's all fabricated material that's just a grand bold lie that so many scientists agree as a matter of fact there have been scientists who've tried to state that and and they there are there's a couple of examples we can talk about but finally reviewing the evidence 31,000 scientists sent a letter to Congress saying this is all bunk it has it is worthless and so but this is the only the only tool they have in the bag of tricks to get us into a socialistic society top-down control they seem to want the people centralized and cities and they want to voice us to use public transportation have you noticed that oh yeah yeah they've been doing that for a long long time what's wrong with any people yeah well they've actually started that way back this isn't in the early part of the last century we're in for example when states came into the Union the the states retained ownership of the of the properties of the lands and never gave them to the people that's why we have for example 75 of the West is locked up in federal lands or Bureau of Land Management lands or national parks or national reserves because the federal government unconstitutionally retained the lands and force people into the cities instead of when this those states became states such as Arizona run from then they were to there were to give that land to the people but they did not do that they retained it and federal government takes control and the people are locked up in Flagstaff Phoenix and Tucson and there you have a quarter and it's the same thing in every western state seventy-five percent of the West is locked down and you couldn't own a piece of property if you wanted to as a matter of fact if you have a piece of private property that is landlocked from federal lands you can't even utilize it amazingly you can't even get to it can't build a road through their property and so they they they don't want people farming anymore you know how when I was growing up there were farmland all over the place they don't want that anymore you know they don't know they want to control it's total control its total lockdown so it's all about control everything is about that these people doing is about controlling the people right right well just like you and I've talked about the wildfires in California yeah same thing holiday they refused to clean out deadfall and you know they don't talk about that but that's of course it's all the tinderbox out there out the west and everybody travels walks through the forests in Colorado or California we'll see that that's the case you can't even walk through some of the forests the deadfall is so tremendous I noticed that in LA area here they are tearing down old shops and building high-rise apartments all across LA it's happening everywhere yeah live on top of each other that's what we want to do yeah lady why don't the people do something the why why is it that the we the people are acting like cattles being herded up for the kill yeah that's a good question human psychology I guess I it is sad I mean we have we've been we've been boiled to death just like the frog in the water you know a founding fathers Jesse they were afraid of there might be 10 percent taxes from the government of England and so that they thought well we're gonna just we're going to break away from England I mean they're gonna control us they might even tax us 10% we'll look here the middle class today is paying 50% we're working through June to pay the federal government today hache slave half free we cannot exist that way and so just to be clear all these apartment buildings going up and stuff that we're seeing happening around LA and that is part of the agenda 21 plan right that's correct even though it violates the very principles that occasion Cortez talks about you know we'll have to restructure every every building we can't have these skyscrapers you know that of course is harming the visual environment so we can't have that but that's right i mean they're they're crowding people into the cities and that's how they'll take care of if everybody gets around the metro rail and know no borders and let everybody in and it's just not gonna be a country that we've known how do we stop it well you know we can have to get hold of our congressmen and senators and get rid of the senators that are intimate or the rhinos the Republicans in name only and and defeat the Democrats as and recognize that they're socialists and whereas socialism been successful wearing all right no we're all right we people have to wake up it begins in our education system I mean the federal government's taking over education know how we gonna get that back we have to start putting our kids in private schools or taking over the education system somehow I noticed who that every time someone stands up and speak out against this stuff they want a the especially Democrats and the right no they want to punish the people taking their jobs away from them or calling them races or labor in them and some type of negative way and they end up putting fear and remind me on the Taliban is really they end up putting fear into people and we had that fear as hard to function right you know but this is kind of a I thought it was just laughable you know Joe Biden came out with his Presidential Inaugural I mean there's a kickoff for his campaign talked about we need to get back to the founding principles in the Constitution I thought that is laughable the Democrats are so far from the founding principles they wouldn't recognize the Constitution became up and bidam yeah they're all about big government big government programs unions for example it was but it was supporting Biden as was mentioned by James take just a few moments ago these people don't have any clue about the government the government has no business and welfare has no business and FHA housing or business and banking or business and any of these things right but yet that's what these Democrats are all for amazing and so would you say that socialism is evil it is evil you know what I thought this was interesting I was reading a statement from not only Thomas Jefferson but Benjamin Franklin but the founders all all basically agreed excuse me that that socialism is evil because socialism the redistribution of finances the redistribution of wealth or egalitarianism the redistribution of benefits in society all of that violates the first order of society the free order of association the free association we have with one another by taking from some and giving to the other and it violates that so Benjamin Franklin for example was said in France and he says you know they have a welfare system over here and you noticed the streets were ghettos that people were on the streets begging and that it was a continually growing problem that they had there because the state was taking care of people and it was just a growing ghetto he says that will never happen in America he says it debilitates the human spirit it makes people not want to work it makes them not want to do anything that's that's productive for their own lives it's all counterproductive and so he pointed out that God has placed in position certain things in order to cause us to work and hunger and need and want are some of those things he says we better be careful before we start messing around with the order of God and the and the results that God has placed in in the system yeah in order to cause people to motivate them to get out and work that's right you know so as he was speaking I'm thinking about how long this has been in action and I remember growing up with men were the head of the wives and mothers and men and husbands operated together to raise children mothers would be home if they were married with kids so they told that down got rid of them in a meeting the women more dependent on the government and then I remember when they had this faust busing and integration and all that kind of stuff and then they went on and and they took any mention of God out of the public square out of the schools and the people screamed about it but they let him do it anyway and then they started to brainwash the children turning them against their own parents and against God and it's just been a and that as it was had taken God out they were bringing in perverted lifestyles like encouraging young people to have sex before marriage and live together before marriage and then they started telling them you can live with your parents out of wedlock and have sex right in your parents home it's okay to how babies how the every time they've been tearing down the order of God and ushering in the disorder of God which is up Satan and now it's just a real mess that a lot of young people don't even know the right way to live they don't know about it well this has been on the drawing boards by the Liberals and the so-called progressives for over a hundred years yeah and it started with such things as the creation of the Federal Reserve why was that so important in Woodrow Wilson's period because it enabled the government to tap into the creation of fiat money in order to fund all of the programs you know the government I mean you cannot provide a welfare system if we're going to directly tax you to give to me right it's just not gonna work so we're gonna have to we're gonna have to do something else so they created the Federal Reserve to create money then FDR came along and suggested all such things such as Social Security and a lot of different socialistic programs you know the Supreme Court I and a unanimous decision on more than one occasion said every one of his programs were entirely unconstitutional out of bounds were unlawful in our nation just as Samuel Adams had said so many years before he said this is all these utopian schemes are unconstitutional redistribution of money so said the Supreme Court of the 1930s FDR and the Democrats played hardball he said they threatened to pack the Supreme Court just like the Democrats are doing today and they said you know what we're gonna we're gonna change this up we're going to get them through and he crammed it through and soon enough after the death of one or two of those justices and replacing them with some of the FDR people they passed our they agreed to the Social Security system and so forth and we've not been the same since and you know the dead by the way the debt passed from one generation to the other Thomas Jefferson pointed out in itself is immoral that's in the morality that sells socialism is immoral we're spending more than we're worth taking in and we're passing that debt on to our children which every child born has so many mountains of so much mountain of debt upon that child held that's amazing anything when they are now voting in Muslims into our government who hate America I hate Israel and that's a darkness thing I ever seen their endeavors all that goes right back to the government that the states should have stood up here's an opportunity for the states to stand up on Obamacare or in the in the replacement of these refugees they should have said absolutely not you're not setting these refugees in our state at all but they did they placed huge blocks of people in different states now they have elected Muslims into the Congress which who have a complete different idea about freedom that we do yes they don't even have an idea of Liberty that's what the Tehran's completely against it we could have set up matter of fact what state stood up to Obama care and says no we're not going to have the exchange in our state and you're not coming in as a federal government and putting the exchange here what state did that no none none that I'm aware of why not cowers and now these people got an ID they got to be bringing in where did you say bill someone's gonna have to draw a line so state's gonna have to stand up and it was some man and say no yeah and now they're gonna be ushered in I know in Detroit there's an area Detroit where they're Muslims I'm totally taking over I'm pushing it out and then gonna be bringing in Sharia law and the American people even the police won't be able to go into that community and enforce the United States laws you know in the mainstream media they are on board with it and they assist all of this takeover because they pretend it's not happening they've been telling us for a long time for example that there's no crisis at the border yeah there is no crisis for these Muslim refugees coming into the country we don't have a problem there's nothing wrong going on here they have lied to the American people the mainstream media and people don't know it they don't realize it until it's really too late amazing sad isn't it it really really is that was a Muslim she won a local government position in some city and when they were swearing her in a white woman did the Lord's Prayer and doing the swearing-in on this Muslim woman and I don't remember naming we're located it was in Pennsylvania mo yeah it was in Pennsylvania and the Muslim woman got upset saying that it was offensive for this white woman to do the Lord's Prayer or pray to God doing her swearing-in because she's a Muslim how you going to come into our country a Christian nation and tell us it's offensive to do the Lord or pray to God during the swearing it I will ship that woman back to Allah by so fast and make her head swim to mention of Jesus that's right that's that's why America better figure out what our roots are because you know the idea that oh we don't want to be a Christian nation and all that kind of thing and we don't want people they don't even understand that principle they don't it has nothing to do with forcing people to go to church being a Christian nation means that we are based upon biblical value and biblical principles yeah from the Bible and not from the Quran and all of that is very simple our founding fathers 100% understood that they taught it they preached it Patrick Henry even said our country was built upon the gospel of Jesus Christ I mean you know what the fact that we're a Christian nation we have forgotten and that's I think one of the roots of our problem yes I love the principles of God that's written in my heart yeah daddy what was that woman named never swore Nia movida Movida yamo vena Johnson Hara was to move some woman something like that oh so there's so many young people and I know there are a lot of young men and women around the world without a waking up meeting a lot of them not at my church services and things like that can we turn things around without the men and women especially men waking up and returning to God can turn around without that no no we cannot but the churches are afraid to tell the truth now you know here churches we rebuke and repudiate in and encourage the men and women to turn back to God they are phrase that's become that's right you know what a matter of fact the Democrats have something all lined up for you you weak churches and that is the Equality Act yeah you know what not only are you going to hire homosexuals in these different places and private businesses and even churches but you're going to stop preaching against homosexuality and so you know what they've been so weak and anemic and their pulpits you know they sit down and have rap sessions with people and everybody wants to tell their own experiences instead of studying the Word of God well I'll tell you what we're about to we're about to find out exactly what this is what's going to happen to us and that is we're not gonna have the opportunity to preach the Word of God go on and tell your experiences and you know what leave the Word of God alone that's that's what the Equality Act is all about don't tell it yep I remember in the Bible says that if something like if we don't love God we're gonna end up behind behind rocks I'm looking for my rock right now that's right you know what I mean it's a fearful times and you know it takes men of God to stand up like yourself and just and preach and be bold and say here's what needs to be done now this is sinful homosexuality is a sin it's a choice that people make and it's sinful and we have to repent of these sins and turn back to God I never imagined and then I gotta ask you my biblical question I never imagined a time that we will see homosexuals right if a president and saying that they're out there out of the closet right running for president and then they thought that this man uh but but what today but yet you but yet what Jesus but Jenna whatever you yeah that's right I Edgar but oh what is the name no I don't know I'm not saying I don't know how to pronounce it really Buddha Jenna but Jenna something I know you're talking about okay yep he says that he has a husband so and everybody know about it and yet he can out with me ruff a president saying that he's a homosexual I saw a picture of his so-called wedding at the church and he had lives of people men on one side and women on one side applauding while the man was kissing another man and both of them had on suits nobody had on a dress and and now he's out with me ready for president and that woman Cortez is living with her boyfriend everybody know about it and then some we got women in Congress that I'm carrying out and they're Muslims and they're doing homosexual weddings so-called wedding I never I thought I never thought that raw would be so outward and people weren't accepting because in the good old days if you raw it would be embarrassing you would pray to God to overcome it no one would know about it but now it's okay out there not only have we glorified it sin and hedonism but we have made it where people are afraid to speak the truth that that is sinful and that has no business running for office at all but you know what he's one of them that he mentioned on the Equality Act which is now the Democrat one of the Democrat proposals in Congress he himself mentioned the fact that they wanted to erase he wanted to erase we have the freedom of see it was the restoration Freedom Act or something of that nature in which we allowed cake bakers and so forth to to say you know I don't I don't want to participate in a homosexual wedding but he says we're going to erase that and the Equality Act is going to do it they didn't want preachers out there speaking against homosexuality you're not gonna be able to do that and that's that's what the Democrats want and he wants to shut down the opposition they don't want a free debate they don't want free discussion they're already pushing on that pretty hard the Equality Act is something to be warned about it's interesting to see how much the liberal media love everything that's wrong in a pom Oh and they're really into it they're promoting evil as though it's good it's my blowing but bill will wait over time I I gotta ask you my biblical question then I want you to tell the people how to listen to your great show did Jesus my biblical question did Jesus organize a what organized religion Jesus organized religion he said upon this rock I will build my church that is that that is the confession that Peter make now after Christ the Son of the Living God and Jesus said upon this rock I will build theirs organization that's an organized an organization I will build my church it's future it would be established in Acts chapter 2 the first Pentecost after the resurrection of Jesus Christ upon this rock I will build my church the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it religion I take to be simply the worship of God he organized indeed the worship of God and said here's how it needs to be done so he did organize himself religion and he himself shows how to worship God in the New Testament but and not a buck but so I'm doing the but I got a do too but but he said I born Peter is the kind of guy he's gonna build his temple but he also said the temple is I have a body I don't see what he mentioned a physical building he said the kingdom of heaven is inside no one told Peter that who he was and is that kind of man and that our bodies are the temple of God he intended for us to be that example be that in the physical body which of him or did he meant for us to build a building two things several things number one he didn't say Peter was the rock he said it was the confession Peter confessed thou art the Christ the Son of the Living God blessed art thou simon barjona flesh and blood has not revealed under thee my father's in heaven upon this rock that was the truth that he was Jesus the Christ it wasn't built upon Peter the man he was built upon the truth that he is the Christ number two he built his church so yes indeed the church is an organization and the New Testament shows that organization even though yes it is true at the same time that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit 1st Corinthians 6 verses 19 and 20 he also shows us that the church as a group as a whole is also the temple of God 1st Corinthians chapter 3 verses 16 and 17 where he tells them that you're destroying the temple of God and the temple of God is holy and such are you speaking about the people of Corinth the church so in one passage it's true our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit in another passage also it's the case that the church is the temple of God and so also in Ephesians chapter 2 Paul tells us that the church is that temple and that he has built this church so there's an organization and people who are baptized into Christ Jesus are added to that number Acts chapter 2 verse 47 so there is an organization and that's organized along the lines of what Jesus Christ had to say you know our society Jesse runs from organization we don't like the organized idea at all the truth of the matter is however that the organization comes from Christ the head he's the head we're the body that's organization so in in this conversation for now because again I can go on with you about it so I'm black and I'm slow [Laughter] it's a church the building or are the people who have been born again and believing God the building it's not it's not brick and mortar it's not the building physical structure it is the people that's correct yeah I didn't I didn't clarify that in my earlier remarks that's correct it's the people who are the church that's right because I noticed that once you are truly born again even if your enemy comes and they tear down your building they can't tear down the new birth they can't tell on your belief from within just think about this also the New Testament organizes worship in a it's a spirits worship John chapter 4 tells us we worship in spirit and truth that is more in nature in tune with the nature of God yes there's nothing physical involved in worshipping God we don't need a building we don't need an altar we don't need matter of fact there is no altar in the New Testament we don't need an animal sacrifice we don't need literal blood on an altar we don't need incense the only thing physical is the Lord's Supper which is the bread and the fruit of the vine which we partake of but worship would be more in tune with the nature of God John chapter 4 verse 24 God is a spirit and they that worship must worship Him in spirit that is in keeping with the nature of God and truth the reality of which the Old Testament was a shadow so that's true our worship is not dependent upon a building and the building has nothing to do with the church does matter fact Jesse they did not have church buildings so to speak owned properties until the 4th century no these cathedrals and all of these buildings really are superfluous to the real purpose of it we simply need a houses to worship in and that's why we have them is just simply an expediency but as far as the church is concerned buildings are superfluous amazing sin speaking of building I got to build out of here ok tell the telephones how to get to listen to your show your website all the good stuff you're doing well thank you so much for that Jesse its American Liberty with Bill acquittees airs Saturdays at 11 o'clock out of Wichita Falls on Newstalk twelve ninety am dial and then also in Lubbock and also an Abilene of five o'clock Sunday afternoon so American liberty is Bill awkward and there's this how you get to a new stock twelve ninety in Wichita men seven ninety in Lubbock and fourteen forty in Abilene am dial amazing that so I'm sorry and then website also name the same things yes yes so just FYI for people can listen on the news talk 1290 dot-com website yes sir that's great news talk to em 90 dot-com website you can listen there as well um that's what those who are out of state then don't live intestines that's great you listen anywhere in the world that's correct right right news talk 1290 dot-com website folks bill Thank You Man thank you so much for having me today Jesse appreciate love you I love you Mary was amazing well thank you so much it was mama mia hola si Senor thank you Bill okay thank you it's awesome all right looking forward to it all right buddy amazing folks don't forget if you are not in the Texas area you can't get the radio show for whatever reason go to news talk 1290 dot-com website it's on the website now you can listen anywhere in the world Saturday 11:00 a.m. Central Time all right amazing

  1. It seems to me that unless God makes himself known or at least has a more convincing presence…he will lose his influence and that worship will decay faster than a rotten apple. Humanity is not responsible nor accountable for the creators misguided ideals. It's becoming clearer that abandonment is our creators sin.

  2. Blacks brought down Amerika via Affirmative Action, Public School Integration that brought dumbing down bringing the worst to the top and the decent honest Christian subject to the State! Rothschilds, Bildenbergers brought in Hitler believing they could control him! He rose up against them in deed without outing them. Now we are marching lock step into Hell as a Nation!

  3. Jesus called the people sheep! Not a coincidence. HIS metaphor is the explanation for why people have no awareness. My computer did some dipsey doodle on me the other day! Spell check has gone south these kunt bastard politicos need lead therapy!

  4. When we were in school we received 10 vaccines kids are getting up to 72 now by the time their 6. Some have 6 vaccines in one there loaded with human tissue and thermasyl it's a Mercury compound.
    And much more. CDC admits cause autism and sids. That's why there's a autism injury fund.





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