Why Socialism Failed

  1. I wish these professors would stop with the same old rant. Look at the problems.
    Production is not in the hands of the producers period.
    Products are not made because we need ten of them or 5,6 or a million.
    Products are made for sale; what the markets bear.
    Things are made because they sell.
    But this is not where the problem is.
    Its not about markets.
    Its about production.
    The crisis in confidence is not in the paradigms.
    The crisis is a general dissatisfaction that working is not in the realm of control of the participants.
    I, as an individual, have no input or effect in what or how much is to be made in the time it should be made.
    This makes me into something inhuman, an object.
    The resolution to this crisis is a reunification of production with the worker —member ownership.
    The right to meet their own needs and those of the community they live.
    As far as the government is concerned they can stick to the business of making the government Abe Lincoln wanted to see.
    Of, By and For the People.
    If there are certain people who cannot stand this notion…there's the door.

  2. Love the fact that Dr Ebling goes back and mentions how Monarchy , Aristocracy , earlier protectorates aka Fuedal lords were essentially Socialists !!

    Onlty 310 views, I recommend people go to the Nassau Institute all the time

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