Why Isn’t Communism as Hated as Nazism?

When people describe particularly evil individuals
or regimes, why is it that they use the terms “Nazi” or “fascist,” but almost never
“communist?” Given the unparalleled amount of human suffering
communists have caused, why is “communist” so much less a term of revulsion than “Nazi?” Communists killed 70 million people in China,
more than 20 million people in the Soviet Union (not including about 5 million Ukrainians),
and almost one out of every three Cambodians. And communists enslaved entire nations in
Russia, Vietnam, China, Eastern Europe, North Korea, Cuba and much of Central Asia. They ruined the lives of well over a billion
people. So, why doesn’t communism have the same
terrible reputation as Nazism? Reason Number 1: There is, simply put, widespread
ignorance of the communist record. Whereas both right and left loathe Nazism
and teach its evil history, the left – and I’m talking about the left, not traditional
liberals like Harry Truman or John F. Kennedy – has never loathed communism. And since the left dominates academia, almost
no one teaches communism’s evil history. Reason Number 2: The Nazis carried out the
Holocaust. Nothing matches the Holocaust for pure evil. The rounding up of virtually every Jewish
man, woman, child, and baby on the European continent and sending them to die is unprecedented
and unparalleled. The communists killed far more people than
the Nazis, but never matched the Holocaust in the systemization of genocide. The uniqueness of the Holocaust and the enormous
attention rightly paid to it have helped ensure that Nazism has a worse name than communism. Reason Number 3: Communism is based on nice
sounding theories; Nazism isn’t. It’s based on heinous sounding theories. Intellectuals in general – including, of
course, the intellectuals who write history – are seduced by words – so much so, that
they deem actions as less significant than words. For that reason, they haven’t focused nearly
as much attention on the horrific actions of communists as they have on the horrific
actions of the Nazis. They dismiss the evils of communists as perversions
of “true communism.” But they regard Nazi atrocities (correctly)
as the logical and inevitable results of Nazism. Reason Number 4: Germans have thoroughly exposed
the evils of Nazism, have taken responsibility for them, and have attempted to atone for
them. Russians have not done anything similar regarding
Lenin’s or Stalin’s horrors. To the contrary, Lenin, the father of Soviet
communism, is still widely venerated in Russia. And as regards Stalin, as University of London
Russian historian Donald Rayfield puts it, “People still deny, by assertion or implication,
Stalin’s holocaust.” Even less so has China exposed the greatest
mass murderer and enslaver of them all, Mao Zedong. Mao remains revered in China. Every Chinese currency note has his picture
on it. Until Russia and China – and Vietnam, and
Cuba, and North Korea – acknowledge the evils their countries committed under communism,
communism’s evils will remain less known than the evils of the German state under Hitler. Reason Number 5: Communists murdered mostly
their own people. The Nazis, on the other hand, killed very
few fellow Germans. “World opinion” – that largely meaningless
and amoral term – deems the murder of members of one’s own group far less noteworthy than
the murder of outsiders. That’s why, for example, blacks killing
millions of fellow blacks in Africa elicits almost no attention from “world opinion.” And Reason Number 6: In the view of the left,
the last “good war” was World War II, the war against German Nazism and Japanese
fascism. The left does not regard wars against communist
regimes as “good wars.” For example, the American war against Vietnamese
communism is regarded as immoral, and the war against Korean communism – and its Chinese
communist backers – is simply ignored. Until the left, and all the institutions influenced
by the left, acknowledge how evil communism has been, we will continue to live in a morally
confused world. In the meantime, all good people owe it to
the victims of communism to learn what happened to them. Even worse than being murdered or enslaved
is a world that doesn’t even know that you were. I’m Dennis Prager.

  1. Communism is a Jewish Invention. 80% of the original Soviet Government Officials were Jews. Mao Zedong's mentor was a Jew as well. The Problem is that Conservative and Liberals are in control of the Jews. Yes I said Liberals too. Jews still control the media. I'm sure this video and this guy talking is being controlled by Jews. What's he is being taught and what's put in his head is all Jewish taught.

  2. All Jewish communities around the world gave protection to communist mass murderers, JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE JEWS. UK- Wolińska-Brus (real name: Fajga Mindlak), Israel – Schlomo Morel, Sweden – Szechter, USA – Światło (real name: Fleischfarb), & so on, & so on…
    There were HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS JEWS within the communist ranks, THOUSANDS of them are responsible for MASS MURDER.
    Talmudic Judaism is a collectivist, materialist, socio-economic philosophy. Communism could only spring from the mind of a Talmudic Jew. The bolsheviks were overwhelmingly Jewish. They slaughtered millions of Christians yet left virtually all the synagogues intact.

  3. because the whole world fought a war against Nazis that's why and it's interesting that people want to defend fascism

  4. Nazism systematically targets minorities. Communism targets everyone. That fact alone gives you your answer, regardless of which political philosophy has more merit. If I walk into a room of 10 people and 9 of them are wearing a black shirt and one is wearing a white shirt, and I declare that all white-shirted individuals should be exterminated isn’t it only logical that my idea (if put into action) will result in fewer immediate deaths than if I walk into a room of 10 people and say, “Hey, you guys need to act differently or else you all don’t deserve to live.”?

  5. childhood meant believing the Germans were the bad guys, Adulthood means realizing they were the good guys trying to save the world from the hellish nightmare of judeo bolshevism. The anti White, anti Christian, anti American, anti Man, world system we are currently subjugated to. We were all lied to so the jew could implement the kalgari plan, and create their precious little zion, the world will never be stable, or safe until the sons of satan are sent back to hell where they belong.

  6. I would way rather be a nazi than a bolshevik – bolsheviks were once Russias problem – now they are our problem but no one wants to talk about it

  7. Nice propaganda. If you look at communism from this perspective, than we should also hate Catholic church, because they killed so many people during religious wars, crusades. We should also hate Islam, because of terrorists, right? And we should also hate capitalism, because so many people were killed during bourgeois revolutions, like in France in 1792 and Russian February 1917 and continue do so via loans, mortgages, over exploitation, crises. No we shouldn't hate them, but we must dig into deeper and understand reasons, look at the same fact from different perspectives.
    If you really want to understand why communism is or is not as same as nazism as ideology read Hitler's "Mein Kampf" – the book is a "bible" of nazims. And then read the "The Communist Manifesto" of K. Marx and F. Engels – "bible" of communism.

  8. You forgot to mention the Holodomor, Dennis. It may have killed up to 12 million, which is double the Holocaust. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holodomor So Stalin/Communism is even worse than you are telling us here

  9. lol why not use capitalism as an insult then?
    if this argument logically followed then capitalism is also an insult just as bad if not worse than nazism or communism

  10. Because communism is 100% jewish

    " a country with a central bank is 99% Communist"/ Lenin

    The 3rd Reich opposed the jewish international bankers

  11. Під час совкової окупації комуністи (русскіє) вбили більше людей ніж нацисти.

  12. Я знаю один демократический строй который убил намного больше людей чем все остальные вместе взятые =) Только признать его преступления никто не хочет =) Хотя никакой разницы между нацистами и СГА вообще нет.

  13. 😂 This is embarrassing.

    Republicans can't govern so they scare their idiot base with horror stories of socialism and wars on christmas.

    Wrap it in slickly produced snippets to give the appearance of authenticity when in reality Prager "U" makes Trump U look like Oxford.

  14. there was no 'Nuernberg' trials in Japan after WWII so the Japanese fascists got away with mass genocide.

  15. 68-ми летний Вова Путин
    У тебя не хватит ботов, чтобы ставить дизлайки под этим правдивым видео

  16. There is the russian movie called "Chekist" wich shows the horrors of Lenin's bolshevik-revolution. The scenes from prison cellars where Cheka men executed men and women who were accused to be counter revolutionists and class enemies, resembled Auschvitz or Dachau. Also the reasons why people were shot were pretty much the same. Executed people were jews, intellectuals, aristocrats, business men, prostitutes,… And when you add that prisons were ordered to strip them selfs completely nude before going to stand front of the execution squad, it looks exactly like holocaust.
    Where did Hitler and nazis got the ideas for consentration camps and brutal state police Gestapo? Well, before WW2, Hitler and Stalin were practicly friends and nazis visited in Russia and learnd about Gulag system and secret police Cheka. Cheka "people" also used long black leather coats wich Geatspo also used.

    And one more thing, nazis were stopped at the end of the war, but because Soviet Union was on the same side with allied forces wich defeeted the axes powers (Germany/Japan/Italy) nobody wanted to do anything. Some american military officers, like Patton knew that Stalin and Soviet Union were bad and something should have been done. But nothing was doen, and Stalin continued genocide in his own country for years. Stalin actually moved the prisons who were deleberated from Auschvitz, to Soviet prison camps where they were killed.

  17. учи историю сукин сын. пиздишь весь ролик. расскажи сколько людей убил капитализм

  18. Scrivo in italiano
    La gente qui in Italia critica molto i fascisti e i nazisti ma non sanno niente di quello che fecero i partigiani a Trieste o in molte altre città italiane, molti istriani furono cacciati da Tito perché secondo lui eravamo una razza inferiore pericolosa per il popolo jugoslavo.
    Sono disgustato dai criminali nazisti ma ancora più schifato ed anche spaventato dagli ignoranti comunisti.
    Detto questo non potrei essere più d'accordo con l'opinione di Dennis Prager.

  19. ya what crack are you smoking there is a communist control act of 1954 but there was only the nazi protection act of operation paperclip never been a law making it illegal to be a nazi or kkk member

  20. The left does dominate academia just sayin', welcome to modernity yo, people want comfy jobs that they might not be suitable for


  22. Imagine counting the deaths caused by communism and then comparing it to the deaths caused by Capitalism through starvation, exploitation, diseases etc. What is evil now?

  23. 0:30 but comunism was in lots of countries and cca 90 years, but Nazis were 12 years in 1 country. Thank you for another unobjective anticomunism campaign.
    Hail work! Hail comunism! Hail Panslavia!

  24. In Russia, the situation is changing. Lenin is not view more as a hero, well at least is what Putin thinks. But in Stalin case, its different, he did save the nation so its controversial

  25. Believe it or not. In my country Algeria, I've met many people who love Stalin, for two reasons ; he fought against the USA and because they don't know the "true communism".

  26. Estados Unidos mata a la poblacion de Vietnam
    Estados Unidos con la purga de los comunistas
    Crea un conflicto Corea de el norte Corea de el sur y China que podria aber evitado
    Y arma a los grupos exstremistas islamicos como el daesh
    PEROOOOO "EL COMUNISMO ES MALO Y EL CAPITALISMO ES BUENO" <—- si dices eso eres gilipollas
    Por ultimo que viva Stalin y Lenin a y nunca exsistio el comunismo solo socialismo 👍

  27. Der Autoritäre Staatskapitalismus und so Stalinismus ist zu recht zu kritisieren. Mit einer Befreiten Gesellschaft/Kommunismus hat dies nichts zu tun. Eine Gleichsetzung mit der Volksgemeinschaft ist Relativierung der Shoa.

  28. What about islamic extremism fundamentalism orthodoxy terrorism emperors who killed more humans than nazi and communists and even way more brutally.

  29. Here’s why, because communism isn’t as bad as nazism. And maybe because they helped the allies in WW2, The USSR did well over half the fighting during WW2. Also maybe because communism never enslaved millions of Jews and slaughtered them. Damn Americans are dumb

  30. Simply put, Nazis tried to occupy European colonial countries, if Nazi Germany didn't do that it would have still existed to this day

  31. Who said communist ideology is good? If you study Leninism , it mentioned that social classes can be cleaned by force, which mean people from upper class can be killed to generate an utopia of no social class!

  32. Pft….what about your spotless democracy, Vietnam, Korea, Afganistan, Syria, South America, Africa, Yemen(it is in the middle of a civil war to this day, with Saudi Arabic intervention bombing hospitals and funerals, commiting war crimes and all with the full support of the USA) etc. They suffered too…

  33. "The vietnam war was seen as immoral"
    Thanks good it was! Countless innocent people got thrown into the war that pretty much doomed from the beggining.
    If you can call a war "moral" it can only be if you are defending your country. But was the US defending its country in the Vietnam war? No it wasn't. It was another foolish attempt at intervening in other state's affairs.

  34. Communism and Nazsism are ideologies .
    The 3rd rich executed the ideology right and perfectly
    Soviet union and China etc didn't execute the ideology right .
    Communism speaks about equality
    Nazsism about a better race
    You think that you can even compare them?

  35. Capitalism caused the most human suffering right after fascism. Communism killed no one, it was totalitarianism that killed millions.

  36. Was the holocaust really unparalleled and unprecedented?
    Only difference i see is how efficient and advanced their technology was.

    The Nazis were German so of course they’d have those same skills. They were just evil geniuses.
    A genocide is a genocide and there’s been a whole bunch of them.

    The importance of teaching history in the US has been minimized to frightening levels. If you forget & aren’t taught history you’re much more likely to repeat it.

  37. Nazism: I'm the worst guy ever.
    Communism: hold my…
    Western european colonialism: step aside, communism, and hold my whiskey


  39. God , please bring those 2 sh*t out of the world . Vietnam , my country is so hurt by the communism Government right now . I do not want to see it anymore . I'm a Vietnamese , that is actually how i feel about my country . They lied too much things to us , for example , Ho Chi Minh is the guy how started communims in Vietnam , and made our country will soon become as Venezuela nowadays. I do not want this to continue in our country . I hope it will get the f out of the planet . We do not need it . Thank you !

  40. First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—

    Because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—

    Because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—

    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—because I had sex with my dog.

  41. That Propaganda-Clown that obviously claims Stalin and Co. had something to do with true communism or socialism like it was planned or can/should be forgot to mention the system that caused the highest number of casualties and still does every single minute: capitalism. Although this scheming and pathetic more or less hidden dictatorship of a rich minority and the(ir) private economy not takes responsibility for all these crimes. And I talk less about the many victims of mad imperialism done by the USA for example in wars and covered operations, by sanctions, etc. in this case. No, I'm just talking about all the results of daily capitalism that tries to blame the victims of these politics that it's their own fault. People starve and die, they get forced to become "criminals" to survive or alos get a small piece of the cake and get killed by self-righteous police-members and soldiers, securities, "stand-your-ground"-psychos, etc. and die. They commit suicide or die by alcoholism in lack of perspective and because of poverty. They die or get crippled because health has a price too high for them. They freeze to death in lack of a home. And so on. And the ruling hypocrites say, oh no, how can it be…all the victims caused by a ghosts hand. No, by Adam Smith' Invisible Hand! 🙁 The market-disciples are the most dangerous psychopaths and sociopaths ever!
    Just one example: As the result of the "free market economy" after the Soviet Union there were obviously about 9,7 million dead. More poverty, more homeless (in USA also a big problem meanwhile by the way), no perspective, more suicide, more alcoholism. That's just daily capitalism, and that rich, fat Propaganda-Daddy there wants to make us believe there is no alternative to a paradoxical system that needs masses to consume and at the same time makes masses more and more poor. The gap of wealth always again increasing with exponential speed how longer the current capitalism-cycle lasts – and in the end…game over…one more time. 😉 The result – the last time at WWII – is always again collapse and a destructive reset. Except mankind finally learns and prefers a system of justice and stability unlike Propaganda-Uncle there and similar creatures that evidently fear to lose some profusion… 😎

  42. Funny how Universities don't allow comments on their videos, but PragerU does. Coward hypocrites call themselves "Higher Education" while censoring opinions of everyone

  43. Why does everyone talking about Isreali deads. What about millions Christians and mualims hvae dead, why no one talking about this


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