1. I hate the word "entrepreneur" because we were told this was 'a person that solves a problem in our society', when in fact most are nothing but marketeers… Just trying to sell us the "next" thing.

  2. Good grief! Talk about rambling on and on and never saying anything. It would be fun watching her and Donald Trump having a non-versation.

  3. I laughed out loud at “navigating ambiguity.” Hahaha… guess it’s one of those catch-22 things

  4. That's cause your education level is astronomically discreppant than average people and no effort is bein put into informing, educating those people and it's showing in every social crysis, nobody wins a battle of the tards

  5. Awesome, but skim milk is definitely worse than whole. People need to stop worrying about calories and start thinking about actually nutrition. Vitamins are stored in animal fat.

  6. Social design: Social engineering to keep the masses stupid, consuming, in debt peonage and conforming to the will of the upper 0.01% of the social economic hierarchy.

  7. Social design is manipulating people. It is finding out people’s insecurities (or creating new ones) in order to exploit them to make money, create chaos, exclude people, or start a war for example. It is also creating situations that serve your own purpose, like kids choosing who to sit with at lunch. That’s why some kids end up eating by themselves.

  8. Religion is one way to control people, its the longest standing social engineering in human history. Also people want to be ruled either by a god or by a tyrrant, they want to be, in roder to justify their incompetence.

  9. I wanna build a nuclear power plant on a carrier with a filter processing plant that will send steam into the atmosphere.

  10. "Social design" isn't going to get rid of poverty… getting rid of capitalism will. "Social design" won't solve these problems, but only perpetuate them and serve to benefit the status quo if the ultimate goal is not to completely change the system in which these communities exist.
    The idea that "social design," which sounds pretty nefarious, can fix social problems as opposed to changing the way society is structured, is pretty fucking naive.

  11. Why is she saying that we don't know how to solve social problems? If we go back 500 years, I'm pretty sure you would be able to see clearly that we have solved A LOT of social problems rather competently. People are richer and healthier than ever, and the social problems we have these days are peanuts compared to what we used to have.

  12. Am I supposed to believe that social design is a good thing? That it is justified because of good intentions?

  13. Got it, How to manipulate people by tricking them into something rather than reasoning them into it. The process she describes is how propaganda is developed.

  14. Hay big think I'm Ansh Mishra from India and I'm biggest fan of michio kaku so l want to live talk with him

  15. I would be pissed off if I got home with some nasty skim milk because some rich entrepreneur thinks he can trick me into being different because he knows better. 😂

  16. Focus on liberty, honesty and make it a proposal. Nobody likes when google manipulates the search results for "american inventors" for their disproven agenda. However most would like to see equal opportunities offered to anyone

  17. Making an analogy between design of commodities and people is dangerous, you could put a nazi band on her arm and exchange some buzz words. Different themes goals of course, but the principals underlying are similar, we can modify people.

  18. The second most preposterous notion that H. sapiens has ever dreamed up is copulation is inherently sinful. Which is no more whimsical than social design and has the benefit of leading to the thought of the most preposterous notion that H. sapiens has ever dreamed up.

  19. She is so Long winded about saying nothing ‼️ And uplift just gets a lot of government grants to do there experiments.

  20. The outcome of social design is really a prescriptive medication to resolve social issues. Easy to overdose on and cause damage to those its applied to. Extremely effective if the creation and application is ethical and holds a morality at the core

  21. Social design is no different to social engineering……This is socialism. To control people, their decisions and to hold power over them using control and force. This is evil. Why would anyone support such slavery.

  22. So its basically about more efficient way of getting money from people. Get people jobs so they have money to buy your stuff. Or whatever fits in specific social context with highest long term returns.

  23. You can't fix business when business is the problem 🕵️‍♂️

  24. I'm from Philly. I get what she says about Jeff Brown & the grocery stores BUT it helps that 99% of the ppl in those areas get access cards & can now buy good foods. Even in the ghetto there's NO excuse to not eat good. & 9 times out of 10 the stores WILL let you buy hot food or other items on the EBT card…..

  25. I Appreciate her perspective, Great Key Points. This is Exactly why I don’t partake in the collective. Thanks

  26. God, she kept her language so vague. How do you reprogram people to radically re-invent their poverty into success? I'm genuinely confused, and I'm not a slow learner

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