Why Nepal Voted for Communists

hey there everyone great to be back with you why communism has taken over Nepal that's the subject of our video today I think you'll find the reason quite fascinating and frankly rather counterintuitive now if you're not familiar geographically with Nepal it's situated between India to its south and China to its north historically it was a buffer state between Imperial China and colonial India well the Nepalese went into the polls over the past week and voted in a pretty impressive political coalition of two communist parties and what many consider to be their largest Democratic exercise ever and in so doing they defeated the incumbent parties and really a mass political shift towards communist rule and by implication towards China now there have been some very interesting articles in all this but I found an excellent piece it was written back in April of 2013 entitled why communist ideology is still popular Nepal it was written by a cool chandra guatemala mental studies at Sussex University in the UK Gautham is from Nepal and has some very very interesting insights on why communism endures in that part of the world and I wanted to share those insights with you given the elections that just occurred now again just to set the stage here in Guatemala the sway the belief that drives communism is this notion of the dictatorship of the proletariat and this basically refers to communism z' it sees government as a tool that is used by an economic class to impose its will on the larger social order and up to this point historically that tools been used by the bushwa the aristocracy and the hope of communism is one day the working class will rise up and impose their values on society this is the dictatorship of the proletariat that's the hope of the of communist Rule now I commute ISM came into Nepal through India up just to a couple of years ago the Communist Party and West Bengal in India gained power through democratic elections but they have since been defeated with the rise of this Hindu nationalism that sweeping the nation so Nepal is and today in many respects in a class by itself it's become really the only country in the world where extreme communist parties have managed to take control primarily through voluntary multi-party elections now it's so interesting here is how Nepal is developing a trend that's developed among communist nations and movements over the last few decades so for example what we've noticed over the years of course is that China has more or less abandoned historic communism in favor of what they refer to as a managed to capitalism capitalism does the same goes for Vietnam same goes for Laos where they've implemented highly pragmatic capitalistic policies for economic growth under ruling communist parties and this author Guatemala's that this is this capitalized communism this economic growth under the auspices of a dictatorial regime this is really contributed to communism popularity in nations such as Nepal and I think we just really need to sit back and let that sink in a bit here one of the appealing aspects of communism for Nepalese is their capitalist economy we've come a long way from red square and Brezhnev right now in addition to the economic appeal there's also the sense of liberation ideology that remains very strong in Nepal this is of course coming from the British colonial days and so they're very attracted to Marxist ideologies similar to what we see among blacks in the United States Latinos in Central and South America Marxist Marxism is the great equalizer as it were and so a sentiment that although our problems could be blamed on litical and economic power discrepancies remains very very popular I mean among the Nepali population and communism is seen as the popular solution so is part of all this after the fall of the Soviet Union the Communist Party in Nepal came up with the notion of the people's multiparty democracy so just as China married communism with capitalism the Communist Party of Nepal married communism with democracy and as a result they transformed into more or less a mainstream social democratic party so when Nepal began holding elections back in 1991 the Communists received nearly 30 percent of the votes but here is what's so very very interesting who's during this time in the 1990s at a renewed Maoist faction – communism a real radical form came to challenge this whole notion of democracy and what's so fascinating is that they – married their communism to something else as well something that they felt was missing from the politics of Nepal the Maoist communist faction so liberal democracy as part of the cultural imperialism of Western globalization that was according to them killing off Nepal's customs and traditions and so if China was marrying their communism with capitalism and if the dominant Communist Party in Nepal was marrying their communism with liberal democracy this new radical Maoist group married their communism with you guessed it nationalism ultra-nationalism to be exact these communists were talking about the need to protect Nepal from Indian expansionism from the south on the one hand and British American cultural imperialism coming in through globalization on the other and so the key imperative for this form of communism was actually preserving Nepal's cultural and ethnic identity so now if you can believe it we have a capitalist Democrat and now nationalist inspired communism now the rise of the nationalist communists did result in what we call the Nepalese Civil War which lasted a decade up to about 2006 involved the Maoist versus a Nepalese monarchy the death toll was pretty horrible as around 17,000 people killed in this decade-long armed conflict and when the peace accord was finally signed the monarchy gave up much of its power and handed over governance to an interim government which included these nationalist Maoists now most Napoli's who support communist parties and politicians really have no clue what communism ideologically is really all about in fact the article goes to point out that even most communist politicians have never actually read Marxist communist manifesto if you can believe it and this is because communism actually functions more at a populist level it's the politics of the ordinary man as well as the poor and the oppressed as over and against the so-called establishment you know those elites who exercise political power for their own privileged gain and benefit and this is especially the case with those who find themselves on the lowest rung of the Hindu caste system they turn to communism as their own form of economic populism more than as a embracing of its ideology another thing that's going on in Nepal and its capital in Kathmandu is they've been increasingly cozying up politically and economically and militarily with China China has been pouring millions of dollars of investment to Nepal and this has raised the ire of India Nepal is a buffer nation so it's seen is very important to India's national security in fact the pause a treaty with India that they would need india's permission to purchase military equipment from any country other than India and what's happened is that the pole has been backing out of that agreement and and working very closely with China it's India militarily and so India basically spearheaded sanctions and a blockade of goods against Nepal which in turn is only intensified anti India sentiments among the Nepalese and so a combination of all these factors particularly the rise of the ultra nationalism and anti India sentiments has pushed Nepal closer to China via nationalist populist form of communism now what I find so fascinating in all of this is the way in which communism is actually being used here as a mechanism of nationalist and populist resistance against Indian aggression on the one hand and secular consumer-based globalism on the other communism is being interpreted here more and more by the Nepalese as a means of protecting their culture and traditions from Indian and globalist aggression I think the big takeaway from the elections in Nepal is that this new age of nationalism and populism that we're entering into is in many ways redefining and reconfiguring past political ideologies what seems to be emerging is that a nationalist populist age doesn't erase past leftist oriented political ideologies like socialism and communism it rather alters them to serve a larger more fundamental concern of nature culture and tradition which I think is a fascinating development another way of putting it is that historically left-wing ideologies are being reconfigured in right-wing terms so we'll keep an eye on this development particularly in terms I think of how it does appear to strengthen China's geopolitical influence in the region god bless

  1. You choose communists nepali. Tell me about a successful communist country. Ans – none. Red tide will one day do what we Indians had suffered. I hope that doesn't happen

  2. Nepal voted communist because nepal wants to be a bitch of china and pakistan. Simple, nepalese have zero self respect and nepal is full of illegal activities, congrats nepal, you destroyed your own country

  3. China still needs to fall hard. They're the next great threat and they're already trying a soft invasion of Australia, if native Australians are to be believed.

  4. The Nepalese can go to hell for getting rid of the Monarchy. For 240 years the Shah dynasty kept Nepal independent. But like everything else, the Kings of the past will have their last laugh.

  5. indian want to make Nepal for second enemy pak for first enemy bcs india think very strong enough for a few south asia country I challenge to dhoti (Nepali not easy to angry)pls make more angry to Nepali people than how dhoti going to face I want quick really.Jai Greater Nepal.Jai Nepali(Gorkhali).

  6. This is the type of dude that makes women cringe when he speaks.😂😂😂. Go for a run and learn some self discipline. Looks like McDonald's has been making some $$$ off this one

  7. They were afraid that India would conquer em so they went for Pro China lmfao the country with international territory disputes with 18 different countries.
    Only in Nepal

  8. Why do so many people think that Communism is anti democracy I am assuming because of the cold war propaganda that is still told today. Communism isn`t anti democracy it is actually about giving people more say and more power not like how the usa has a fake democracy where the rich and powerful influence the laws and not the people.

  9. Nepal might become the first Communist state.
    Btw The ussr, china, Laos, dprk, cuba, yugoslavia, Vietnam WERE NOT COMMUNIST they were Totalitarian.

  10. Btw it's called a Communist Democracy, it's similar to Social Democracy, i am a Democratic Communist, Fight Me.

  11. lmao you think that the nepalese communists have never read the communist manifesto that's rich. honestly I doubt that you read it, or if you did you stopped there. the fact that you think that the communist manifesto is the foundational text for contemporary communism demonstrates how little you know about communism. if anything, considering these are maoists it would be the second most popular book in the world, with 820 million copies sold, quotations from chairman mao tse-tung. further, these "reinterpretations" of communism have been around since lenin's days and stalin wrote heavily about them and mao expanded on them. this video was an insubstantive garbage pile full of wild conjecture and political ineptitude. I clicked on it after watching a documentary about mad honey in nepal and now I wish I hadn't, you tallow laden oaf.

  12. WTF is this foolish man rattling on about, Communism is in name only in Nepal, The people in Nepal lost their opportunity for equality when they allowed USAid to control and manipulate the electoral commission ,creating such a fractured political situation that the future would be a power match between Congress and CPN etc with neither having a strong enough mandate to effect real change.

  13. I wonder why the USA has built such a huge building as their Embassy in Kathmandu.
    The US president Trump doesn't like to invest in countries like Nepal.

  14. Nepal don't care about communism or other ideology. It's just the simple thing: The best leaders of Nepal are in communist parties(Mainly CPN UML)but still Maoist sucks

  15. Plise dr talk about our land which is taken by india which we lose with bretan but britess went from india but inda still captcher our land wich is called grater nepal we want retarn back our land same Hong Kong retarn back to china same tista to kangada is our land till captcher bey india.

  16. Nepal has been having respect and affection for India since long time in history but when India gave a massive blockade to Nepal a year earlier showing its vanity and making wrong use of power, Nepalese emotions for India changed. We really like and love Indian people but they should be aware about their leaders' misdoings to Nepal.

  17. India was never aggressive towards Nepal . Nepal had great relations with India since time immemorial but the recent influx of China into Nepal is what bothers India . We had trusted China once and paid a heavy price for it . Pandit Nehru was so heartbroken with the Chinese backstabbing that he became terminally ill and never recovered…. We dont want to make the same mistake again so while India has good business relations with China it will always be cautious when China starts influencing nations which act as a buffer zone between India and China.

  18. Really, we don't have problem with indian people , all we have problem is with indian policy and indian politic.

  19. Good summary Steve. Thanks. Communism here is just another tool to beautify their agendas. In fact the parties will pick up anything for their purposes. But the country still remains poor. Because politics so far has only been superficial. People and parties just want money right now. We haven't yet reached the development phase. Let's just hope that that's next.

  20. Dont blame China. It is indian government who want to see nepalease in pain and suffer. Nepali congress is worst party of nepal who is real asshole who never want to see developed nepal. Indian is greedy neighbour. After blockade 90% nepalease see india as threat.

  21. Bitter Truth, I am not that political motivated person but winning election by communist in Nepal is Headache for India and US.
    now possible assassinations by CIA and RAA.
    previously Done to Madan bhandari and Royal Family.

  22. Communists leaders with Hindu Teeka are not communists they are just fooling Nepalese…Communism is Atheist Like Chinese Government………

  23. Communism is good for nothing . Today's commies are capitalism oriented economies and totalitarian Big Government .

  24. क्षमया दयया प्रेम्णा सूनृतेनार्जवेन च। वशीकुर्याज्जगत्सर्वं विनयेन च सेवया ॥
    One can bring the whole world under one’s influence (power) by such sterling qualities as patience (or forgiveness), kindness, love, truth, straightforwardness, humility and service ..

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    Having a Relation with any country is very good ….BUT AT WHAT COST ….. your govt. is CORRUPT which is not a hidden fact …& now they are giving access to CHINA TO BUILT ROADS (OBOR) & Railways ….WHICH DIRECTLY MEANS CHINA PRESENCE in INDIA ….A CONQUERED NEPAL is even more dangerous than a CONQUERED KASHMIR TO US ….

    If you dont want INDIAN HELP ….WE UNDERSTAND …..I KNOW NEPALESE ARE VERY PROUD PEOPLE ……BUT DONT LET THESE CHINKIS ACQUIRE YOUR LAND …… Rather DEVELOP BY YOUR OWN …..BUILD YOUR OWN INDUSTRY ,ROADS & RAILWAYS …….BY YOURSELF ………..& WE HAVE ALWAYS RESPECT TO YOU ……pakistani ISI & christian missionaries Hindus ko Convert karna yaa maarna chahte hai …. please understand ………

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