why kids love communism

This is about why kids love communism
and my grandfather loved communism. Aged 18, he joined the Party and he was then
conscripted during World War One. And he refused and went to jail and spent two
years as a political prisoner – starting in 1916. That was halfway through the war,
with a lot of bullets yet to be fired. One of them could easily have killed him.
So I wouldn’t have been here without communism, if he hadn’t been a communist. So for some people communism is a debate but for me it’s a lot more than
that. And communism still appeals very greatly to young people, as it did to my
grandfather, because it’s perfect and simple and logical. ‘Share everything. Be
nice to each other.’ It’s obvious. It’s like this beautiful magical sphere of clarity
travelling across the heavens until it touches human beings, when it pops
like a bubble. Communism can’t survive first contact with a human being
because it expects too much. Communism expects us to behave at the very highest
pitch of moral excellence all the time. And if one person lapses in the tiniest
degree then everyone else says, ‘Well he’s broken his promise. I will too’. And the
system fails. It can’t handle normality because normal people don’t want to
‘share everything’ and ‘be nice to each other’ all the time. We want to cheat. We
like cheating and capitalism allows us to cheat. And it’s honest about cheating.
Cheating is capitalism. You sell something for more than it cost you. But
the market is full of sellers so each seller can only cheat a little. And the
seller who cheats least, does best. And gets the most customers. And the seller
who cheats most, does worst. And gets the least customers. And loses. So there’s an
internal pressure to cheat less. To lower prices. It’s a clever system. It allows
cheating (which the individual likes). And it minimises the effects of cheating,
(which society likes). And communism can’t match that. Communism, unfortunately,
appeals to our higher nature which we have very little of. Capitalism appeals
to our lower nature, which we have in abundant supplies. And we know this because
everyone’s been a communist, in a shared house, a student house perhaps,
which is always a very unstable setup, because it can’t deal with reluctant
participants. One person in the house breaks the rules
by doing coke instead of the washing up. And he has to go. It’s the only solution.
If he stays, he makes fools out of everybody else. And he tempts them to do
drugs instead of the washing up. And the setup fails. So the commune has to evict
the reluctant participant. And if it were a communist state that would mean a
prison-camp or execution. But capitalism has a very different attitude to
reluctant participants. It doesn’t care. It sort of likes them – even the ones who
want to overthrow capitalism have to use capitalism to overthrow it. Well, they don’t have to but they just choose to. They prefer to. It’s easier. And when communists are
trying to smash capitalism they buy leaflets from printers that make a
profit. And they book tickets with private coach companies that use Big Oil
to bus their supporters into rallies that are advertised on Facebook. So they
use capitalism. And if you use capitalism, even to overthrow capitalism, you’re
boosting profits and strengthening capitalism. You are a capitalist. So if
somebody says ‘I’m a communist’ they’re a capitalist who has accessorised a
glamorous philosophy in a brainless way. They are just a stupid person in a
protest t-shirt that says ‘Smash Capitalism’. But the t-shirt is
capitalist. And what that capitalist t-shirt really says is ‘Save Capitalism.’ And the
only person who can’t read it is the communist – or capitalist really – who
bought the capitalist t-shirt from another capitalist and thinks they’re a
communist, when they aren’t. But, as I said, I wouldn’t be here without
communism and if I could find a good thing to say about it I would. But I
can’t and there’s a bit more on this in my next clip which is ‘Why socialists
don’t believe in socialism’, so subscribe or comment and I’ll get back to you and
I’ll stop waving my hands and thanks for thanks for watching


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