Why Socialism? Analyzing Einstein's Essay

hey Internet this is Jacob Clifford and welcome to my YouTube channel now 1949 Albert Einstein wrote an essay called why socialism and now surveys seventy years later say that Americans young Americans see socialism in a more positive light than capitalism so why does socialism better than capitalism well let's take a look at Ernst Ines si and find out the first half of the essay is kind of filler because it's explaining why everybody including physicists to be allowed to comment on social issues and he's 100% correct we shouldn't leave it up just the politicians and the economists and the so-called experts to organize society for us since we're all living in society we should all get an equal say so way to go Einstein actually when you say that sounds condescending like way to go Einstein but in this case way to go I thought yeah correct I agree Einstein you are right when you read the second half of ESA you realize he's not really saying what's good about socialism or why it works he basically is trashing capitalism and saying why capitalism doesn't work and at one point he says the economic anarchy of capitalist society as it exists today is in my opinion the real source of evil and that's a pretty heavy duck and that's a big statement he's basically creating a new equation he says tap ilysm equals evil but then he backs it up with specific things he says it's wrong with capitalism this first argument is the idea of income inequality the idea that wealth and influence and power concentrated in a few hands and Einstein was right he's exactly right the rich are getting richer at a faster and faster rate free-market economists usually counter that by talking about the pie analogy right the idea that sure poor people have a smaller percentage of the pie today but since the economy is growing and the pie is getting bigger than the actual amount of that slice even though it's a smaller percentage is a bigger piece that it otherwise would be if you ask me that is just a cop-out we have to be 100% honest capitalism will always cause inequality its inherent in the system if there's two companies that are competing whichever one makes a better product it's gonna get customers and they're gonna thrive and make a lot of money and the other one's gonna go out of business and the same thing in the labor market if you have the skills and the abilities and the talents then you can compete for higher wage jobs and if you don't have skills then employ capitalism only works because it promotes competition and competition is gonna result in winners and losers so Einstein again he's right way to go Einstein his second main argument against capitalism is the idea that the rich and powerful have too much influence on politicians and again Einsteins right corporations spend billions of dollars each year trying to lobby politicians and fund campaign and this idea of crony capitalism where the government not consumers decide who wins and who loses is a serious problem again I agree with the Einstein you are right we've got to get big business out of campaign finance and I also believe in Einsteins final critique that money doesn't buy happiness so capitalism's focus on money is wasting people's energy on something that won't make them happy it's just true greed is not good and there's studies that show that up to a certain income level making more money beyond that it doesn't increase your happiness right Mo Money mo problems it doesn't make your life better getting richer so I agree with what Einstein saying but here's where I disagree all three of his main arguments against capitalism the idea of inequality and corrupt politicians and the idea of greed are not unique to capitalism these are things that involve human nature it doesn't matter your economic system you're always gonna have a problem with these look at the idea of inequality men are just not created equal some people are smarter like Einstein some people are more talented more creative some people work more and work harder and other people prefer their leisure time that's just how it is it doesn't matter what kind of economic system you have you'll still have people who are adding a lot to the economy and people who aren't adding very much at all but just like many economists I believe we have a responsibility to help those who are not as intelligent or talented or hard-working so we should redistribute some income from the people who've been blessed with talents and gifts to the people who are less gifted so we have a responsibility to help the poor but we also have to ask ourselves to what extent does socialism decrease people's incentive and willingness to work how much is that can affect everybody what about the idea of corrupt politicians that's not just something that you see in countries that have capitalism in fact the countries that have socialism where the government controls everything wouldn't that be a lot worse would it be a whole lot easier for someone to manipulate the system further gain if they control the economy and for the idea of greed does having a socialist economic system really increase people's likeliness to help their fellow man and think of others first and not be self-interested are socialists more loving and kind and helpful than capitalist notice how I framed each one of these counter arguments as a question to make you think about it the reason why is I don't want to present my opinions as facts we need to have an open and honest discussion capitalism is not perfect if anyone tells you that it is then they just don't understand it and the same thing goes for socialism so the question shouldn't be is capitalism better than socialism it should boil down to specific policies and we should look at the situation say okay is it better than how the government have more influence or less influence in this specific situation if we do that then we're on the right track and that's why I love this essay by Einstein he says we need to have free and unhindered discussion about these topics and we shouldn't be afraid to offer our views to everybody to get the ideas out there and not have them be taboo my list of ocean to one economic system is not gonna get us anywhere and it's not gonna solve the world's problems thanks for watching til next time hey thanks much for watching this video it's kind of a different format I'm here inside my office just talking to the camera if you liked it let me know in the description below let me know if you think Einstein is right or if he's wrong i cluded the entire essay in the description below so you can read through and take a look thanks much watching this videos please subscribe to my channel and let me know what you think in the comments below thanks watching till next time

  1. Capitalism creates an unequal share of wealth while socialism creates an equal share of poverty.

  2. At the same time, educate yourself by studying Carlos Castaneda's "The Active Side of Infinity."

  3. you of all people should know why socialism doesn't work, if you are an economist, you would resent this ideology, socialism always leads to communism. The premise of Socialism is that everyone will work not for themselves, but for the country, which is in itself untrue. People are always out for themselves and human nature, for the most part, will not allow socialism to work. LBJ showed Americans the truth of socialism with his "Great Society" Idea. He built these immaculate apartments for the slums and ghettos, but after a few years those immaculate apartments became trashy and disgusting. You cant help people and expect them to be responsible, or to give you something in return. Honestly why do we have to live in a lie, socialism doesn't work it will never work, ever. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again; expecting a different result, in a way socialists are insane.

  4. This is an incredible and amazing revelation. Even I am an advanced age man who has read quite a bit about sciences, politics and history of 20th century I never knew that Albert Einstein would have socialist or communist ideas,Since education provide open mind approach and unbiased way to see reality, now that I got all this information and I ponder the intellectual elements involved in this information I am not that surprised. The disinformation an distortion about Marx and his socio-political and philosophical ideas have been so overwhelming that to relate Albert Einstein with Marx ideas looks absurd. But when one study with scientific approach all these ideas, then becomes coherent.

  5. Interesting that most of the important intellectuals of the last 200 years have been socialist huh?

  6. You are underestimating the meritocracy. You are using YOUTUBE. To express your views but let me remind you YouTube is existing because of free market. And free market values meritocracy.

  7. Human nature is the most bullshit thing I've ever heard. It's human nature to bleed when shot dude.

  8. Dude our f**** human nature is not f**** greed our earliest institutions is primitive communism I mean seriously we have kicked ass in Africa and both of the Americas as Anarco communists hell the Soviet Union save the world from Adolf Hitler

  9. Nobody wants to be unemployed and on welfare their entire lives. They simply cannot afford to pursue their interests in the form of post secondary education because of capitalists making university inaccessible. Both systems are flawed but socialism is better.

  10. Capitalism is like the flip side to communism. Both work great in theory. "On paper" as it were. But they both fail in practice for the same reason: human nature(unbridled greed)

    I personally am a firm believer in socialism because it takes some of the better parts of both communism and capitalism. It takes the free market of capitalism, but uses some basic wealth redistribution tactics of communism to make sure the free market can't just trample all over society and, subsequently, the normal(aka the non-rich) people that reside in it

    Socialism is what makes sure our economic growth is better for literally everyone in the country rather than just those at the very top, but also doesn't stop the free market or free exchange of ideas. It's not perfect, but it's a better option than either of the former two categories mentioned

  11. Using the government to force people to help others is not charity. In my opinion the fact is that we are each responsible for ourselves. If I commit a crime then it is me that should be punished. If you invent a cure for cancer then it is you who should get the credit. We are also responsible for our own welfare. No one can digest your food for you; that is your responsibility. Even if you collect welfare, you still have the responsibility of applying for it in the first place, cashing the checks, and buying groceries. Because we each have responsibility for ourselves we must necessarily have authority over ourselves to meet it. Therefor, anyone who claims authority over you is violating your own authority over yourself while at the same time not accepting responsibility for you. Using the violence of the government to force people to surrender their own money to be given to others is a violation of their authority over themselves.

    Having said that, genuine charity is a wonderful thing. Many successful capitalists end up giving away most of their money. They build schools and hospitals. They set up endowments for medical research. Bill Gates is a current example. In fact, people in the US are some of the most charitable people in the world, with their country constantly changing places with Myanmar for the number one spot. Another good thing about charity is that you get to chose who the money goes to rather than some bureaucrat acting as a middleman skimming his salary off the top. This would not only be more efficient in that sense but it would cut down on fraud, which is another form of waste that could have gone to the poor.

    Einstein may have been a great theoretical physicist but he wasn't much of an economist or very insightful regarding individual rights.

  12. When you imbeciles vote in communism, you and your families will be the first to be rounded up and killed, because no dictator wants to rule over people who fought against their own country.

  13. Whoa whoa whoa you just compared American Capitalism to Venezuelan socialism! Try comparing Haiti’s economy to Cuba’s.

  14. making a video on a capitalist platform, with capitalist trophies surrounding your background, making a video that provides you with a capitalist lifestyle…. amazing.

  15. Does Socialism Create Disincentive to work and innovate?

    No it does not, if this were true Many Socialist Societies wouldn't have been able to survive and they would have collapsed right away. USSR Survived for for 74 years, Cuba is still going strong. USSR has a huge list of Scientific Discoveries and accomplishments, and Cuba has also done a lot of great work in the medical field.

    Does Socialism give Politicians more opportunity to abuse their power?

    Well yes it could, however the whole point of socialism is to give the regular working people the power in the Society. They are the ones who should have control of the government and the means of production, not a small group of people. In Capitalism we can put laws forth that theoretically make corruption illegal, but its always in the interest of the ruling class (Business Owner class) to do away with those regulations, and since they have the majority of the wealth of society sooner or later they will be able to make their influence felt. Capitalism will always produce corruption. It's simply the nature of the incentives in the system. In socialism, Democracy is more compatible, because there is no class of people with more economic power than another, and because of this those elected would only be answerable to their constituents, and not some ruling elite. The way the Working people of a country would govern would have to be through some form of representative democracy. Socialism would require it.

    Are Socialist more concerned with Societies goals than there own?

    Well Jacob the way you frame this question and what you ask in the video are different things. Are socialist more kind and loving than capitalist? Does Socialism make people less self interested and greedy, and more willing to help his fellow man?  

    Well I would say that socialist are less greedy and more willing to help others  

    Well if it is true part of our personality is driven from our up Bringing and environment. While part of it is from genetic or inherent qualities. Then would it make sense that if you were brought up in a society that taught that helping the people around you and cooperating with others was a high virtue and being greedy and self interested is incredibly immoral, then would it be sensible to say that you would atleast be heavily influenced to be more unselfish and less greedy in that Society. I would say people do have some sort of Ego inside there personality in some capacity (which I don't think is a bad thing on its own), but how this manifest itself can very depending on someones Environment and inherent psychology.

    If you are a socialist than the goals isn't political or economic power, but the creation of an economic system made to meet the needs of the people in it and not the accusation of economic power by a few. The Goal of a socialist is inherently an unselfish one. So yes I would say that socialist are more concerned with societies goals.

    And I really disagree with what your saying about the government having less influence and more influence. Just cause the government does something doesn't mean its socialism. Socialism is a completely different mode of production and its not compatible with Capitalism, they are mutually exclusive. This isn't a question of if we should have more or less government in society. That is a question for a capitalist society to decide within its own context. The real Question is whether we should have capitalism at all! The Policies you allude to might actually be caused by the system its self, and be self perpetuating. Meaning that they can't be fixed within the system.

    Thank you for the Questions I hope I gave adequate answers to them. I really hope you make more videos like this cause it is a discussion we need to have. 

    Much Love always, Jonathan Chavez

  16. Cringe
    This guy knows nothing about socialism

    1. Venezuela is not socialist; it has 70% private ownership of industries. Stop calling pseudo-socialist countries socialist.
    2. Socialism is not just "big guberment", even if that's what historical examples of communism were generally. Ever heard of the political compass? Would it blow your mind to hear of the concept of libertarian socialism? Ever heard of Chomsky? I'm a Democratic Socialist, personally.
    3. You defend inequality created by capitalism as "muh human nature". Humans are naturally social and cooperative creatures. Capitalism just happens to fuel inequality, greed, and injustice to extreme amounts because of competitiveness; a primitive us vs. them mentality.
    4. The pinned comment lol, typical copypasted neoliberal talking point. Capitalism creates a society where a beggar and a billionaire exist simultaneously. Socialism creates a society with relatively equal shares of wealth; and ultimately aims to eliminate poverty. Over time in capitalism, inequality just grows and grows. But in socialism, equality is already insured, and over time the wealth of the citizens progressively increases, as long as stability is insured. Capitalism is failing- that's why the younger generation is smartening up. The capitalist system can only sustain itself for so long. Watch Contrapoints.

  17. At around 3:20 you started to make the argument that Greed and Corruption are inherent in all other systems, because of human nature. This from my perspective is a bit of a cop out, because, human nature is fluid and is subject to change based on our environments. Naturally we as living beings will put ourselves above others, but only in a most basic sense. Humans as social creatures have an overwhelming tendency toward compassion, and things like greed and corruption only seem so rampant and so normal today, because we live in a society which rewards such behavior. I highly suggest you read Friedrich Engels' Socialism: Utopian and Scientific where he very simply and very briefly lays out the scientific and philosophical views of Marxism and of socialism, which for anyone should give a greater overall understanding of such subjects and further of Einstein's intentions writing this, actually very well crafted essay.

  18. Some industries should be government, some are better privatized. Some should be both because competition is a good motivation for innovation.
    But we should not compete for food, transport, basic housing, and healthcare. (These are the basic care that we should all wish for eachother to have) I mean doesn't it sound right that every human being on this planet should get food, basic housing and healthcare, no matter what? What would be the counter argument to not want to grant them those things? There is litterally enough for everyones basic needs, and still have enough left over for the smartest, best people to rise up and compete for plenty of extra luxury. Besides, are the verry best people in science who change the world, only motivated by a luxurious life? I think most are driven by their passion for knowledge and innovation, they see their wealth as a byproduct of their work, it's not what drives them. As for the low income workers in our society, like myself. We are driven to our cleaning-, waiter, store employee,.. – jobs only because of the money it brings. So it is a very hard life, if you have to do 8 hours of work everyday, if your work is not challenging or meaningfull.
    I'd say we need to take care of the basic needs somehow, and let all those "hard life"- jobs become part time jobs. Even the most dull monotone job, is still berable to do if you only work 4 hours a day.
    And if all jobs are half time, we can counter the trend of automatisation that treathens those jobs within the next 31* years (* by 2050 it is estimated that 50% of jobs will be automated)
    Poor people will make less money than now, however their basic needs for poor people will be better taken care of.
    As for the people who are fit for competition, we need to reward them for competing and innovation, like capitalism does so good. The best people, the most hard working, the elite should rise on the social ladder. Everyone who wishes to go for it, for a more luxurious life, should be able to do so, this way, we keep the best part of capitalism.

  19. I think the socialism would be against human nature.We all want to progress more than others ,don't we?

  20. Many young people don't think they can achieve the American dream because it is harder now, e.g., cost of education, health care, housing, etc. They don't want to struggle so the call for "free education," "free healthcare," etc., is very tempting. They are short sighted and don't realize what history teaches us and that is that socialism does not work.

  21. Any concentration of power leads to corruption. If Americans were to cede their rights and power to the government then the government would become all powerful and corrupt. There is no freedom in a socialist system. Every socialist society has failed.

  22. The scarcity of the world is not of time nor energy nor money but of mutual solutions. Solutions are unlimited but we (as humanity) are not rich enough because we are not giving back enough to our sources of solutions.

    We actually need restrictive intellectual property laws to make us do it. We deserve all the inequality we have right now. I propose not to change capitalism which has worked and still working for many people to bring progress (look at China), but to add an extension to it. Which is our realization of this concept and actually reach for our sources of solutions our war heroes, injured police, teachers, inventors, Tim Berners Lee (the coiner of the world wide web), etc. And stop using piracy so casually, it's not helping.

  23. Would socialism encourage people to cheat in video games? I feel like it could… although I wouldn’t know for sure.

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