Why Socialism Doesn't Work In 55 Seconds

has to do with the fact that in the Soviet Union if you want to buy an automobile there is a ten-year wait and you go through a quite a process when you're ready to buy and then you put up the money in advance so there was a young fella there that had finally made it and he was going through all the bureaus and agencies that he had to go through and signing all the papers and finally got to that last agency where they put the stamp on it and the man then that had made the final stamp of the paper taking the money said all right come back in ten years and get delivery of your car and he said morning or afternoon and the fella the fella said well 10 years from now what difference does it make he said the plumber is coming in the morning

  1. You people are all a bunch of jackasses. You don't even know what socialism. Definition: government ownership of the means of production. As such, Hoover Dam is socialism. The highways & interstates are socialism. Libraries are socialism. Public education is socialism. The Panama Canal is socialism. Prisons run by the government (as opposed to those privately owned) are socialism. You morons complain about socialism the moment the government provides a service for somebody you hate instead of you.

  2. So no national parks, social security, free libraries, public schools, US post office, state or federal prisons, army, navy, marines. I guess we should privatize the police and firefighters.

  3. Socialism does work if you have the political will and the technology to back it up. No country has that advanced level of technology currently available. Either way, hilarious joke.

  4. Just dumb. Reagan – trickle-down economics = screw you out of every penny you've earned. Socialism…put the money you've earned into your pocket and a collective agenda to keep all members of society healthy, clean and fed. Then you don't have anyone desperate and needing to lie, cheat and steal = Reagan.

  5. Socialism does not work because competition develops efficient, innovative businesses which deliver. Socialism has no competitors and leads to bureaucracy, incompetence and dictatorship. After socialism ended in Romania and a Capitalistic Democratic market economy introduced the GDP of Romania increased by 4 times and 99% of the people were better off. (the very rich are only 0.01% of the population)

  6. I expect the comment section to be filled with the following:
    -60 year old boomers who have no idea what they're talking about but like to pretend they do
    -moderates who don't actually know what socialism is and end up instead defending a welfare state
    -conservatives and reagan supporters who like imperialism
    -some ok people

  7. Socialim has manny faces and the russian is only one of them. That is also not what i want, but socialism has also good aspects Lets take one….socialism says that it is not OK that a manager from Walt Disney gets 400 miljon bonus and the workers the minimum wage (so they have to live in campers etc.)

  8. On YouTube there is some postings of people with Trabant cars I think they’re made in Romania and this reminds me of a story I read years ago about a Russian family who did like Reagan said and pooled their money and ordered a tiny Trabant car and it came to some shipping dock where they were to pick it up. They were all jumping up and down happy because it was not stripped and even had all the wheels including the spare tire.

  9. 'I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.'

    I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the wall. I am the shield that guards the realms of men.

  10. my grandparents said they immigrated from soviet union to america cause they wanted to escape communism. they still get pissed when people bring up communism or socialism

  11. Typical narrow minded conservative.  Doesn't think about Democratic Socialism in Scandinavian.  You can't have socialism without democracy.  Conservative Republicans never get it.  Why?  Because they are narrow minded and couldn't  understand the two together.

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