1. Ok. All nice and dandy, but how do you regulate economy without putting in place dystopian military state? You can't have freedom in the market and nongrowth economy. And how exactly do you wan't to make corporations to let go off their power to make exponential profits? Can you make all people buy only local products? Will you be willing to spend half of your paycheck on food? Will you enforce restriction on travel, massive tax on fuel? Will you tax having more than one child? Will you sack 50% of workers doing "bulshit" jobs? You see, there is no other solution to the problem of climate change than eradication of 90% of the population. We can do it in ugly way, by introduction of active eugenics. Or in more ugly way, waiting for wars and famine to do the necessary adjustment. Which one? Which one? Which one? Hurry up, you can't have your fucking donut and eat it too.

  2. Dropped out of soul sucking manufacturing after 15 yrs and will never go back. Shame on me for wasting all that time enriching someone else's lives when I could have been enriching my own.

  3. Wow! Bring it on!! 👍🏼😁🧡. TY for doing this video 😃💕. When do you think our Education System (all of it) will change?

  4. The government lackeys are just middle management for the bankers. They are just there as set dressing to keep us sheople passive and distracted. IMHO.
    it must start like all successfull revolutions, at the bottem. The real problem is keeping the "new elite" from making the same decisions as the last in order to stay at the top. Potluk is a form of government that the native americans had. I could maybe get behind some kind of government like that.

  5. 41:21
    That idea of a solar powered car is ridiculous. Near the equator, the solar irradiance is about 400 watts/square meter. A "hose power" equals 756 watts. A 100 HP car puts out 75600 watts of power. For a car (at the equator) to match this, the surface area of the roof would have to be about 190 square meters, which is about the floor area of a good sized house.

  6. The solution is not ur donut economy, the only solution that exist is to get back to our creator which is God almighty, God bless you all 🌹🌷🌹

  7. One of the greatest hurdles that I can see is that (at least here in the west) people are not "re-use / recycle" minded,
    They would rather toss their recyclable / compostable materials into the general trash (landfill) than to take the time to separate them out.
    Recycling post consumer waste becomes a nightmare when having to sort tons of biological waste or one recycle stream from another.
    I certainly can see the enormous benefits, and the reduced need for raw materials with a "circular economy".
    Great ideas.

  8. Getting to root causes of our ecological predicament, finally. Been waiting years for this, you're on the right track, buena suerte!

  9. There all sorts of downsides with this too. For ex the rent your jeans. It will cost you much more money for the same product. Also there is a danger that the product will be recycled before the end of life. When owned it still might be used for a year or two. But when leased and you're up for a new pair, you just will recycle, even when you still would use them under normal circumstances. Besides realistically over 90% of the world population is at the very center of the donut. You not only have to get them out of the center of the donut, you have to get them to a level so they can participate in the processes as well… In the end you have not addressed the fact that we are just with too many people. At the current birth rate the center of the donut will be expanding, not the sustainable outer parts. It's a nice, idealistic idea but that is currently all it is…

  10. What started off promising to redefine the 'meaning' of economic growth, ended up being yet another 'talk' on the 'need' for a circular economy.

  11. I'm confused how an Olympic medal is part of a regenerative economy. It seems to me that it is a massive amount of a useful resource going to one person and PERMANENTLY being removed from the economy. We just need to stop having the olympics and find some more cooperative sporting rituals that help regenerate the planet. Maybe once this planetary stability is achieved we can reconsider, but I think the ego drive of being the best athlete is simply a joke while climate change is kicking all our asses

  12. I’m on board but it’s just more utopian bull shit.
    Just like The Venus Project.

    With nine billion running around the rock
    getting everyone on the same page is just about impossible.


    [] Folks want shit

    [] The shit doesn’t make itself

    [] Someone needs to get out of bed in the morning
    and help make the shit

    [] It’s called the division of labor

    [] A medium of exchange and
    distribution system makes it all work

  13. Great idea but it never happen greedy Rich won't allow it the power Brokers you're taking away from their profits

  14. In Australia there was a recycling push all rate payers had to pay extra for collecting the recycling rubbish. Initially it was shipped to other countries to recycle. But now China doesn't want it it goes into land fill. Yet we are all still paying. The glass is 90% cheaper to import from china than to recycle locally. So no company can afford to pay $70 a ton to recycle when they can import bottles already made in china for $10 a ton.
    All these ideas are just to create a new tax on the people. We now have a 10 cent tax on all plastic bottles which can be refunded if taken to a collection centre. The collection centre gets 30 cents a bottle to collect them. So the extra 20 cents is covered by the tax payer and where do these bottles go? If the can be smuggled into another country like Malaysia or they just go into land fill….So what happened rate payers pay to get recycling collected that isn't recycled (except paper/cardboard) then their is a 10 cent duty on bottle and the rate payers once again pay an extra 20 cent per bottle for someone to collect and then put in land fill??????????

  15. If every act is an social and environmental act,then maybe human thought and the futility of thought need to be taken into account.The speaker talks about nature alot,so maybe we need to reconsider our place in the natural heirarchy,we are tertiary creatures and creatively active,and take it from there.

  16. Recycling will kick in when the price of resources rises high enough, that is, when the cost of extracting new resources exceeds the cost of recycling old resources. That sort of problem will resolve itself. Don't stunt the child's growth. Let him mature.

  17. I hate factual inaccuracies. No islands are sinking under the sea. This has been disproven. Furthermore, sea level is not rising faster than its interglacial norm, and the correlation between atmospheric CO2 changes and temperature changes, at least during modern times when we have had somewhat accurate means of measuring these changes, has been zero, and even over much longer periods of time is quite weak. Correlation may not be causation, but, when causation actually exists, correlation will always exist as well. So why is the correlation missing? Because CO2 is not the driver of climate change, just a minor feedback effect which makes a contribution that is too small to measure with accuracy and confidence.

  18. To continue the biological analogy, why are some people trying to stunt the child's growth? Growth should be allowed to run its natural course. It will stop on its own when the time is right. And although arguments can be made that economic theory falls short in some important respects, the specific arguments that this video makes are not among those that would rationally justify changing the economic textbooks. The role of any science, including economics, is to describe how things work, not to prescribe how you think they "should" work, or how you wish they worked. People who are under the delusion that things work the way they do because some branch of science prescribes it rather than describes it are so scientifically illiterate that they are not worth listening to.

  19. Free trade capitalism rewards business leaders for being exploitative. With international trade, there is no political interaction for there to be any recourse between the exploiters and the exploited. These negative aspects of capitalism were much more easily managed before the barriers to international trade were demolished in the name of free trade.

  20. Nice thoughts… Totally ignoring the gorilla in the living room… The debt… The federal debt… The criminal Federal debt… the criminal federal debt eating our taxes… The criminal Federal 22 trillion dollar debt eating our taxes… the criminal Federal 22 trillion dollar debt eating our taxes and impoverishing us taxpayers…!

  21. Step 1 remove fiat money printing.
    Also this video reeks of socialism. What are the real solutions here? This stupid lady hasn't done any hard work or selling or anything in her life and she's worked in academia so she thinks her magical ideas haven't been assessed before. At 34 minutes she brings out the hoses like a condescending idiot. The robot story from Denmark made sense but honestly it goes against everything she said. More robots will produce more stuff faster and use more resources.

  22. The planet never was a "stable" place that did not see changes. In fact, changes are the only stable thing about our planet! Sea currents move, stop and change direction, the liquid core has it's turbulence and changes the magnetic field, the sun has it's bursts and calm periods and the tectonic plates keep on shifting! Then you have this little buggers, spreading on the surface of the earth, spreading their waste. Evolution will take care if the economic model doesn't work, it will collapse and out of the chaos a other model will rise. This is how things go in nature, mutations, adaptations and extinctions. 99% of species is already gone without our help! If we are ment to stay we will stay around! All models like capitalism are temporary, if it doesn't serve anymore it will fall. Now it servers very well for 0,1%, let's see for how long because it morphed into predatory capitalism witch has nothing to do with a leveled field for all.. (tariffs, subsidizing, monopoly's, manipulation ect.) Capitalism in it's pure form is dead for decades!

  23. ur demands ur oil ur greed will end civilization in 2028 if not sooner. uv killed the oceans ..fkn ignorant human race .

  24. It seems the donut theorem is so foreign that people are only capable of analysing it through the lens of capitalism. How amusing!
    In capitalism, the cost of environmental degradation and resource depletion are externalised, or kicked down the road. In industry devoid of regulation, there is NO CHANCE that a company can revolutionise itself into a circular donut model, while its competitors are free to continue business-as-usual making cheaper, shorter-lasting shit where the environmental load of the BIRTH, LIFE AND DEATH of the product are not its problem. SHIT, it’s not even the problem of the consumer or society presently, let alone the company. We just kick the problem down the road, BURY IT. When future generations need more hydrocarbons [etc], they can dig it all back up again and it’s THEIR PROBLEM. When our groundwater has completely disappeared or is unusable, then it will be THEIR PROBLEM. When our soil is a barren, lifeless, polluted dustbowl it will be THEIR PROBLEM.
    Only government, and let's face it—to truly tackle the scale of the problem—international cooperation,
    can force and coordinate companies to be environmentally and RESOURCE responsible;
    or force and coordinate investors to think more than a strictly FINANCIAL return;
    or force or coordinate consumers to think more than just this passing MOMENT’s consumption.
    When I buy a mobile phone—even if I am the greenest citizen it the world—can I realistically research how much lithium, gold, etc is in the phone, where they were sourced from, how recyclable it is, how updatable it is, how repairable it is, whether it has obsolescence built in to it?
    Presently, even if I manage the greenest mobile company in the world, can I be expected to, and will I be recompensed to do likewise?

  25. Recycling is nothing new. In my south London childhood after WW2 nothing was wasted, men with horses and carts would collect anything recyclable e.g. clothes. Paper bags, no plastic. Vinegar was sold loose, i.e. you supplied your own bottles.

  26. This is nonsense! Why? I’ll leave it up to you to think and come up with the answer.
    If you’re not able to come up with an answer than you’re wasting you’re time watching this.

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